A Step By Step Guide To Post On Instagram In 2024

Prasenjit Dey  - Dating & Social Expert
How to post on instagram

In today’s digital world, Instagram app need no introduction; from high school kids to grandfathers sitting on rockers, you can find every age group scrolling through the Instagram feed for hours and new photos of their adventures. Its diversity allows you to share memorable moments with your community, grow, expand, and advertise your business. 

Moreover, one post regularly on Instagram can help your business reach outside online website marketing. Since the Instagram app became popular, its marketing strategy has been way more effective and successful. Increasing your Instagram followers can help you in building your brand faster with an organic audience. 

In this blog, we will discuss step by step how to post on Instagram.

Step By Step Guide: How to Post on Instagram?

Let us get into it! Follow the guide below, whether Android, iPhone, or desktop. Next, you need to follow the general steps for how to post on Instagram mentioned below. 

Once you create your Instagram account, spot the plus sign on the bottom of your screen to make your first Instagram post. Since you have the first step figured out, let’s jump on the second one. 

Next up is what you want to post on your Instagram feed. After you click the plus sign, the Instagram mobile app will show you the phone’s library photos/ videos collection already saved on your device. If you wish to add photos to your feed post from the saved media, choose that specific picture or video. 

Moreover, if you want to add real-time pictures to your feed, tap on camera icon in the top right corner or left corner of your gallery.

What if you have multiple pictures to add to a feed post and want to share them all? That’s not a problem, either. You have Instagram’s carousel feature, which allows you to post more than three dots of one picture in just one go.

After selecting your pictures add music, catchy caption, and tap share, you’re good to go with your first carousel post.

Instagram app offers editing options as well which cuts short the need to edit your picture before posting. Its crop feature removes the unnecessary part of the picture or makes your object more focused.

However, you are also not only limited to the square images. With Instagram post, you can post vertical and horizontal pictures. Tap on the crop option to adjust the image as you desire. But do keep in mind there is a limit to the dimensions by default. Therefore, you might need to crop your photo to fit the sizes. 

After adjusting the image, let’s move to add, there are a whopping 25 built-in filters. Go through them all and see which goes the best with your photo. Although, sometimes adding too many filters can alter the charm of original picture, so choose wisely. 

Whether you have a private or business account, posting well-edited pictures will make your account more pleasing and aesthetic. Instagram offers a basic editing tool kit, all you need to do is learn a bit about them and be patient. After uploading and picking a filter, editing would be your next step. At the bottom of your screen, you will see an edit tab next to filters. 

Time to showcase your creative skills and develop a captivating and exciting caption that goes with your photo. Use captions that describe your image or product well. These captions can benefit your business by attracting your audience and growing your sales. 

With Instagram, you can search for people and brands using hashtags. Thus, adding relevant hashtags in your posts and captions greatly helps your business appear in searches. If someone does a search based on your hashtags, you might appear first. This will help your business and product to reach a broader audience of followers and users.

Now you are almost done with the process. The finishing steps include tagging relevant people. The people tagged in your post also get to keep the picture under the” tags” tab. It’s useful when you’re running a social media marketing account; these tagged people will help you increase your reach base. 

Now that you have learned how to post on Instagram and wish to continue using Instagram for content creation or social media marketing, you must make a solid strategy. 

-Monitor your post’s performance and reach continuously

-Learn what your viewers prefer to get more audience reach

-Try to add stickers to feed posts with different tags to help Instagram users to find your feed post.

-Add simple captions that give context to your post. 

-Monitor your interactions and likes for the first 15 to 20 minutes after posting. 

How To Create Posts Using Instagram?

As a newbie, you may have heard words like Instagram reel, story comments, captions, etc. Whether you are getting to Instagram desktop app or mobile to share random moments or your talents or trying to flourish your business, you are in the right place to learn how to post on Instagram.

Suppose you are more of a laptop person and want to edit pictures on professional tools like Photoshop or Lightroom; the Instagram desktop app is the best. 

But the mobile app is the best option if you like to share stories and your everyday life on Instagram. Apart from this if you want to increase the engagement of your post, you can definitely buy Instagram views for increasing your impression. 

FAQs About How Do You Post On Instagram

You can post Instagram reels, photos, videos and posts and create stories. These posts and stories are the most common ways of posting stuff to average people.

Anyone can open their blog/ influencer account and discuss their experiences, life, share their talent and sell products. Furthermore, people who want their talent discovered can make their Instagram pages entertain people and post their videos. Likewise dancing, cooking, comedy, singing, etc.

Yes, of course, you can. Instagram allows you to switch accounts rapidly. Using one-time login, you have to enter your credentials the first time you log into the device. The app saves the data; therefore, you can switch accounts with a double click unless the account gets logged out. 

There may be a temporary glitch or bug in the Instagram mobile app. It might be related to your device or the app itself. Restart your phone or wait for Instagram to get fixed. Also, Instagram works with the internet. Therefore, you should check your internet connection to avoid any glitches.

In Instagram mobile app you can use to create a poll sticker in your stories. You can create polls to take your audience’ opinion on a specific topic; it can be a social media debate or any general debate.

Business owners can use poll stickers to ask their followers and potential customers, about new ideas for their brand or just give feedback about their products. Furthermore, it is a fun way to interact with your followers.

Using Instagram on your desktop browser or laptop is a piece of cake:

  1. Open up Google Chrome.
  2. Type Instagram in your search bar.
  3. Tap on the Instagram website.
  4. Fill in you login credentials and enjoy!

You can view Instagram stories on home screen for 24 hours; be it a photo or video. If you want it to last more than 24 hours, Instagram has a highlights section. You can select the stories you want to put on the highlights on your main page. 

Yes, it will. If you are posting engaging content, you will see an increase in sales. It’s best to have a separate account for your business.

Have a social media strategy so that you know when and what to post. All and all stay consistent, you can follow our guide to
 boost your social media presence.

Conclusion On How To Post On Instagram

Instagram app is one of the best social media platforms nowadays. It is simple to use and easily accessible by almost everyone, all you have to do is stay consistent.

Therefore, business owners and content creators benefit significantly from the Instagram app and the desktop browser versions. 

Moreover, with over 1 billion active Instagram users, one can take their public accounts to another level by creating robust social media strategy, tag people, creating eye catching content, and start broadcasting.

All in all, Instagram is a fantastic app for content creation and promotion of products and services.

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