How to Get Involved with Your Local Music Scene

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If you recently moved, or just haven’t had the opportunity to get involved with your community, exploring the local music scene is a great way to feel a part of the excitement in your area.

It may be intimidating trying to immerse yourself in a world that is new to you, but you’ll probably find that other people in the scene are welcoming to newcomers because, they too, were newcomers at one point.

Here are some tips for getting involved with the music scene in your area:

See Shows Regularly

 Explore listings on venue sites, local blogs, the newspaper, or band pages. Make sure you frequently check any source where you can find information about local shows.

The first tip is simply to show up and remember to pay the cover, even if you know someone who is playing. Showing up is supportive enough, but paying the cover takes it further by showing that you want to help the band succeed.

Music lovers are all about support and collectivism. Going the extra mile by giving monetary support will help the band sustain itself and continue to play shows for you and other fans.

Purchase Merch

 Buying merch is a great way to get involved for several reasons. When you buy merch directly from the band, it helps them earn money and continue putting out music.

Also, sporting band merch will help you get noticed by other people who like the same band. It’s a way to spark conversation and meet other people with the same interests.

Start Playing

 If you want to get involved with your local music scene by playing music rather than just listening to it, think about what musical skills you have and how you can start putting those skills to use.

Consider investing in an instrument that you love, whether it’s the guitar or drums. Investing in the best drum brands available, or a high-quality instrument of any kind, will help you set yourself apart and appear more professional.

Connect with Other People

 Get to know the bands, promoters, agents, and music fans in your community. The more people that you meet and try to engage with, the more involved you will feel.

Don’t be scared to introduce yourself to new people. Remember that most, if not all, people get nervous when interacting with someone new. Just be polite and express your interest in getting involved with the local music scene. They’ll probably be happy to show you the ropes.

Help However You Can  

 Think about what skills you bring to the table. How can you be a resource to the musicians in your community? Whether you own a print shop or you’re a writer for a local newspaper, you can do some good by using those resources to help promote bands.

There are so many professions related to music besides being a musician. Small actions go a long way because they show that you’re interested in being involved in a way that isn’t purely superficial.

Be Active on Social Media

 Many bands use social media to promote new music and upcoming events. Follow local venues and bands on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and engage with their posts.

Like, comment, and share posts to help spread the word. Social media is also an opportunity for you to connect with other music-lovers who share the same interests.

You can use social media to find out who’s coming to a show. At the show, you can interact with people that you recognize from social media and establish a real-life connection through your love of music.

Get Out There

 We hope this article has given you a few good ideas to start showing your support and getting involved in one of the most thriving scenes of any city – music. Get down to a show and see who you meet!

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