Hoverboard Laws You Should Know About

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We have often seen that many people confused about whether hoverboard riding is legal in their country or not. However, there is no such thing that can be labeled as illegal concerning hoverboards. But still, some laws need to be followed around several parts of the world.

Overall, hoverboards are legal to ride in countries like the UK and several other European nations. Hoverboard itself is a legal means of transportation. That’s why many companies are continuously manufacturing it on a considerable scale. During the past few years, many unfortunate incidents have been reported in which hoverboards caught fire, which is a hazardous situation for both the rider and other pedestrians. Due to these incidents, some countries have introduced new laws that assure the complete check and balance of the manufacturing standards.

Even though hoverboards are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and cheaper as compared to other two-wheel alternatives of transportation, but they still have some drawbacks as well that concerned many countries to introduce new laws.

When it’s illegal to ride a hoverboard?

We have done our in-depth research on this topic and concluded that hoverboard riding is legal on sideways in most countries. However, some specific states in the United States have banned these self-balancing scooters on both sideways and roads as they cannot be classified as motor vehicles. Other states in the USA except New York haven’t passed any strict laws or bills that can restrict people from using these self-balancing scooters on roads and sideways.

UK is one of those few countries in the entire world that has able to bring some remarkable regulations on hoverboards for the safety of everyone. In the UK, the municipalizes have decided the special zones for hoverboard riding while riding on roads and sideways are generally not allowed.

Some Most Important Hoverboards Laws in 2021

We have tried our utmost to list down the most crucial hoverboard law clauses that you should know about before riding it.

  • The minimum age limit for riding a hoverboard is 16 years; however, kids can also ride hoverboards but not on highways. Moreover, it’s also not safe for the kids to ride on highways.
  • The maximum speed limit for hoverboards is 15mph or even lower in some parts of the US. However, it’s better to avoid riding on a maximum speed limit to avoid any fines and violation of laws.
  • It’s compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a hoverboard because it ensures the rider’s safety.
  • Under new laws, every hoverboard model should be equipped with lights, especially at night. If your hoverboard doesn’t have lights, then you should strictly avoid riding it at night.
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited while riding a hoverboard; otherwise, if you are caught drunk while riding a hoverboard, you can be charged up to 250 dollars fine or even more.


Hoverboard riding is usually a fun activity, and it also provides remarkable support to those people who cannot afford to buy personal vehicles and motorbikes to reach the office. You can find a best cheap hoverboards here. However, there is no need to worry about the complicated hoverboard laws; just like any other source of transportation, there are some specific laws related to the safety of both riders and pedestrians. You need to make sure that you are riding your hoverboard in a safe area with all the necessary safety precautions.

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