How to Create Home Comfort when You just Started Living Together

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According to statistics, exactly 40% of first dates turn into serious relationships. Having a constant partner, sooner or later, you conclude that regular dates and just pleasant leisure time together are not enough for you. You are faced with the need to think about the next step – living together.

Granted, this can seem quite daunting for some, that bridge-burning moment when you turn your back on the freedom you once took for granted and settle down to some serious acceptance of responsibility. Joint bank accounts? Mortgages? Making plans to start a family? Yes, life has taken quite a turn now, hasn’t it? Here are some pointers to ensure a seamless transition from being single to thriving as an item.

1 – How to know when it’s time to live together?

Couples starting off living separate lives but embarking on a relationship where they begin to see more and more either of each other will eventually arrive at the same point at some time. This will tend to happen fairly naturally, and they will instinctively reach the moment where they decide that the time is right to move in together. This is often a practical concern. If you spend just as much time sleeping over at your partner’s home as returning to your place to gather a change of clothing, then it seems a pointless exercise to continue living separately. Pure and simple, it is an expression of your dedication to each other that you have chosen to take this important step.

2 – Consider each other’s lifestyle and preferences

When you move in with someone, you will suddenly become exposed to their lifestyle and habits in all their glory. Perhaps you haven’t appreciated a particular passion they have for a TV program they insist on watching when the one you never miss is on another channel. At the same time. This is when you will discover that all-important word which features in every thriving relationship. Compromise. You will have to get used to each other’s little foibles. Where you would once have been used to casting your laundry aside, you will have to pay a lot more attention to your tidiness.

3 – Create your atmosphere with decor and scents

Entering someone else’s living space is another area where aspects of your relationship will evolve in ways you had never considered before. When you are inviting someone into your home, be prepared to take on the decor and surroundings. It could be the case that they have a particular dislike for one of your rooms’ interior decoration. If you wish your relationship to blossom, then you have to take on board any constructive criticism. This could cover everything from color schemes to the background scent of those candles you love to light. (Much as you might adore their subtle aroma, your partner might be allergic). Again, the keyword is compromised.

4 – Discuss each other’s household chores

Moving in together is a sign that your relationship has matured. At this point, you have to think about some of the more practical details. It’s not just about passion and regular sex any longer. Now you have to think about areas where you accept the responsibility for keeping the household shipshape. You don’t have to create an exhaustive list, but it would certainly help if you agree on those areas you will take responsibility for, whether preparing meals, doing the dishes, cleaning, laundry, shopping … I’m sure you get the overall picture.

5 – Constant communication

The key to a successful relationship when creating a loving home space is to keep on top of outside influences. Now you will have to face things like dealing with utility bills, mortgage or rent payments, allocating household budgets for shopping, clothing, and cleaning products, and a whole range of things that you might previously have taken for granted or relied on parents to provide. Set aside regular times when you get together to plan your financial commitments. This will also give you some space to think about more interesting aspects of what to do with your surplus funds.

6 – Plan for the future

You have taken the step of living together is a cast-iron indication that you see a strong future together. Perhaps you haven’t considered the possibility of taking this to the next level and getting engaged, you should still make the most of future planning. Whether this revolves around the ideal location for a weekend break in the next couple of months, or a proper holiday next year, it will strengthen your bond if you always have one eye on the way things will progress.



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