How to Battle Against Unfair Insurance Compensation 

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It’s understood that people have insurance to protect themselves and their most valuable assets against potential risks. Whenever things go wrong, insurance will have you covered, and it is your right to make a claim for compensation as per your service or policy agreements. However, on certain occasions, insurance companies can deny you a perfectly valid claim for unfair reasons. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you will need to take immediate action in order to get your full compensation. 

Here is how you can battle against unfair insurance decisions and get the claims you deserve. 

Examples of Unfair Compensation

Insurance companies are supposed to be there as a safety net for individuals or businesses when they go through difficult times. When things go wrong with something you have insured, you should be able to make a compensation claim to your policy provider and receive your full compensation as soon as the claim is approved. The problem is that sometimes, insurers practice unethical means to deny their customers their fair rights for their own financial gains. Examples of such unfair practices include settling claims for less than what the individual or business had previously agreed on or deserve as compensation, misrepresenting policy facts when they are first advertised to their customers, and making alterations to insurance policies and agreements without notifying those who benefit from them and getting their consent. All of the previous practices are considered forms of unfair compensation that people have a right to refute and challenge. 

Take Legal Action

If your insurer is denying you your fair rights and refusing to settle any claims that you make, then you may need to take legal action against them. There are specific insurance laws in Oakland that are there to protect individuals and businesses against insurers who work in bad faith so that they can get the proper compensation they deserve. Once you realize you are getting unfair insurance compensation, consider hiring an experienced insurance lawyer who can get you the proper compensation you deserve. Make sure your lawyer specializes in insurance cases and compensation claims so that you can get your compensation easily without having to deal with the hassle of courts and legal jargon all by yourself. 

File a Complaint


When you are faced with unfair insurance claims, you may try taking the route of filing a complaint with the insurers themselves to see if something can come out of it. The complaint should be sent in the form of an official letter to the officials of the insurance service providers. If the complaint you file with the insurance company does not get you anywhere, you can try to file another complaint with the relevant authorities. Each state has its own insurance regulator and when you find yourself facing a dead end with an unfair compensation claim, you should try and reach out to them in order to get your money. 

Keep Records

A lot of the time, insurance companies can make unfair compensations and argue they are legitimate if the claim maker does not have records that prove otherwise. When you are trying to battle against unfair insurance compensation, it is vital that you have all your records and documents prepared so that you can argue for your claims and be properly compensated. These records can help you if matters take a legal turn and you can prove you deserve the compensation you are demanding in court.  

Speak with the Insurer

If you find yourself facing unfair insurance compensation, then it can quite possibly be a mistake by the insurer that can easily be resolved if you speak with them. Get in touch with your insurer as soon as you realize something is wrong and explain the situation so that you can come to a reasonable solution that is fair for everyone. There may actually be a valid reason behind your seemingly unfair compensation claim that you do not know about. Learn all you can about your rights and what you deserve by getting in contact with the insurance provider. 

The insurance industry is built around providing safety services for individuals and businesses against possible risks. When things go south with one of your insured valuable assets, you should make a claim with your insurer to be properly compensated and overcome the issues you are facing. If you are faced with unfair compensation, do not hesitate to take immediate action. Consider seeking legal help if you need to escalate matters to get fairly compensated. 


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