How to Smoke Weed? 4 Amazing Ways To Smoke Cannabis Correctly

smoke weed

The effects of smoking weed vary from person to person, but the result is almost the same; you get enchanted by the intoxicating aroma! Smoking is the most popular form of consuming weed or cannabis and is the hottest trend even today.

Having said that, the effects of using weed depend on various factors, and your mind and body play an important role here. Since smoking is one of the quickest ways of administration, the results are also rapid and can bring quick changes in your body and brain.

4 Different Ways To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe- Beginner’s Guide

Marijuana, weed, cannabis, or pot are all the same drugs from the cannabis plant. While many people want to enjoy the effects of weed, at the same time, they worry about how to smoke weed safely.

So, whether you’re looking to seek therapeutic benefits or want to achieve a pleasurable buzz, we’ll help you choose the best way to smoke weed. We’ve covered you with our comprehensive guide on smoking weed best suits you. Here’s a roundup of the different smoking methods below:

  • Bottle Pipe

Did you know those tiny plastic bottles left in your kitchen drawer can be turned into excellent cannabis smoking accessories? In fact, combined with aluminum foils, they can be the go-to alternatives for beginners.

All you need to do is prepare an aluminum foil bowl and place it on top of a plastic bottle. Now, make a mouthpiece by poking a hole at the bottom. Once done, make another hole on the side for a carb. Done! You are all set to smoke away. 

These DIY bongs will give you a smooth high, and you will enjoy a blissful euphoria. However, since they involve plastics and aluminum, you should avoid using them for a long time. The best idea is to dispose of the bottle after a single session. 

*Pro tip: Take a pen to make a diagonal hole in the bottom half of the bottle. In addition, take a hollow pen cap and put it in the hole. Once done, place aluminum foil to the tip. Besides, consider unscrewing the cap to leave a mouthpiece at the top. This way, just by packing the bowl, you can light up your stuff and enjoy a rich cloud of smoke.

  • Bongs

A bong is a weed pipe called a binger, bubbler, or billy in slang terms. The word ‘bong’ is taken from the Thai word ‘baung,’ which is used for a bamboo stick. However, today’s bong is much more complicated than just a bamboo stick. Bong is a water pipe that contains water for cooling and filtering cannabis smoke. In the end, you obtain a clean, smooth, healthy smoke from weed.

Bongs are available in various sizes and shapes. While some have a simple and minimalist design, others are quite colorful and have complex designs. However, all types of bongs have a similar function: to cool and filter the smoke obtained from burning weed.

Mostly, bongs contain a small bowl that contains dried weed. When you light the weed, it burns and produces smoke. The cannabis smoke goes through a chamber with water, and the water cools down the bubbles to produce clean smoke. This smoke is free of ash and tar as it is pulled out in the water. In short, the smoke rises through the chamber and the water, reaching your mouth and lungs.

One of the main benefits of using a bong is that the cooling mechanism removes the dry heat. Thus, the effect is not harsh on the throat; it is creamier and cooler. However, whether the smoke is dry or smooth, it still fills up your lungs and has the same effect as when you spend time smoking cannabis. Thus, using a bong will still release carcinogens and doesn’t reduce toxins. 

Read this guide to buy the best bongs that are available on the market this time of the year.

  • Watermelon Bong

Just like apples, watermelons can also make great bongs. However, making a watermelon bong involves a lot of elbow greasing. The result, nevertheless, is worth the hard work. To prepare a watermelon bong, you need to hollow out the pulp and fill it with water. 

Once done, you need to make a diagonal hole into one side of the fruit to create a down stem. Next, you need to carve a hole through the top. Ensure that the hole is adequately large to pour water. However, it should not be that big, which doesn’t allow you to wrap your lips around it. Your job is done. Now, light up your bowl and enjoy cool and euphoric hits. 

  • Hot Knife

Well, it could be a little more DIY than you’d like. However, it’s one of the most effective alternatives to pipe smoking. The hot knife method has been in use for a long time. In fact, it was the darling of canna smokers before rigs or caps hit the market. 

The method is pretty much simple. Just with two butter knives, you can do all wonders. Simply torch the end of the butter knives for longer. Once they are hot enough, place dabs on the hottest points. Now, hover them over to inhale the released vapor. Indeed, hot knives can be a cleverer way of smoking weed. However, be mindful and keep the heated knife away from your face.

Portable Vapes

Vaping deserves mention when it comes to naming some of the best alternatives to smoking. In fact, it has evolved the way of consuming cannabis as you can find numerous kinds of vape shops everywhere.Vaping allows you to enjoy the diversified flavors of herbs or weed concentrates.

In addition, they let you discreetly enjoy the weed-o-phoria. A wide range of portable vape pens is available in the market. Do a little research and pick up the one that suits your requirements. 

Apart from portable vape pens, you can also turn to desktop vaporizers. They help diffuse the vapor into the air. Remember,  vaping works almost in the same way as smoking. The stuff may take about a half hour to kick in. However, the high is extraordinarily enjoyable. 


Blunts are pretty similar to joints. However, the types of papers are different. Blunts use cigar papers and finely ground weed. The method is simple; you just need to roll a cigar paper with fine weed grinds and light it up. Cigar papers are bigger than the rolling ones, allowing them to hold more weed during rolling. 


HHC Cigarettes can also turn into excellent weed-smoking accessories. You just need to hollow out the tobacco carefully. Remember, the cigarette paper is extremely thin. Thus, to avoid tears, you may consider using tweezers. Ensure that you have brought the entire tobacco out.

Once done, stuff the empty cigarette with weed and enjoy one of the most inconspicuous ways of stoning. Indeed, the smell will be there, but hardly anyone can catch you (unless they know the trick).

How to Smoke from A Bong?

Choose your favorite weed strain, a bong, and some water to smoke a bong. Plus, if marijuana is not in powder form, you’ll have to grind it. Here are the steps you need to follow to smoke cannabis with a bong:

  1. Fill water into the chamber through the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is a type of opening present at the top of the bong. When you pour water, make sure it is enough to have the downstem fully submerged with it. Also, don’t overfill the water; otherwise, water will bubble into your mouth.
  2. Put weed ground into the bowl. If you don’t have marijuana in ground form, use a herb grinder to grind it. You can also make small chunks of it using scissors or fingers.
  3. Don’t pack the bowl with ground marijuana too tightly; otherwise, it will be difficult to pull smoke through it. After filling marijuana in it, put the bowl in the downstem.
  4. Place the top of the tube in your mouth while holding the bottom with your other hand. Then use a lighter to light the bowl and start sucking in simultaneously.
  5. When marijuana burns, it will fill the chamber with smoke so that you can take a hit. You must notice when the desired amount of smoke is present in the chamber, and then remove the stem and inhale to clear the chamber.  
  6. When you remove the bowl from the downstem, the airflow pushes the smoke up through the mouthpiece into your lungs.
  7. Exhale the smoke directly and enjoy the high!
  8. Bongs can get dirty and smelly; you must keep them clean after every session. Always remove the ash from the bowl and clean the bong thoroughly with water.
  • Joints

Amongst different smoking methods of enjoying cannabis, CBD joints are one of the easiest ways. They offer an iconic way of using weed and enjoying the aroma of the flower.

Almost all cannabis enthusiasts are aware of rolling a joint and then watching it burn evenly and smoothly while they enjoy the high. A Joint is a simple cigarette-like thing that allows an easy way to smoke weed. These are cigarette papers with crutches that contain ground and rolled cannabis in the form of sleek cigarettes. The crutches are good for rolling joints as they are stiff and can keep the ground marijuana in place.

If you are first time smoking weed, you must consider a few things to avoid any unpleasant smoking experience. First, you must choose the marijuana strain for smoking cannabis. Some strains are stronger than others, and they offer a stronger high.

The sativa strains are good for boosting energy, while the indica dominant strain treats insomnia and anxiety better. The second thing you must consider is how you roll a joint because a proper roll will lead to a smooth and even burn. Lastly, you must take slow puffs and inhale around two-thirds of your hit.

To enjoy smoking weed through joints safely, ensure you don’t inhale deeply while holding it. When you hold the smoke, it stays in your lung for a longer period, thus keeping it exposed to tar for a long time. Always remember that exhaling faster will keep you healthy. Besides that, use only those rolling papers for joints approved by the FDA. While you might think you can roll weed into any paper, you’re mistaken because some papers might contain toxic materials like chemicals.

How To Roll And Smoke Weed Joints?

Do you roll cannabis flowers the right way? We’ll explain the right way to roll joints for using weed. To roll joints, you’ll need a bud of cannabis, a herb grinder, rolling papers, a crutch for the joint tip, and lighters. Different types of rolling materials are used, including rice, bamboo, hemp, and flax. Anyhow, the following are the steps if you want to know how to smoke weed using joints:

  1. The first step is to select a nice bud and consider the weed size according to the rolling paper. We recommend using one ¼ size rolling paper and ½ gram of weed to start with. This is the perfect weed size if you’re first time smoking weed. You can also consult an expert if you want to know how much cannabis you need for smoking. 
  2. After choosing a bud, crush it into smaller pieces or use a grinder to grind the cannabis. Grinding it will make the filling balanced and more consistent and will ensure that burning is even. Besides that, grinding is better than crushing with fingers as using fingers can make your hands sticky, and it will be difficult to roll a joint with sticky hands.
  3. Now make a crutch, a type of tip for keeping the weed in place in the roll. You can make a crutch, but filter tips are the most convenient. Take the rolling paper and place it on the table before you; make sure the glued side is facing you. Place the crutch at one end of the rolling paper, and put weed on the paper, then roll it back and forth.
  4. Lick the top edge to secure the joint, and finish with a firm twist and poke. Start smoking weed with the rolled joint!
  • Blunts

A blunt wrap is a cigar that contains weed instead of loose-leaf tobacco. Also, remember that joints are one of the safer smoking methods than blunts, as they are made up of hollowed-out cigars whose wrappers are very toxic. Blunts are made up of cigar wraps instead of rolling papers.

Rolling papers are less porous than cigar papers; thus, they burn completely; hence, there are fewer toxins. Besides that, blunts are bigger than joints and contain too much cannabis. Therefore, using one blunt equals six joints.

Blunt wraps are made of nicotine tobacco leaves and can produce a greater build-up of carbon monoxide. So, blunts can have harsh smoke just like cigarette smoke because they have tobacco, but people still prefer them for certain reasons.

Firstly, tobacco adds to the buzz and makes the high more pleasant. Secondly, it burns slower than joints and lasts longer to give pleasure till long. Lastly, the flavor and aroma of burning blunt are incomparable.

Since blunts are wrapped in tobacco papers, they are mostly brown. Plus, the favor of the blunt depends on the weed strain you’ve chosen, along with a touch of tobacco from the paper.

When using blunt, one of the most important things you should consider is the weed strain. Since the weed’s flavor will combine with tobacco, you must consider a high-quality weed. If you use low-quality cannabis or weed, you won’t get the desired taste and effects.

A blunt has tobacco on the exterior and marijuana on the interior. It is brown-colored and cigar-sized; using a blunt will give you a mix of flavors of marijuana and tobacco. On the other hand, the joint has a rolling paper on the exterior and marijuana on the interior; it is white colored and is 3” long.

How To Roll A Blunt?

You don’t need a lot of things to roll a blunt, but it is always a good idea to prepare properly for a good smoking cannabis experience. Gather everything for smoking blunt, which includes a lighter, cannabis products, and an ashtray, plus play your favorite song and gather some beverages to enjoy your time. Using a blunt is very simple; you just have to light and breathe it. Following are the steps if you want to learn about how to smoke weed using a blunt:

  1. Take around one to two grams of weed for blunts, as blunts are bigger than joints. Then break down the cannabis by hand or use a grinder. Make sure the cannabis is grounded consistently so that it burns evenly.
  2. There are empty blunt wraps available at the store too, but if you don’t find them easily, you can empty a cigarillo using a razor blade. To do so, cut the cigarillo lengthwise, empty the tobacco, and discard it.
  3. Make the blunt wrap a bit wet because a moisturized blunt wrap is easy to work with. Plus, this way, the cuts will also be sealed that may have occurred during the cutting and emptying of the wrap.
  4. Now fill the blunt wrap with ground cannabis; you can fill one to two grams in the wrapper. However, if you share the blunt, you can fill more weed in the wrap.
  5. Roll the cannabis products with your fingers and pack the blunt evenly. Now wet the inside of the exposed edge and use fingers to smooth out the wrinkles on the wrap.
  6. Seal the blunt or bake it by running the lighter on it lengthwise. Now light the blunt and enjoy using it.
  • Pipes (Waterpipes)

Pipe smoking is the most decent and classy way of enjoying weed smoking. However, to properly smoke weed with the pipe, you must know how to pack it. A cannabis pipe is similar to a traditional pipe as it contains a bowl, a chamber, a stem, and a mouthpiece. Most cannabis pipes these days are made up of borosilicate glass which is quite versatile. However, cannabis pipes can also be made from wood, metal, ceramics, and other materials.

Smoking pipes are of different sizes and shapes, but the most common is the spoon style. If you’re new to smoking weed, you must start with the spoon or corn cob pipe as it is easy to use, compact, and inexpensive. Besides the spoon-style pipes, there are highly ornate carved pieces, too, but they are a bit on the expensive side. The style and design of weed pipes depend on your liking and preference.

Besides a bowl, chamber, and stem, some pipes also have a carb hole near the bowl, allowing you to cover and uncover it while inhaling. Some people don’t put a bowl out and keep passing it. If you want to put out the bowl, you must consider a pipe with a carb hole so that you can open and close it for breaks.

If you plan to smoke weed with the pipe alone, you must consider a pipe with a small bowl to finish smoking in one hit. However, if you’re finding ways to smoke in large groups, choose the party bowls so that all the smoking buddies get a share of the new hit. Besides this, your pipe may go off two to three times while you smoke, but don’t worry and light up again because that’s normal.

How To Smoke A Pipe?

A smoking pipe is one of the simplest ways to smoke, but you’ll need some items. A corn cob pipe is a cheap one, and if you’re first time smoking weed, you can use it to start smoking marijuana through this pipe.

You’ll need a pipe, tamper or tool, pipe cleaner, pipe lighter or wooden matches, and weed to smoke marijuana with a pipe. Once you’ve gathered all these items, you’re ready to prepare for smoking a pipe. Following are the steps you must follow:

  1. The first step is the most difficult one, and you need to master it before you start smoking a pipe like a pro. Fill the bowl loosely with cannabis and press it lightly; the cannabis should cover half of the bowl from the bottom. Then put more weed and compress it; the bowl should be ¾ full. Top it off with more weed, leaving space between the bowl and the cannabis.
  2. To fill the pipe, you can use the pipe tamper tool. After filling the bowl, put the pipe in your mouth for a test draw. The bowl is too tightly packed if the air doesn’t flow freely. If the test draw goes well, you can continue to the next step.
  3. Take a wooden match or lighter to light the pipe. Wooden matches are cheaper, but there are specific pipe lighters that don’t alter the cannabis strains’ taste. Matches are cheaper but give a strong sulfur flavor that most smokers might not desire.
  4. Once the pipe is lit, start smoking slowly and steadily. If you puff too quickly, it’ll cause a tongue bite which can be quite uncomfortable.

Alternatives to Smoking Weed – Try Edibles, Vapes

Smoking is the easiest and most common way of consuming weed. People who want to make cannabis use for recreational purposes mostly turn to smoking marijuana as it is readily available for everyone.

However, if you want something easier on your lungs and hate lighting up too, you must try the alternatives to smoking marijuana. The alternative way to smoke weed is also for those who wish to use weed more safely and healthily.

The alternatives to smoking marijuana are quite handy, especially if you don’t want your car or home to smell like weed all the time.

Smoking is like screaming to everyone that you’re a cannabis enthusiast or weed lover, which is not always the most welcoming thing. You might draw more attention to yourself, especially if you’re in a public place. Whatever the reasons for quitting spending time smoking weed, the following are the other consumption methods:

  • Edibles

Edibles or CBG gummies are our favorites when it comes to alternatives to smoking marijuana. They are also the second most popular method of consuming weed after smoking. If you’re a cannabis lover, you might have already tried a space cake or hash cake. Edibles are also best suited for patients who need to use cannabis for medicinal uses and can’t smoke cannabis because of their health conditions.

With edibles, you have a huge variety to choose from. Many cannabis clubs make cannabis-infused brownies, cakes, cookies, teas, gummies, candies, and lollipops. You can also make cannabis edibles yourself by finding recipes in this regard. Cannabis is also available in a dry mix form with bottled flavors like orange crush, strawberry, and pomegranate, which you can have as drinks.

The only downside with the edibles is that the cannabis takes longer to kick in because they pass through your digestive system and then reaches the blood. However, the benefits are that the cannabis through edibles remains for a longer period in the bloodstream; thus, you can feel the effects for a longer period.

To be safe, you must always know the amount of weed an edible contains. This way, you’ll get along with the safest ways to smoke. Also, instead of gobbling the cookie or brownie at once, consuming cannabis slowly is better. Also, keep a check with the one who manufactured and cooked it. Edibles are safe but have dosage issues, which is not the case with smoking devices.

  • Vaping

Vaping is another alternative if you want to avoid smoking weed. It involves heating the cannabis flower to a point where it converts into vapors so you can inhale it. Vaping is a great alternative to smoking devices as it is gentler on the lungs and doesn’t produce harmful chemicals. For vaping, the concentrate is heated so that it doesn’t burn the plant but is high enough to vaporize it.

Besides being a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping is quite economical too. However, it is important to choose a high-quality vaporizer so that it doesn’t cause lung injury. Vaporizers are available with battery-powered heating chambers that produce heat.

The chamber where you have to place marijuana comprises materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, and glass. You can start the vaporizer using a button and then start inhaling the vapors produced due to the heating effect. The heating element is quick enough to bring the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius; at that point, it produces vapors.

Using ground weed makes it easier for the vaporizer to heat it evenly than heating the chunks. Grinding weed is beneficial as it will help you get the most out of your weed. After grinding the weed, you must put it in the heating chamber and switch on the vaporizer.

Attach the mouthpiece to the vaporizer and start inhaling and enjoying the delicious vapors. Vaping is used as a weed consumption method mostly for medicinal uses, but those who wish to use it for recreational purposes can also try this method. People who want to avoid the ways to smoke can try vaping as it has almost the same pleasurable effects. 

  • Topicals

Topicals are ointments, oils, balms, gels, salves, lotions, and creams rich in cannabis, and you can apply them to your skin. People mostly use topicals for medicinal purposes, to reduce pain and inflammation, and treat muscle and joint aches.

This alternative method has lower bioavailability and doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. Thus, cannabis-infused topicals are best for relieving pain, easing stress, and reducing swelling instead of getting high. 

There are a variety of topicals, and each of them has its pros and cons. For instance, CBD oils allow you to ingest them orally or apply them on the skin. People who want to treat skin issues like dry skin, psoriasis, or eczema can use this. Some people use creams and lotions to improve facial beauty or apply them on their elbows and knees to improve the skin texture. 

CBD Salves are similar to other topicals but have more healing effects as they contain beeswax too. Cannabis salves are a great option for those who want to get rid of severe skin disorders. Apart from that, gels and balms are the types of topicals that produce a cooling effect and are a good option for treating headaches.

If you want to treat a headache or sinus, dab a small amount of gel or balm to reduce the stress and tension in that part of the body. Topicals are thus one of the best alternative ways to smoke if you want to avoid damage to your lungs. 

Conclusion: How To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe?

When you smoke weed, you feel the relaxing effects from head to toe, and there’s nothing like the pleasant aroma and strong flavor that you get from spending time smoking weed. While using weed can bring the right kind of joy and immense pleasure you’re looking forward to, it has certain side effects too.

If you’re willing to find healthier consumption methods to use marijuana, you must leave the idea of smoking as it harms your lungs. Also, if you already have cardiovascular or respiratory disease, you must avoid using weed and consider consuming cannabis as edibles or tinctures. If you need to learn how to smoke weed, this post contains all the information that might help you. 

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