How To Roll A Backwood Blunt Like A Pro?


If you are a cannabis lover, you would have wondered how to roll a Backwoods blunt at least once in your life. No surprise, rolling it can be very tricky. However, we are here to help you out. We have the easiest ways to aid you in rolling Backwoods blunt. 

Firstly, it is necessary to understand what a Backwoods blunt is. You can consider a Backwoods blunt as a Backwoods cigar with a strain of your choice. The leaf in which your favorite cannabis is rolled is purely made of tobacco. Hence, a Backwoods blunt is purer and more natural than any other blunt wrap. 

The company makes the wrappers with a mixture of tobacco and natural plant-based binders and is rolled into cigars that are then cut into blunts. The tobacco used in these cigars is grown organically and hand-rolled.

Things You Need To Roll A Backwoods

Before learning how to roll Backwoods, it is necessary to understand what you will need to roll it. It will become difficult to roll the Backwoods without all the essential equipment; however, all the tools are the simplest and easy to get. 

  • A Packet Of Backwoods

Backwoods cigars come in packets just like CBD joints and there are five cigars per pack. These packets or packs come in a variety of flavors and styles. So, you can get any packet according to your favorite flavor. Moreover, cigar packets come in different sizes as well. So, it entirely depends on you what size you want. 

  • A Rolling Tray 

After getting yourself a packet of Backwoods cigars, the next step is to purchase a rolling tray. Although you can roll the blunt in any straight container, rolling the blunt in a rolling tray would be great fun. Matriarch’s Blunt Father is the king of rolling trays, and it is known to be the gorgeous rolling tray for blunts, joints, or cigars. 

The specialty of this rolling tray is the thought that manufacturers have put into its structure. The tray has eight different containers. These containers or spaces are small and perfectly made to hold rolled blunts. Other than this, there are separate spaces to roll the blunt. Last but not least, the tray provides you with a container to hold your grinder. 

So, the tray is an all-in-one package deal. You can keep all your rolling stuff in one place, and the tray is lightweight and portable. So, you can carry it anywhere without any hesitation. 

  • Your Favorite Cannabis Product

This step entirely depends on you. It’s your decision what you want to fill in your blunt. There are a variety of options. For instance, you can go with any flavored Bubba Kush. Other than this, multiple other cannabis products are available on the market. You just need to choose your favorite product and its flavor, and you are good to go. 

  • Grinder

The next and most important tool you need is a grinder. Grinders are necessary to grind your weed in smaller grains so that you can fill the weed in your blunts. The bigger grain size will make it difficult for you to roll a blunt. Hence, it is vital to get yourself a good quality grinder. 

Grinding your weed becomes extremely easy with the help of a grinder. Just unscrew the top cap, add some ground cannabis to the chamber, screw it back on, and hit the button. You can then grind up your buds or use them as is with no additional processing required. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your cannabis experience, the revolutionary KLIP from HØJ is what you need. The design is sleek and compact, so you can take it anywhere without worrying about space or weight restrictions.

The company’s core mission is to provide people with a healthier and more sustainable way of smoking marijuana by creating high-quality, high-performance, easy-to-use, and effective products. The KLIP is one of their most popular products because it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is roll your blunt up in the KLIP’s unique foil wrap, light it up, and enjoy.

The KLIP is made from 100% FDA-certified food-grade silicone rubber. It means that it’s safe for use with any cannabis—whether it’s flower or wax—and will not alter or destroy the taste or aroma of your cannabis.

How To Roll A Backwoods Blunt

Now that you have all the tools to roll a Backwoods blunt, it’s time to learn how to roll it. Rolling a Backwoods blunt is not difficult; however, it involves little consideration and focus. Let us start with the simplest and easiest steps. 

Backwoods blunts vary significantly from the blunts of other brands. You can notice considerable differences once you start examining Backwoods cigars. The most noticeable feature of Backwoods blunts is that they are not loose at the mouth end. So, you can quickly identify if you have bought the original Backwoods cigars. 

You might need a blade to unroll other companies’ cigars. However, Backwoods blunt focus on making things simpler. Hence, the best way is to learn using hands to unroll the Backwoods wrapper. 

Make sure you have multiple Backwoods cigars. It is because you might break or damage numerous cigars during the learning process.  

  • Unroll Backwoods Cigars

Make sure you have all of the materials ready before starting. You’ll need a knife, a flat surface, and some paper towels or a cloth to clean up any excess tobacco when you’re done. 

Gently tear apart and unroll the cigar wrapper from one end to the other. You can use your fingers or two knives if necessary — just try not to rip into it too much! Then roll it back up again, so it looks like an unrolled cigar wrapper with no gaps. You’ll need to do this carefully so you don’t break or damage any leaves inside your cigar. Make sure you start the teasing from the mouth end of your cigar wrapper. 

The wrapper is very feeble. So, it is impossible not to cause any wear and tear to the wrapper. However, proceeding extremely gently can help you in the process. 

Once the wrappers have been removed from your mouthpiece, empty any tobacco that may have gotten its way if you used scissors instead of fingers. Now that all that has been removed from the cigar wrapper, set it aside for later use or toss it if not needed.

  • Grind Your Weed

As mentioned above, the grinder will make your life easier. The best way to roll your Backwoods blunts is to add ground weed to your cigars. 

Once again, you can add any cannabis type, product, or flavor to your blunt. So, add your favorite bud to the grinder. Make sure you do not fill the mouth of the grinder till the top. The best measurement to grind your weed is 1.5 grams, and even this tiny amount can be spared to use later.

Now, grind the bud mildly. Grinding the bud harshly or for a more extended period can make it extremely fine. Hence, the fine powder will be difficult to handle during the rolling process. 

The perfect grinding would be the one that leaves a smooth, powdery structure with balanced consistency. Hence, this relatively bigger size of the powder grains will help the air move in and out, making it easier to burn the weed. 

  • Damping The Backwoods Wrapper – Optional Step

Moisture is one of the most important things to remember when wrapping your Backwoods. It’s easy to get yourself in trouble if you don’t take the time to make sure your Backwoods wrapper is as moist as possible when you start working with it.

If you’re a first-time smoker, we want to ensure that your Backwoods wrapper is as easy as possible. The best way to do this is by starting with a damp paper towel and patting the whole thing until it feels moist but not soaked.

There’s no need to soak the Backwoods wrapper in water before you start rolling. It’s just going to make it difficult for you to work with, but it’s not necessary—and it may even inhibit your progress, depending on how much liquid gets into the wrap. 

Just pat the Backwoods wrapper with a clean paper towel until it feels moist. It will help make your job easier and prevent tearing in places where it shouldn’t be.

  • Choosing The Right Side Of Backwoods Wrapper

When telling how to roll a Backwoods blunt, most people forget to mention this step. However, it is as necessary as it is neglected. The step is a little tricky to understand, but it will make your life easier. 

The Backwoods wrappers do not come in perfect shapes and sizes. So, it often becomes difficult to understand the right side to apply the flame. However, you can quickly identify the sides and figure it out. 

You can see two edges on the wrapper, one is the sharp edge, and the other one is rounded. Manufacturers design the round edge so that it can perfectly smoothen your mouth. So, the sharp one is obviously for the flame. 

  • Filling Up Backwoods Blunt

You have successfully reached the process’s foremost step: filling your blunt with your favorite weed. Your weed is in your grinder, and now it’s time to slide it perfectly into your cigar. To do so, create a funnel-type shape on your Backwoods wrapper gently. This shape will help you easily slide the ground powder into the blunt. 

Now, gently fill the nozzle with as much powder as you can. Ensure you do not stuff it so much that the powder keeps dripping even after rolling. However, it is impossible to make a perfect roll without spilling some powder. Once you have filled your favorite cannabis product in your blunt, it’s time to roll!

  • Rolling The Blunt

Rolling the Backwoods blunt is a lot like rolling a cigar. It’s not just about how much you know and how fast you can do it; it’s also about patience and practice. Also there is nothing hard in learning it. Here’s how:

Start by taking a blunt and rubbing it between your fingers until you have a nice, even layer of tobacco on top of the bud. Then put that tobacco on top of the bud and roll it into a tight cigarette shape.

Next, take one end and gently tuck it under so that it’s inside the other end of your blunt. You’ll want to do this slowly and gently so that you don’t crack or tear the wrap while rolling it up into shape.

  • A Little More Moisture

The blunt won’t magically seal itself, and a little moisture is necessary to keep the exposed ends in the right place. To do so, you can apply some moisture at these ends and tightly stick them to the blunt. 

The amount of moisture you require at this point is minimal; you just need it to stick to the ends or edges of the blunt. So, you can create this moisture with some tongue-lashing. However, if you do not find this appropriate, you can always go for a minimum amount of water. Merely dip your index finger in a water pinch and drop a few water drops on the edges. This water would be sufficient to keep the edges in the right place for a tightly wrapped blunt.

Applying a lot of water or moisture may damage the roll, and it can cause wear and tear on the wrapper. So, make sure you do not ruin your blunt at this point. 

  • Light It Up And Enjoy Your Blunt

There is nothing left except enjoying your hard work now. It’s time to light up your Backwoods blunt and appreciate the work you have done for yourself. It was a tricky process, but you finished it and produced an excellent Backwoods blunt. 

Take out your lighter and light up your blunt. The weed or the powder inside will start burning slowly, giving out an admirable aroma. You can carry your Backwoods blunt anywhere at any time, and this is because Backwoods blunts do not produce a nasty smell. Hence, the aromatic essence of Backwoods blunt will surely be a treat for your nostrils. 

About Backwoods Blunts

The Backwoods cigar brand was founded in 1973 by two brothers, Tom and Ray Sizemore. The company was created to produce hand-rolled cigars made from 100% natural tobacco leaves. Moreover, it was initially headquartered in Southern Pines, North Carolina but relocated to Salisbury, North Carolina, in 1976.

While the company stopped producing new products in 2016 due to financial issues, they have continued to manufacture other types of cigars, such as flavored ones. So, you can find Backwoods blunts or cigars in various flavors. For instance, Honey Bourbon and Sweet Aromatic are the most famous and loved flavors. 

Backwoods blunts are famous for their process of manufacturing. The brand does not use any pesticides or harmful chemicals while manufacturing these cigars. It is why cannabis lovers highly count on Backwoods blunts. 

Moreover, a Backwoods blunts rolling and unrolling procedure is extremely easy. Unlike other brands, you do not need special equipment and environment for these cigars. You can roll and unroll Backwoods blunts anywhere and at any time.

Undoubtedly blunts offer you the feeling that no other joint can. As a blunt is formed of 100% tobacco, the flavor it provides is beyond explanation. The main benefit of blunts is that they’re easy to make at home, which is crucial if you’re new to smoking or want to try something different. You can also buy premade blunts in most cities and towns across the country, but the rolling process won’t be complicated if you prefer making your own. 

Advantages Of blunts

The main benefit of blunts is that they’re easy to make at home, which is essential if you’re new to smoking or want to try something different. You can also buy premade blunts in most cities and towns across the country, but if you prefer making your own, we’ve got some tips for building your own blunt, so it’s just right for you!

A blunt is a perfect solution for those who love weed but don’t want to smoke it in a joint. It offers an alternative to smoking weed in joints and bongs because it allows users to enjoy their favorite herb without getting high. Blunts are made with tobacco or herbs and have a paper wrapper containing the herb and tobacco mixture, and they are rolled into cone shapes that can be smoked with a lighter or cigarette lighter.

You might find hundreds of companies in the market selling blunts, and these blunts might be available in different flavors and prices. However, Backwoods blunts are the right option if you want something of premium quality. 

Whether you’re looking for a new way to smoke your favorite herb or just want to experience something new, Backwoods has everything you need in one place. The company offers a variety of blunt styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Moreover, it also has options for lightweights who prefer smaller blunts and smokers who want something more significant and longer lasting.

Backwoods believe that its products make smoking more enjoyable when it comes down to it. The company allows users to customize their smoking experience according to their preferences without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. 

Effect Of Backwoods Blunts

Many people find the bongs stronger than other blunts, which is why cannabis consumers prefer Backwoods blunts over other companies. The main reason for the strength of Backwoods blunts is the usage of excess tobacco leaf that the company uses in the manufacturing process. 

As defined above, the Backwoods wrapper is entirely composed of tobacco, and there is no other chemical or impurity. 

Backwoods tobacco leaves are much harsher than plastic, paper, or metal. The raw tobacco leaves are twisted together, which provides a more intense smoke than most cigarettes. The Backwoods leaf also has more nicotine than other types of cigarettes.

The lack of a filter in Backwoods means the blunts do not filter the smoke like other cigarettes. It means that the smoke is not as harsh but also that you’re inhaling more nicotine per puff.

The effect of Backwoods blunts is stronger than the other blunts and blunt aficionados love this fact. Other blunts usually use a mixture of chemicals to make their wraps. However, Backwoods believes in purity. Moreover, the absence of a filter allows the consumers to experience unfiltered smoother smoke. 

If you want to experience a less harsh smoke, you can shift to any other brand of blunts. However, no other blunt wraps guarantee 100% purity and flavor. Using any material other than tobacco can diminish the flavor of blunt.

Hence, you won’t get the actual essence of what you have paid for. Backwoods makes sure the consumer gets what they have asked for. So, to increase the aroma and flavor, the company does not use additives and proceeds with pure tobacco. 

Conclusion: Blackwood Blunt Wrap: Is It Easy? 

If you’ve been reading this article, then you’re probably already aware that rolling a perfect Backwoods blunt  or best HHC pre-rolls is a skill that takes some practice. But your Backwoods blunt rolling skills will improve if you’re willing to work at it and practice. 

So, if you’re looking for a blunt wrap with a little more to offer than your average blunt, then the Backwoods blunt is a perfect choice.

The company makes its blunts with high-quality tobacco and a finished woody taste, so when you take a hit, you’ll taste the difference between this and any other blunt on the market. The Backwoods wrap is easy to roll, so you can give it a shot without feeling intimidated by the process—and even if you mess up, it won’t be too hard to fix.


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