From the desk of Assemblyman Anthony D/Urso: D’Urso condemns attacks of anti-Semitism

The Island Now

I call on residents of the 16th Assembly District who feel helpless rights now, watching as one attack after another hits New York Jewish communities, and many other parts of America and the world to join me in taking a stand.

An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. I join with New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and more than 130 faith leaders from across the state including Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan in pledging to continue fighting hate and intolerance with love and inclusion.
These anti-Semitic attacks are borne out of ignorance and hatred and will not be tolerated in our state. It is my fervent hope that together as a community we can work together to rise above such bigotry.

Events like the communal menorah lighting in New Hyde Park serve to unite our community. I commend the Lakeville Estates Civic Association, Rabbi Randy Sheinberg (Temple Tikvah) and Rabbi Borosch Wolf (Chabad of LIJ and North Shore Hospitals) for helping us to stand together to fight darkness with light.
Our country is strengthened by the premise that all human beings are created equal and the very fiber of our American way of life is woven with respect for the many nationalities that make up our country. Hate is everywhere. It rears its ugly head in attacks on temples, churches, mosques, schools, etc.

This hatred has created a climate where citizens are afraid to go to malls, send their children to school, or go out to a movie theater. I hope that soon rather than later those who perpetuate that hate must see that they didn’t win.

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