How To Set Up A Home Warranty In New York

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The home I grew up in was, for a long time, in shambles. My parents lived from month to month, and almost never had disposable income.

So, unable to see to wear-and-tear or to fix anything that broke, they left it for some elusive later date. That date did eventually come, but by then a couple of decades of almost no maintenance had passed. Getting the home in a good enough state just to sell broke the bank.

This is a common story in New York. Paying a monthly mortgage is hard enough for the average homeowner. Taking care of unexpected repairs is often just not possible.

The thing is, homeowners eventually learn that repairs shouldn’t be unexpected. Wear-and-tear happens to every house, regardless of its age. Maintenance is necessary to keep it running like new.

But this money does not have to come out of your pocket or from a savings account. Rather, you can get a home warranty that covers maintenance and repairs. By spending a monthly premium, these issues are taken care of for you as they happen.

Here is what you need to know about setting up a home warranty in New York.

Look local

As with most types of insurance, home warranty companies generally function in only a number of states. Due to differing regulations, it is unlikely that a legitimate home warranty company covers homes across the country.

Look specifically for a New York based home warranty provider. Ideally, they should have offices set up in New York, as local companies are more likely to be knowledgeable about the best service providers.

Choose a type of warranty

There are three main kinds of home warranties. The first covers systems issues which affect the home as a whole. This includes electrics, plumbing, HVAC, and structural issues. These are generally the most important issues you will need to take care of, as they can put your life in danger if you try to fix them yourself.

The second type covers appliances and other contents in your home. With this kind of cover, you can get someone to come in immediately to fix a broken oven, television, or washing machine. Since you use these things every day, waiting until you have the funds is just not practical.

The third type is a combo plan that covers everything. This is the ideal home warranty plan, as you will no doubt have different kinds of issues come up over the years. Of course, it is also the most expensive type of plan.

Check customer reviews

Before settling on a home warranty provider, it is important to check customer reviews. There are companies out there who promise great service but don’t live up to the marketing hype.

Good home warranty companies should have a service provider at your home before the day is out, and they should be able to provide emergency coverage when absolutely necessary. If customers say that they consistently fail in this regard, find a different provider.

Beyond that, setting up a home warranty is easy. Get in touch with the trusted provider and they will help you with all the paperwork necessary.

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