BudPop Hemp Products : 3 Premium Accessories To Buy In 2022


In the history of America, the first time people have heard about hemp was right in the 17th century, when its market was at its largest. Initially, hemp was introduced in the country in hemp ropes, paper, sails, and clothing. At that point, it was predictable that the opportunities for using hemp in day-to-day life were endless. It is not surprising that hemp was seen as one of the most ‘important’ and profitable crops by being such a valuable crop. Even this caused people to claim hemp as a new billion-dollar Crop. Hence, the US Department of Agriculture and Agriculture Canada started researching hemp fiber which was the primary product of hemp farming.

During World War I, the hemp fiber industry momentarily expanded to 12 states of the USA. From stretching to western Canadian Provinces in the 1920s and 1930s to becoming a part of obsolete industries in the 20th century. Thus, the hemp fiber market lost its importance and vitality.

In 1938, the government declared war on cannabis and unfortunately lost sight of how vital and valuable hemp was for our society. The Canadian Opium and Narcotics Act illegalized the cultivation of cannabis in the USA. During World War II, the hemp industry had a brief revival in Canada and the USA. However, the hemp industry has faced immense instability in becoming a growing market worth $824 million in the United States. The hemp industry is expected to grow fast from 2022 to 2030, owing to the legalization of hemp in most states.

Due to all these reasons, many hemp brands have saturated the market. Today, the industries like clothing and accessories, foods and drinks, health and wellness, beauty, pets, farming, and gardening, are all using hemp innovatively.

The emerging brands in the hemp market are stepping forward with their high-quality hemp products. Since hemp’s medicinal and recreational use falls under government rules and regulations, people are inclined to access hemp-related products more than ever.

On that note, BudPop, a highly-esteemed cannabis brand, has stepped up its game for everyone to buy BudPop accessories. Now, you can buy logo-printed clothing, trays, and grinders from BudPop, along with their pure and lab-tested hemp products.

BudPop Hemp Products and Accessories

  1. BudPop Sweater Logo – Affordable And Sustainable Hemp Clothing 
  2. Cherry Red BudPop Tray – Makes Rolling Joints Easier For Smooth Experience
  3. 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder – Most Durable Hemp Grinder

#1. BudPop Sweater Logo – Affordable And Sustainable Hemp Clothing 

Hemp Clothing

Although hemp has thousands of different applications, one can trace its primary usage as a form of clothing in the past. The trend of weaving hemp plants into clothing originated in China. It led to the expansion of clothing industries using hemp for its strength and abundance.

One of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of hemp products, the BudPop also lends its hand in promoting an eco-friendly environment using hemp plants. The company has decided to incorporate hemp plants as a clothing material for several reasons.

Contrary to cotton, hemp uses a dramatically more minuscule amount of water. Where 1,400 gallons of water are necessary for cotton production, hemp requires approximately half of the actual amount. Notably, each pound of hemp fiber takes about 700 gallons of water which shows the smaller water footprint of hemp.

Unsurprisingly, hemp grows like a weed. The rapid development of hemp fields speaks for the enormity of this plant. Comparatively, hemp produces around 250% more fiber per acre than cotton. Thus, more land is freed up to cultivate more trees and plants simultaneously.

The hemp plant requires no pesticides as it is less susceptible to pests and less fragile than cotton. The pesticides sprayed onto the cotton are not eliminated before the cotton is spun into textiles. It raises the risk of your skin absorbing all those chemicals and pesticides. Since BudPop uses organically grown hemp to produce its clothing line, you do not have to worry about the allergies that come with pesticides.

Not only that, BudPop hemp clothing is better for performance wear, lasts longer, feels better, and looks better. Hemp is a breathable fabric that does not hold moisture and sweat. Although cotton has its breathable features, hemp clothing is lightweight and breathable.

Product Review

BudPop has recently launched its line of hemp accessories, and the BudPop Sweater Logo Shirt is one of them. The brand is using high-grade hemp for the production of its logo Shirts. It is sustainable and all about hemp woven into fiber and then designed into a wearable article. Infact, BudPop shirts contain a decent amount of organic hemp and cotton mix. Usually, like other producers, BudPop uses hemp and cotton in a ratio of 60%:40%. Hence, a BudPop Sweater Logo Shirt is one of the most durable clothing you will ever get your hands on.

The sweater shirt is designed as decent apparel that is available in white color round-neck shirt. It carries a striking logo of BudPop in red, skin-friendly, and durable ink. The brand has kept the design of this apparel on the decent side. Anyone interested in collecting matching hemp accessories can buy the product thanks to its up-to-the-scratch quality and style. Whether you are in your 20s or have hit your 50s, you can flair the garment quickly with your jeans.

The long-sleeved upper garment comes in handy when you want to throw a party with your homies. Just wear it over a t-shirt or under a coat or put it on its own; the sleek design of the BudPop Sweater Logo Shirt will not keep you from slaying any look.

Most specifically, the BudPop shirt is not gender-specific. Due to this shirt’s flexibility and significant breathability, you are sure to carry it well in any environment. BudPop manufactures the product in different sizes to accommodate their customers with small, medium, large, and even extra-large sizes.

Whether you are a male or female, this clear-cut and equally fashionable BudPop Sweater Logo Shirt is crafted for you to reduce your carbon footprint. With BudPop, you can be fashionable while vaping, smoking, or eating BudPop hemp products!


  • Extremely breathable
  • Style it with jeans, long skirts, or trousers
  • Wearable under the coats and over t-shirts
  • Contains organically grown hemp
  • No use of pesticides
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Strongest and most durable shirt
  • Comes with a vivid red-colored BudPop logo
  • No color bleeding
  • Easy to wash in a gentle washing machine cycle


  • The shirt may have a bad reputation among non-stoners

Customer Reviews

The BudPop Sweater Logo Shirt is a part of BudPop accessories made for hemp users. It has been a short period since the brand released its logo printed shirt, and hence, there are not many user reviews for this product. If you want to show that you are a hemp advocate, this shirt is a perfect choice. Nevertheless, we can foresee more and more people buying BudPop apparel for its sustainability and durability.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop Sweater

#2. Cherry Red BudPop Tray– Makes Rolling Joints Easier For Smooth Experience

Rolling Tray

If you are a hemp enthusiast who loves rolling your joints, then there is a must-have hemp accessory you are missing – a rolling tray. A rolling tray is a convenient tool for cannabis users due to its versatility.

You would know how messy it is to roll your herbs and not mention the efforts it takes to clean afterward. When you use a rolling tray, the first and foremost benefit you get from it is a clean, tidy, and sanitary place to grind up your hemp flowers and other herbs.

The grinding can be smooth on the rolling tray, but you will also be secured from nerve-wracking clean-up. A rolling tray comes in handy when filing your joints or paper with ground herbs and hemp as it catches fallouts and crumbs.

Due to the rising population of the hemp community globally, manufacturers in the cannabis market are offering rolling trays in various designs, sizes, styles, and colors. As for the composition of rolling trays, you can find them in many different materials, including metal, wood, silicone, plastic, and many more.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages that render them perfect per your preferences. Compared to other materials, metal trays are far more durable and scratch-resistant.

Plastic rolling trays are one of the most cost-effective solutions if you want a convenient accessory within your budget. Also, if you want to look stylish in addition to having effortless rolling, then wooden trays can be your type. Although prices of rolling trays range from affordable to expensive, it is easier to find such an accessory in a suitable price range at BudPop.

Product Review

The Cherry Red BudPop Tray is a sleek and stylish rolling tray made with perfection for rolling joints. Rolling is an art of form for some, and others, it can be a messy procedure. With this BudPop accessory, you would not have to comb through your carpet or sofa for scraps of herbs that fell off.

Finding yourself a themed rolling tray can be relatively easy, but having a rolling tray with your favorite hemp brand’s logo can be pretty pleasing. As its name shows, the Cherry Red BudPop Tray comes in a bright cherry red color that is visually pleasing. BudPop’s decent logo in white paint makes it even fancier.

You can use your BudPop rolling tray to fit all your hemp accessories in one place, as it is pretty significant to hold them all. Moreover, the rolling tray has a flat surface which means you can use it while sitting on your couch, bed, or table without any difficulty. It is flat enough to fit in your backpack or travel bag. Hence, its travel-friendly design and style would not add to your luggage’s weight.

BudPop believes that the quality of its accessories should exceed the expectations of its customers, just like the company does with its hemp products. That is why the brand uses premium-grade metal for manufacturing this eye-catching rolling tray. You can place any of your other hemp accessories on it without the fear of scratching it. About the paint, do not worry; it will not come off regardless of how you use it.

What is more fitting is that the Cherry Red BudPop Tray corners are rounded. The rolling tray has high enough edges to keep your herbs and crushed hemp from spilling onto the surface.

In short, the style of the Cherry Red BudPop Tray meets its function with unique features of durability, scratch resistance, spilling prevention, and easy storage. You can pair it up with the BudPop grinder, put your favorite rolling papers on it to roll with BudPop hemp flowers, and enjoy.


  • Stylish and sleek rolling tray
  • Bright cherry red-colored tray
  • BudPop’s logo is visible and printed
  • Flat for easy storage
  • Offer easy rolling of joints, blunts, and cigarettes
  • Large in size to fit your accessories
  • Metal tray with added durability
  • Scratch resistance properties
  • Rounded corners
  • High edges to prevent spilling
  • Highly affordable


  • May rust when not cleaned up properly

Customer Reviews

Cherry Red BudPop Tray is worthy enough to compel you to make it an addition to your hemp collection. The tray has uncompromising durability, functionality, and a reasonable price tag that can intrigue a collector to invest in it. Although the tray is of high quality, we could not find any customer reviews as it is a part of BudPop’s freshly launched collection.

 => Click here to visit the official website of Cherry Red BudPop Tray

#3. 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder  – Most Durable Hemp Grinder


Herb Grinder

Whether you prefer infusing your hemp into edibles like gummies, cookies, etc., or a vape or smoke is your thing, a herb grinder can do well for your when preparing buds. A herb or hemp grinder is an outright necessity for any person who enjoys having a solid, high, and clean burn. There is no doubt that a herb grinder is one of the fewest accessories that can help you have a smooth experience.

A herb grinder is designed to help weed heads grind their hemp clean and fast. Even a grinder with standard functionality can help you grind nugs into sheer and thin pieces. If you are one of those cannabis users who prefer finely chopped and crushed herbs, you will want to buy a herb grinder.

A herb grinder is often called a bud grinder. Usually, a herb or bud grinder comes in a three-piece design that includes a lid, teeth, and a grinding chamber. Although three-piece designs are good for grinding and shredding your herbs, a four-piece design is even more favorable. Four-piece grinders have additional screens and chambers that further simplify the grinding process.

Using a herb grinder, you can break a large amount of weed swiftly and cleanly that would otherwise demand plenty of your time. Even if you are too tempted to pull apart and grind herbs with your hands, a suitable herb grinder will not disappoint you with its advantages.

A weed grinder is known for the consistency of finely ground herbs it produces. Moreover, the grinder can separate and collect kief from your herbs which you cannot do with your hands. You can utilize the collected kief in your edibles, pipes, and vaporizers without wasting it, as hemp kief contains active botanical compounds in a high concentration.

Some top-notch hemp brands like BudPop are now offering a hemp grinder to their customers. Using a high-quality herb grinder by BudPop, you can chop, grind, and finely shred your herbs while saving money and preventing the unintended loss of herbs.

Product Review

A 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder is an utter requirement for preparing your flowers to perfection. Since not all herb grinders are alike, BudPop makes its herb grinder with superior grade materials.

The company uses medical-grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum in making a herb grinder painted in a cherry red color similar to a BudPop rolling tray. It has four layers, including a lid, teeth, a kief catcher, and a grinding chamber. Moreover, BudPop manufactures its bud grinder with custom designs in the USA facility. The top-quality rare magnet embedded in the lid is a special feature of the 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder. It means you will not have to rotate the lid while grinding forcibly.

The bud grinder by BudPop has an ideal grip and sharp teeth and makes the grinding process enjoyable even for a novel pothead. The pointy pegs help break up hemp and other herbs into fine-sized pieces. The irregular-sized pieces resulting from hand crushing lead to a poor smoking experience. However, with BudPop hemp grinder, you can have regular-sized herb shreds, which will help in even heating and burning during smoking.

Since the company has designed the grinder with a kief catcher, you will not have to cry at the unwanted loss of your valuable kief as a dry herb consumer. When using the grinder, your herbs’ cannabinoids and terpene-packed trichomes will fall into the kief catcher. It will prevent you from pulling the kief off of your hemp buds and ending with a sticky resin on your fingers. As the whole process becomes contactless and the natural skin oils from your hands will not deteriorate the resins, you will be succeeding in preserving your herb’s integrity quickly.

The 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder is straightforward to use. You can open the top lid of the grinder using minimal effort as it has a rare magnet in place. You can use your fingers to pull apart the bigger chunks of your herbs and place them in between the grinder’s sharp pegs. Make sure to put your herbs in the right place and not on the edges of your grinding bowl.

Since the magnet pivots are directed in the center of the grinding bowl, it will be useless to put your nugs in the center. Once you have put the top back on the grinder, use about ten clockwise or counterclockwise rotations for fine shredding. You can keep rotating until the powdery herbs start falling through the holes. When done, remove the top, loosen sticky pieces, unscrew the teeth chamber, and use the powder for filling your joints.

If you want to use the kief, you can scrap some out by using the scraping tool with your 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder. When you observe that overtime use of the grinder is demanding you to rotate it forcefully, ensure to clean the parts well. You can use warm water and a gentle cleaning solution to rub the grinder pieces and wash away the stickiness. In no time, your 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder will look new, ready for subsequent use.


  • Pure metal grinder
  • Medical grade and ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
  • Four-piece design with kief catcher
  • High-quality rare magnet in lid
  • Custom designed in the USA
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Subscribe and save 25% on your order


  • Over-grinding can disturb the trichomes of your herbs.

Customer Reviews

BudPop released its 4-Layer Cherry Red BudPop Grinder not long ago. So, it was hard for us to locate any customer reviews for this product on the site. We believe in BudPop for its commitment to producing quality products, whether hemp products or accessories. Therefore, you can invest in their top-quality herb grinder without a second thought.

=> Click here to visit the official website of 4 Layer Cherry red Grinder

Accessories By Budpop : Conclusion

Hemp is a plant that has been ignored for far too long. Without its cultivation in America, other countries have had to help make up the gap.

Amazingly, hemp is a beneficial cash crop and one of the most versatile plants. It serves various applications, including industrial, food, and fiber products. Hence, hemp is an essential ingredient in several high-profile brands that people use daily. Hemp has proven to be a versatile and sustainable plant from body care lotions to apparel. While many relate hemp to cannabis, there is more to the plant than meets the eye.

The strong growth of the hemp industry in America will only lead to higher production levels as more and more innovators join the ranks. With BudPop, we believe that every fun or functional product will someday soon include hemp somewhere in its supply chain.

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