How To Make A Homemade Pipe In 15 Different Ways? 


Like the Netflix series, life is a series of unfortunate events, and we need to learn to survive. For instance, make a homemade smoking device when your bong accidentally breaks. Or you zero out on your rolling paper. Or you are simply bored out of your mind and want to do something creative.

A homemade pipe is not difficult to make, and you just need to set your mind to it — which you automatically will when that intense craving for smoking kicks in. But how do you do that, and what equipment do you need?

We have got it all covered. Below are some ways to make a homemade pipe without the slightest bit of hassle. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Methods To Create A Homemade Pipe

Below are some famous (and infamous) ways of making homemade pipes. These are:

  • The Steam Roller

For those who don’t know what a Steam roller is, it’s a pipe like all others, and the only difference is that it is made of glass and has no closed ends. To smoke it, you close one end with your hand or some paper towel roll and enjoy the weed hitting your brain. The best part is that it is relatively easy and quick to create.

So how do you make it?

First, collect the equipment you will need. This includes a toilet paper roll, a pair of scissors, aluminum foil, and a needle.

Now take the paper roll or anything cylindrical. Make a considerable hole in the side using a pencil, pen, screwdriver, knife, or whatever you like. Your bowl containing the weed will be positioned here.

Next, create the bowl. Take a small amount of aluminum foil that can be fit into the paper roll hole. Make a curved shape out of aluminum foil. Poke holes on the bottom of the bowl — don’t go overboard. A few holes will suffice.

Place the bowl in the paper roll hole and add the CBD flower or marijuana flower. Light it up and cover one of the open ends with your hand. The airspace from between your fingers provides a better smoke. And now, your cardboard roll steamroller is ready. Simply smoke the hit and let yourself unwind.

  • Apple Pipe

Using apples to make a homemade pipe is the most commonly used trick. It is easy, takes little to no time, and is perfect for beginners and people stranded in nowhere. You can use it with any fruit, vegetable, orange, carrot, cucumber, potato, bell peppers, banana, or even lychees.

The best part is the additional flavor of the fruit or vegetable you inhale alongside the stuff. It also works like an apple bong; it is just your choice. Apple pipe doesn’t require any extra tools; all you need is a mouthpiece, a bowl, a plastic tube, an apple knife, a fire to light it, and of course, an apple.

Firstly, choose an available apple and wash it nicely. For best results and taste, use a ripe apple. Then, use a knife, pencil, or any thin sharp object to make a hole through the top of the apple by removing the stem. Don’t go too far in the apple; it should be left halfway, as this will serve as the bowl for our apple pipe.

Then insert the mouthpiece in the apple near the middle side. Make sure to take it deep enough to penetrate half of the apple. Leave some portion of the mouthpiece out of the apple. There’s a trick here: the mouthpiece and bowl hole should be in an L-shaped tunnel inside the apple.

But how would you know you’ve succeeded? It’s simple. Blow in the air from the mouthpiece while keeping your hand above the bowl hole. If you feel the sir touch your hand, voila! If you don’t, maybe you need to penetrate deeper.

Next, poke a thin tube at the top of the apple. This will act as the carb hole, letting you easily cover and uncover the opening with your finger. The carb hole goes in till the middle of the apple, the same area as the mouthpiece and bowl.

Now, add your green stuff to the bowl and light it up. Smoke the weed through the mouthpiece while staying active with the carb hole. Your apple pipe is ready to give you the best fruity hits of your entire smoking experience.

  • Soda Can Pipe

As evident from the name, the metal soda can pipe by far the easiest, most quick homemade pipe you can make with household objects. The material is also good; you don’t need to worry about burning soda cans or harmful cuts. You only need a soda can, a knife, blade, or needle, and a mouthpiece.

Take an empty soda can and poke a hole in the side of the can somewhere around the bottom. Make sure the hole is small and smooth. This hole will be your bowl, so make it slightly conical by pressing on the sides.

Then, poke a rather bigger hole on the opposite side of the first hole for the mouthpiece hole. Insert the mouthpiece to the far end of the can, and your smoking device is ready to bang those hits.

Add in your stash and light it up. Smoke from the rear end containing the mouthpiece and enjoy the lightheadedness.

  • Candy Pipe

If the mere name makes you go all puppy face and glittery eyes, then be relieved — your inner child is still alive, just like ours. This appeals more to the youth than the seasoned stoners, but that doesn’t mean we don’t use it. It is inexpensive but can be a bit messy.

The material you need is candy, preferably the Starburst candy, but any soft, rectangular one would work. Pack them together but leave two out such that they form a line. Pass a knife, stick, or pen through the stack of candy to create a hole.

Now put the remaining two candies on the rectangular stack and pass the stick halfway through. Make a conical shape out of the hole at the top of the stack. This will be the place of your bowl.

Place the mouthpiece in the hole at the end of the stack, and your candy pipe is ready. Add in your herbs, light them up and enjoy the hits from your starburst pipe.

  • Pen Pipe

The pen pipe has been our go-to method for homemade pipes for the longest we can remember. It’s so easy you only need a pen, the stash, the lighter, and some tape, but that isn’t too much equipment.

The best part is that this is applicable anywhere, anytime. You might not have anything in your house, but you can always find a pen under the bed. The only downside is that it finishes soon enough and only carries so much in one go.

So you need an empty plastic tube but keep the nib. Then, take out the ink chamber and insert it in the opposite direction to which it was before.

Add the marijuana or weed on the back side of the nib. Light it up and smoke from the pen tube. Your pen pipe is ready to give you the hits you so direly crave.

  • Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is easy but can be tricky. It is most common at parties and at night overs where many people smoke from a single smoking device. If you want to make your own, read this in depth article on how to make gravity bongs?  Gravity bong might not be as easy and requires a little practice before you hone the task.

Fundamentally, there are two types of gravity bongs; the waterfall bong and the bucket bong. While both can be messy and equally fun to use, bucket bong can be slightly more time taking.

But how do you make homemade bong, and what does it require?

  • Bucket Bong

To create a bucket bong, you need a plastic bottle (a liter or two), a big plastic container, scissors or blades, aluminum foil, and water.

So, to begin, take the scissors and cut the big container’s upper half. The hole must be enough to accommodate the bottle. Next, cut the bottom of the plastic bottle bong and set aside its cap.

Now, roll aluminum foil over your little finger and make a hole in the cap as large as your finger. Place the aluminum foil in the cap and turn it around, fixing it in and making a conical shape. This will act as the bowl for our bucket bong. Poke tiny holes at the bottom of the bowl to allow airflow.

Place the bowl in the cap back on the bottle but only so loosely that it can be removed easily. Now, fill the container with water, so it remains near the bottom. Add the bottle to the container.

Now, bring in your stack and place it in the bowl. Light it up and slowly push and raise the bottle. Once the water level decreases and the bottle gets filled with smoke, remove the cap containing the bowl and inhale.

Keep moving the bottle up and down in the container to keep the smoke rising. And tada! Your bucket bong is ready.

  • Waterfall Bong

Next up is the waterfall bong. It is pretty much the same as the bucket bong but has some differences. You need a lighter, a scissor and a bottle for a water pipe.

Firstly, roll a piece of aluminum foil on your little finger and insert that piece into the bottle cap. Poke at least three small holes at the bottom of the bowl. Then, poke a hole in the side bottom of the bottle. The carb hole must be small enough that the finger can hide and big enough to let the water out of it.

Next, keep a finger on the carb hole and fill the bottle with water. The water level should only be slightly above your finger covering the hole. Place the cap containing the foil bowl upon the bottleneck, light it up after adding your favorite green stuff, and let go of the hole.

And now, we wait a few minutes. Why? Because the smoke will be produced in the bottle, and the negative stretch will cause the water to evaporate. Once the water reaches the bottommost place, place your finger on the carb.

Put aside the cap and take in the smoke from the bottle opening. Now, leave the hole and smoke again. The air will reach your lungs, and you will feel a rush of hits.

  • Frost Pipe

Also known as the ice block pipe, the frost pipe is the most bizarre and absurd homemade pipe to consume some green stuff. It isn’t even used much as it creates a more watery mess than fun. Moreover, you need a special frost kit to make a homemade ice pipe, but that is not that big of a problem.

You just need to have a big rectangular mold to keep in the water and wait for the ice to freeze. The kit comes with a three-piece stick set. In the mold, place a stick in the left middle of the ice bowl and ensure it goes halfway through the ice block.

Similarly, place another stick from the above side such that it meets the mouthpiece stick. The upper part of the ice block will act as the bowl, so it might need a bit of indenting afterward. Once the ice is frozen, add it to your stash and set it alight. You will feel a rather cool hit moving down your throat. That’s when you know your ice block pipe was successful.

  • Liquor Bottle Bong

A liquor bottle bong is a more expensive, difficult, and time-consuming homemade smoking device. However, it makes the top of the list of best smoking accessories.

You will need a special drill to make a hole and a well-built thick glass pipe as the mouthpiece. Drilling can be risky, so it’s better to get the help of an experienced person or get yourself well versed with the process. Also, take all sorts of precautionary measures before you do the drilling.

A good part about the liquor bottle bong is that it is long-lasting homemade pipe DIY. You don’t need to do it again every weekend. A single bottle will go a long way with you, but you do the work at your own risk.

So, for making a homemade liquor bong, you need an empty bottle, be it wine, liquor, vodka, etc., a drill machine, a glass bong, tape, and silicone.

First, choose the place you want to insert the glass stem. Put a piece of duct tape on that area to keep the drill in one place and stop it from moving around. Now, begin drilling the hole. Take small steps and increase the drilling gradually.

Do not put extra pressure on the glass bottle at any time, even for a second. The pressure will spread around, producing vibrations and causing the bottle to break. To prevent this, drill carefully and hold the drill as soon as you feel the hole is enough for the glass stem.

Now, try fitting the glass stem inside the hole. You need to be extra gentle and lenient here. The angle of the glass stem should be such that it points upward. If you feel it’s a small hole and the glass stem won’t pass, don’t force it. Drill the hole to make it wider.

Similarly, if you feel the hole is a bit too wide, fix it in rubber to lessen the space. Once the stem fits in, add a silicone sealant to seal the hole. This is used as it covers the sharp edge and does not let anything fall from the bottle. Also, it is non-toxic and works like an air-tight band — it’s safe to use.

Next, wash the bottle thoroughly such that all remains of the drilling and silicone clean away. Let it dry. Then, fill the liquor bottle with water halfway to its height. Place the bowl on the glass stem and add the green stuff you want to smoke.

Light it up and inhale from the top of the bottle opening. The water will evaporate with each breath you draw in from the bottle. The smoke will end as the water nears the bottom of the bottle.

  • Water Bottle Bong

The water bottle bong is another classic that has been used for the longest time. These are easy to make and inexpensive. However, a downside is that the bottle is made of plastic and is not as heat resistant. This means that it can not be used for long periods as the melting plastic can cause harm.

So, what do you need to make your first water bottle bong?

You will need an empty water bottle, a pair of scissors, and a mouthpiece. First, clean the plastic bottle so there is nothing left. Then make a lote at the bottom-middle of the water bottle. This hole will carry the mouthpiece. You can either use a stem or simply use a ball pen.

Empty the ball pen and let the nib stay. Then insert the mouthpiece into the water bottle at an angle that lets it sit upward. Next, we will make the bowl.

If you use the ball pen, the nib will make a good mouthpiece when kept upside down. However, if you use a particular stem, you will need the aluminum foil bowl. Take up a considerable piece of aluminum foil for the bowl. Place this around the opening of the bottle.

Now, indent the bowl, deliberately creating a hollow space inside it. Then poke the space with a needle or safety pin; the maximum you need is three pokes. Add the green stuff you want to inhale and light it up. You can now smoke your way through the night easily.

  • Tic Tac Bong

Next is the tic tac bong, these are considered as one of the best bongs, most loved, perhaps one of the best homemade pipes of all time. The best part about it is that it is lightweight, pocket friendly. And everyone has a pack of tic tacs at all times, making it accessible easily.

So what do you need to make your first tic tac bong?

You need an empty tic tac box; the large one is better, aluminum foil, a pen tube, a knife, scissors, or a blade to make the hole.

Now, to begin, you will need a sharp object (you can even drill, but it’s not as feasible) to poke a hole in the side near the bottom of the box. Ensure the hole is wide enough for a stem to get in but small enough to stop the smoke from leaving the box.

Place your pen tube in the box at a 45-degree angle such that it faces upwards. Add adhesive or some glue to secure it and tighten the hole. Next, make the bowl. It will rest on the stem.

Make the bowl from the aluminum foil and place it over the downstem. Secure it, wrapping it around the stem and making an indent in the center. This is where the stash will go.

You can also make a carb hole if you want to have a better smoking experience. Poke a small hole anywhere near the top or the bottom. Then, add your green stuff to the bowl and light it up.

Keep your mouth on the opening of the tic tac box while covering the carb hole. As soon as the box fills with smoke, leave the hole and inhale the puff feeling the hits.

  • Metal Pipe

A metal pipe isn’t the best method to smoke cannabis but haven’t you heard that proverb? Necessity is the mother of invention. This will require some extra material that is not usual in household items.

You will have to visit your nearest hardware store and look for a basic metal pipe in the tools sections. There will be a bunch of items that match your preference, but not everyone will fit quite right.

You will have to give the steering to your gut here. Choose the familiar tool, and your hand feels good holding them. Once selected, join the pieces together such that the airflow remains intact.

Then place the bowl made of foil at one end and leave the other end open. Put in the stash and light it up. Then inhale the smoke by covering one side of the pipe and letting the smoke reach deep inside.

  • Tin Foil Pipe

Tin foil is by far one of the most simple homemade pipes. All you need is your stash, a needle, and the tin foil to smoke.

So how do you do it?

First, take out a considerable amount of foil. We suggest taking enough foil to double layer around a bottle cap or even your finger. Be careful; we don’t want to mess with the foil or make it wrinkled before time.

Now that you have the piece of aluminum foil, fold it twice, making it half the size it was earlier. This gives the tin foil the extra volume you want, like this joint. Once you’ve done that, put that foil around a pen or pencil and begin rolling it slightly under the foil finishes. You can do this on your little finger, but the pen offers more precision and neatness.

Recall the tobacco pipes to understand what the tin foil will look like. We need to recreate the curves and the hollow end with our foil here. So, take the wide end of your smoking pipe and indent it sideways, creating a bend in it. Remember, the bend separates the foil, which must be 90 degrees.

You can use some cards or other flat objects to create the bend. Once you get the bend, enhance the weed’s hollowness and space of the weed such that the stuff can rest there easily.

If you want an extra filter, take out the same size of foil and wrap it over the side burning end. Poke a few holes in it and add in the coal to light up your foil experience. There is a high chance the foil handle will not overheat, but if it does, you can add in more foil at any point.

  • Pringle Pipe

We have seen all the major ones above involving drilling, burning, folding, and whatnot. Let’s now see a fun and less-effort method to create a smoking pipe.

It’s pretty much the same as the steam roller. The only difference is that it comes with a cap, and both ends are closed, so you don’t have to keep yourself occupied constantly.

Next, you will need to make a hole at the near bottom just like we did in steamrollers. Use a knife, scissors, blade, or anything you can get your hands on to make the hole. Once done, add the stem to that hole.

Create a bowl and wrap it around the stem tightly. Make an indent in the middle curating space for the weed to reside. Your joints end, you feel like bringing out your creative self. How

After it’s done, place your stash on the bowl and put it on fire. Inhale from the top allowing hits to reach the back of your throat, and enjoy.

Conclusion: How To Make A Bong Pipe At Home? 

Using a homemade pipe can be fun – whether you use it as a makeshift means to satisfy your cravings or want to feed the creative being inside you. The best part is that you can make the most of them by using old, discarded items from your house in no time. 

A couple of things to remember before you make your first homemade pipe is to stay away from plastic bowls at all costs. Use only fresh and ripe fruits or vegetables. Make sure to do a screening- quartz screens work the best. 

Also, ensure that your stack is a legal dry herb vaporizer and has been approved by a licensed health care provider. This will save you from many problems if you get into any. 

That brings us to the end of this post. Now that you know how to make a homemade pipe, you can DIY easily. 


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