How To Use Protein Powder For Weight Loss? [2022 Update]

Nikhil Goswami
Losing weight has always been a major goal of a vast amount of public. We all get excited about it and make diet plans and exercise regimens to follow. However, we often forget to add protein shakes to our diet, which is a game changer for losing weight effectively while keeping up your strength. A healthy diet and exercise needs protein intake to build muscle strength.  Protein powders have abundant benefits if taken at the right time when trying to lose weight. They boost the body’s metabolism, contribute to lean muscle growth, and repair tissue mass after heavy workouts. However, consuming protein shake alone will not help you with weight management. In addition to protein powders, eating whole foods and exercising is vital for natural weight loss. 

Benefits of Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Protein powders are rich in proteins, as the name indicates, and help you lose weight. Are you wondering how that happens? For substantial weight loss, it is necessary to lose the calories consumed. Adding carbohydrates and fats to your diet will only cause weight gain and heart-related diseases. Hence, avoid eating chips, fried foods, white bread, and foods that contain more calories. These foods are high in non-essential fats and only add to the body weight. The diet you follow should have protein-rich ingredients if you want to lose body fat.  We burn calories with proper exercises such as resistance training. However, these exercises are heavy on the muscles and need them to work extra to lose body fat. To a healthy diet, add protein powder to give your muscles the instant energy they need to perform further activities. If the muscles have low or no energy, they will lose mass and cause pain and soreness. Therefore, it is essential to consume protein powder to avoid muscle fatigue. Fitness enthusiasts often recommend taking whey protein which is ideal for weight loss. Protein powders efficiently replace snack intake and provide complete proteins required for weight loss. In addition, they contain magnesium, calcium, iron, and essential vitamins necessary in a balanced diet. Choosing a suitable powder is equally important when you are on a weight loss journey. The best protein powders contain lesser calories and the right amount of proteins. We have thus compiled a few tips on using protein powder for weight loss and better health. You can also try weight loss supplements A wide variety of protein powders are available in the market. However, the best protein powder is the one with complete proteins and fewer calories. When buying a protein shake, check the composition list for added sugars and artificial ingredients. These ingredients make the protein powder taste good. Avoid buying such protein powders since they are not the right protein sources. Protein shakes benefit the most when taken in the morning as a meal replacement for breakfast, in view of the fact that protein shakes carry optimal health benefits on an empty stomach. In addition, they boost metabolism and help burn calories for optimum weight loss.

Best Type of Protein Powder for Weight Loss 

An ideal protein powder contains essential amino acids and enough protein to build muscle. In addition, it acts as a meal replacement since it is a complete food that provides the body with the energy it needs. Protein powders are available in various forms in terms of flavors, contents, and calories. Below are the different types to choose from based on your needs and preference. Among these, the most preferred protein powders are whey and casein. People who favor a plant-based diet can try rice, pea protein, soy, and hemp protein powders. 

Whey Protein Powder 

Whey protein is the most popular and widely used protein powder for weight loss. This protein is easy to digest by the body. As a result, it acts faster than the slow-absorbing casein variety. Compared to casein, it is thus more beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Nonetheless, whey is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids the body needs. As a result, it rebuilds muscles faster and helps you lose weight. In addition, whey includes enough protein to repair muscles and remove excess fat when drunk before a workout session. Whey concentrate contains over 83% of the protein that aids in the weight loss process. Hence, they help you gain muscle more effectively than competitive protein powders.

Casein Protein Powder 

In contrast to whey protein, casein protein doesn’t get digested as fast. However, studies suggest that people who consumed casein powders shed over four times the weight compared to whey consumers.  Since casein digests slowly, drinking it at night before bed is advisable. This technique will help repair muscles while you are asleep. In addition, it reduces protein breakdown at night. However, casein is undoubtedly not as beneficial as whey for building muscle mass. 

Plant-Based Protein Powder

Soy protein, rice, pea protein, and hemp protein are plant-based proteins. These are recommended for those on a vegan diet or with lactose intolerance. People who do not wish to consume dairy in their diet also prefer plant-based protein. Plant-based protein powders are available in mixed protein powder form. The mixed variety consists of soy, nuts, chia, pea, hemp, and other nutrient-rich ingredients.  The plant-based powder is the best choice if you want to drink protein shakes for healthier weight loss. With plant-based protein shakes, the intake of calories decreases, and you gain mass. It is the right protein powder for those looking to lose maximum fats. Moreover, they are void of added artificial flavors and sugars contributing to weight gain. 

Making a Goal-Oriented Weight Loss Program 

When planning to lose weight with protein powder, it is essential to follow a specific routine. Make goals to achieve concerning meals, exercise, and the weight you wish to lose. Alongside, determine how many calories to eat and burn daily to achieve your weight loss goal.  When planning what to eat, calculate each food’s calories to ensure you don’t go overboard. In addition, you may write an outline of foods you wish to eat and when. The calorie intake is decided based on your activity schedule. For example, if you sit all day, you need to eat fewer calories than a person with a more active job.  On days when you schedule body training and workouts, you need more protein to make up for the loss. Hence, you must add additional protein shakes during hectic days. Protein shakes are advisable before or after a workout, as meal replacements, or during the day instead of snacking. Also, add more protein to your diet on days you plan to practice heavy exercises. As a result, your body will be better able to repair itself. In addition, enlist healthy protein-containing dinner options and whole foods to savor variety daily. For example, adding chicken and fish such as salmon to your meal plan will provide you with all the protein you need. Finally, don’t forget to add alternatives to harmful sugars to satisfy your sugar cravings. When planning an exercise routine, keep in mind what you enjoy doing. But, more importantly, schedule your workout regimen in such a way that it includes a variety of physical activities you enjoy. This ensures that you are motivated and don’t lose interest midway. Lastly, make a realistic and achievable weight goal once you have completed scheduling your meal plans and exercise routines. This will help you keep track of how much you have lost and how much is yet to achieve. Moreover, constant slight weight reduction will help you stay motivated for longer. 

Can I Use Protein Powder To Lose Weight?

In contrast to fats and carbohydrates, it is easier for the body to digest protein. That is why people with excess weight switch to a high protein diet. However, it is difficult for vegans to obtain adequate proteins from their diet alone. Hence, adding protein shakes to their calorie-restricted diet helps them meet their daily protein requirement.  Healthy body composition means having fewer fats and more lean mass. Proteins are required in large quantities to build lean muscle mass. This is because proteins are the building blocks of cells in the body and contain amino acids. These essential amino acids help repair body cells and muscles. Furthermore, it is vital to assess what kinds of foods you keep in your diet and which ones you eliminate. Eating a protein-rich diet with healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in balance is crucial. Healthy fats are those that contain good cholesterol like HDL. The body needs a balanced diet to maintain good health. On the other hand, it is also essential to consume fewer calories to reach your target weight. 

Workout for Weight Loss

For losing weight, drinking protein shakes alone is not enough. Even the best protein powders cannot help you shed excess fats without having to move an inch. It is thus essential to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, diet and exercise always go hand-in-hand. Exercising does not mean hitting the gym and lifting heavy dumbbells. Signing up for fun physical activities such as yoga, Zumba, dance, and others also count. Making workouts fun is crucial to staying motivated throughout your weight loss journey. 


If you are not sure about what kind of exercises are right for you, hire a professional to assist you. They can help you plan your exercise regimen and guide you in resistance training exercises and high-intensity workouts. Though these are practiced at a gym, signing up for online classes for practicing at home is also an option.

Cardio and High Calorie-Burning Exercises

To lose weight, one has to burn more calories. The highest calories burnt with high-intensity workouts help lose maximum weight. The guidance of an expert helps, especially if you are an amateur. However, if you don’t intend to spend on a trainer, start with cardio exercises. These are simple yet effective exercises that help shed excess fat. For instance, running and cycling help you lose weight as much as practicing an hour of intense yoga. 


Walking is an easier form of workout. It is a low-impact activity that improves blood circulation and muscle movement. It also benefits the heart, joint health, and mood. However, ensure that you wear the correct shoes, drink plenty of water, and walk slowly at the beginning. You can increase your speed once you are comfortable. It helps lose weight fast and ensures a full body workout.


Yoga has different forms of exercises such as poses, breathing, and meditation. It allows flowing movements and a particular sequence of exercises. It is highly beneficial since it has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Yoga permits slow movements and is an excellent choice for beginners because it offers all kinds of intensities. 


Pilates improves joint flexibility and enhances mood swings. It keeps you active all throughout the day. Pilates activates the muscles of the abdomen and promotes better body strength. Also, it can benefit the overall body and helps you lose weight. Pilates requires expert training, so it is advisable to hire someone to guide you as per your requirements.
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Protein Powders to Avoid 

Choosing the best protein powder is a daunting task. Not all protein powders are beneficial and provide optimum nutrition. For example, some protein powders contain added sugars that add more calories to your routine than required. At the same time, other protein powders may not have adequate amino acids that are essential for bodybuilding and muscle repair. A high-protein diet requires about 80 grams of protein in a day. Hence, the protein supplement you choose should comprise at least 20 grams of protein per scoop.  If you don’t wish to consume a dairy-containing protein shake, buy the plant-based variety. The plant-based powder has rice, pea protein, and soy protein options. If you are on a complete protein diet, buy the biggest size of protein powder for good deals. Keeping a few points in mind will help you make a wiser decision when selecting a protein powder. Firstly, check the composition of the protein powder. It should not contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Secondly, it should have reasonable amounts of amino acids, nutrient-rich components like nuts, and maximum grams of protein. Lastly, it should be a low-calorie protein powder without unnecessary ingredients that add calories to it. 

How Many Protein Shakes Should I Drink A Day To Lose Weight? 

Protein shakes are best consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. However, drinking protein shakes before or after a workout is recommended to repair and build muscle. Around physical activities, protein intake should be within 30-60 minutes after exercise. Protein shakes can also be taken as replacements for breakfast. Moreover, having them as snacks instead of eating junk food is also a good option. They keep you full throughout and lower your appetite, too.

Other Weight-Loss Friendly Foods 

A balanced diet is essential for overall development and for shedding excess fats. However, your diet should contain abundant protein when trying to lose excess weight. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins are easily digested by the body. They do not break down to convert into fat and get stored, thereby adding to the weight. Hence, losing weight with more proteins and less fat intake is easier. Some other foods also support weight loss, and some don’t. These include:

Foods to Add

A lot of energy is lost while working out. About 30% of your caloric intake from a protein shake compensates for the lost proteins during heavy physical strain. However, the body also needs a good amount of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for performing functions. Hence, adding other weight-loss-friendly foods can prove to be beneficial. Moreover, it adds taste and variety to the everyday food you eat.  Foods with low calorific value, such as cottage cheese, salads, oats, fruits, and others, should be a part of your diet. These contain micronutrients and essential antioxidants that are required for healing and other body processes. In addition, dark green vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, cruciferous vegetables, and varieties of nuts are beneficial when added to the diet. These improve the fiber content in the body, thereby promoting the improved elimination of wastes.

Foods to Eliminate

Avoid eating unhealthy processed fats that add to calories and increase weight. For example, fried foods, chips, desserts, pastries, and other foods are high in sugar and unwanted fats. In addition, these foods contain unsaturated fatty acids that increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. As a result, a significant increase in weight may be evident.  Processed foods contain in abundance sugar, gluten, seed oils, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and many other additives. In addition, they are high in sugar, which increases their calorific value. Hence, avoiding them helps you reduce weight.  

Popular Protein Shakes for Weight Loss 

To make your journey easier with protein shakes, we have listed our top recipes for you to enjoy. In most recipes, you mix the protein powder in either milk or water. Having it with milk will keep you full for a longer duration. However, if you wish to control your calorie intake, have it with water. The top recipes are:

Coffee and Chocolate Shake

Ingredients required:
  • Coffee – brewed or at room temperature
  • Ice cubes (as required)
  • Honey (optional)
  • Chocolate protein powder
  • Almond milk or cow milk
Method: Get your coffee ready as you like and mix it with cold milk and ice. If you like sweet drinks, add a healthy sweetener such as honey. Avoid adding processed sugar. Add a scoop of chocolate protein powder or till you add the desired grams of protein and mix. Voila! Your coffee-chocolate protein shake is ready.

Chocolate and Vanilla Shake

Ingredients required:
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Vanilla extract (about ½ tablespoon)
  • Ice cubes (as required)
  • Honey or syrup (optional)
  • Chocolate protein powder or cacao powder
  • Almond milk or cow milk or water
Method: In a glass of water, add ice cubes or take cold water. Alternatively, add milk to a glass with a handful of ice cubes. Add vanilla extract to the liquid of your choice, along with vanilla and chocolate powder. For sweetening, add honey or syrup. Mix the ingredients and enjoy.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake

Ingredients required:
  • Powder of peanut butter
  • Ice cubes (as needed)
  • Honey or syrup (optional)
  • Chocolate-flavored 60 grams of protein powder
  • Almond milk or cow milk or water
Method: Mix the chocolate-flavored powder and peanut butter powder in a glass of milk. Alternatively, use water. Next, add ice cubes and a sweetening agent. Mix the ingredients and enjoy.

Conclusion: Does Protein Powder Reduce Belly Fat?

If you have decided to begin your weight loss journey, adding a protein shake to your diet is a must. It is a decision you won’t regret. Drinking protein shakes not only helps build muscles but also reduces fats. Protein shakes give the best results when taken just after a workout. This is because it promotes muscle repair when taken before or after an exercise session. In addition, they help lower your calorie intake by giving you a fuller feeling. Replacing them with breakfast is also a good option. A glass of whey protein shake is enough to keep you full for hours.  Protein shakes are well-tolerated by most individuals since they are available in various flavors. Alternatives to dairy-based proteins such as whey and casein are also available. These include plant-based protein powder such as soy protein. However, remember that protein shake alone will not help you lose weight. It is equally important to plan your meals and work out well to achieve a realistic weight loss goal.  

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