Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

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If you are planning to lose weight, one of the first things you would consider is changing your diet. Your food intake can significantly influence your body weight. But people often fail to plan a healthy diet, and when they don’t make progress, they starve themselves. The key to losing weight is not always eating less but eating right. Moreover, what you eat for breakfast plays a significant role in helping you shed some pounds.

The most challenging part about a healthy breakfast is planning the menu. Firstly, you would need to be mindful about what you eat since you are trying to drop weight. Secondly, those with jobs may not have the time or energy to prepare meals early in the morning. Such issues often discourage people before they even begin their health journey. So, we made a list of easy-to-make, healthy breakfast ideas perfect for weight loss. This article contains everything you need to know before you start counting calories.

Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas: The Ideal Quantity To Lose Weight

Before deciding what to eat for your healthy breakfast, you might wonder how much you should eat. As mentioned earlier, losing weight does not mean starving yourself. Instead, you must practice eating breakfast with the right ingredients and in the right amount. While there is no specific quantity that you should eat to lose weight, you can modify your calorie intake.

Dr. Robert Eckel, the former president of the American Heart Association, suggests reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories per day. You can track your daily calories by listing your food intake down yourself or using an app.

Carbs and fats are your primary calorie sources. As such, it is crucial to keep your carb and fat intake in check while consuming them. If you cut back on carbs excessively, it could interfere with your metabolism and hinder your weight loss process. You can also replace some amount of carbs and fats in your diet with protein. Proteins can assist in limiting your calories by repressing the hunger hormone.  An ideal morning meal consists of 300-350 calories. However, you should consume up to 400 calories for breakfast if you have a workout routine. These extra calories will provide enough energy for you to exercise. Here are some other helpful weight loss tips:

Eat Frequently

Contrary to popular belief, frequently eating can assist in shedding weight. If you have small, balanced meals throughout the day, your body’s potential to burn fat could increase. This is largely because your metabolism would be more active than if you were staying for extended periods without food or physical activity.

Do Not Overeat

You should not eat more than your body requires. So, try to limit your meals to the number of calories your body needs to function. You can add more fiber to your diet to control your hunger. Fibers usually make you feel full and do not contain an excessive amount of calories.

Pick the Correct Fats

While you should not avoid eating any fats, you can steer clear of unhealthy fats. Unlike unhealthy fats that contribute to obesity, healthy fats are a source of heat and energy for your body. Moreover, visceral and subcutaneous fats protect your internal organs and often cushion them from minor injuries. The best foods to acquire a healthy dose of fats are nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. These are likely to keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Balance Your Diet

The last and most vital part of keeping your weight in check is balancing your diet and macronutrients. If you consume your carbs, fats, and proteins proportionately, you can reduce weight much quicker. A perfect breakfast should consist of 50% carbs for energy, 25% protein for better metabolism, and 25% fiber for digestion. Fruits are a great source of carbs, while dairy and eggs are rich in protein. Lastly, you can get fiber from various whole fruits and grains.

You Must Take Proteins For Weight Loss!

A high-protein diet could help you lose weight quicker. Usually, a higher intake of protein results in leaner muscles and reduced fats. Moreover, a high protein intake may also make you feel full for a longer period. People mostly prefer consuming protein powders for instant benefits.

Best Sources of Protein 


If you eat an egg-based morning meal, the chances are that you won’t feel the urge to erratically consume excessive calories for the rest of the day. Eggs can also boost your metabolism. Ideally, three eggs a day for 10-12 weeks should help you reduce weight significantly. The outer layer of the egg, the albumen or the egg white, is rich in proteins. However, the yolk contains fats. So, you can make dishes like egg-white omelets to support weight reduction.

Chia Seeds

Another rich protein source, chia seeds are highly nutritious. These seeds are full of antioxidants and contain high fiber. Chia seeds are also very easy to include in your diet. This is because there are multiple healthy breakfast recipes that include the food item. Excessive intake of chia seeds may cause constipation and other digestive issues. Hence, you should avoid consuming this food daily.


All kinds of nuts are high in proteins and the perfect choice for a vegan breakfast. Cashews, almonds, and peanuts offer the most health benefits. If you cannot consume whole nuts, you can also choose various kinds of nut butter and spreads for your breakfast.  However, you must limit yourself to only three tablespoons of nut butter a week.

If you eat any more than that, it may counter the benefits and increase your calorie count. It is also more beneficial to eat whole nuts than nut butter. The more you chew or grind a nut, the more fat it absorbs. So, while your body absorbs all fatty oils from nut butter, it does not do that with whole nuts.

Turkey Bacon

Bacon is an essential part of most breakfast dishes. However, regular pork bacon contains several calories. So, if you wish to eat breakfast bacon, switch to turkey bacon. Turkey bacon contains fewer calories than pork and much higher proteins. It also contains sodium and other helpful minerals. While it is a good option for those who wish to eat bacon, it is relatively high in fats.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the most popular sources of protein. However, eating only greek yogurt for breakfast is unlikely to help you reduce weight. If you include this food item in a balanced diet with fibrous carbs and good fats, you will gain much better results. Greek yogurt also assists in improving your bone health. Moreover, the food can help reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism.

Protein Sources to Avoid

Processed Meats

Any type of processed meat is bad for your health. Firstly, these foods have several harmful additives to preserve taste. Secondly, they have high amounts of unhealthy fats, which may lead to various heart diseases. While most animal meat is high in protein, processed foods contain nearly no nutrients. Moreover, these foods can likely cause multiple digestive issues. Lastly, since these products have no healthy nutrients, they will only cause weight gain with excessive calories.

Sugary Yogurt

Yogurt is a good source of protein in general. It can also help you lose weight as a part of a healthy breakfast. However, yogurt with extra sugar or sweeteners will counter its benefits.  These extra calories hinder the process of losing weight. So, if you want to include yogurt in your healthy breakfast diet, choose plain or greek yogurt.

Fruits & Vegetables Help Immensely For Weight Loss

Fresh fruit and vegetables are essential sources of carbs and fats. If you pair these healthy foods with enough protein, you will remain energetic throughout the day. Moreover, the fibrous carbs in many fruits will prevent you from overeating.

Best Fruits and Vegetables


Bananas are the ideal breakfast fruits. You can easily pair them with any protein source for a quick and healthy breakfast snack. Moreover, bananas offer many health benefits. They contain plenty of nutrients, may improve blood sugar levels, and might improve insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, they are fibrous and full of antioxidants. One banana with a couple of boiled eggs can sustain you for many hours. 


There is no clinical data to prove that grapefruit directly burns calories and fats in your body. However, the fruit is rich in fibers and can be a great source of energy. They make you feel full and keep your hunger in check. Plus, since it is fibrous, it causes little to no weight gain in your body.


These exotic fruits have numerous benefits to offer. Kiwis can greatly improve your general health. Firstly, these fruits are rich in vitamin C and minerals. Secondly, they have high water levels and fiber with very few calories. Moreover, they can also keep you hydrated and energetic for long hours. Its vitamin C content is the key factor to losing weight.


Broccoli is one of the top contenders for your healthy breakfast foods. This healthy, green vegetable contains many phytochemicals that may assist in belly fat reduction. Moreover, broccoli contains plenty of healthy carbs and fibers that can curb overeating. Lastly, this food item can regulate your blood sugar and can likely support your immune system.

Brussel Sprouts

Cruciferous vegetables are a great source of healthy fats. Brussel sprouts are one of the most nutritious cabbage-family plants. Firstly, Brussel sprouts contain omega-3s, a healthy fat that can improve your heart health. Next, these vegetables are rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K is helpful in making several essential proteins for our body to function. Lastly, their vitamin A, calcium, and potassium content may help reduce weight.

Fruits and Vegetables to Avoid


While avocados can help distribute fat across the body in a healthy way, it does not allow you to lose weight. Moreover, since avocados are mainly rich in healthy fats, they may even cause you to gain weight. So, you should avoid eating only avocado-based dishes for breakfast. However, you can still include avocado in small quantities in a healthy breakfast.

Coconut Flesh

Coconut’s effects on one’s weight are pretty controversial. While coconut water is healthy and may aid weight loss, coconut oil and flesh may do the opposite.  Coconut is rich in calories, and one fruit may contain as many as 1,400 calories. Most of these calories come from fats. Hence, it is best to avoid coconut when you are trying to shed weight.

What Are The Best Grains For Weight Loss?

Grains are an essential part of most healthy breakfast recipes. Moreover, whole grains are rich in nutrients and can greatly promote weight loss. Since these grains contain fewer calories while intaking, they can reduce the overall calorie count in your body.


These dishes are some of the most popular classic healthy breakfast foods. Oatmeal is a rich blend of fibers, proteins, and healthy carbs. Moreover, they can help level your blood sugar and can likely reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. Some elements in oats can balance the blood sugar when it suddenly spikes.  This healthy breakfast is also effortless to make, easy to make in whatever way you like, and available throughout the year.


Barley is a unique breakfast grain. However, there is a wide range of morning meals you can prepare with these pearly grains. Barley also assists in keeping your blood sugar in check.  Barley’s mild taste and nutty texture make it ideal for a cold cereal on summer mornings. You can also make a barley breakfast porridge using barley flakes instead of oats.


Quinoa contains only protein and insoluble fibers. This leaves no place for calories. So, quinoa is the ideal weight loss food for a healthy breakfast. It may also actively reduce the fat levels in your blood and promote weight loss. You can include quinoa in your breakfast in several ways. Try experimenting with quinoa salads, cereals, or some plain quinoa with seasonings.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the best sources of dietary fiber. These grains can play a great role in keeping your heart healthy. Moreover, these healthy foods contain several vital vitamins that keep your body healthy. While brown rice is quite untraditional for a breakfast food item, you can make several healthy morning meals with it. Lastly, the food item can also be great for improving your body mass index. You can make several dishes using brown rice for breakfast—for example, brown rice with eggs or brown rice porridge.

Finger Millets

Millet is the ideal weight loss breakfast. Finger millets contain the perfect ratio of healthy fat, carbs, and protein to promote a healthy start to your day. Moreover, the potassium content in millets is high and can support your kidney health. Other vitamins and minerals found in finger millet can also assist your nerves in transmitting signals across the body. You can use this protein-rich food item to make various breakfast dishes. Some popular choices include millet porridge and millet flatbread.

What Are The Best Beverages For Weight Loss?

Apart from healthy foods, several beverages can assist in weight loss. Many drinks can boost your metabolism and promote a sense of fullness and limit hunger. So, you should pair your healthy breakfast with an effective beverage for better results.

Green Tea

Apart from its many health benefits, green tea is a great way to conduct healthy weight loss. The drink is full of antioxidants and other nutrients. Moreover, it also boosts your metabolism and burns fat. Matcha, a form of green tea, contains a higher amount of cachetins than regular green tea, and this makes it ideal for reducing weight. Further, green tea may also reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Vegetable Juices

Vegetable juice is the ideal beverage for weight loss, and they contain little to no calories with high protein and vitamins. Moreover, vegetable juices also assist with several bodily functions. Regularly drinking these juices can greatly improve your health in the longer run.

Black Coffee

Lastly, coffee is the most popular beverage for breakfast. The caffeine gives people a boost early in the morning and allows them to begin their daily activities. However, this caffeine is also helpful in boosting your body’s metabolism to burn fats. Black coffee is ideal since you can avoid the fats and calories from dairy. Although, you can use low-fat milk if you wish to. If you do not drink coffee, you can also acquire similar benefits from drinking black tea.

20 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes That You Must Try! 

#1. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats require little to no prep time, making it the perfect dish for a hectic morning with a busy day ahead.

#2. Breakfast Burrito Bowl

The breakfast burrito bowl is a delicious way to start your day. Use well-cooked, seasoned brown rice for its base, and add your preferred toppings. You can select anything from corn to black beans for this healthy meal. 

#3. Greek Yogurt and Berries

Top off this simple, protein-filled yogurt with berries of your pick. Strawberries, blueberries, or cranberries all pair nicely with the dish. Moreover, they further enhance this high-protein breakfast with multiple vitamins and fibers.

#4. Avocado Toast With Carrot Juice

While avocado contains fats, you can pair it with some healthy, whole-grain toast and carrot juice. Avocado toast and carrot juice are the perfect combinations. The carbs and fats of avocado toast perfectly complement carrot juice’s protein and fibers to create a well-balanced meal.

#5. Breakfast Egg Wrap

You can get creative with your breakfast egg wrap. Fill a keto omelet with vegetables and seasonings of your pick to make a healthy snack.

#6. Quinoa Egg Salad

A quick breakfast for busy days, the quinoa egg salad serves both your taste buds and your health. Toss your quinoa and top it off with chopped boiled eggs for best results.

#7. Blueberry Barley Porridge

Blueberry barley porridge contains the sweetness of both barley and blueberry. Top off the nutty barley with juicy berries for a healthy power-packed breakfast.

#8. Oat and Chia Porridge

Oatmeal and chia seeds combine to create the most healthy porridge. This meal contains high fiber and protein that keeps you full for hours.

#9. Vegan Breakfast Tacos

Vegan breakfast tacos are another tasty way to begin your day. Fill your whole-grain tortillas with some tossed tofu, eggs, and vegetables to make mouth-watering tacos.

#10. Hash Browns With a Side of Protein

Include starch for extra energy in your meal with potato hash browns. Complete the dish with a side of fried eggs for protein. In the end, what you have is a perfect pre-workout meal.

#11. Muesli and Almond Milk

This meal is one of the quickest dishes on our list yet one of the healthiest. Add muesli to some warm almond milk for a protein-packed, low-fat breakfast.

#12. Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl

Make this sweet-tasting brown rice bowl with three healthy ingredients. Just add almond vanilla milk and maple syrup to a bowl of well-cooked brown rice.

#13. Almond Butter Banana Oats

Add a twist to your plain oatmeal. Banana slices add a sweet flavor to your oatmeal, while almond butter gives it a smooth texture and flavor.

#14. Chickpea Hash With Broccoli

Add chickpeas and broccoli to frozen hash browns to make a healthy meal. You can also top it off with some spinach and fried eggs.

#15. Zucchini Pizza

Pizza for breakfast is untraditional but not impossible. Use zucchini crust for a healthy pizza base. You can further add cheese and other toppings of your choice.

#16. Hummus and Quinoa

You can make a breakfast bowl using your favorite hummus. Adding quinoa makes the meal even healthier. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can also add other ingredients like kale or spinach for more benefits.

#17. Herb Omelet and Cherry Tomatoes

Make a healthy, high-protein omelet and garnish with fried cherry tomatoes.

#18. Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Bacon

This meal is a healthier substitute for classic bacon and eggs. Saute vegetables and turkey, garnishing them with scrambled eggs.

#19. Mix Fruit Breakfast Bowl

This bowl is full of assorted fruits for a quick and effortless breakfast. Add kiwi, grapes, banana slices, and any fruits available.

#20. Quinoa Lentil Salad

Another simple salad bowl, quinoa lentil salad, is healthy and easy. Just add quinoa, lentils, and chopped cilantro to a bowl and toss to coat the dressing before you serve.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Breakfast to Burn Belly Fat? 

If you want to shed some weight, you must start with a proper diet. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should pay extra attention to preparing your breakfast. To reduce weight healthily, you must eat small, balanced meals throughout the day. You should also reduce your calorie intake by 500. 

That said, we do understand that it could be tough to come up with healthy new recipes every morning. So, we prepared a list of the top 20 healthy breakfast ideas to assist you. 

This list contains a variety of meals with different ingredients and combinations. From vegan recipes like breakfast tacos to quick recipes like banana oatmeal, you can find the perfect snacks and morning meals for you or you can check some weight loss supplements to lose fat instantly. So, select a few ideas from the list and begin your weight loss journey immediately.

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