Golf Tips: How to Hit a Driver like a Pro

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Do you play or aspiring to play golf? You understand that hitting the driver right is the best thing you can do while playing golf. For an accurate and powerful drive, you must apply some tips as a golf player. This article will discuss some of these tips, which will make you improve your hitting experience. The information explained here is for the right-handed individuals to help in hitting the driver like a pro. If you are left-handed, you can alternate the directions if possible. Here are the top five tips.

Tee It High

Most golfers are now using the modern drivers, probably the ones with a 460cc head. If you are using the same, it’s recommended to tee the ball high to find the best spot when hitting. You can find the sweet spot just above the midpoint of the club. It’s easier to catch the sweet spot with this situation, even if you fail to raise the tee higher enough. According to golf experts from The Left Rough, the tee matters because its impact position is always different from irons, wedges, and woods. Approaching the ball in an upwards position affects the angle of attack on your tee shots.  

Take Time at the Top

When you are having a ball and a driver at hand, you always feel anxious and excited to hit the ball off to the hole. Please do not do it fast since hitting the ball while excited might create a golf swing. If you want to hit it right, take your time at the top and ensure you are calm before hitting the ball. This situation will avoid hitting the ball anxiously. How do you maintain time? Golf experts recommend taking deep breaths as you calm down. You can stay calm behind the ball and check on the target while taking slow, deep breaths that will help you calm down. After you have calmed down, move to the ball and take your stance, then swing quickly to avoid getting into an anxious state again.

Put the Club Away

Although it may sound ridiculous, leaving your club in the bag can help you give better shots. How does this happen? You may ask. You may want to hit the driver with some par-four and par-five holes, but a shorter club can handle most of these holes. When you need accuracy other than distance, it’s better to use the hybrid, fairway wood, or long iron while leaving the driver in the bag. How do you check on this? You need to think in reverse about the hole. If standing on a tee, look down the fairway and decide how to approach your shot. You also need to check on the hazards and obstacles between the ball and the target. After that, you need to calculate the risks of using the shorter driver and see if it’s viable. Most golfers take longer in knowing how to choose the best club, but if you master this well, it can lead to excellent scores. 

Round It Out

Most golfers swing irons in a vertical position where the club gets raised steeply before coming to the ball. This is ideal, especially when using iron shots, and you want to hit the ball with a hard impact. Besides this, you can round out the swing to make the club travel on a flat surface both back and front. You only need to turn your shoulders when making your backswing and hit the ball. This position avoids moving the shoulder up and down, giving you a clear focus when hitting the ball.

Get the Right Shaft

To ensure you hit it right, get the right shaft for your club. While the clubhead is essential, the club’s shaft comes in handy on the shots you’ll want to hit. For the best stick to use on your driver, you need to hop in into a golf shop and have a professional fitting done to your clubs. You can also use experienced fitters in the golf club, who charge a fee to do so. Never do the guessing in fitting since it will mess up with your hitting experience. Ensure the right shaft is fitted by a professional since the rewards are more significant than what you pay as a fixing fee.

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A good golfer drives the ball into the target with ease. Before doing so, you have to train yourself on the game’s dos and don’ts and use the right club and procedure in hitting the ball. The above guidelines are but a few you need to follow to hit the ball right like a pro. If used well, they can easily elevate you from being a beginner to a pro.


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