How to Sober Up From Weed Quickly?

Nikhil Goswami

As USA authorities allow the use of cannabis under controlled dosage, more and more people are using it. While it offers a smooth, relaxed feeling, it might not suit everyone. Things are fine if you won’t get too high using weed. The problem starts when new users get excessively high on weed and lose control. This is where knowing how to sober up from weed is good, as you can quickly help that person before things get worse.

On the other hand, sometimes you have emergencies that need immediate attention, but you can’t attend to them as you are high. At such times, knowing to sober up from weed quickly can save you from lots of issues.

How Do You Feel When You Get High?

The effect of cannabis high depends on your mental situation. While it helps relieve stress and anxiety, it cannot help overcoming your fear and strong emotions like crying. If you are sad, taking weed might make you sadder. On the other hand, if you are happy, weed can help you get happier.

Weed’s strength also determines the results; people using weed with higher THC levels might feel more anxious. Regardless of how many times you were high, the chances are that you’ll get a different feeling the next time. Here are some common feelings that you might get after consuming weed.

  • Increased appetite
  • Relaxation
  • Calmness
  • Extra happiness
  • Time might move slow or fast for you
  • Your sensation to touch, sound, and vision might enhance

THC is a compound of the cannabis plant which causes psychoactive effects. Taking extra weed means taking too much THC. With higher THC levels, you’ll get a solid high feel that might be uncomfortable for many people.

If you want to enjoy the best benefits, starting with a lower amount is better. That way, you’ll know how much dosage is right for your body. Taking too much cannabis might not cause a pleasing high feel; instead, it might increase your anxiety or panic attacks.

Potency also plays a vital role; taking too much has consequences but taking weed with more potency can also cause adverse effects. You might get too high that your senses won’t work correctly. You might feel weak enough to shiver or can’t hold things properly, so while smoking weed, ensure the potency is right.

How Long Does It Take To Sober Up From Weed?

Staying high and having THC traces in your blood are different things. You might lose the high feel within hours, while THC traces might remain in your blood for months. How long you stay high depends on the potency or the weed amount. Taking too much weed means you might stay elevated for hours, which is not a good thing. Staying excessively high makes your body weak, so you won’t be able to do your daily tasks.

On average, you might stay high for one to three hours. Less than 0.3% THC can keep you high for an hour, and 0.5% THC might keep you high for up to two hours, and if you increase the potency, you can stay high for four hours.

The fastest way to get high is to smoke weed. The THC within smoke will instantly dissolve in your blood while eating weed products might take hours before they start working. The more cannabis you use, the longer it takes for the THC to leave your body.

Overdosing on Weed

Taking more than necessary weed comes into the category of overdosing. For example, taking two more puffs is considered overdosing if you get the desired results from one puff of joint. This can bring undesirable effects, including anxiety, and even cause your body to feel weak or cause hallucinations. Though this kind of overdose is not fatal, it has permanent side effects over a longer time.

It is highly impossible to die from overdosing on weed because that would require you to smoke 40,000 joints within 15 minutes, which is impossible. However, excessively smoking weed for a prolonged time can make you paranoid. You’ll have trouble focusing, you might have anger issues, and you won’t find peace in anything except weed. It is highly advisable to use weed only once a day; even better, use it on weekends and enjoy your relaxation.

How to Know if You Are Too High?

While people using weed for a long time know when they are too high, a newbie might not be able to distinguish it. Using a more robust cannabis product than your body can handle will cause an excessively high feel. You’ll feel lightheaded, and your body will feel immense relaxation, thus lowering blood pressure. Most people feel like vomiting or have a shaky head after getting high because of changes in blood pressure. If you are too high, here is what you might feel.

  • Panic
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty coordinating
  • Hallucination
  • Increased fear
  • Delusions or impaired judgment
  • You might feel like going crazy

All these feelings are related to your mental condition, but anxiety is a common side of taking potent cannabis products. Drinking water is helpful if you feel that the weed you consume is potent. Water can help reduce THC-induced anxiety, so you won’t feel shy or afraid in a group.

How to Avoid Getting Too High

Intense marijuana high is not typically caused by weed only; sometimes, people mix different substances to enhance the effects. For example, drinking alcohol or snorting opioids while consuming weed will drastically increase the high feeling.

The first thing to do is start with less and lower potency. That way, you’ll know whether that particular dosage is strong or weak. You can alter the dosage and stop when you get the desired effects. However, after continuous usage, the same dosage might stop offering the desired results, and you must increase it. So, if you want to stick to a soothing high feel, it is better to use weed occasionally.

If you want to stay safe from weed side effects, choose products with less than 0.3% THC. At such meager levels, THC will give you a buzz that only helps you stay relaxed. This is the best option if you want to remove stress and anxiety.

How to Sober Up From Weed

If you want to end the euphoric effects caused by weed quickly, here are some helpful methods.

  • Wait it Out

Sometimes the high feel lasts only five to ten minutes, and you’ll be back in your senses. However, if you panic while you are high, it will cause more stress and anxiety. If you have been using weed before, you’ll know how long you stay high before the effects fade. It is better to wait it out instead of forcing yourself.

On the other hand, if you consume weed edibles, they might take two to three hours to start feeling high. You can do whatever you want in the meantime and relax for 10-15 minutes as you start feeling high. The initial sensation is intense, so you better not try to move a lot, as it will ruin the experience. The fuzziness from such products might stay for five to six hours, but it won’t bother you much.

  • Distract Yourself

Since it takes time for the effects to wear off, the best way to speed it up is to engage in an activity. Start listening to music, watch a funny movie, talk with your friend, start walking, or play some games. Make sure the activity is fun, entertaining, and tiring; otherwise, you might not be able to get rid of the weed effects.

It would be better to leave the place and get some fresh air. Grab a friend of yours and go out for a walk. Walking for five to ten minutes can help you get back on track. After every minute, take a long and deep breath and start walking again.

  • Drink Liquids, but Avoid Beer and Coffee

If you want to get rid of the high feeling quickly, drink plenty of water. You can try soft juices, but anything that contains alcohol is not a good option. Some people might opt for coffee or beer, believing it might help them get attentive. However, anything that provides a quick energy boost is not suitable after getting weed.

Your body is relaxing and pouring caffeine into the body might cause memory impairment, or a different kind of high that is much stronger than usual. On the other hand, alcohol increases the THC amount in your blood, boosting the high feeling.

Drink water, stay hydrated, and let your body process the weed from your system.

  • Stay Calm

If you feel the side effects of weed, like anxiety, paranoia, or headaches, you might want the high feeling to finish quickly. However, you’ll panic if you try hard to eliminate these effects; instead, stay calm and try to relax. Put less stress on your brain to help the body process the weed faster.

Typically, such side effects won’t last for more than 10-20 minutes; headaches might last long, so it is better to lie down on a couch, close your eyes and relax. If you are not interested in sleeping or resting, there are many other relaxation techniques. Take deep breaths or listen to calm and soothing music to stay relaxed.

  • Eat a Snack

While drinking water and orange juice is a good option, eat some snacks alongside as it can help reduce the high feeling. However, choose your snacks carefully, as some foods can increase THC levels in your blood. For example, chocolate is a common snack available at any part or even in your fridge; it can increase the effects of weed. Mango is another common fruit during summers and boosts the high feeling. Stay away from pine nuts and eggs as they have Omega 3 fatty acids and help THC move through the body faster. Sweet potatoes should be avoided at all costs, even though they look delicious when you are high. They can trigger serotonin in your brain, leading to increased relaxation.

  • Lemon Is Your Best Friend

Grab a lemon and squeeze it and inhale its scent; it will instantly work to reduce cannabis-induced anxiety. Lemon and other citrus fruits have “anxiolytic-like” effects that work flawlessly to help reduce the anxiety caused by weed. You can also drink lemon juice as it will counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. If you are at a party, you’ll quickly find lemon there because people use lemon a lot to reduce the high or drunk feeling.

  • Use Black Pepper

If you are at home and can’t find lemon, use black pepper instead. Black pepper has terpenes to reduce the effects of THC; however, it might not taste that good. You can also chew peppercorns; it contains pinene and caryophyllene to help tamp the THC’s psychoactive tendencies. This might not remove the high feeling, but it will convert the solid high feel to a more soothing one. So, if you ever feel anxiety or paranoia after smoking weed, use black pepper or peppercorn.

  • Mix Weed With CBD

If you are unsure how strong the weed is, take it with some CBD products. Higher doses of CBD can reduce THC’s effects and help you relax without causing any side effects. The best option is to use CBD oil with weed; after one or two puffs, consume one drop of CBD oil. However, make sure that your CBD product doesn’t have any THC, and otherwise, it won’t help much. You must opt for broad-spectrum CBD or pure CBD isolate for better results.

  • Take a Shower

Taking a shower after weed can help remove the strong effects of THC, especially if you have an increased heart rate after smoking weed. It happens because the THC binds with cannabinoid receptors, changes your blood pressure, and taking a bath cools your body, bringing your blood pressure to normal. However, if you feel like your blood pressure is lowering, do not take a bath; instead, splashing cold water on your face and neck is helpful. Do not use hot water; if it is cold season, just wash your face and drink some water.

  • Call Your Friend

It is better to get help from friends or a family member if you feel any of the side effects of weed. Sometimes, weed adversely affects your body, making you numb, and you can act appropriately. It is better to get medical assistance in such cases, but since you can’t drive when you are high, calling a friend is better. Try to relax and stay calm until the friend is at your location. Taking deep breaths and looking at colorful stuff can help a lot in staying calm.

  • Use Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that can help reduce marijuana’s buzz. However, this option is good when you are outside smoking and start feeling an unbearable high feel. Send someone to a nearby medical store to grab this medicine and take not more than two tablets.

Remember What Worked

If you want to use weed more than once or have decided to visit pirates where people use weed, it is better to learn from your first experience. If nothing happened, then note the potency of the weed you used and keep on using the same potency. Only use weed on weekends, so the same potency would be enough for you.

If you had a bad experience, remember what worked and keep that remedy always with you. If you experience the same issue again, you’ll have the solution in your backpack or pocket to quickly help you get sober. Here are some things you must remember after your first weed experience.

  • The problem you faced
  • What was useful
  • What made the experience worst
  • The reason for the problem

Sobering From Weed Edibles

Here is the thing, smoking weed brings instant results; thus, you get high in no time. All the remedies mentioned above will work best if you utilize them after smoking weed. If you consume weed edibles like gummies or oil. On average, a gummy or weed oil takes around 40-60 minutes to show the effects, and compared to smoking, their relaxation is much more intense and lasts longer. The THC will pass through your liver, and it increases THC’s longevity. if you want to know more about weed edibles, then you can have a look at the complete guide to weed edibles.

If that is the case, you might need to dry some different methods. Drinking water and deep breathing might help reduce THC high, but they won’t work that well. Moreover, you cannot stop the process so wait till you start feeling the effects and take measures. Here are some other methods you can try.

  • Eat a Big Meal

While smoking weed, only snacks help reduce THC effects, but you might need to eat lots in this case. You should act early as a big meal will stop most of the edibles from leaving your digestive tract and entering your blood. However, do not eat fatty foods as they can facilitate the absorption of your edibles. The THC will go into your bloodstream faster than usual if you eat lots of fatty food. Eat some bread or a bowl of cereal; most people use these foods to sober from alcohol.

  • Use Eye Drops

If everything else is fine, but you want to eliminate the redness in your eyes after consuming the edibles, use eye drops. However, use this only when edibles don’t cause any undesirable effects and you only don’t want to look high.

  • Sleep

Sometimes the best you can do is sleep since edibles might make you dizzy; close your eyes, calm yourself, and try to sleep. You’ll get a nice sleep of four to six hours, but you might wake up with a headache. On the other hand, if the weed was strong, you might feel like throwing up. Try some lemon or orange juice and drink a big glass of water, and you’ll feel better.

Next Time, Eat Less

If the edible is not strong, you won’t have any problems. Just increase the amount, and you’ll be fine. However, if the edible hits on the first attempt, you better stop eating more until your body goes back to normal. Most people face such effects because they don’t care about the potency and keep eating them. Initially, they might not feel anything, but once the effects start kicking, it might not be a desirable feeling.

Have patience when using edibles; they can take up to two hours to work. If you use low potency, they might not work at all. You must wait for at least 90 minutes before taking another edible.

Sobering Up From Delta-8

Delta-8 THC has become popular because of its easy availability and fewer side effects. Delta-8 products have less than 0.3% of THC, which is insufficient to cause a solid high that requires sobering. Even with the most potent delta-8 products, you’ll feel a buzz that offers a soothing high feel, enough to ease your mind and remove stress.

Compared to delta-9 in weed, delta-8 effects don’t last for a long time. Smoking delta-8 can keep you high for 30-40 minutes, while delta-8 gummies offer the buzz for an hour or two. if you want to try delta-8 gummies, then you can have a look at top delta-8 gummy brands.

The best part of delta-8 is that you’ll stay in your senses and work around like normal. These products are the best if you want to survive the day in a tense environment. Since delta-8 is legal in the USA, you can use it in your office or meeting to eliminate social anxiety and gain confidence to present yourself.

What to Do in the Recovery Time?

Weed effects won’t fade within minutes; even after using countermeasures, they will take some time to go away. In the meantime, things might not be pleasing for you, so here are some steps you can take to make your recovery time more pleasing.

  • Remind Yourself That These Feelings Are Temporary

While weed mildly affects your body, it drastically affects your mind. Simply put, it is all about mind games, so instead of sulking or feeling afraid, keep reminding yourself that this time will go away within minutes. Try to stay calm and relax for as long as possible, it might be hard with anxiety and paranoia kicking it, but you have to hold. It would be even better to isolate yourself, so you won’t have to interact with anyone who can increase your social anxiety. You’ll get through this phase easily if you don’t react aggressively when the initial effects are kicking it.

  • Do Some Light Exercise

Light exercise is helpful if your mind is racing because of too much THC. It might feel challenging at the start, but you can move around a bit, try running from one end of the house to another, and see if you can do some pushups. Exercise releases endorphins to help your body stay calm and boost your mood.

This is an excellent option if you quickly want to eliminate the intense feeling of weed. However, see if your body can handle exercise before trying; if you feel dizzy or unwell, try something less intense to help change your mood.

What Not to Do When You Are High?

When you are high, you don’t have control over yourself. Your emotions are at their peak; thus, doing something stupid is easy. It is better to stay near a friend when high so they can take care of you. Here are a few things you should not do when high because you’ll regret them later.

  • Don’t Drive

People feel full of confidence when they are high; they feel like they can do anything. In most cases, many people try to insist that they can drive. If you are high and feel like you should drive, try to hold that feeling and hire a cab or let someone else drive who is sober. Your senses and movement won’t work correctly, and you’ll get into an accident easily.

  • Don’t Fight

High THC levels can block the pain signals from reaching the brain; thus, you won’t feel the pain when you are getting beaten up by other people. It is easy to get angry when you are high, but try your best to avoid any fights. You might not feel anything while weed is kicking in, but the pain will be unbearable when you wake up the next day.

  • Walking Stairs

If your apartment is on a high floor, it would be better to let someone help you get there. Use an elevator if available, but do not walk the stairs if you are high. Mostly, you feel dizzy when high, and the chances are that you’ll trip and hurt yourself.

Conclusion: Best Tips On How To Get Sober From Weed?

Overdoing weed can happen to anyone, but one should also be ready to take some counteraction. We shared some easy tips on how to sober from weed; make sure to read them thoroughly. You can avoid all these problems if you start weed with a lower potency and slowly raise your way to the top.

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