Hyperbolic Stretching: Athletes Review

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Hyperbolic stretching is a digital workout program that helps people get fit and stay healthy. It is a self-paced program and claims to improve full-body flexibility and help you achieve fitness goals in less than a month.

The hyperbolic stretching program is gender-specific, result-oriented, and spread over four weeks.

If you want to know how accurate these claims are, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into this hyperbolic stretching review to determine whether it’s legit.

What Is The Definition Of Hyperbolic Stretching Program?

Alex Larson, M.Sc., created this program based on the idea that your body’s flexibility can be improved in less than a month. The program is made up of eight-minute exercises you do every day.

The main goal is to help you reach your goals for muscle flexibility in just four weeks. Aside from that, the program works for both men and women who have different bodies and need different ways to stretch to reach their health and fitness goals.

According to this program, stretching exercises suit both beginners and experts. This is a 30-day program with a series of self-paced stretching exercises you must do daily. The exercises strengthen bones and build muscle mass to maximize your performance.

The stretching program is affordable at $27 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The good thing about a single purchase is lifetime access to static stretching exercise plans. The following are the main features of hyperbolic stretching:

    • Introduction and helpful tips
    • Four weeks of front-split videos
    • Four weeks of side-split videos
    • Dynamic stretching and flexibility exercises
    • Pike Mastery
    • Complete stretching exercises for the upper body
    • Easy Bridge

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Legit?

According to Larson, more than 300,000 people have used the strength hyperbolic stretching program. Thousands of users have posted before and after pictures showing their dramatic improvement in flexibility.

However, the exercise program isn’t accredited by Better Business Bureau because of a few unsupported claims. The good thing is the creator of this program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and the user can return if unsatisfied with the results. The program is present on Clickbank, which is a popular online retailer.

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Science-Backed Analysis Of Hyperbolic Stretching’s Health Claims

Stretching and strengthening exercises help improve flexibility and provide muscle relief. A 2008 study claims that static stretching exercises helped decrease neck pain in the participants. Several studies prove that stretching exercises have many benefits, and we’ve jotted them below.

We will do a fact-check to determine these stretching exercises’ effectiveness and health benefits. The following is a science-backed analysis of the health claims put forward by hyperbolic stretching exercises:

Strengthening Of Muscles

There is no guarantee that hyperbolic stretching can improve your strength or serve as a strength training program. According to research, stretching exercises can improve strength performance.

Another study proves that PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching helps enhance athletic performance and improve muscular strength. The stretching exercises can be beneficial, especially for post-workout activities.


Stretching exercises can help with the mobility of different body parts. For instance, it can help with hip mobility and make the joints and muscles more flexible. A study was done to check the threshold of stretching volume to improve flexibility in children.

The study proved that stretching exercises helped improve flexibility in secondary school children. PNF stretching is an exercise that helps in the contraction and relaxation of muscle mass.

Range Of Motion (ROM)

Daily dynamic stretching exercises of a few minutes can help improve the range of motion. According to this study, dynamic stretches can increase ROM and decrease muscle tension.

The hyperbolic stretching program includes 8 minutes of daily exercises and provides impressive results per week. According to another study, low-intensity stretching improves active and passive ROM.

Confidence And Self-Esteem

Stretching exercises not only make you more flexible and stronger, but they also boost your confidence and sense of self-worth. Everyone knows that being more active, flexible, and fit makes people feel better about themselves and boosts their confidence.

A study proves that physical activities and exercises may positively affect self-esteem. In addition, stretching exercises help the body make more human growth hormones.

Energy Boost

The hyperbolic stretching program claims that stretching exercises can boost energy. However, no such studies claim that stretching exercises for only 8 minutes can boost energy.

These exercises can help warm up your body, get your muscles ready for a hard workout, or keep you from getting hurt.

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How To Do Hyperbolic Stretching?

After purchasing the program, the first step is to select the gender, as the versions for men and women differ. According to a study, men and women need other stretching mechanisms to improve their performance.

After you’ve decided on gender, you can begin the one-month self-paced exercise program. The hyperbolic stretching program consists of the following main stages:

    • Introduction and warm-up series
    • Split test
    • Week 1-3 exercises
    • Week 4 exercises
    • Flexibility maintenance series

The starting exercises are easy and light, but the difficulty increases so that you can safely perform all the stretching exercises. Each activity takes 8 minutes and can be used as a cool-down after a workout or as a warm-up before a hard workout.

However, some of these exercises in the hyperbolic stretching program are advanced and difficult, so you must not exert yourself if you’re a beginner. The main aim of these stretching exercises is to:

    • Improve flexibility
    • Increase range of motion
    • Warm up the body and help perform better

As a result, hyperbolic stretching is an excellent choice for post-workout or warm-up exercises before any activity.

Core Features Of Hyperbolic Stretching

The hyperbolic stretching program differs from other workout plans because it has features that no other program has. The following are the core features of this digital program:

    • Workouts
    • PNF stretching
    • Multiple difficulty levels
    • Equipment

Workouts play an essential role in this program. Alex has included different activities to provide flexibility to all body parts. PNF stretching is a type of stretching that targets muscle survival and prepares the muscles to prevent injuries.

The PNF strategy sends a message to the brain to strengthen the muscles and avoid tears in case of an injury.

The exercises are easy to perform and suitable for beginners and intermediate-level users. The PNF exercises help the brain get the body to stretch and move more so that the exercises can be done.

Lastly, the hyperbolic stretching program doesn’t require any exercise equipment. A few exercises will require a chair, and a yoga mat will be enough to do the stretching activities. Besides this, Alex keeps adding different workouts and exercises to update the hyperbolic stretching program.

Workout Details

    • Each workout is 8 minutes, but a few will exceed 10 minutes. The stretching exercises are suitable for those with busy schedules.
    • The flexibility maintenance routine is for users who have already achieved the side and front splits and are looking forward to maintaining them.
    • The program doesn’t include a diet plan and thus isn’t suitable for those looking for weight loss. The exercises are for maintaining flexibility and for being fit and active.
    • The exercise videos are pre-recorded and are meant for people with different fitness levels. You can select any workout program according to your schedule and requirements.
    • An introductory video explains how the PNF exercises improve the range of motion.

Types Of Hyperbolic Stretching

The hyperbolic stretching program consists of videos with different exercises for every body part. All of these exercises include front and side splits. The following is an explanation of each type of stretching program:

The Front Split

This program includes stretching videos that target hip flexors, hamstrings, and the lower back to make them more flexible. During the first sessions, the viewers learn about muscle stretching and joint decompression activities, which boost lower body strength. In the second and third weeks, the exercises and stretches get more challenging because they are more advanced.  The muscular contraction exercises are for the fourth week, during which you can relax your muscles and get a full front split.

The Side Split

The side split program includes exercises that provide flexibility to the hips and core muscles in the body. The exercises help you build up your pelvic floor muscles to do a full side split and various other side moves. A few customers said the side-splitting stretching exercises helped improve their bowel movements. Besides, these exercises also reduced joint pain in many users and allowed them to sit comfortably with crossed legs like before.

The Front Bend

Many people only want to do hyperbolic stretching to bend enough to reach their toes. The front-bend stretching exercises in this program help the users bend easily by improving hamstring flexibility. When the back is strong and flexible, the user can turn and reach any object on the floor, no matter how heavy. A few customers stated in their reviews that the front-bend stretching exercises helped them keep their legs straight while reaching the bottom. The majority of customers reported positive results after regularly practicing front-bend stretching.

The Upper Body

The upper-body hyperbolic stretching program involves all the major muscles for the workout. Muscle pains like those in the shoulder and back can be eased with these stretches. The stretching exercises start with light to moderate exercises for beginners and progress to a progressive workout stretching routine in the later stages. These stretching exercises are popular among athletes and weightlifters as they help them warm up before physical activities.

The Back Bend

The back bend is an advanced stretching exercise; you shouldn’t try it directly if you’re a beginner. These stretching exercises make the backbone and muscles flexible enough to achieve a bent posture. The backbend stretching exercises are helpful for users who want a full backbend or bridge posture. The backbend exercises straighten up the majority of the muscles in the body and make them flexible. The bridge posture is typical among yogis, who achieve it quickly as their muscles and joints are flexible enough.

The DYNA Stretch

The DYNA stretch is a lower-body exercise that strengthens the hip flexors and glutes. Female customers say that the DYNA stretches helped them get very flexible in their lower bodies. Besides that, the stretching exercises strengthen their neck muscles, legs, and abs. These exercises also help a few customers reach a higher kick because of their flexible leg muscles.

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Who Should Engage In Hyperbolic Stretching?

The hyperbolic stretching program is best for health and fitness geeks who want to remain active and energetic throughout the day. Those already fond of dynamic stretches are a good fit for this program.

According to the program’s creator, stretching exercises are best for those already practicing workouts and involved in physical activities. Hyperbolic stretching is most beneficial for the following people:

    • Athletes
    • Yogis
    • Dancers
    • Runners
    • Gym enthusiasts
    • Weightlifters

Who Shouldn’t Experiment With Hyperbolic Stretching?

According to the official website, hyperbolic stretching exercises are suitable for everyone. However, there are a few exceptions depending on the user’s health condition. The stretching exercises are not beneficial for anyone who is:

    • Recovering from a bone, muscle, or joint injury
    • Suffering from severe pain
    • Having a particular health condition, such as heart disease

It is always better to consult your healthcare provider and talk to a certified fitness trainer or expert before you start any exercise or stretching program.

To Wrap Up: Does Hyperbolic Stretching Program Have Any Benefits? 

The hyperbolic stretching program has some benefits, and the main aim is to improve flexibility and increase muscle strength. Stretching exercises have benefits proven by science, and there is no harm in trying them.

However, no health and fitness program can help without a proper, well-balanced lifestyle. The results also depend on factors such as your overall health, activity level, age, and weight.

Though not all the claims are backed by science, the program comes with a money-back guarantee and is available at a very affordable price. So, if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can return them and get a refund.

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