How to Rehydrate Weed: How To Fix Dry Weed

Nikhil Goswami

Back in the day, when cannabis was still illegal in the United States, people resorted to “brick weed,” which essentially meant dried weed. However, this has changed because cannabis is now legal in many states, and people now prefer moisture in cannabis.

That said, fresh cannabis plants can dry because of over drying or poor storage practices. Fortunately, there are ways to rehydrate your herb. This article will cover different techniques for rehydrating weed, its importance, and how to prevent cannabis from drying out.

Why You Should Rehydrate Your Dry Weed?

When weed gets dry, it loses most of its potency. Hence, you would not enjoy the experience of smoking weed that has lost most of its moisture.

Furthermore, most weed strains are not cheap, and it can be hard to throw away something you spent so much money on, especially when it is a top-class strain. So, it is worthwhile to understand how to rehydrate your weed if it dries out before you get a chance to use it.

How to Rehydrate Weed?

Here are some ways to rehydrate your cannabis plant.

  • Fruit Peels

The most common method to rehydrate your weed is using citrus peels. This fruit peel method allows you to use various fruits, but most people prefer limes and oranges. The technique causes your herb to taste like citrus, which can be good depending on the strain you are trying to rehydrate.

Another proven material that works wonders is banana peels. They work faster than most peels but rot just as fast. Hence, it would be best to take caution when using this fruit. We suggest checking on your hemp at least twice a day.

You should also consider using apple peels. Most people opt for this material because these peels release moisture at a slow and steady pace. So they do not rot your bud as quickly as other peels. Furthermore, they do not affect the taste of your buds.

All you require for this method is an airtight container, your bud, and your peel of choice. Place the materials in the jar and seal them tight. Ensure to burp the materials once or twice a day by opening the container and resealing it. Doing this would prevent the bud from going bad. If you notice that the peels are rotting, we suggest you swap them out for a fresher batch.

  • Hot Vapor

Using water vapor is the fastest solution to fixing dry cannabis. This method is risky because it is easy to cook your herb or make it too soggy to smoke. However, if you are willing to take the risk, go ahead.

You need a large pot filled with water. After filling this pot with water:

  • Bring the water to a boil.
  • When the water starts boiling, turn off the heat and place the pot in a safe place.
  • Open the pot and place a clean cloth over the boiling water. You can use oven mitts to ensure to do not burn yourself.
  • Safely place your buds on the fabric and let the vapor from the pot moisten your stash.
  • Ensure to move the buds frequently to allow the vapor to distribute evenly. You can take off your buds from the cloth after about 30 minutes, but if you do not think they are moist enough, you can leave them for a bit longer.
  • Moist Bread

This is yet another simple and popular method. All you need for this method is a slice of bread. Firstly, moisten (not soak) the bread and place it in the same airtight container you have your dry cannabis. It is best to avoid placing the materials right next to each other to prevent crumbs from getting on your hemp.

Afterward, seal the container tightly and leave the materials for one to three hours. When you open the jar, you notice that the bread is dry and your bud is a bit moister. This means that the bud absorbed all the moisture from the bread.

If you are happy with the results, you can stop there. Alternatively, repeat this method four to five times to get the best result. When you are finally pleased with the results, transfer your moist buds to an airtight container and ensure you take adequate measures to prevent them from drying out again. Store them in a cool, dark area that does not receive direct sunlight.

  • High Water Content Vegetables

You can also use vegetables with high water content, such as lettuce and cucumbers. Due to how much water these vegetables contain, rehydrating your cannabis would be a breeze. Using these vegetables works similarly to how you would use fruit peels. Some people prefer this method because it does not add any flavor to their weed.

If you use lettuce, cut a slice of the vegetable and put it in a bag along with your stash. You should cut the lettuce according to the size of your weed. So, the bigger your stash, the bigger your slice of lettuce. Alternatively, you can use cucumbers by slicing them into thin pieces and placing them in the back with your herbs.

Leave these materials in the bag for about two to three hours. After this period, your weed should be rehydrated and ready for consumption.

  • Damp Paper Towel

This method works best if you have a lot of weed to rehydrate. To use this method, take a few sheets of paper towel and dampen them with water. Now, remove excess moisture from the paper towels (the towels should not be dripping) and place them in a resealable plastic bag. Afterward, poke tiny holes in the bag, place the bag in your jar of weed and close it.

Do not leave the damp towels in the jar for long, as this could cause mold growth. Let the material sit for a few hours, ensuring the weed is not touching the plastic bag filled with a towel. Consuming the weed as soon as possible is best unless you dry it again.

  • Use Fresh Weed

If you grow cannabis and have freshly harvested plants, you can use them to bring your dry weed back to life. As a grower, you should have noticed how damp freshly harvested cannabis is, making it optimal for revitalizing dry cannabis.

Place the fresh cannabis flower in the same jar as your dry weed and seal the container tightly. Afterward, check on the buds frequently to confirm that moisture is transferred from one cannabis to another.

When you are happy with the level of rehydration, then you can take out the fresh cannabis flower and store your revitalized bud in a safe place. Be careful while using this method because the high water content in this fresh cannabis can cause both sets of weeds to grow mold.

Remember that while this method works efficiently, you might reduce the quality of your fresh cannabis, so ensure that you are willing to take the risk before proceeding.

Causes of Dried-out Cannabis Buds

Cannabis, no matter how potent or high quality will eventually dry out; this is a normal process. However, there are things that you may do to speed up this process and make your weed dehydrate faster than it’s supposed to. Here are some reasons why you might end up with dry cannabis sooner than expected.

  • Overdried Product

Sometimes, the fault is not from your end. Drying and curing are complicated and knowing how to maneuver each stage can be tricky. Therefore, it is easy for growers to make mistakes by drying the plant excessively before curing it. This excess drying could cause the buds to become unusable faster than normal.

Sadly, you, as a buyer, do not know what cannabis in the container looks like before purchasing. Hence, you might end up buying a product that is less than optimal.

Drying cannabis requires removing moisture from the inside of the plant to the outside. This is why, in some cases, you might buy the highest quality cannabis that looks great, but the beauty will not last long if the product is overdried from the onset. To enjoy these products, you need to consume them quickly, or they will dry out.

  • Poor Storage

Storing cannabis wrongly is one of the worst things you can do to your stash. By placing it in the wrong container, you might be exposing it to the environment, which could allow moisture to escape.

With time, you will notice that your healthy and bright buds begin to dry out and become crumbly poor-tasting material. The worst part about it is that the weed would no longer have its potency, and you won’t be able to get high from it.

  • Excess Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation occurs when you expose your weed to an open flame when smoking. However, when you want to make edibles or create a concentrate, you need to decarboxylase at low temperatures to ensure you do not destroy the weed.

The problem with decarboxylation is that some people might leave their weed to cook for too long or expose it to excess heat too quickly. This could lead the weed to become excessively dry or even unusable.

How to Keep Your Weed From Getting Dry?

Preventing your cannabis from getting dry is pretty straightforward, and there are many ways to do so. Some of these methods include the following.

  • Using a Humidor Box

One of the best ways to store your weed is to buy a humidor box. Cannabis humidors are an excellent buy because you can hold a large amount of weed, and the box will keep it moist for an extended period.

There are various sizes on the market, and the size you purchase will depend on the amount and strains of weed you typically have in your possession. You should be able to find a decent humidor box for about $150-$250.

  • Make Use of an Airtight Container

If you do not want a humidor box or think it is too expensive, you can opt for a regular airtight container. Luckily, cannabis is easy to maintain and does not require fancy equipment.

All you need to do is ensure that you do not expose your stash to oxygen. You can do this by placing your cannabis in an airtight container to prevent moisture from escaping.

If you have a large quantity, you should pack your stash in small portions, ensuring to consume all the content of any container you open as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that not all containers work. Your best bet would be to use a glass container with various types of glass to choose from. However, we do not recommend using plastic bags because they might have excess air, reducing the freshness of your cannabis.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

While sunlight is good for cannabis plants on the farm, as soon as they are harvested, the sun becomes their worst enemy. Always ensure that your cannabis is not directly under sunlight, as this could cause it to dry out quickly. Keep your stash in an appropriate container and a cool, dark place.

  • Use Disposable Relative Humidity Control Packs

Consider buying disposable humidity control packs and placing them in your stash container. These products can control and regulate humidity; some can even maintain the best humidity for your cannabis. They are affordable, simple to use, and highly effective, making them one of the best ways to preserve the integrity of your cannabis.

Conclusion: Best Ways To Rehydrate Weed!

Watching your stash dry out is heartbreaking, especially if you purchased an expensive strain. Fortunately, you do not have to throw out your products just yet. Apart from this, you can also look for best CBD flower if you are interested. However, there are ways to rehydrate weed and restore its vitality. Hopefully, you can use one of these methods in this article to save your weed and give yourself a chance to enjoy it.

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