How to Smoke Moon rocks In 5 Simple Steps


Moon rocks are one of the most effective and potent methods to get high. That’s true! Even the highest-THC marijuana strains offer a poor imitation of what a moon rock session will do to you. You’ve also come to the perfect site if you want to learn how to smoke moon rocks.

It is hard to find original moon rock products. Most assume that all moon rocks sold in the market are of premium or high quality. Unfortunately, there are lots of shady businesses and individuals that sell poor-quality moon rocks.

This article will teach you how to smoke moonrocks, including what they are, how to produce them.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are made by taking nugs of your favorite strain and dipping them in hash oil or concentrate. This coats the nug in a thick layer of THC-packed goodness. 

Once they’re coated, they’re rolled in kief – which is just a fancy word for extra strength cannabis flower pollen. The final product is a super potent nug that looks like it’s covered in snow.

This triple threat of potent cannabis goodness results in a product that is approximately 50% THC. For comparison, most high-quality weed tops out at around 25% THC. So, moon rocks are strong.

You’ll be smoking moon rocks like a pro in no time if you follow these tips. If you think we’re exaggerating the moon rock high, then give this a read and get high, but most importantly, remain safe and have fun!

How Effective Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are no joke. If you thought regular old cannabis was potent, think again. Moon rocks are cannabis flowers that have been dipped or sprayed in hash oil, then rolled in kief. There are various brands in the market that offers the best CBD flowers.

This trifecta of potency comes together to create one powerful product that averages around 50% THC. In other words, one hit of moon rocks is equivalent to smoking several joints.

The high from moon rocks is also quite different from smoking regular cannabis. Rather than hitting you all at once, the high from moon rocks creeps up on you slowly.

It starts in your head and then spreads throughout your body, eventually reaching down to your toes. And once it hits you, you’ll feel like you’ve reached the top of a mountain that you may not be ready to climb.

Because they’re so potent, you’ll want to start slow and take minor hits at first – you can always smoke more if you wish to, but you can’t undo smoking too much.

If you’re looking for a powerful high that will last all night long, look no further than moon rocks. 

Pros and Cons of Smoking Moon Rocks


  • They provide everything you need to reach as high as you possibly can.
  • Simple and economical. Purchasing the three components individually will cost much more than purchasing a single gram of moon rocks.
  • Excellent for medical patients who need substantial THC dosages.
  • Always a good conversation starter and party favor.


  • They increase your blood pressure as much as humans can, which isn’t always good.
  • Moon rocks can only be smoked with glass. Avoid grinding or rolling moon rocks in a joint or blunt. It will create monstrous shambles. Use a little piece as a stand-alone bowl or dangle it from a flower bowl.
  • Moon rocks shouldn’t be left in the sun or your automobile on a hot day so that they become too warm. They may become a melty, gooey, sticky, mushy horror when they become too heated and never regain their previous planetary majesty.

Learn How to Produce Moon Rocks at Home 

Moon rocks are simple enough to produce, and they’re just as simple to learn how to smoke! 

Creating moon rocks at home is pretty easy if you have the appropriate components. It can be an excellent method to use up whatever kief you may have stashed away like a pirate.

Materials Required to Make Moon Rocks

With just a few supplies, you can quickly become a licensed marijuana scientist and start brewing excellent mixtures at your home or, more likely, on your coffee table.

  • Dense cannabis nugs
  • THC oil or concentration
  • Kief

Detailed Instructions 

For sure moon rock magic, follow these procedures!

Step 1: Get Ready to Nug

The key to making great marijuana moon rocks is the quality of your ingredients. When you are creating it by yourself, you can control the potency of your nug, oil, and kief. 

Verify the density of your marijuana nug. You’ll need a good, solid nug of a potent strain for the best moon rocks. Originally Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) were used to make original moon rocks, but any strain works fine.

Step 2: Cover Your Marijuana With Concentrate

There are two methods to go about doing this. For more potent moon rock, roll your nug in the oil rather than drizzling oil over it with a dropper. You don’t want to wind up with sun rocks, so don’t let it soak for too long! 

Step 3: Roll Your Nug in Kief

The most practical way to smoke moon rocks is through a glass pipe or bong, but rolling them is not nearly as complicated as it might seem.

For this phase, you’ll need to have a significant amount of kief on hand. Before rolling, it is advised that you move the kief on a plate or piece of paper. You’ll create a sticky mess if you try to roll your greasy nug around in your grinder.

Step 4: Let Your Moon Rocks Dry

This step is crucial. You must wait for the oil to dry and absorb into the nug. Your moon rock won’t likely be properly lit if you try to smoke it before it is entirely dry. This phase might take a few hours to several days, depending on the size of your nug and how much oil you applied.

Step 5: Let’s Smoke It!

You’re prepared to shine! For the most pleasing moon rock experience possible, adhere to the previously given methods.

How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?

Experienced cannabis users should use moon rocks since they have a strong punch. Here are some tips on how to get ready for your adventure with moon rocks.

A glass pipe is probably your best option because smoking moon rocks aren’t all that different from smoking ordinary cannabis. The main distinction is what occurs after a few puffs: an intense high that permeates your entire body and mind and lasts for hours.

What You’ll Need

There are a few items you’ll need if you’re serious about learning how to smoke moon rocks:

  • Moon craters
  • Standard flower
  • Razor blade or scissors
  • Lighter
  • Glass object (bong, bubbler, pipe)
  • Slice Up That Moon Rock

Always keep in mind not to crush up moon rocks. It will create a giant mess and probably clog up your grinder to the point that it becomes useless. Instead, break up the moon rock into manageable bits using sharp scissors, a razor blade, or even your fingertips.

  • Fill the Bowl

Next, fill a glass with a bowl of your preferred cannabis kind, leaving space on top for air.

  • Insert a Moon Rock

Then, top your orderly bowl with a bit or two of your cut-up moon rock. It will sit firmly if you gently press it down.

  • Burn Modestly

Be careful to warm up your moon pebbles gently. Use a lighter or hemp wick to burn the moon rock slowly on low heat. You want them to be smoldering because they might catch fire if you heat them too rapidly. 

You might also need to light the moon rocks a bit longer than with a traditional flower. Think of it as lighting a campfire: a large, blazing fire right away may look amazing, but it won’t get you very far.

  • Take In Low Heat

As soon as your bowl starts to burn, begin taking deep breaths. It’s possible to go too high too quickly with these, so moderate yourself!

  • Breathe Out 

Exhale after briefly holding the smoke in your lungs. You’ll probably cough if you try with moon rocks for the first time. That’s okay; everything happens for a reason. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for another strike.

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Safety Guidelines for Smoking Moon Rocks

Respecting their potency may be the most crucial aspect of learning to smoke moon rocks. Moon rocks carry a big punch and will knock you out if you’re not cautious. This isn’t your typical, everyday cannabis.

  • Hydrate

Always drink plenty of water, but when smoking moon rocks even more so. Make sure you’re fully hydrated before starting your smoke session. Keep a glass of water nearby at all times because cannabis has a propensity to produce dry mouth.

  • Eat

Eat before to curb any potential appetites, decrease the effects of high-THC cannabis, and avoid motion sickness.

  • Steady and Slow Start

Start slowly – sluggishly. This might lessen the severity of the effects, which is crucial if you’re a novice to moon rocks or high-THC strains.

Even if you are an experienced stoner, start slowly if you are new to moon rocks. Keep in mind that it’s not a race!

Give it a few minutes to recover between rounds and take smaller strikes than average. THC can take some time to take effect entirely, and once smoked; it cannot be undone.

  • Be in a Relaxing Setting

You will most likely be extremely high if you smoke moon rocks. As a result, check that you have everything you need before beginning.

That includes whatever you need to be comfortable while stoned, such as water, munchies, the TV, a blanket, and so on. Once you’re one or two moon rocks deep, getting up to collect those items will seem like an impossible feat.

Conclusion: Correct Guide To Smoke Moon Rocks

If you don’t find moon rocks in your area, then knowing how to make them is incredibly handy. Now that you know how to make your own moon rocks, you’ll be an absolute monster of dankness and cannabis. 

You’ll soon find yourself couch-locked and pondering whether the planet is flat if you make sure to heed our tips on how to enjoy moon rocks to the fullest.

Even for an experienced cannabis user, moon rocks are mighty. Especially if you are new to the cannabis world, you should absolutely approach with caution.

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