How to Choose the Right AC for a One Bedroom Apartment

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Investing in an air conditioner is essential if you live in places where the temperatures get unbearably high during the summer months. When it comes to buying an AC, it is important to factor in the size of your home or apartment, along with the number of rooms that are being air-conditioned as that will help you make a better choice. If you live in a small one-bedroom apartment, then the process of choosing an AC is not that hard. 

Here is how you can make the best possible choice and invest in the perfect AC in your small home. 

Set a Budget

Before you start looking at types of AC, you must first set yourself a reasonable budget to narrow down your options. Air conditioners are a big investment for some people and you should keep that in mind before making a purchase. Even if you are planning on getting a small AC unit for your small apartment, it will still be wise to check your finances in advance and set a budget that you can afford, so that you can make the search process easier on yourself. Air cons come in many different types and with different features, which creates various price points. 

Measure the Square Footage

No set type of air-con will fit all kinds of small apartments. Instead, by measuring the precise square footage of your one-bedroom flat, you will be able to narrow down your search and choose the best fitting AC unit for your place. The bigger your apartment, the more power you will need. If your apartment is small, then you should be looking for the most compact AC units you can find, so that you do not end up spending too much money on a stronger AC that you do not need. A compact unit could fit just fine in your tiny apartment and cool you down over the summer months. 

Consider Your Options

After you have decided on how much you would be willing to spend on an AC and measured the size of your apartment accurately, it is time to look at the various different types of air cons out there. Of course, for a small one-bedroom apartment, you will need to start looking at smaller units that give you enough cool air without any wasted power. You can find smaller units with amazing features that come in at various prices and can fit your needs. Here are some common AC unit options:

Window AC

If you are thinking about getting a window AC unit, then you should start by looking at the type of windows you have in your apartment. If you have a standard window, then you should not have a problem with any of the window unit models available. However, if you have a sliding window or casement windows, then you will need to think about the measurements of an AC and how it will fit into the space you have. You might need to have your glass specially cut to fit with the AC measurements before you actually install one. 

Portable AC

If you do not have the right kind of windows to install an AC then you might want to consider investing in a portable unit that you can place wherever you need cool air. These work perfectly in confined spaces and can be moved around as you see fit. You will not have to worry about window space or even breaking down walls to install your unit as they can fit into pretty much any room without any hassle. 

Built-In Units

One of the most traditional types of AC units that you can buy for your small flat is the built-in air con. It is compact in size and can be fitted into any wall you want. The great thing about this type of unit is that it is energy efficient and often comes with modern features that work well in a small one-bedroom flat. 

Once the summer season starts, temperatures can get really high in certain areas and it can become almost impossible to live without an air conditioner. Even if you live in a small flat with just one bedroom, you might still need to consider investing in an AC to be able to live comfortably during the warmer months. Before you make a purchase, you should always make sure you have done enough research and that you know all there is to know about the air con you are buying. 


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