How to Use CBD Oil: 9 Best Ways To Consume CBD Oil Properly 

Nikhil Goswami

The cannabis plant contains many different types of cannabinoids. While researchers have not extensively studied these cannabinoids, one of them has shown characteristics of being of huge health benefits. This cannabis extract is known as cannabidiol or CBD. As mentioned earlier, CBD is not the only compound of the hemp plant. However, its compounds have made it more reliable than its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Moreover, CBD has fewer psychoactive effects; thus, it does not get users high.

Since the research on CBD is still ongoing, it has not gained enough facts for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to register it. However, some countries have legalized the sale, purchase, and use of this product. Thus, you might be lucky to live in a place where the use of CBD is legal. Furthermore, this extract has only been approved for epilepsy. Nevertheless, many studies have shown that CBD is highly effective inflammatory and works efficiently in protecting the nerves from damage.

Over the years, producers of CBD products have come up with different forms for its consumption. However, the absorption of these forms into the body varies. Significantly, one of the fastest and easiest forms of taking in and digesting CBD is by using the strongest CBD oil. Moreover, if you suffer from anxiety, nerve pain, seizures, and insomnia, you should take CBD oil for relief.

There are many ways to use hemp oil, including CBD capsules, edibles, tinctures, etc. Although these forms of CBD oil possess the same chemical effects, the change in the administrating method can have a different effect on you. Also, using CBD oils offers several choices that can be overwhelming to users, especially beginners. Seeing how many people will be confused about the use of CBD oils, we decided to come up with an article on the best ways of taking these dietary supplements. You can try several CBD Brands for cbd flower, cbd gummies, cbd drinks and other cbd products as well. You can also research about full spectrum vs broad spectrum cbd oil to know more. There are several questions like: how long does cbd stay in the system? & How many gummies should I eat?

The 9 Methods To Consume CBD Oil 


One of the ways to use CBD oil is through capsules. This method is one of the most convenient and easiest ways. Furthermore, taking capsules makes it easy for people who have or want to maintain a certain quantity of CBD in their bodies. To use the capsule form, you should check the label on the capsules to know the dose the manufacturers recommend. After consuming CBD oil in capsule form, the body takes a while to absorb it. Thus, you must wait about 30 minutes before seeing the effects.

Significantly, the rate at which your body absorbs CBD oils depends on the food you consumed when you used the capsule. Another tip to know about CBD oil capsules is that they are easy to carry around and purchase. You can get it from dispensaries, drugstores, and preferably online.


Users consume CBD oil tinctures through droppers or spray them directly into their mouths. Furthermore, you can use the tinctures method by putting the CBD oil under your tongue as this part has more capillaries. Thus, the product reaches the bloodstream faster. There are a few tips for users to get the ultimate benefits from CBD oil tinctures. When you get your tincture bottle, you should shake it well to mix the constituents thoroughly. With a dropper, you should measure one or more drops of the oil. Then, leave the drop under your tongue and wait a minute before ingesting it.

However, you have little work to do if your tincture comes in a spray bottle. A simple spritz into your cheeks will do the trick. Unlike capsules, tinctures start to work in fifteen minutes. Additionally, tinctures are manufactured in different flavors, which leave a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth of users.


Another method to use CBD oil is taking it with your coffee. CBD coffee brands keep popping up, claiming that coffee beans with CBD help clear the anxiety that often comes with caffeine consumption. Thus, the infusion of CBD oil into your coffee can take off the edge you often feel after drinking. Furthermore, you can infuse CBD into your dairy-free milk for a healthier option.


When it comes to CBD oils, you are not limited to specific consumption methods. You can consume your CBD with cocktails. Reports say people can order mezcal drinks with CBD in San Diego. Uniquely, you can use CBD with any drink of your choice. Thus, if you are in the mood for something fancier, you can either order a drink infused with CBD oil or do it yourself.


Some CBD oil brands might sometimes have pungent tastes, which certain users might detest. Fortunately, there is an alternative to it. You can mask the unpleasant taste of the oil with other delicious flavors. You can infuse a small teaspoon of CBD oil into your smoothie to start your day. However, you should note that when you use CBD oil with your smoothie, the effect will not be as fast as using it through tinctures and vape pens.

Salad Dressing

Seeing how CBD oil also works well with salad dressing means there is nothing the product does not work with. You can incorporate this product into your cooking routine. With little effort, you can get many health benefits like pain relief, reduction of high blood pressure, and several others when you add it to your salad. You can get beginner’s friendly CBD oil recipes online.

Topical Massage Oil

Typically, CBD oil is made by mixing CBD with a carrier oil which can be beeswax, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil. You can treat chronic pain, sore muscles, and joints by using CBD topicals. Fortunately, it is very easy to use this oil. Squeeze oil onto your fingers and then massage the area you want to treat. As you apply the oil, you can make a circular motion with your fingers to spread it thoroughly.

After applying topical massage oil, you might notice relief immediately, or you might have to wait for about half an hour to one hour before you experience less pain. You are at liberty to try different products before deciding on the oil you will keep using. CBD oil with beeswax might be your go-to massage oil, while CBD oil with coconut oil might be better for consumption. It all depends on what your body wants.

Vape CBD Oil

The quickest method to feel the effects of CBD oil is through smoking. Additionally, vaping is the fastest way to smoke CBD oil as the vape pen heats the oil into an inhalable vapor. You should purchase a vape pen and the oil cartridge to vape CBD oil. You can get all the needed paraphernalia online or from smoke shops. After you get these, you should follow the instructions on the vape pen batteries for the maximum enjoyment of CBD oil’s potential benefits. Vape pens enable users to enjoy the effects of CBD oil within thirty seconds.

CBD Oil Edibles

If you enjoy chewing treats, brownies, pastries, and CBD candies without minding the wait for CBD oil effects, edibles are the one for you. Before eating the edibles, you should check the directions. Edibles are one of the easiest ways to consume CBD oils, but they might not work as fast as other forms as they go through the digestive system. While you might feel the effects in two to four hours, it may not be as profound as taking pure CBD oil. While CBD oil edibles are a fun way of taking CBD, the effects are not as potent compared to vaping or smoking as it needs to be digested first.

What Is The Right Dose Of CBD Oil?

Doctor’s Recommendation

A licensed naturopathic doctor is the best resource for getting the right dosage. See a doctor, especially when you are already taking medical treatment. You should explain to your doctor why you want to use CBD oil and request product recommendations. Most importantly, you should request the right dosage you are to follow. When you see your doctor, you should also inform him of your preferred option as there are different delivery methods. This way, the doctor will tell you the methods to avoid as certain delivery forms might aggravate your medical issue. We advise that users don’t ask just any medical personnel but licensed naturopathic doctors because they have more knowledge on how to use this popular natural remedy for pain management.

Dosing Instructions

Another way to get the right CBD oil is through the dosage instructions that come with the commercial products. Once you purchase your CBD oil, you should carefully read the directions on the product’s label. Then, you should adhere strictly to the recommended dosage. An over or underdose of the oil might not give you the desired results and can cause unpleasant effects. Moreover, while specific CBD oil products will work for you, some will not. As a result, you can try different products to see the one that meets all your requirements. However, if a product is not working, do not continue to use it. Switch to a different one and check for improvements and natural health boosts.

Online Calculator

It would help if you tried an online calculator to get a more accurate dose. You can search the internet to get calculators for CBD doses. Fortunately, most official sites of CBD brands offer these calculators. When you get this, input the quantity of oil the bottle has, usually in mL, the amount of CBD oil in the product, and your weight. The calculator will then estimate the correct dosage for you using this information. If you order your product online, you should use the brand’s calculator for a more precise dosage.

Start With The Smallest Dose

You can also find the best dose that meets your needs. To do this, you have to start with the smallest dose of your preferred CBD oil form. Begin with one puff of vapor if you prefer vape pens, one drop for tinctures, one capsule, or a half a gummy edible. Ensure that the dose you begin with affects you. If it does not, you should lightly increase your dose and go again. While experimenting with the dosage that will work for you, you can try different products. Furthermore, starting with a CBD oil dose of about 10 mg is better, and then you can gradually increase your dose if you feel the effects are lacking. Usually, users experience noticeable effects when the dose reaches 30 mg.

Different Uses & Purposes Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has a wide variety of advantages. However, we will only discuss some of the benefits of this product. While CBD does not work with the brain molecules that create psychoactive effects, the extract works on other receptors like opioid receptors. This way, CBD oil helps to treat pain. Additionally, CBD affects the glycine receptors that control serotonin, a brain chemical that controls mood.

Below are other health benefits that CBD offers to users:


Anxiety is one of the health issues that CBD oil tackles effectively. In 2015, some authors reviewed past research, concluding that this extract was a very effective treatment for anxiety disorders. However, they discovered that the administration of lower doses of CBD had effects, while higher doses offer no notable effects. More studies revealed the work of this product on humans. Some researchers studied a sample population by giving them CBD oil before public speaking. They observed that the men who took about 300 mg of CBD oil had less anxiety than those who did not. Thus, they decided that CBD oil is a good treatment for anxiety.


The Food and Drug Administration approved Epidiolex in 2018. This Epidiolex is a CBD oral solution that treats two epilepsy forms in children below two years old. These genetic disorders are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which cause seizures in children from their early life. The CBD interacts with the seizure medicines and raises the concentration of these medicines in the blood. Thus, the effectiveness of the medicine has been boosted in these children.


It might be difficult to believe, but CBD oil helps people manage their addiction to different substances. In one of the studies documented in this journal, researchers found some positive results concerning how CBD oil managed opioid addiction. People who used CBD progressed in their treatment for cocaine and opioid use. However, there was variation in the effects of CBD based on the abused substance. All-in-all, some experts asserted that CBD effectively treated nicotine dependence and some drug addictions.

High Blood Pressure

Another health issue CBD oil can aid in is its treatment of high blood pressure. A study that certain researchers carried out in 2017 showed that the product could help people lower the risk of heart disease since it lowers high blood pressure. When some groups of men were given 600 mg of CBD in a study, they experienced lower blood pressure than those given the placebo. The researchers also checked the stroke volume of the men who took and discovered that they had lower stroke volume than those in the other group. It showed their hearts were pumping more efficiently than those in the placebo group. As a result, CBD oil is a very effective complementary therapy for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Other Health Issues

Besides anxiety and addiction, CBD oils are also very effective in treating other medical issues. Some of these are acne, glaucoma, epilepsy, and depression. Additionally, the product helps to increase appetite. Thus, it is recommended for people with anorexia or poor appetite. Despite being a very good natural remedy for treatment, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before using CBD oils.

Need For Medical Care

Side Effects

Although it is very rare to experience side effects while using CBD oil, you might suffer from effects if you take large doses. While these effects go away as they are mild, it is usually advisable to consult medical personnel. Thus, you should see a licensed naturopathic doctor if you experience drowsiness, fatigue, reduced appetite, and diarrhea after using CBD oil.

Treatment of Seizures

CBD oil is very effective for treating seizures, but it is still important to consult your doctor before taking any CBD product. It is because most products from stores vary in effectiveness, and they are not always safe for anti-seizure medications. Furthermore, your doctor might prescribe Epidiolex, a proven CBD treatment for people suffering from this medical condition. It would be best if you also endeavored to use CBD oil according to your doctor’s recommendation.

Previous Medical Treatment

If you have been receiving medical care, you should see a doctor before you start using CBD oil. The oil might interact with the drugs you are on and worsen your condition. Thus, ensure you receive affirmation from your doctor before you purchase CBD oil for use. We also advise pregnant women to put off using CBD oil. While the product is generally safe, it can cause unnecessary effects you could have avoided by not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil & Cbd Products

  1. Should I take a particular amount of CBD oil every day?

We advise users to start with a few drops of CBD oil daily. However, you can take more during the day, which will not be a problem. You should test what works best for you as everyone has a diverse amount that works for them. You can take 5 mg of CBD oil three times a day. Then, you can increase your doses steadily over a few weeks. However, we advise users not to take more than 70 mg of CBD oil daily.

  1. Can I refrigerate CBD oil?

It is not advisable to refrigerate CBD oil products. Keeping it in a cupboard or a relatively dark place is better. You only have to keep it at room temperature. Refrigerating this product might change its composition since oil is vulnerable to changes in temperature. It may change the necessary elements that the oil contains.

  1. Is CBD oil the same as CBD tinctures?

Although people often use these two terms interchangeably, they are different. While CBD oils have oil bases, tinctures have alcohol bases. People use the term interchangeably since they associate tiny bottles with droppers as tinctures. It is related to the old-fashioned preparation of drugs.

  1. What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Some potential benefits of CBD oil are decreased anxiety and pain, better sleep, and reduced cravings for substances such as tobacco. Furthermore, CBD oil also causes placebo effects for some users. When this occurs, the person starts to anticipate the positive benefits of the product and then experiences what they have anticipated.

  1. Can CBD oil interact negatively with other drugs?

CBD can interact with certain medications by slowing down the breakdown of the drugs. Thus, the body might suffer high levels of medication in it and thus cause harmful side effects. However, certain medications can go on with CBD oil. Thus, you should consult your doctor to see if you can use this product with your ongoing medication.

  1. Can older adults use CBD oil?

Most older adults consume CBD oil for the treatment of chronic pain. Fortunately, research suggests that it is safe for these people to use CBD oil and that they are only exposed to mild risks. These risks include an interaction of the drug with their prescription medication. Thus, older adults should ensure that they seek their doctors’ advice before using this product. However, researchers are carrying out more studies on the effects of CBD on seniors.

  1. What should CBD oil users look out for when purchasing the product?

While the FDA does not regulate CBD oil, making it difficult to ensure the accuracy of the product, there are specific factors to consider to make the right choice. First, you can search for products that have third-party lab testing. If you are not able to get access to the lab reports, then you should not trust anything about the brand. Next, you should remember to examine the list for the expiry date, dosing information, ingredients list, amounts of cannabinoids and THC, and other information.

  1. What are the forms of CBD Oil?

CBD oil typically comes in three different forms. The isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. The isolates contain only CBD, which is the safest but not the most potent. On the other hand, the broad spectrum oils have almost all components, such as flavonoids, proteins, and terpenes. It makes it a great option for those who want the effects of CBD but not the high from THC. Broad-spectrum oils do not contain THC, unlike full-spectrum oil, which contains all the compounds and 0.3% THC.

  1. Can CBD oil make me unable to sleep at night?

While CBD oil makes specific people feel alert, it does not make users unable to sleep. Researchers say CBD oil is one of the most effective ways to manage insomnia. Thus, it is an effective sleep inducer.

Conclusion: How To Use CBD Oil

Hemp plants are useful for various purposes. One of the diverse purposes is its usefulness in managing seizure disorders, high blood pressure, and other serious medical conditions. Since the legalization of hemp-derived products in the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, certain countries have been dealing actively in producing, selling, and using this natural remedy. Significantly, CBD oil does not get users high, unlike marijuana.

CBD oil is one of the forms of cannabidiol that has risen to become sought-after in the cannabis market. It is due to its easy usability and accessibility. Furthermore, there are various methods to use this product. For this reason, we wrote this article to assist users by offering them the best guide on using CBD oil. This guide contains nine ways to easily consume CBD oil and other necessary facts to know about hemp extract.

While CBD oil is generally safe for people, some specific people are advised not to use the product. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid ingesting the product for their safety and the baby. Furthermore, people on medication should not use the profile without the recommendation of their doctors. Lastly, according to the state’s laws, CBD products are for adults aged eighteen and above. As a result, parents should keep the product from their children’s reach to avoid unnecessary side effects.

Overall, we advise CBD oil users to conduct extensive research on the brand they want to get the product from, as there are fake ones around. Read through our guide to discover what to look out for before purchasing CBD oil. It ensures they purchase carefully produced oils that will work effectively for them.

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