How To Make Gravity Bong In Simple Steps?


Using a gravity bong is an innovative and efficient method of inhaling cannabis smoke. Gravity bongs are a widespread and popular cannabis source for their notoriously large hits as well as their ingenious design, and there is a solid reason why they have become such a popular choice.

Bongs might be a fantastic smoking option if you’re in a bind and out of other smoking devices or if you just want to shake up your routine and try something different. Glass is the material of choice for gravity bongs, which have a gravity effect.

These gravity bongs are considered an industry standard when it comes to do-it-yourself cannabis consumption devices. Even in modern times, creating these cherished pieces utilizing things from one’s kitchen or purchasing them from innovative companies producing professional products is possible. You may anticipate taking a rather powerful strike despite the option you choose for yourself.

What Is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs do not fit well for individuals new to the CBD impact.People who have already used best CBD flowers can go for gravity bongs. Indeed, gravity bongs are a tried and tested consumption technique among traditional cannabis consumers. It provides a potent dose of THC that can dazzle someone who is trying it for the first time. 

The goal of the gravity bong, also known as a Geeb, is to transport all the smoke directly into the lungs. The device employs a combination of negative and positive pressures to draw the smoke into a chamber and then force it into the lungs. Most people have heard of a gravity bong fashioned out of everyday household items.

These water bongs work with the force of gravity by placing a bottle or chamber with a bowl of cannabis on top into a bigger bottle or bucket of water. Smoke fills the room as the bowl is lighted and the bottle is slowly drained. The smoker removes the bottle cap, places their lips over the bottle’s opening, and presses down, allowing the force of gravity to draw the pot smoke into their lungs.

 While you can use other materials, most Geebs employ two plastic bottles for the chamber and bucket. Water in a gravity bong does not chill the hit as it does in some water pipes; instead, it creates a seal for the chamber and helps drive the smoke towards you, creating an effect that other devices can’t match.

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Most of the tiny chamber having a bowl of weed on the top of a gravity bong is immersed in a bigger bucket of water. To create the smaller chamber, the base of a 20-ounce soda bottle is typically removed, while the wider bucket is created by removing the top of a 2-liter bottle.

The chamber is partially buried in the water, up to the bowl’s rim. Light the bowl, and then carefully remove the bottle from the water. It will experience a negative air pressure if the smaller container is still sealed at the bottom with the top of the water. Once it begins to fill with smoke, it will look like any other bong.

Release the lid when you’re ready to take a hit. Then, in a nod to the classic bong rip, position your mouth over the bottle’s opening. Next, inhale the smoke by pressing down firmly on the bottle. Furthermore, instead of forcing the bottle down into the water, you may use far less force by letting it fall back down on its own. For the duration of the fall, use your hands to keep the little bottle upright.

Why Is the Gravity Bong More Effective?

Advocates of the gravity bong typically argue that it is more efficient than other glass pipes and other smoking choices like best HHC pre-rolls,  joints, although using less cannabis overall.

This statement is true to some extent since gravity bongs force more concentrated smoke out, making for bigger hits. As with any smoking accessory, consuming a gravity bong has advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Water Pressure

The most significant advantage is the use of water pressure, which makes it simple to obtain a massive tear. Depending on how you handle discomfort, this might end up being a delightful and eye-opening adventure for you.

  • Easy and Quick Cleaning

Additionally, there is a reduction in the amount of time required. Because hits from gravity bongs are often more substantial, the necessity for packaging and wiping in between hits is reduced. The time you save won’t be enough for you to do some extra work. However, it can save you vast efforts of cleaning your house with a higher frequency. 

  • Efficiency

Gravity bongs are the best option for smokers searching for a high that comes on quickly and stays with them for a long time. With a gravity bong, you may take a single hit to ingest a whole bowl of cannabis, or even two or three bowls at once. It is in contrast to the regular bong, which requires you to take many hits. The end product is a fast and potent high that is certain to fulfill your needs.

  • Unique

The intense high you experience from a gravity bong is a pleasant surprise for someone who may be looking to shake up their typical routine in search of something novel and exciting. One more advantage of using a gravity bong is that you get to have a more enjoyable experience. It is something unique that people can utilize for various kinds of celebrations and social gatherings.

  • Great For the Starters

Gravity bongs provide a novel and enjoyable alternative to traditional methods of smoking cannabis. If you have never used a gravity bong before, we guarantee that your very first hit from one will be an experience you won’t soon forget. 

Do Gravity Bongs Get You Higher?

People frequently report feeling higher more quickly when high on cannabis due to the larger intensity of the smoke they inhale compared to other substances. In many instances, one hit from a gravity bong or best HHC cigarettes can equal the quantity they can smoke in a bowl with only one pull. 

As a result of this, use some degree of caution. No matter if it’s something you make yourself or something from the top of the line, everything packs the same THC-filled punch. In addition, newcomers and individuals with weaker endurance may wish to wait until they are comfortable with bigger doses of THC before trying the gravity bong until they have built up their tolerance.

Are Gravity Bongs Unhealthy?

While homemade gravity bongs may be more discreet, toxic chemical exposure is dangerous. Many handmade bongs are fashioned from one-time-use plastic bottles, which may be a source of PETE or PET, a.k.a PolyEthylene Terephthalate. There is no adequate research for its justification, but you would likely discharge these substances into the smoke you are taking if heated.

Investigations into the possible negative effects of exposure on one’s health are currently underway. Many people who smoke cannabis believe it is safer to employ glass or silicone pipes instead of plastic ones. If you want to try making your gravity bong or other smoking equipment out of plastic, you need to know the hazards and exercise caution. Fortunately, you may find suitable alternatives to these supplies at any local retail establishment.

A premium glass gravity bong always provides a tighter seal than a homemade gravity bong. A good glass piece is a way to go if you want to get the most out of your money. However, you should be aware that the heavier gravity bong hits might throw you off more than usual. 

Furthermore, even for seasoned smokers, dense smoke can be unpleasant. Although water is used, your hits are not cooled as they would be in a bong or similar water device, making them harsher. If you decide to use this mode of ingestion, pay extra close attention to your respiratory system.

How to Make a Gravity Bong Without Foil?

The price of a gravity bong might change by a significant amount depending on the model purchased. The best part about gravity bongs is that they are easy to put together and call for components that you most likely already have lying around the home.

The assembly of a gravity bong is a simple process. The use of foil is not necessary to create a gravity bong since there are alternative ways. It is pretty straightforward and requires only a few things for this craft. 

The following is an in-depth tutorial that will walk you through the process of building a gravity bong at home.


  • Glass bowl cap. In other cases, any food-safe bowl cap
  • Tiny bottle or chamber 
  • Cap for the tiny bottle
  • Larger water bucket or bottle for bucket gravity bongs
  • Additional tools like a drill, knife, or scissor


Step One: Make the Bong

To get things rolling, halve the empty plastic bottle. You will only use the bottle’s upper half from this point on, so you can continue to dispose of the bottle’s lower half in the appropriate recycling container.

Step Two: Bowl Preparation

At this juncture, you can go one of two ways. The first option is to utilize a real downstem and bowl, just like any other setup. To go this way, you must drill a hole into the cap of your bottle.

You will need to place the bowl into the downstem to press it into this hole. The hole you make at the top should be around the same diameter as your downstem for maximum efficiency. Downstem installation must be as sealed as possible to prevent leaks.

Step 3: Fill the Water Bowl

At this step, your bong, including the downstem and bowl, is entirely ready to use, and it is time to add water to your container. Do not fill it up to the brim since you may need to push this bottle to the water and do not want any of the contents to fall out.

Step 4: Ready For Smoking

You’re getting close to being able to light up and take your first drag now. To start, sprinkle a little bit of ground cannabis flower into the bottom of your bowl. Next, while holding the gravity bong in one hand, carefully lower it into the water until it is submerged.

Step 5: Fire Up the Herb

It’s best to fire the cannabis with a lighter or hemp wick while the gravity bong is still immersed in water. While producing smoke, carefully and slowly pull the bottle out of the water. Doing so creates a vacuum, which draws smoke from the bowl into the empty container below.

To prevent the smoke from ultimately emerging from the liquid, hold the bottle high enough that it draws the smoke down into the bottle. It’s essential to keep in mind that you don’t remove the bottle from the water by the top. It’s because if you do, your smoke will vanish completely!

Step 6: Start Inhaling

If you want to inhale the smoke from the water bottle bong, you’ll need to take out the downstem, bowl first, and then put your lips right over the opening.

Put the bottle back into the water slowly and gently. Doing so allows you to draw the smoke from the bottle into your lungs. Keep the bottle submerged in the water and replace the bowl on top to contain the smoke if you don’t want to use it all at once.

How To Make a Waterfall Gravity Bong

The waterfall bong is a somewhat less complicated technique and calls for a smaller number of components. This article will teach you how to create and smoke a waterfall gravity bong.


  • An empty plastic water bottle
  • A bowl and a downstem
  • Additional tools, such as scissors or box cutter
  • Water


Step 1: Craft the Waterfall Bong

To get things rolling, you’ll need to make a little hole in the base of the plastic bottle. It ought to be big enough that the liquid can readily flow out of it, but it ought to be minor enough to cover it with your finger.

Step 2: Bowl Preparation

There are two ways to make a bowl for your Geeb, much like the bucket bong version. You must drill the bottle’s lid to accommodate a downstem and bowl. First, insert the downstem into this notch and then the bowl. Once more, for airtightness, make sure the hole you drill into the top is almost the same diameter as your downstem.

Make a bowl out of aluminum foil if you’re in a pinch. Place a folded square of a foil-covered bottle cap on the bottle. Make a tiny bowl shape by pressing down gently with your fingertips, and then puncture the foil with a paperclip or other object to make a few tiny holes.

Step 3: Fill the Water Bowl

Take the downstem and bowl combination out of the bottle, and place your thumb over the hole at the base of the bottle. After that, pour water into the bottle.

Step 4: Prepare For The Smoke

Place your finger over the opening to prevent liquid from leaking out of the bottle. Now, reattach the downstem and bowl assembly to the top of the bottle, and stuff it with a little bit of the marijuana that has been crushed up.

Step 5: Put In the Cannabis Smoke

The next thing to do is to light the cannabis on fire. While it is smoking, withdraw your finger from the hole in the bottom of the bottle, and then turn the bottle upside down so that the water may pour out quickly. At the same time as the water is pouring out of the bottle, the smoke is being drawn down from the bowl and into the bottle.

Step 6: Start Inhaling

As soon as the smoke has completely replaced the water in the Geeb, swiftly cover the opening at the bottle’s base with your finger. Take a hit from your new piece by taking out the downstem and bowl, placing your lips over the aperture, and taking your finger out of the hole at the bottom.

If you don’t want to empty the bottle all at once, just replace the downstem/bowl assembly on top of the bottle and plug the hole with your finger. As a result, the last of the smoke will be within the container. Taping over the hole in the bottle’s base will stop it from holding your finger in place.

Once you’ve had your fill, take out the bowl and downstem, place your mouth over the aperture, and inhale via Geeb’s bottom hole (which should now be free of your finger or tape). It’s necessary to keep repeating these steps until the chamber is empty.

What Is a Cookie Gravity Bong?

There was a time when gravity bongs were entirely do-it-yourself (DIY) gadgets, but times have changed, and that is no longer the case. Collaboration between industry giants like Cookies and Stündenglass led to the development of a simple technique for creating a gravity bong in the modern era.

Their gravity hookah or bong is a work of art, and it enables them to take hits with just a simple flip of the chamber. Not only does it look and feel good to do a gravity bong flip with each shot, but in comparison to DIY solutions, it significantly reduces the time required for setup.

The patented Stündenglass gravity bong is made up of borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that is safe for smoking. It also features a silicone hose that is three feet long and an adjustable mouthpiece that is 45 degrees.

How Much Is It for a Gravity Bong?

You must consider the cost and feasibility of various configurations. If you’re up for the challenge, you may save yourself a lot when you employ the do-it-yourself approach. However, you should consider sweat equity in constructing and setting up your handmade gravity bong. Also, when an item gets soiled, it’s usually time to throw it out.

One must be willing to spend more money to achieve a more expert appearance. The cost of this Cookies x Stündenglass combination is close to approximately 600 USD. Although, if you spent a little more and went with a reputable manufacturer, your bong should survive for quite some time. Regular maintenance and careful handling may extend the life of a high-quality item for many years.

Regarding the question of which gravity bong is ideal, there is, in fact, no incorrect response. That is if you use a well-built product free of potentially harmful components. Providing such is the case, relax and enjoy yourself.

Is It Worth Making a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is not for you if you’re just starting out with cannabis or if your tolerance is low. Making your first gravity bong is a fun and easy DIY project that guarantees quick delivery of your preferred strain, and it’s perfect for customers with some experience smoking cannabis.

Many more choices exist to protect you if you are not the creative kind. In this vein, you may add gravity bongs to your arsenal of smoking accessories and whip one out anytime you’re in the mood for a truly memorable and potent smoke session.

Conclusion: Making A Gravity Bong Is Difficult? 

A gravity bong is a DIY water pipe used to smoke cannabis. A gravity bong is a type of water pipe that draws smoke via air pressure and water. These pipes are typically built from water bottles. 

Because the chambers of gravity bongs are often much more prominent than those of standard bongs, a single hit from a gravity bong typically produces an enormous amount of smoke. In addition to this, the process of rapidly inhaling highly concentrated smoke adds to the intensity of the effects.

A word of advice: it could be prudent to keep a glass of cold water available in case you end up with a sore throat. Gravity bongs have the ability to catch far more smoke than your average water pipe. As a consequence of this, smoking out of a gravity bong can be a bit challenging. If you prepare yourself for coughing in advance, you will experience less discomfort overall.


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