How To Use A Vape Pen For THC, CBD & More

Nikhil Goswami

Among a variety of smoking instruments, vape pens are perhaps the most widely used. In times past, vape pens served only as an instrument for using nicotine. Nowadays, these functional iterations of e-cigarettes work with vape cartridges and prefilled THC oils.  

With recent upgrades in technology, you can learn how to use a vape pen with various atomizers. These atomizers allow you to vape whatever substance you want. In this article, we’ll look at the types of vaporizers available and how to use a vape pen. 

What Is A Vape Pen?

A vape pen is simply a safer alternative to your traditional cigarettes. It is a battery-powered device that you can use to inhale any substance. It produces vapor instead of burnt smoke. The power source heats the cartridge or vape tank to produce rich smoke clouds or vapor. Vape pens come with a rechargeable battery.

They have a cylindrical shape that most times look like your regular pen. Thanks to this small size, you can fit them into your purse or pocket with minimum fuss. Hence, it is easy to see that the name is simply a description of the shape and size of the device. News about a new electronic cigarette hit the market in 2010, and a company called Janty rolled out the first batch of e-pipes.

However, Joyetech championed the course that led to the popularity of vape pens. This small but effective device completely changed the vaporizer market. It offered a larger battery capacity and longer running time. Likewise, vape pens allow you to swap cartridges or atomizers easily. Before vape pens came on the scene, people didn’t take electronic cigarettes seriously.

They were just a tiny self-contained unit that adopted the size and design of a regular cigarette. Vape pens may carry different designs and appearances, but they all function in a similar way.  The pod or cartridge holds vaping THC (for instance), which gets heated up by the power source. The end product is a rich cloud containing flavors and other valuable chemicals. Based on the recent reports of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are over 460 brands on the market.

Parts Of A Vape Pen

There are numerous kinds of vapes available including nicotine free vape pens. Depending on the model you buy, the parts of the device may differ slightly. However, you’ll find that most e-pipes carry similar components available across boards. 

Vape Pen Battery

Without the battery, the vaping process will not be possible. It is also the heaviest part of the device and usually has a 510-threaded connection attached to different cartridges or e-juices. Some devices may have a button that allows the user to turn the device on and off at will. Also, this button can let you adjust heat settings if you want. In the same vein, you’ll find e-pipes with no added features. 

Vape Cartridge 

The cartridge serves as a connector to the power source. You will find your chosen e-liquid or vaping substance within the cartridge chamber. You’ll also find the atomizer designed to heat the oil and create flavor-rich clouds. Vape cartridges have a connected mouthpiece that allows you to take in all these clouds/vapors.

Disposable And Rechargeable Vape Pens

You’ll find these e-pipes in two major categories; rechargeable and disposable vape pens. A disposable vaporizer comes with an all-in-one system. It bears an in-built battery, a coil, and a prefilled tank. As the name suggests, they are not refillable or rechargeable.

You can only use the pen for a period before you deplete it, and you have to dispose of it.  A rechargeable e-pipe is a battery-powered device designed for vaping with various cartridges and atomizers. Rechargeable and disposable vape pens come in two major designs: push-button and draw-activated 

Draw Activated Vape Pens Vs. Push Button Vape Pens

  • Push-Button Vape Pen: To use this vape pen, you must first turn it on. To do this, you must press the button five times consecutively. With several push-button designs, you can adjust the power output to suit you. If you have this design, you’ll need to push the fire three times non-stop. Also, you may have a push-button e-pipe with a preheat control. You can activate this feature by pressing the button twice.
  • Draw Activated E-Cigarettes: To activate this e-pipe design, you must puff it first. This action means you do not have to put them on or off. They also do not have any button for you to push. They are simple to use. Unfortunately, these types of vape pens do not bear a lot of functionality as a result. With push-button designs, there are some functions that you can play around with if you wish to do so.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Working?

Below are some common reasons why your e-cigarette may stop working.

  • Poor Cartridge Connection: Sometimes, your vape pen might have a loosely connected cartridge. This improper connection will undoubtedly affect your vape pen’s functionality.
  • Wrong Cartridge: Unfortunately, not all cartridges will work with your vape pen. This occurrence is not-so-common since most e-pipes are 510-threaded. 
  • Push-Button May Not Be On: As the manufacturer recommends, press the button five times before you puff on the pen. Furthermore, ensure that you hold the power button while hitting it, or the vape pen may not work. 
  • Depleted Cartridge: Check to see if you’ve exhausted the cartridge. Once you finish the content of the cartridge, the device will stop producing vapor. If you have a rechargeable vaporizer, ensure you refill the cartridge before you try again. However, if you have a disposable vape pen, dispose of it and get a new one.
  • Running On Low Vape Pen Battery: Once you detect this problem, plug the pen into its charger. Some rechargeable e-cigarettes have a USB charging port or a micro-USB, and you’ll also find some with a standard 510-threaded USB charger. Always keep tabs on your e-pipe’s battery life.
  • Bad Battery Or Coil: On rare occasions, some cartridges come with a bad coil. Usually, this type of coils will not fire when you need them. As a fix, you can try using another battery. If it works this time, you may have a defective vape battery.

How To Use A Vape Pen For THC?

What Is THC?

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the magic substance that creates the “high” feeling associated with the use of marijuana products and derivatives. It is one of the dominant cannabinoids in marijuana/hemp plants. Excessive intake of THC can trigger symptoms of psychosis and paranoia. However, it is not possible to overdose on THC cartridges.

Despite being the cause of the many psychoactive properties of marijuana, THC has properties that may help with body pain. The above research also suggests that THC may effectively treat nerve-related pain. THC is most potent when used alongside other CBDs. Tetrahydrocannabinol is also used to treat conditions like nausea and the effects of treatment procedures like chemotherapy.

Distillate Carts And Vape Oil

Before we move ahead, you must know that THC weed oil cartridges work well when used for vaping, but they are not the same as tinctures. Tinctures work well when used orally. Recently, vape pens mostly find use when they heat delta-8 THC carts or refillable cannabis oil.

Thanks to this functionality, these pens are often called weed pens, and their designs make them perfect for 510-threaded THC cartridges.  To begin, you’ll have to remove the seal from the bottom of the oil cartridge and connect it to the available vape pen battery. You should ensure that the device has enough charge and is adequately turned on (if it is a push-button e-pipe).

Furthermore, you should ensure that you don’t push the button until you begin inhaling to avoid hurting your lips.

  • Standard practice requires that you begin with a tiny puff. If you are a beginner, you should wait a few minutes to examine the effects. The effects of vaping THC oil cartridges may be mild initially, but everything can change instantly.
  • Similarly, if your device comes with different voltage settings, you should begin with the lowest. Observing this protocol will help you avoid burnt or dry hits. For most oil carts, the acceptable range is 3.3-3.8 volts.
  • Newer cartridge technologies use ceramic-based coils to heat THC oil. These coils can handle higher voltages without burning out, while others may require more voltage to achieve a more satisfying puff.
  • You can check the internet for 510-threaded battery catalogs to find other devices available for e-pipe cartridges.

Wax And Dabs

If you want the best way to vape wax, you should use vape pens with unique designs suited for dabs. Several cartridges will work with regular vape pens. However, when it comes to dab pens, they generate more airflow. They also have atomizers with ceramics that can handle higher temperatures required to enjoy dabs. Unlike most cartridges, you can preheat your dabs by pushing the button before inhaling.

  • Fill a little quantity of wax into the main heating chamber. For this to work, you will need a specialized dab tool.
  • Ensure that you do not overburden the chamber to avoid leaking or clogging. Also, the system will not generate the right results, and it will cut down the lifespan of your coils if it’s overloaded.
  • Heat the coil system by carefully pulsing the power button. This action will partially heat the wax. 
  • You can puff while holding the button down. Also, you should begin with small puffs.
  • To prevent extreme hotness, you can pulse the button while inhaling. 
  • You should wait a few minutes in between your cloud puffs. Never underestimate the power of your dabs.


Standard push-button e-pipes have regular dry herb and weed attachments. However, they are not great for vaporization efforts. If you want to puff weed clouds regularly, you will have to get a specialized weed vaporizer.

This device must have a design that ensures the preservation of your buds.  There are hundreds of vape pens available on the internet that you can take your pick from. 

How To Use A Vape Pen For CBD?

What Is CBD? 

This is another chemical commonly found in cannabis. CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp, though some strains of marijuana tend to have high levels of CBD. Recently, CBD has grown in popularity because of its potential medicinal uses and availability.  CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects like THC does.

So, it won’t make you “high.” Furthermore, research suggests that CBD can be an effective pain management tool. This is particularly useful when managing inflammation and other related conditions. It may also have a calming effect on depression and anxiety.

CBD Oil Cartridges

It is important to note that these oil cartridges are well suited for vaping. CBD oil tinctures, on the other hand, are oil-based and won’t be suitable for inhalation. When you want to vape CBD distillates and full-spectrum CBD oil, you should always use prefilled CBD cartridges.

As weed oil cartridges require, you must tear off the manufacturer seal and fix the cartridge to your device.  However, if you possess a disposable e-pipe, open it up and begin puffing flavor-rich clouds. as long as you know how a vape pen works, you should be fine with a device like this.

  • Take small hits and hold on for a few minutes to check for the possible effects. 
  • If you have a device with several voltage settings, begin with the lowest setting possible to avoid dry hits. Aim for 3.3 – 3.8 volts.
  • New cartridges use ceramic coils. These coils can handle higher voltages without burning out. Also, they may need more voltage than older models to provide a satisfying puff. 

CBD E-Juice Or Vape Juice

CBD e-juice has a lot in common with nicotine free vapes e-liquid. This is great because you can utilize a regular vape pen to enjoy the richness of CBD e-juice. Similarly, you can fill up any empty vape tank with Cannabidiols Vape juice.

However, modern vape pens work best to produce rich flavor and vapor. This pen should have all it takes to handle most e-juice on the market today. The two most common styles of e-juice vape pens are; direct lungs (DL) and mouth to lungs (MTL). MTL vape pens are similar to most cartridges. Both devices provide a tighter cigarette-style draw and do not need a lot of power to heat up.

Direct Lung e-pens generate a loose pull, more vapor production, and airflow, and need more voltage power than MTL. This is because DL vape pens need coils with lower resistance. Some devices can handle multiple vaping styles. However, this greatly depends on the type of coil you are using.

  • Ensure you are vaping a CBD e-juice or a CBD cartridge, not a CBD oil tincture. 
  • For high-strength CBD, you should use sub-ohm e-pipes. MTL vape pens work well with low-concentration CBD. 
  • Refill your tank or cartridge with CBD distillate/juice and fix it to your e-pipe. 
  • Leave a 5 to 10 minutes window for the coils to properly absorb the e-juice.
  • Take in small puffs and wait some minutes to examine the effects
  • You don’t have to hold it. Inhale and exhale as you usually would.

How To Use A Vape Pen For Nicotine?

Devices built for nicotine e-liquids have evolved over the years. Vapourizers found on the market today can produce richer flavors and turn in better performances. Most have enhanced features such as multiple coil options and larger battery capacities.  Also, the newer e-juice pipes are broader and weightier than the regular vape pen for oil.

Furthermore, there are many sizes and styles to pick from.  Nearly all nicotine e-pipes fall into at least one of the following categories: direct lungs (DL) or MTL (mouth to lung). With a tweak in design (unique coil selection), some of them can perform DL and MTL functions. 

Direct lung (DL) vape pens generate richer and fuller clouds/vapor and are best suited for low-concentration nicotine e-liquid (usually 3 to 6 mg). MTL e-pipes work more with higher strength e-juices starting from 6 mg to higher levels.

Finding The Best Vape Pen For You

Now that you know a thing or two about how to use a vape pen, it’s time for you to get yourself one. So how can you choose the best vape pen suitable for you and your vaping experience? Below are some valuable tips that should guide you.


Most vape pens come with a unique handheld design that makes it easy for users to carry them in their purses or pockets. They are easy to handle because of their portability. Also, you can use them anywhere and at any time. 

Furthermore, the pen size works for most users. New supermini models have increased discretion and portability, and you can store them in small spaces. Some e-pipes may be more prominent in size because of their large battery design or simply because they are older models. If you travel often or discretion is essential, you can stick to using the mini models.

Vape Material

After learning a few things about using a vape pen, one other important thing to consider is the type of material you intend to consume. Some vaporizers have unique designs to handle vaporizing oils, flowers, and concentrate. You’ll also find others equipped to take only one of them. So depending on your preferences, you should look for a vape pen that can handle the type of material you wish to consume.

Vape Coil

If you are a beginner and this will be your very first vape pen, you need to understand that the quality of the vape coil will determine your vape’s taste, smoothness, longevity, and durability. The most common vape materials include quartz, wicks, and ceramics. 

If you love to try different flavors, we recommend choosing a vape pen with a ceramic coil. This coil can enhance taste and the overall experience. E-pipes with quartz coils heat up fast and deliver more hits and richer flavor consistently. It would help if your vape pen also delivers a variety of voltage settings. These controls will help you pick the best heating level for the material you love to consume the most.

How To Store A Vape?

It is essential, particularly for beginners, to know how to store their e-pipes properly. They should be stored standing upright in a conducive room-temperature environment. The upright storage position prevents oil leakages that can cause a big sticky mess. Also, it will prevent oil from moving into the vapor path. This movement can block vapor flow whenever you are ready to vape next.  Similarly, extremely low or high temperatures can severely damage your battery.

Hence, storing your e-pipe in your car would be a huge mistake. The extreme heat will undoubtedly destroy the battery, and in worse cases, the battery may leak or catch fire. Just like you store any electronic device, the vape pen should be stored properly in a permanent storage case in a temperature-controlled environment. Lastly, if you wish to avoid the hassle of keeping track of your vape pen when you travel, you should get a disposable vape pen.

These e-pipes are ready for use immediately when you unpack them from the box. They have a fully charged battery and a tank filled with your favorite e-juice.  All you need to do is to unpack them when you need them, vape, and dispose of the empty unit. It is pretty simple. You do not have to worry about refilling or charging the device. If you use disposable e-pipes on your trips, ensure that you have enough for the road.

How To Charge A Vape Pen For THC?

It’s never fun to find that your vaporizer has low power when you are just about to start puffing on it. Thanks to different vape device designs, there are multiple ways to determine whether your vape battery is dead. You should check the user’s manual for simple guides on your pipe’s power level.

To charge most vape pens, you must look for the USB charger connector and fix it to any compatible dock. If you do not have much time to waste, you should consider buying a vape pen with a fast charge feature. There are many other vape pens with advanced technologies that can allow you to charge up your e-cigarette within minutes. Depending on your vape pen, you will notice a change in the indicator light when your vape pen hits a full charge.

How To Clean A Vape Pen?

Vape pen cleaning, especially if it is 510-threaded, is super easy. It requires little maintenance apart from the occasional charging that you will need to do. You can perform a simple procedure if you find oil residues at the threading point where the vape pen and vape cartridge meet.

Simply find a q-tip, deep it into rubbing alcohol, and wipe the surface of the vape to get rid of the residue. Once satisfied, allow the compartments and the heating chamber to dry up before reassembling the unit again. 

Advantages Of Vapes

One of the significant benefits of using vaporizers is that it allows you to enjoy your favorite botanical without combustion. This process removes all the risks of inhaling carcinogens and toxins from smoking plant matter.

Vaporizers also give better flavor. Furthermore, e-pipes are portable, discreet, and smell-proof. They are very different from smoking since they create vapor instead of smoke. Hence, you avoid the smell of burnt materials that can linger for hours on your clothes or in your room. Vape pen smoke-free attributes are excellent and have little to no side effects. 

Conclusion: How Do You Set Up A Beginner Vape?

Now that you know how to use a vape pen, your bad initial vaporizer pen purchase doesn’t count anymore. However, you have to make a few decisions before you proceed to buy the next one. First, you must decide on your favorite material or vape oils (you can read through the options we mention above once more). THC and CBD oil have been the most common choices in recent times.

Second, you must decide on the right vape pen for you and your situation. We have mentioned some of the most valuable models on the market in this how to use a vape pen article. Lastly, if you wish to vape weed, dabs, or nicotine, you should consider getting yourself specialized vaping equipment designed for this purpose.

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