Exhale Wellness Reviews: #1 Brand For Hemp Enthusiast

Exhale Wellness Review
Review of Exhale Wellness and their products

Exhale Wellness has successfully captured the market which is “high”. With the help of high-quality products and consistent seamless delivery, exhale well has become one of the most trusted brands in the cannabis industry. The highlight products of the brands are related to Delta 8 and CBD. There’s a wide variety of ranges in both of these categories. Let’s find out more about Exhale Wellness and review about their products.

They employ local farmers who are in direct touch with the actual cannabis or hemp plants, as they extract the buds naturally without damaging or leaving any residue. This way they are able to extract 100% natural and organic hemp plant buds to be further used in their products.

Offering products like Delta 9, HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and many more. The aim is to provide the best THC products that are extensively tested in their own labs and third-party labs to keep the quality of the product intact. Be it Oil or Gummies, you will be high.

Exhale Well Reviews: Best THC Brand Of 2023

Based in Los Angeles, California, Exhale Wellness has a core team of enthusiasts who understand the cannabis industry and its mechanism. By committing to the natural quality of the products they’re offering, which not only keeps you in constant euphoria but also comes with added health benefits like reducing stress levels, curing anxiety, increasing T levels in the male body, and some more.

Some of their products are 100% vegan to cater to the health-conscious vegetarian audience. This way, they are able to satisfy people of all categories and age groups without shedding a tear. Which initially started as a complete Delta 8 brand, now manufactures and sells Delta 9 products like Oil and Gummies as well. Delta 9 has an increased quantity of THC in the mix which further increases the intensity of feeling of euphoria.

For smokers on the go, they offer Delta 8 and HHC cartridges which can be installed in dab pens and are ready to smoke instantly. With exciting and new flavors, the taste and smoke leave you in a mild happy state. Cartridges are the most effective way of dabbing anytime, anywhere.

Not every smoker is a heavy smoker, some of them enjoy a mild state of euphoria as well. For that, they have introduced low-potency Delta 8 products which give a mild and calming high after consumption. They have diversified their product range to a level that leaves no kind of smoker behind.

In their short period of business, they have become the number one hemp brand in the United States. Exhale Well has seen more popularity when it comes to gummies as they are flavorful and full of adequate THC content to keep you in outer space.

High-Quality Hemp-Derived Products: ExhaleWell.com

These hemp-derived products are for everyone. But with caution. While everything sounds merry and easy, there are people who might be unfamiliar with the THC content they can handle. It is highly advised by the brand to consume only low THC content products as a beginner and gradually increase your dose as per your liking.

The products are 100% genuine and naturally extracted so they do not possess any side effects but everyone’s body reacts differently to different products with THC content.

Basically, the products are for everyone, but not for everyone. First judge your capacity before consuming any type of product.

However, if your body allows you to consume THC products, there’s no better brand than Exhale Wellness. Ever since the farm bill of 2018 was passed which stated that hemp plants and its extracts are now federally legal for consumption, sale and purchase as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less. Any more THC content might make it illegal to consume.

To avoid any legal penalties, it is advisable to stick to 0.3% THC only. The protagonists of the brand started building up their base the moment the farm bill was passed. Since then, with consistent effort and the ambition to create a brand that caters to all kinds of people, Exhale Wellness was born.

A brand focused on Overall Wellness. They have been the overall best brand in the cannabis industry ever since they were incorporated into existence.

Product Range By Exhale Wellness: Delta 8 & CBD

Among the wide variety of products, the main categories are Delta 8, CBD, HHC and Delta 9. Let’s review Exhale Wellness and discuss about their products in detail:

  1. Delta 8 Products Online For Sale

Delta 8 Gummies– Full Spectrum THC Edibles 

Delta 8 Gummies are sweet chewable gummy bears with less than 0.3% THC content. They are the most popular form of Delta 8 edibles as they come in all colors and sizes. Among all the flavors available, the fruit gummies are the most popular ones because of their universal flavor. The gummies produced are mostly vegan and animal-gelatin free. The best Delta 8 gummies come in two sizes which are: 750mg and 150mg.


There are no artificial flavors, synthetic products, gelatin or dairy products available in the gummies.

Delta 8 Flower– Top Shelf Weed Strains

Another popular type of Delta 8 product is Delta 8 flowers. They are used by smokers to smoke in bongs, dab pens and vaporizers. The flowers are locally grown on the farms with the help of local artisans in Colorado. Each bud is carefully extracted from the hemp plant without damaging the bud to ensure maximum Delta 8 content.

Delta 8 Carts– Best Vape Pens

Delta 8 cartridges are the most effective way of smoking on the go. The carts are available by the brand and can be easily installed in cool and trendy dab pens for instant smoke sessions anytime, anywhere. By using high-quality oil without MCT or PEG, the carts deliver a smooth and engaging high and make them the best Delta 8 carts available in the market.

Delta 8 Oil – Delta 8 THC Oil

Exhale offers premium hemp delta 8 oil which are third-party lab tested with full spectrum CBD components. They are available in glass dropper bottles which are organic and non-GMO with no artificial flavors or preservatives. The products are delivered fast and on time by the brands and are made under the law complaints.

Delta-8 Capsules

Delta 8 capsules are also known as Delta-8 soft gels which provide long-lasting relief and relaxed feeling instantly. Delta 8 capsules are portable, easy to consume as they can be consumed directly. It instantly shows its effects and boosts the effects of the Delta 8 THC component.

The ingredients used are cruelty-free with no animal gelatin or artificial flavors. The THC used in the products is highly concentrated to increase the effects of euphoria in the mind and the body. The product is lab tested from its own as well as third party labs and is made keeping in mind the law restrictions and the legal complaints.

They come in 3 sizes which are: 1500mg, 750mg, and 300mg.

Delta 9 Gummies: Best THC Chewables

Delta 9 gummies are the most flavorful way of getting a euphoric feeling. Each delta 9 gummy contains THC and CBD combined to increase the high effects. Each gummy contains 1 mg of THC and 25mg of CBD, this makes a total of 30mg of THC and 750mg of CBD in each bottle, enough to keep you in space for prolonged days. Not to mention, they are only called gummies but not shaped like one. Do not confuse it with fake products.

Delta 9 Oil: Highly Potent THC Tinctures

Exhale Wellness Delta 9 oil comes in drop bottles and each bottle contains THC and CBD combined. This means each ml contains 0.5 of THC and 20mg of CBD. The extraction method is safe and is from natural CO2, this makes the product organic and with no preservatives.

The product is available in 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 3000mg. One can choose among these varieties according to their preference.

The best Delta 9 oil has potential health benefits with the help of an advanced conversion method known as isomerization. This makes the product a carrier oil with a balanced delta-9 product.

  1. CBD products:

CBD Gummies– Full Spectrum Hemp Edibles 

CBD Gummies are one of the best discreet and portable ways to consume the product to obtain a feeling of euphoria. The best CBD gummies are produced by Exhale Well which are infused with full-spectrum CBD and have less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC content.

The extraction process is designed to keep the product 100% organic and are fruit-shaped vegan gummies. As always, the product is cruelty-free which means it is completely free from animal gelatine.

Gummies are mostly loved because of their fruit flavoring which makes the product tasty and brings a good high with the highest quality of CBD-infused gummies. Each bottle contains 30CT and 25mg per gummy. Get yourself on a trip with CBD.

The Exhale gummies are available in full-spectrum gummies and broad-spectrum gummies. The terpenes and flavonoids cohesively work together to bring about the desired results expected by the user.

CBD Flower– Strongest Weed Strains 

The research team of Exhale Wellness extensively goes beyond the bar to find the finest hemp buds in the world. This is why the Exhale Well CBD Flower is considered one of the top-tier buds in the whole cannabis industry. High-quality CBD flower is best for mental relaxation and for some people it even helps in worse conditions like depression and severe anxiety.

From a wide variety of flavors like cherry wine to northern lights, CBD flowers are the most tasteful way of consuming CBD in the form of joints.

CBD flower is extracted from hemp flower which contains a major component called Delta 9 which is responsible for getting you in the feeling of euphoria each time. The amount of Delta 9 content which under the law order set by the farm bill in 2018.

To ensure the highest quality of hemp from its extraction till reaching its consumers, the farmers use the greenhouse effect and light deprivation technologies to maintain the quality. These flowers can be used to make other products like tinctures, edibles, concentrates and many more.

The CBD flower works with the help of an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This component is responsible for working in the neurological system of the human body.

CBD Oil – THC Infused CBD Oil

CBD oils and tinctures by Exhale Wellness are full spectrum CBD oil which produce better effects of high when consumed. People often consume CBD oil by taking the dropper and placing some drops of the oil under the tongue for maximum effects.

The average CBD oil dropper is about 30 ml and contains about 600 mg of CBD content in total.

The THC content is infused keeping in mind the norms of the law curated under the farm bill of 2018. CBD oil and tinctures are popular because they dissolve quickly and give an almost instant feeling of euphoria and high. Not only this, CBD oil can be mixed with foods and drinks as well. This is for those who do not like the raw taste of the oil and wish to make their diet and drinks more exciting.

The hemp seed oil falls under the category of a superfood and contains omega fatty acids which can be used to treat conditions like high blood pressure, improve skin health, reduce the chances of any heart conditions and treat other conditions related to human health.

  1. HHC Products-

HHC Gummies: High-Quality HHC Edibles 

HHC is one of the newest compounds in the hemp industry discovered with the help of extensive research and effort. People and experts have reported that the HHC component is milder than the Delta 8 content and is perfect for beginners willing to try these products and start off small.

HHC, when consumed, uplifts your mood instantly and produces the feeling of euphoria gradually. HHC gummies are the best way to start your Delta 8 or CBD journey as they are easy to consume and are tasteful. With Exhale Wellness, your high states will be met always and forever. Each bottle of HHC gummy cubes contain 30CT per bottle and 25mg per gummy which is adequate for beginners.

HHC Oil – High-Quality HHC Oil For Beginners 

Again, HHC oils and tinctures are milder than that of Delta 8 oils and perfect for people wishing to start their journey of being high.

The product is third party lab tested for authentication and to keep the THC content intact as prescribed.

There are other popular products related to HHC on Exhale Wellness’s official website.

Consumer Review of Exhale Wellness: Why People Choose it?

With keeping its users as its highest priority, Exhale Wellness has succeeded in delivering quality products consistently and on time. The brand’s image is based on the fact that they have products for every type of smoker, discounted prices, exclusive offers, fast delivery and an easy return policy within 30 minutes.

Exhale has successfully built the trust levels of people by offering 100% natural and genuine products consistently and at effective prices. The official website is filled with real-time reviews of people who not only joined the high but also experienced health benefits like pain relief, stress reduction, and many other benefits.

Exhale Wellness is now the top CBD brand in the entire United States because of its exceptional service and understanding the demand of the people and catering to the same.


  • On-time Delivery
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • No Animal Gelatine
  • Safe Extraction Process used
  • Available in a Wide Variety of flavors
  • 30-day return policy

Cons Only

  • Available only United States
  • Prices are pretty high

Buying & Return Policy

The company has a strict 30-day return with 100% cashback policy if their users are not completely satisfied with the product they have ordered.

This increases the credibility of the brand, as it shows that the brand trusts its products and knows that its users will be satisfied mostly. All the refund requests are processed within 30-45 days of the request, and if the user has not even opened the package, the company is even ready to refund the shipping fee.

Returning of the products can be due to multiple reasons such as damaged products, wrong products and many other reasons.


FAQ’S about Exhale Wellness Review:

1. Is Exhale Well trustworthy?

Yes, Exhale Wellness is the most reputable and trusted brand in the cannabis industry. Their products are naturally made, non-GMO and lab-tested. They offer various products in CBD, Delta-9 THC, Delta 8, and many other products in all forms like gummies, carts, vapes, oils, etc.

2. Is Exhale gummies legit?

All exhale gummies are tested by third-party labs for their quality and safety before being made available for sale on the official website. Therefore, Exhale Wellness gummies are 100% legit. They are fully organic, non-GMO and legally sourced gummies. 

3. Does Delta-8 Exhale Wellness get you high?

Exhale Wellness delta 8 flowers are not simply a way to get high. Instead, they are a way to relax and feel better while also enjoying the benefits of natural, holistic remedies.

4. Are Exhale Wellness CBD gummies good?

Exhale Wellness CBD gummies are tasty and healthy. These are a safe way to lift your spirits and get some much-needed slumber, especially if you’re in pain. Several brands provide CBD gummies on the market, but Exhale is frequently considered the best.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Weed Brand In The World?

All in all, Exhale Wellness has successfully placed itself at the top of the cannabis industry with the help of its exceptional service and 100% genuine products delivered on time. Exhale Well offers products like CBD, HHC, Delta 8 and Delta 9.

The like-minded individuals sitting at the head of the company are here to tap the Delta 8 market and become consistent top performers in the same. Exhale Wellness wants to keep its customer’s satisfaction high at the top and take them to the moon, not literally.

Under these categories, there are products like, pre-rolls, carts, flowers, edibles, gummies, cigarettes and many more. All the products sold on the website are especially targeted at people with different smoking needs.

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