How To Make Weed Tea – The Top 9 Infusions

Nikhil Goswami

A little dash of cannabis-tea chemistry can help you start your day better! Cannabis-infused tea is a time-honored, sacred, and highly effective therapeutic beverage that has been popular in many different cultures across the globe. 

A mountain of evidence suggests that four of the world’s oldest civilizations – the Caribbean, India, China, and Egypt, used cannabis to treat conditions like seizures, inflammations, injuries, and lack of sleep. 

The mythical Chinese sage emperor Shennong, who introduced the Chinese civilization to medicine and agriculture approximately 5000 years ago, is rumored to be the discoverer of the psychoactive and health benefits of the cannabis plant. Some legends say the Earth received the cannabis plant as a gift from the aliens who developed the Egyptian pyramids and drafted the lines at Nazca.

So, while the origins of cannabis use are lost in the ravages of time, the genesis of tea is more defined. The generally agreed story is – emperor Shennong accidentally discovered this magical drink when a leaf fell into his boiling water and turned the water brown. That brown beverage blew the emperor’s mind away and made him obsessed with tea. Later, Shennong’s experiments gave birth to cannabis tea – a therapeutic combination of tea leaves and weed buds, which can treat more than 100 afflictions like rheumatism, gout, lack of focus, malaria, etc. 

If you also want to leverage the paradisical health benefits of this ancient medicinal beverage, keep reading! This post explores nine fantastic weed tea infusions that let you access the goodness of marijuana without the adversities of smoking joints.


  • Nine ways to make canna-tea 
  • Infusion Alternatives: Cannabis, honey, cannabutter, cannabis oil, cannabis sugar, etc
  • A straightforward recipe for a cup of herbal cannabis tea
  • Weed tea vs. joint

Few Things to Know Before You Start 

It’s worth knowing that there is no definite way to prepare a cup of marijuana tea. All different routes take you to the same destination – a cup of aromatic and delectable cannabis-infused tea that rejuvenates your body and mind and fills you with enthusiasm and energy. This post talks about the most popular methods for preparing world-class cannabis tea that matches well with your preferences and convenience. 

To Retain the Best Results 

To make the most out of your cannabis tea, you need to take care of two things – 

  1. Decarboxylation is crucial 
  2. You should include a fat source in the preparation
  • Decarboxylation Is Crucial 

While making marijuana-infused tea, ensure that you don’t miss to decarboxylate the flowers first. Be it a cannabis tisane or a stem tea, decarbing is a must as it lets you retain the benefits of both THC and CBD. Cannabis contains cannabinoid acids, which are not naturally intoxicating. 

By decarbing, you can convert these non-intoxicating cannabinoid acids into activated cannabinoids. It’s a process that helps remove a carboxyl group, facilitating the release of carbon dioxide. Decarboxylation occurs when you expose cannabis to solvents, cofactors, heat, or light. 

Remember, each cannabis plant contains a full spectrum of compounds like terpenes, cannabinoids, etc. The terpene and cannabinoid profile may vary from one plant to another. So, when you change your leaves or strain, the results of decarb may change. When you consume raw cannabis, it provides you with little to no high as its tetrahydrocannabinolic acid content turns into an intoxicating substance only when you decarb your stuff. 

If you are decarbing cannabis in your kitchen, you can simply bake the dried leaves or flowers in the oven at a low temperature. This way, you won’t destroy the beneficial plant matters like flavonoids and terpenes. The ideal baking duration of decarbing ranges from 40-180 minutes at a temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Using ground cannabis for decarbing ensures better results. Therefore, you can grind the flowers, stem, or leaves before you head to the decarboxylation process. 

Achieving perfection with decarbing may take a few rounds of practice. However, when you understand the science behind it, you will master the skill. Decarboxylation is necessary when you infuse cannabis into tinctures, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. However, you can skip this step if you are not much into the ‘high’ thing. Even CBDA turns into CBD after decarbing the flowers or leaves, though. 

  • Adding a Fat Source

When it comes to enriching your body with the full spectrum of compounds of cannabis, it’s important to add some fat to your cannabis tea. It’s worth knowing that adding a fat source to a cup of cannabis tea allows the cannabinoids to dissolve better. CBD and THC are lipophilic – they attract fat molecules and are not water-soluble. 

Therefore, if you simply pour hot water over canna leaves or buds and steep them, you may not get the desired results. However, blending them with a fat source results in better cannabinoid absorption, making it up to three times more potent. You can add a fat source to your marijuana-infused tea in several ways. For example, add full-fat milk, coconut milk, whipped cream, etc., to your cup. 

What Should Be the Quantity of Cannabis in Your Cup?

Well, it’s pretty challenging to suggest specific dosage measurements for cannabis tea because many factors can influence the product’s final dose. They include – 

  • The infusion method
  • The decarbing process 
  • The volume and potency of the material you are using
  • The type of CBD or THC flower you have chosen
  • How your endocannabinoid reacts to cannabis edibles, etc. 

However, the general rule of thumb is to start with low and gradually increase the dosage per your requirements. It’s best to start with a 1/4th to half teaspoon of cannabis. Later, you can raise the dosage as per your preference. This is something you need to be a little adventurous with. However, never forget that excess of anything is bad. 

Cannabis Tea Infusions – The Top 9 Alternatives

  • Cannabis Butter 

You can do wonders with just a gram of ground cannabis, a tablespoon of unsalted butter, and a little classic English breakfast tea leaves. You can make cannabis butter at home by blending clarified or unsalted butter with a few grams of raw cannabis. First, you must melt some butter in a saucepan and grind weed flowers or buds. 

Add the weed grounds to the butter and let the mixture simmer on low heat for 24 hours. Stir the mixture occasionally. You can use a crock pot to set the temperature for more convenience. Once done, store the cannabutter into a pot so you can use it for at least a week. 

Adding cannabutter to your tea enhances your cup’s richness, texture, and delectability. To make your cup taste better, Add sugar, cream, etc. This infusion method is pretty simple, and you can use any tea you like. To dose out a perfect side addition to your cup, make your cannabutter a day before and freeze in an ice cube tray. 

While preparing cannabutter tea, keep in mind that mixing the butter and tea is almost like blending water and oil. They won’t ever stay together, and you will see some oily substance floating on your cup. It’s harmless and won’t affect the taste of the cup much. If you still want to get rid of it, you can use lecithin. It’s a type of fat that stabilizes and emulsify the combination of oil and water. In addition, lecithin helps increase the potency of the infusion by increasing the bioavailability of cannabis in your body. 

  • Cannabis Tinctures

You can make tea with cannabis tinctures. A conventional cannabis tincture is an alcohol-based infusion that easily blends with beverages like tea or coffee. When you pour this tincture into your cup of tea, the alcohol content typically evaporates. Cannabis tinctures are readily available in the market. However, pick up one from a reputed brand as not all cannabis product manufacturers deal with high-quality and original products. 

You can even make cannabis tinctures at home. Though the process is a little time-consuming, it doesn’t involve a lot of elbow grease. All you need to do is, add decarboxylated, ground weed flowers to a high-proof, alcohol-filled mason jar. Now close the jar, shake it well for 3-4 minutes, and keep it in the dark and cool corner. 

Leave the blend for two weeks. Ensure that you shake it at least once daily. After two weeks, strain the tincture using a coffee filter. It will help remove the plant matter. Once done, you can store the tincture in a dropper bottle. Your cannabis tincture is ready – feel free to use it for making weed tea. 

  • Cannabis Sugar

One of the easiest ways to make cannabis tea is by adding a spoon of cannabis sugar to your cup. You can easily make shelf-stable cannabis sugar with two simple ingredients – a good cannabis tincture and a few grams of sugar. You can also replace sugar with sugar-free alternatives. However, artificial and powdered sweeteners are not ideal for canna sugar. 

  • Cannabis Oil

It’s one of the most popular cannabis tea infusion methods. Typically, people prefer cannabis-infused coconut oil. Cannabis coconut oil is vegan and plant-based. It doesn’t require the removal of milk solids after infusing. Apart from using the traditional unrefined coconut oil, you can also infuse MCT oil. 

However, despite being delicious, MCT oil may cause digestive issues. Just like cannabutter, tea and cannabis oil won’t stay together. The oil will float on the top of your cup, and you can also use lecithin here to address this issue. You can also infuse your tea with readily available CBD oils from reliable manufacturers. 

CBD oils offer several health benefits, and it’s legal in almost every state now. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can prepare CBD oils at home; however, achieving the right result greatly depends on your skills. 

  • Weed Stem Tea

Typically, people throw away weed stems, but the reality is that they contain healthy stuff. Besides, they can work as a refreshing recreational supplement. You just need to know the secret of using them correctly. It’s not possible to smoke or inhale the weed stems; however, you can definitely use them to make a cup of delicious tea. 

You can break up around five grams of stems. Though it sounds like a lot, the stems are low in CBD and THC content. So, naturally, you will need them in a larger quantity. Now, put those stems in a small jar. Get two cups of water to boil and add 1-2 spoonfuls of butter into the water. Let it simmer in low heat for a while. 

After a few minutes, add the stems and cook for an hour. When the water turns brown, add a cup of whole milk. Increase the heat and boil the mixture. Keep stirring and continue boiling for the next ten minutes. Then, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool. Add a tea bag, sugar, honey, or cinnamon to bring a righteous delectability to your cup. 

This infusion will give you a long-lasting high that will kick in within 45-90 minutes, and you will enjoy the rush for at least 11-12 hours – pretty tempting, isn’t it? 

If the method mentioned above looks too complicated to precede, here’s another way to make tea with weed stems. Simply grind marijuana stems and decarb them. Once done, make your customized tea bag using these stems. For making tea, you can steep this tea bag in a cup of hot water (just like you do to make flavorful tea with regular tea bags). 

  • Ground Cannabis and Milk

It’s an Indian bhang-inspired infusion idea reminiscent of a chai latte. The process is pretty easy; you just need to get around 1-2 grams of cannabis flower or buds and grind it in a blender. While grinding, add half a gram of butter, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a cup of whole milk. After blending the ingredients and creating a milkshake-like liquid, boil a cup of water and add the mixture. 

Boil the mixture for around 30 minutes and keep adding water to save it from burning. Remove the pan from the heat and add a tea bag to the mixture. Use a coffee filter to strain your mixture and remove the big weed chunks. You can add whipped cream or sugar to your cannabis chai latte to boost its delectability.  

  • Simplistic Honey and Tea Infusion

If you are looking for a quick yet effective way to give yourself a high similar to smoking a joint, you can try out this simplistic honey-infused weed tea. You just need half a gram of high-quality cannabis buds, a bit of honey, half a gram of butter, and a few classic tea leaves. Start with grinding the cannabis buds. Then, you need to mix the grounds with approximately half a gram of butter. 

Carefully coat the canna grounds and prevent them from being saturated. Now, add the mixture to an emptied tea bag or a filter. Add a few tea leaves into the bag and place it in a pan with 8-16 ounces of water. Now, simmer the mixture on medium heat for 30 minutes to facilitate decarboxylation. 

Once done, let the mixture cool down. After 10-15 minutes, pour the mixture into a cup and add a tea bag. Pour a spoonful of honey and stir well – your simple honey-infused, buzzy weed tea is ready. 

  • Jamaican Herbal Infusion

Suppose you are looking for a dietary supplement that lets you access the medical benefits of marijuana without getting high. In that case, you can simply juice your raw cannabis cola buds into relaxing and mellow cups of tea. To prepare such a cup, you must cut, crush and grind approximately one gram of cannabis stems, buds, or leaves. 

Now, spoon the ground in a filter or a metal tea ball. Once done, you can put the tea ball into a mug. Take some low-boiled water and pour it into the cup. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes, and your weed tea is ready. Don’t add cream or milk to your cup to avoid the psychoactive effects. 

If you want a more robust flavor, instead of pouring the ground weeds in a filter or tea metal ball, pour them into the cup directly and pour hot water on them. Let it steep for a few minutes, and then use a fine strainer to remove the raw plant matter. 

  • Cannabis Concentrate 

While you can make cannabis concentrate by extracting cannabis oil from leaves at home, relying on the ones readily available in the market is recommended for better results. They are typically made from high-quality marijuana extracts, and this highly concentrated canna product is free from sharp flavors. 

You can choose your own potency, and if you are looking for a genuine high, you can even find THC concentrate syringes from legit manufacturers. Because of their robust high, you can simply mix these concentrations to your regular cup of tea and feel like a flying bird. 

An Easy Recipe for Herbal Cannabis Tea

Cannabis herbal tea, also known as tisane, can work like a true rejuvenator. You can infuse this drink with cannabis sugar, honey, cannabutter, or canna oil. 

Preparation time: 5 Minutes | Cook time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 10 minutes | Cuisine: Cannabis recipe | Calories: 5 Kcal | Servings: 2 tea bags | Equipment: Herb grinder, tea ball, cloth tea bags, herbal flower kit. 

Ingredients: 1 gram cannabis flower (Decarbed) | Dried black tea leaves – 1 gram | Dried rose petals, lavender flowers, and chamomile flowers – 1 gram each 

*Note: You can raise the ingredient measurement to 4 grams to boost potency. 


  • Warm water; avoid boiling. 
  • Use a spice grinder to grind the herbs. You can also stick to a conventional paster and mortar if your preference permits. 
  • Pack the ground herbs into a metal tea ball or a mesh tea bag. 
  • Put a tea bag or ball in a mug and add warm water.
  • Let it steep for 3-7 minutes. You can add coconut oil, cream, honey, sugar, and cannabutter to boost the buzz of the cup.

*Note: You can change the spices and herbs to enjoy different tastes. 

Make it Easy With a Machine

No need to worry if you find the decarbing and infusing method too much daunting. In this era of automation, you always have a ready solution. All-in-one countertop machines are available in the market that can make the job of decarbing and infusion convenient and time-saving. Feel free to find out one that suits your requirements the best. 

Why Drinking Weed Tea Better Than Smoking a Joint?

If getting high is as simple as rolling up a joint and blazing it up, then what’s the point of making weed tea? The reality differs from what you imagine! If you want to reap the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, drinking weed tea is much better than smoking. 

When you use a bong, it typically filters out most of the carcinogens. However, smoking is still injurious to health. When you inhale smoke, you expose your lungs to harmful chemicals, tar, and other substances that can severely affect its healthfulness. If you are a frequent weed smoker, you may even develop fatal diseases like bronchitis, severe asthma, and different forms of cancer. 

Weed tea helps you bypass these harmful effects and still enjoy a healthy high. Weed tea comes with a number of tangible benefits. It offers a more mellow buzz with a softer and more enjoyable euphoria. You can even start your day with your cup of cannabis tea, as it doesn’t impair your abilities to perform regular activities like talking, working, and performing regular tasks. 

Even if you make your cup with plenty of herbs, you won’t end up being whimsical. Instead, you will feel energized, boosted, focused, and sorted, which will help you perform your tasks with added perfection. On top of all, weed tea has many therapeutic benefits. The human body’s digestive system absorbs the cannabinoids slower than the lungs. Due to this reason, it may take longer to kick in, but its medicinal effects last longer. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Weed Tea

Now that you know sipping cups of marijuana tea is better than smoking weed check out the impressive benefits that cannabis tea offers. 

  • Helps in Pain Relief 

One of the proven benefits of weed tea is its ability to reduce pain. The THC component binds the pain receptors in our brain, providing you with a feeling of relief and comfort. The best part is that canna-infused tea doesn’t feature the side effects of over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs. 

  • Boosts Cognition

Marijuana tea contains cannabinoids that can effectively stimulate cognitive activity. Besides, they can help improve focus amd memory. In fact, some studies have found that drinking canna tea can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • Cuts Down Alchohol Relapses 

The cannabidiol present in canna tea may help reduce drug and alcohol relapses. It can even cut down cocaine cravings. This will help you break addictions to those harmful substances while taking something healthy. Make sure you are taking recommended dosages so that you don’t end up with an addiction to weed tea. 

  • Boosts Mood

The THC content of marijuana-infused tea renders psychotropic and neurotransmitter-releasing effects. This eventually helps lower stress hormones, resulting in reduced levels of depression and anxiety. It may also help fix other chemical imbalances in the brain. 

  • Improves Sleep

Weed tea comes works like a sedative. Its sleep-inducing abilities help combat insomnia or issues like disruptive sleep. Naturally, improved sleep helps you gain a better quality of life. 

  • Regulates Blood Pressure

The soothing and relaxing effects of weed-infused tea help regulate the level of blood pressure. It effectively reduces the tension of arteries and blood vessels, helping your system to soothe. This way, it can help reduce the chances of stroke and heart attacks.

  • Helps Bettering Gut Health 

Canna tea relieves the inflammation in the gut. Besides, it helps prevent vomiting and nausea. If you have any kind of stomach issue like irritable bowel syndrome, stomach inflammation, bloating, etc., consuming canna tea may help relieve the symptoms, awarding you better digestive health. 

  • May Help Easing the Effects of Chemotherapy

Those who are suffering from cancer and undergoing chemo may consider introducing canna tea to their diet. Many studies have shown that consuming canna tea may reduce chemotherapeutic side effects like nausea, pain, vomiting, and inflammation. 

Conclusion: How To Make Weed Tea?

Cannabis is a magical herb that can work as the immortal nectar if consumed sensibly. When you add this therapeutic herb to your diet in the form of tea, you expose yourself to wonderful benefits in the safest way possible. Tea made with marijuana is delightful, delectable, and beneficial. While you can stick to the weed tea recipes and methods shared in this guide, you can also experiment with the ingredients and dosage to explore new potencies and recipes. Keep sipping cups of mindblowing weed tea and get the key to a healthy and buzzy life. 


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