6 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Views (100% Real Instant)

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Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing you to share eye-catching pictures, videos, and stories with your family and friends. While growing Instagram isn’t easy, you can certainly buy Instagram views to quickly boost your content.


Views on Instagram matter a lot as it brings credibility and engagement to your content while helping you set up a dependable business as well.


It’s also a must-have feature for businesses to engage with their desired audience and create a thriving customer base. Buying views is easy and cost-efficient for people looking at quick ways for a little boost.


But not all sites offer legit services. Our team of social media experts finalized the top 6 sites that offer authentic Instagram views among 30+ websites.


We carefully went through their services while trying some to ensure that our picks can give you the value you are looking for.


Let’s dive into the best sites to buy Instagram views in 2023.

6 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Views In 2023

Great Site To Buy Instagram Views For Free


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Best Site To Buy Instagram Views


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Overall Best Site To Buy Instagram Views, #1 Pick

Social Zinger

Social Zinger is a social media growth company that provides Instagram views for organic growth of your account. They’ll help you create, manage and perfect your online presence to ensure that you are seen by the people who need to see you most.


Social Zinger provides services that can help you get endless exposure for your IG account. They offer real and active users that generate organic traffic for your account, ensuring a steady and consistent growth.


Social Zinger has highly affordable pricing and 24/7 customer support which guarantees you get your money’s worth. They offer a variety of packages and services, so whether you’re looking to boost your following on Facebook or increase engagement on YouTube, they’ve got you covered.


If your goal is to quickly grow your Instagram to get more views from the platform, Social Zinger is the best for achieving those targets at a reasonable price.




Multiple Plans: With Social Zinger’s social media packages, you can select from a range of plans tailored to your specific marketing objectives, offering diverse views to help you achieve your social media marketing goals.


With multiple options available, they can customize a package for you. Please choose from one of their preset packages or add as many extras as you need for the best results.


Long-term Growth: If you want to reach a loyal and engaged audience for your account, Social Zinger can help you with that. 


If you have ever tried to buy followers and likes, you would know that they help in the short term but lose their effect after some time. 


However, Social Zinger differentiates it from all the other services by helping you achieve long-term engagement.


Impressive Stats: Social Zinger is the social media marketer’s dream. This site specializes in helping you increase your story views count and create a buzz around a product or service. 


The prices are low, and they deliver what they promise. It is evident that Social Zinger has sold over 295 million views and boasts over 909,000 customers. 


Thus, with Social Zinger, you can buy the number of views you want for your posts and see an increase in engagement.


Responsible Customer Support: Social Zinger’s customer service is determined to give you peace of mind and a clear answer. So if you have any questions or concerns or want to know more about their services, you can be sure that Social Zinger will come through every time.

Safe & Secure Site For Buying IG Views

Stormlikes is the best when it comes to buying Instagram views, as their services are quick and easy to use. They provide 100% instant delivery guarantee, high-quality views, and 24/7 customer support.


Their service helps generate a steady flow of traffic to your account with its diverse and top-notch views, all achieved effortlessly in just a few clicks.


Stormlikes offers a simple, three-step process to grow your social media presence quickly and efficiently; requiring just your Instagram username to get Instagram views for growth.


First, pick a service, enter your details, and watch your reach grow. Stormlikes make sure that by picking their service, you can get the results that you want on time.




Country & Gender Targeting: Stormlikes is a leading Instagram views provider. 


Their platform allows you to target the country, gender, and location of your followers by hashtag handles or locations. Many people buy reels views to boost their account’s appearance. 


Likes and Views Randomization: It’s essential to ensure you don’t cross the limits set by Instagram. Stormlikes leverage randomization to spread their daily engagement throughout their campaigns. So, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t grow suspicious and blocks your account.


Matching Likes & Views: Stormlikes guarantees that the number of views your post receives will align with the number of likes it garners, ensuring that your post maintains a consistent view-to-like ratio.


New Upload Automatic Detection: Your Instagram is only as good as the content you put in it. But what happens when you upload a piece of content? It often goes unnoticed, making getting more views on your account difficult. 


Stormlikes automatically detects new uploads and sends engagement blasters to the content so that more people will interact with it and help you grow your following.

Buy Instagram Views With 24/7 Customer Support

Likes.io is a website where you can buy instant video views on Instagram accounts. The brand provides you with a variety of packages to help you pick the ones that can quickly boost your Instagram account.


Providing reliable customer satisfaction, this company has earned the trust of its clients. With their support and high-quality services, they succeed in providing quality services to users.


They offer specialized packages designed to cater to bloggers, small business owners, and corporations’ unique needs. 


They offer many options for buying real views on your Instagram videos. Members get access to more real Instagram views at very affordable prices as they have a wide range of packages with maximum satisfaction guaranteed.


The company offers 24/7 customer support and a proven track record for reviewing requests, ensuring you can address concerns or review purchases. 


If you want to have views on Instagram stories, videos, and want to make your pages look authentic and appealing, this site is the best.




Organic Growth: Likes.io helps you grow your social media presence on Instagram by providing instant views to your videos and stories.


Its unique algorithm places it ahead of others in the industry, with a 95% chance of getting views from real users, making it a worthwhile deal for most users looking to boost their visibility on social media platform.


Smart Targeting: Why settle for any views when you can get targeted views by location, niche, and more? Likes.io provides the most innovative way to get your business the social media attention it deserves. 


Security First: Likes.io is dedicated to putting your security first so you can focus on what matters: using your time and energy to grow your business. 


Their moderation team blocks anything that could put your page at risk, like spam and hate speech.


Affordable Pricing: They offer affordable packages to buy IG views, so you can conveniently reach more of your target audience and generate more Instagram engagement on your posts. 


The Likes.io team helps you to reach a massive number of people via their unique service and get them interested in your posts, business, products, or services.

Simple Procedure For Buying Instagram Views


Whether you are a blogger, influencer, or an Instagrammer, InstaMama can help you grow your audience effectively. Their services target Instagram views on your content and aim to organically generate more as you keep using their service.


If you want to enhance your company’s profile, you can buy cheap Instagram views on InstaMama to ensure that whatever post you make will be seen by many people. This way, you can increase your following quickly while also generating potential business! 


You will automatically start to see an improvement on your Instagram account after you have availed their services. InstaMama is the key to exponentially improving your chances of growing your Instagram account if you want more new followers and people to view your stories.


Your account becomes more credible with genuine people following and liking your posts, which will help your business or your individual image grow on the platform.


InstaMama is perfect for people who can consistently post content and keep an active profile on Instagram.




Organic Growth: Many people fear buying views on Instagram because they think it will hurt their credibility and profile popularity. But with InstaMama, this is different. Such fears are baseless because their organic growth services help get real views for Instagram videos and reels from users worldwide.


As a result, your profile growth increases steadily and organically with the help of InstaMama’s high-end services.


Better Engagement: If you want to get more engagement and views on your posts, then InstaMama is the perfect option for you. It helps increase your followers by providing high-quality views so people can see your business and products.


Various Packages: InstaMama offers a range of packages to choose from. 

Each platform package allows you to track your growth and development quickly. 


As a result, you can plan ahead of time to post new content for your brand, making it easier for you to build a loyal audience.


Fastest Delivery: InstaMama has the quickest delivery time in the market when you are looking to buy real Instagram views instantly, which is excellent and helps save you time.

Top Site To Increase Instagram Views

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is a prominent provider of Instagram services, catering to various user needs. One of their key offerings is user acquisition services, empowering individuals to obtain views for their Instagram accounts effortlessly. These views come from real and active users, ensuring that you get 100% real engagement on your Instagram account.


In addition to its comprehensive Instagram solutions, the company also offers comments, likes, followers, and IGTV views presenting an organic approach in enhancing online presence. While getting views is not easy, their service assures that you can attract visibility as quickly as possible.


Mr. Insta is a good solution for building an online presence cost efficiently as the pricing is flexible and more affordable compared to other marketing services. Hence, with a quick and hassle-free refund policy, Mr. Insta will satisfy your needs.


Furthermore the brand also provides support for various popular social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch and more.




Free Service: Mr. Insta offers a free service that provides free views from real humans to help you get your account off the ground. Their service is easy to use and requires no commitment: fill out a simple form, and they will take care of the rest!


Real Users and Engagements: Mr. Insta can deliver high-quality Instagram views from real users. They offer you real user engagement to boost your posts and make them visible to real users, so you don’t have to worry about your purchase anymore.


Range of Services: Mr. Insta is a friendly and reliable marketing company. Over time, they have proved their worth by providing social media-targeted services on multiple platforms. This means you can get everything you need from one company!


Safe to Use: Mr. Insta is a safe and fast solution for buying real Instagram views. Their friendly support team will help you with requests, inquiries, and even technical problems related to your account safety.

Great Money-Back Policy For Buying Instagram Views

media mister

Media Mister is a social media marketing website that’s been helping brands grow their audiences and provide quality engagement since the early days of social media. It is a well-known social media service provider because of its high-quality and real Instagram views service.


By researching all social media platforms including Instagram, the site provides services that target specific functions like comments, views, likes, etc. to legitimize an Instagram account’s popularity and exposure on explore pages and for you pages.


The brand is not limited to providing services for Instagram but also provides services to various other social media platforms. While views can help you bring credibility, you can check out the other services offered by Media Mister to further enhance your Instagram profile’s look.




Targeted Services: If you want to grow your social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Media Mister is the best site. 


Ensure your business reaches customers by engaging them with targeted marketing campaigns and increasing conversions by driving genuine traffic to your website.


Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the results of your campaign, Media Mister will refund every penny of your investment. This money-back guarantee means that you have nothing to lose.


Legit Platform: Media Mister is the most innovative and convenient service provider to market your business on social media. 


It uses decades of experience to help you promote your social media account. To date, the company has satisfied over 1,00,000 customers worldwide.


Excellent Customer Support: Media Mister is a team of highly trained professionals with years of experience in marketing and media. 


They have worked with hundreds of brands, offering strategic advice and support to help them develop successful marketing campaigns. 


So, when you choose them, get ready to experience impressive marketing and customer service!

Key Considerations When Choosing the Best Platforms To Buy Instagram Views

We know you’re probably wondering how we came up with this list of the best sites to buy Instagram video views.


Well, it’s pretty arduous: we went through every single one of them and selected the most popular ones with the highest ratings. They all have different offerings, so there’s something for everyone.


  • Brand Authenticity: We looked for sites with a clear brand and mission. We wanted to see if the site was authentic, and if it was, our team tried to find out how long the company had been around.


Besides, we searched for sites that were transparent about their policies and procedures and their prices.


  • User Reviews: We looked at user reviews and comments on sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber; we checked out results from Google Trends; and even went through some Reddit threads to see what people said about each company.


After all this research, we created a list of companies with high customer satisfaction ratings with plenty of positive reviews from other users.


  • Account and Information Security: After careful consideration, we determined that the best Instagram views buying sites had a secure account login and information security.


 This is because we wanted to ensure that your data is safe and that you will not have your Instagram account banned.

Factors To Consider When Buying Instagram Views

Buying Instagram views is a great way to increase your business’s followers. Additionally, some sites provide the option to buy Instagram followers to enhance your engagement quickly.

It’s also a great way to boost the credibility of your brand, which can be essential for building trust with new customers.

However, it would be best to consider plenty of factors before you buy views on Instagram.

  • Bulk or Daily Drip

When looking for an Instagram views-selling site, the first question is whether you want the bulk or daily drip. Bulk views are delivered all at once. However, daily drip is provided over time so that you don’t hit any limits on the number of views you can buy per day or week.

If you are looking for a bulk buy, you should know there are better options than this one. A bulk buy means you will get hundreds of views every time you purchase. 

This can be bad because you will lose all your followers if your account gets banned because of too many views in one day.

Bulk buying also means that the people following you are probably not real users, which could cause your brand to look unprofessional.

The best practice is to buy Instagram reel views daily, so each new person who follows you is a real person who wants to see what you have to offer.

  • Different Engagement Levels

If you are looking for a place to buy Instagram likes and views, it is crucial to consider the engagement levels offered by each site.

For example, a site with lower engagement levels may be sufficient if you want only a few likes and views from a single source.

However, if you are looking for many views from multiple sources, you will want to find a site with high engagement levels. However, some sites with high-level engagement provide you the option to buy Instagram likes and boost your posts.

  • Trusted Payment Service

Payment is an integral part of buying views on Instagram. Therefore, the payment service should be reliable and secure and provide a worry-free transaction.

A good payment service should allow you to pay using your credit card without having to share any personal information with the seller. It should also offer a secure connection between your computer and the seller’s site.

The seller must offer an easy way to make payments using PayPal or another trusted payment service.

Then, depending on your preference and convenience, you can pay using PayPal or other popular payment services such as Skrill, Bitcoin, Webmoney, etc.

  • Avoid Cheap Plans

The price is one of the essential factors that you should look at when selecting an Instagram views-selling site.

Some sites offer affordable prices, while others charge high fees per order. Therefore, you must compare rates before making a purchase decision. Still, remember to avoid cheap plans. 

These are often filled with bot accounts, which Instagram will remove immediately, and your account will be banned forever. Besides, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. You can’t just buy views from a site like this and expect them to stick around forever. 

They’ll get deleted when they see that they’re not real people liking your posts. So don’t waste your time or money on these sites!

  • Account Safety

You want to make sure that you can trust the site with your account information and that it will keep your data secure.

Look at their privacy policy, read through the terms of service, and ask questions if anything needs clarification. If they don’t have a clear answer, find another site!

FAQs About Buy Instagram Views

High view counts on Instagram are crucial for various reasons:

  1. They can attract a following and show that people are interested in what you share.
  2. They boost your visibility and help your posts reach a wider audience.
  3. Brands and companies may be more inclined to collaborate with you if your views are impressive.

Instagram is an excellent platform for influencer marketing because it’s the perfect place to discover and interact with authentic voices. But what does that mean? 

It means that real Instagram users are highly engaged with the content they see and are not afraid to show their love or hate for it.

Buying real views is a clever strategy when enhancing your presence on Instagram. However, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety when interacting with strangers online. Scams and undesirable situations can quickly happen. 

To guarantee a dependable and genuine service, Likes.io is a platform worth considering. They utilize an algorithm that guarantees honest views from real individuals, with no involvement of bots.

Yes, it is. Buying Instagram views is entirely legal all around the world. You can buy as many as you want.

However, you must be careful when buying the views because some companies sell fake views or bots. These fake bots will not engage with your account and will not help your account grow.

Concluding On Best Site To Buy Instagram Views In 2023?

Instagram is a good place for business accounts to grow and develop. With more high-quality views, you can attract more customers toward your product or service.


Not only that but individuals can also build a brand by garnering enough views to attract sponsorships and earn while promoting themselves and their content on the Instagram platform.


To grow organically, buying Instagram views can be the trigger to attract more audience to your content. We recommend sites like Social Zinger and Insta Mama as our favorites due to their commitment and consistency in providing real and active views for a higher engagement rate.


If you are ready to spread your reach, check out the brands we have featured on our list now.

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