Exhale Wellness Coupon Codes & Discounts (25% OFF) – May Update

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Exhale Wellness offers amazing deals frequently. So, if you want a better price, there are numerous Exhale Wellness coupons you can choose from.

Exhale Wellness coupons are unlimited and can be in the form of deals, discounts, and codes. Check them out and choose the ones most suitable for you. You do not have to pay the total price of your purchase with these coupons.

25% Off: Entire Order

This code is one of the newest coupon options Exhale Wellness offers its customers. You get 25% off the total price at checkout with this code. This discount is only available while stock lasts. Its420 is the code you should use to get this coupon.

20% Off: First Purchase

This deal is ongoing. It is for everyone purchasing from the website for the first time. You can buy as many products as you like and get a 20% discount when you check out. You do not need a code to redeem this deal. The website highlights your transaction as a first-time buyer, and you automatically get the deal.

20% Off: Sitewide

The coupon code is WELCOME20. This discount is always available, and you can use it until black Friday, which is about five months away. You will get 20% off per purchase. That is to say; you can use this code on each purchase that you register at check out. Currently, you can use the code multiple times. However, the rules for this coupon code are subject to change without notice. Therefore hurry up before it changes.

20% Off: Entire Order 

Unlike the 25% off the entire order, which is a great deal, this one is quite different. You only get 20% off the total price with this code if your purchase reaches $100 or more. Therefore, if you make an order of less than $100, you cannot apply this code. In addition, this offer is only available to new customers. The code to redeem this coupon is NEW20. 

Delta-8 Discounts:

You can get deals when you purchase Exhale Wellness delta-8 products. You can buy the delta-8 THC vape at discounted prices, starting from $14.95. At the same time, delta-8 edible‘s prices start from 29.95 %. These deals only apply to selected products; therefore, they may not be available for every product in the category.

Delta-8 prerolls also have discounts, and the price starts from $49.95. On the other hand, for delta-8 flower, the discount price starts from $39.95.

In addition, you can get a 10% deal off some delta-8 bundles. You should visit Exhale Wellness’s official website to know more about this deal.

You do not need a code to get delta-8 products at these discount prices. The deal is available and open to everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you are a new or returning customer.

20% Off: Oil Tinctures and Soft Gels

When you buy Exhale wellness‘s soft gels and oil tinctures, you can get up to 20% off if you apply the code DEAL5. This deal is only available while stock lasts, and you can only use it for only one transaction per person.

Subscription Deal 

If you subscribe to Exhale Wellness, you will get 25% off every purchase you make on the website. All you need is to sign up with your email address, and you can start enjoying 25% off your purchase. This offer saves you a lot of money if you are a frequent buyer.

BOGO 50% Coupon Code 

This code gets you 50% off all Exhale Wellness oils. The code is OIL50. This code is active, and you can use it only on one order.

Discounts In Exhale Wellness 

Exhale Wellness has a variety of products. Their products are made from organic hemp and are naturally flavored.

They are mostly famous for their wide range of Delta-8 products. In addition to Delta-8 and Delta 9 products, Exhale Wellness produces CBD gummies, flowers, prerolls, and HHC gummies.

Exhale Wellness products can be pricey; however, discounts make them more affordable. You can also buy more products with coupon codes and know about discounts while purchasing.

Although some discounts expire faster than others, you will always find available Exhale Wellness coupons. Even if you don’t have a coupon code, you can still get amazing discounts with Exhale Wellness deals on the official website.


U.S. hemp certification

Free shipping on all orders

30-day money-back guarantee

Naturally flavored gummies

Safe extraction

Vegan-friendly products

Third-party tested

Fast delivery

General Information 

The company is based in Los Angeles, California.

Full and broad-spectrum CBD and Delta-8 gummies

Numerous products available

Sustainable and organic sourced hemp

Shipping and Return Policy:

Exhale will ship your orders within 24 to 48 hours post check out, and you will receive them within five to seven business days, and at the latest ten days for extreme cases. Shipping is done every day except on Sundays and public holidays.

Exhale offers free shipping to all its customers. However, if you want your order to be delivered faster, you can opt to pay shipping fees. The fees will be added to your total price at check out if you choose this option.

Exhale does not ship globally, and they also do not ship everywhere in the United States. It would help if you took note of this at check out. They give details of states that don’t send their products.

If you are not satisfied with your product and return it within 30 days of purchase, Exhale promises to give you a full refund. Your refund will be processed within a month, and you may even get the shipping fees back if the product is unopened.

However, products are usually returned due to damages, wrong delivery, and other reasons. Rarely do customers return Exhale products because they didn’t meet their demands.

This refund policy shows the credibility of the company and increases user trust.

Are There Active Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes have limited lives, and therefore, you need to use them as soon as you can. All the Exhale Wellness coupons listed here are active and updated regularly. These coupons are verified, and there are numerous Exhale Wellness reviews from people who have used them.

New customers and first-time buyers will get at least 20% off any purchase on Exhale Wellness. In addition, some of the deals we listed here are always available, especially for new customers. Therefore, Expired coupons are tagged or removed from the site.

How to Use Exhale Wellness Coupon Codes?

Step 1: Visit Exhale Wellness’ official website. If this is your first visit, you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you are above 21. You should note that Exhale Wellness products are not available to people less than 21. Click yes, and this pop-up will go away.

Step 2: On the top of the page, you will notice a “SHOP NOW” button. Click on this, and the website will direct you to a page filled with all products from Exhale Wellness.

Step 3: Go through all the products on the page. You will find the price information and a picture of each product. When you find a product you want, click “select options.”

Step 4: You will see a page with all the information about that product. Read this carefully before you add it to your cart. You will find information about shipping and the details of the product.

Step 5: Add the product to your cart. Before you add the product to your cart, make sure to subscribe to get a 25% discount on your purchase. If you select a one-time purchase, you won’t get this discount.

In addition, if you want to make the best use of your coupon codes, you should buy more than one product. Doing this will reduce the total cost if the code is no longer available when you are ready to purchase other products.

Step 6: If you have other products you want to buy, you can continue shopping and adding them to your cart. When you finish, review your purchase and check out.

Step 7: Apply your coupon code to reduce the total cost. You will see a blank space where you can type the code to redeem the offer. You will notice an instant decrease in your total price when you do that. Proceed to pay the final amount and wait for your order.

Alternatives to Exhale Wellness:

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is a Colorado-based hemp company that produces full-spectrum CBD products. This company is legitimate as it follows the hemp industry regulations. They extract their hemp using the CO2 extraction method, which other hemp companies widely use due to its safety. All Nuleaf Naturals products are third-party tested. However, Nuleaf Naturals’ products are limited, and they don’t add flavors to their products.

Plus CBD Oils

Plus, CBD oils are famous for their active CBD oils. Their products are laboratory-tested and are available in a vast collection. Plus, CBD oils are full-spectrum, and the company claims they are non-psychoactive. Nevertheless, there is a varying CBD concentration in their products, and customers demand the company to be more open about their dealings.


This is another excellent alternative to Exhale Wellness. Their products are cheaper, and they source their hemp from Kentucky and Colorado. They use the moonshine extraction method, which is much different from CO2 extraction. However, it is also safe. Similar to Exhale Wellness, Spruce offers free shipping to its customers and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Saving Tips: 

When applying these coupons, you should note these three things.

  1. You can only use this Exhale Wellness coupon when shopping directly on the official website. If you try to buy Exhale wellness products on other websites and apply these coupons, it will not work.
  2. You cannot apply for more than one coupon at a time. When checking out an order, you can use a single code to get a discount on that purchase. Moreover, some coupon codes allow multiple usages while others don’t. Therefore, there is no need to pile coupon codes up; you should rather divide your order to apply different codes for each one.
  3. You can use these deals once. On Exhale Wellness, you get a 20% off deal on your first purchase; however, you will not get these deals on subsequent purchases. If you subscribe to the site, you can enjoy a 25% discount deal on every purchase.
  4. Discount prices are available while stock lasts. When Exhale Wellness cuts off the price of a product, you need to make a quick purchase to enjoy that discount. Once the promo ends, the prices will go back to normal. In addition, the company can change the rules on such promos at any time.


Brand Overview: Exhale Wellness 

Company Overview

Exhale wellness produces high-quality hemp products, which is why it is a trusted cannabis company. They have a wide range of products in Delta-8 and CBD. The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and is regulated by the hemp authority.

Exhale Wellness uses American grown cannabis for its products and employs local farmers. The plant’s buds used to make their products are extracted naturally.

Exhale Wellness is famous for its THC products which guarantee normal to medium “high” depending on the product. Their Delta-8 products include Delta-8 gummies, Delta-8 flowers, Delta-8 oil, Delta-8 prerolls, Delta-8 wax, and Delta-8 capsules. They recently started the Delta 9 line, and the products in this line have more cannabis and are suitable for heavy smokers and people looking for more “high.”

Exhale is a top-rated cannabis company that makes sure to keep its customers happy and satisfied. Coupons and deals make their products affordable and available to numerous customers nationwide.

In addition, Exhale Wellness CBD and THC products are available in various flavors. Shipping is fast; however, they do not ship outside the U.S. The extraction process is safe, and all the products are laboratory tested. Some of their products are organic and suitable for vegans. You should check the details of each product to find out more.

What CBD Products Does Exhale Wellness Sell?

Exhale Wellness is known for its THC products. Nevertheless, they have CBD products that do not contain any THC except CBD oil.

Their CBD products are CBD Pre-rolls, CBD oil (THC infused), CBD flower, and CBD gummies. Exhale CBD gummies are their best-selling and most popular CBD product. All Exhale CBD products are full and broad-spectrum and sold on their official website.

Best Selling Products Of Exhale Wellness: 

Delta-8 Gummies: These gummies are sweet and chewable and contain less than 0.3 THC, which is the recommended amount. These gummies are full-spectrum and safely extracted. Since they are organic, they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

CBD Oil and Tinctures: Exhale CBD oils are full-spectrum and infused with THC. These oils will get you the high you desire. You can mix it with your food if you do not like the taste of raw oil.

CBD Gummies: Exhale CBD gummies are naturally sweet and chewy. They are also either full or broad-spectrum, so you should know which one you prefer. The CBD gummies do not contain artificial flavors, synthetic protein, and other inorganic products.

Delta-8 Pre-rolls: For people who would rather not be bothered about rolling a joint to smoke, Delta-8 prerolls are just right for you. All you need to do is light it, and you are good to go.

CBD Flower: This is another Exhale best-selling product. CBD flowers are quite popular and sold by a lot of brands. However, Exhale’s CBD flower contains the most potent weed strains that you can find in the cannabis market. These CBD flowers have flavors and will get you the relaxation you seek.

Delta-9 Gummies: Exhale’s Delta 9 gummies are relatively new, and they are similar to CBD and Delta-8 gummies because they are sweet, flavored, and chewable. A remarkable difference is that Delta 9 contains more THC and is guaranteed to get even “higher” than the other gummies.

FAQs Regarding Exhale Wellness Coupon & Promo Code: 

  1. Can I use an expired coupon?

It would be best if you used coupons as soon as you get them, and there is no point in waiting since they expire eventually anyway. If you have an expired coupon, you may be able to use it on the expiry date, and Online coupons do not have a specified time lapse. Therefore, you can use a coupon until the end of the day it expires.

  1. How long are these online coupons active?

Exhale online coupons are active depending on the company’s choice. Some coupons can be active for more than six months, while others are only active for a few weeks. However, there are occasions when you can be sure to find active coupons. For instance, numerous cannabis companies have many coupons in April due to the 420 celebration. Holidays are no exception either. If the company has fan clubs, you may try to join one to enjoy endless coupon codes.

  1. Does using a coupon affect shipping my order?

No, using a coupon code on Exhale does not affect your order shipping. If your coupon code has expired or is not working, the site will not apply it to your order in the first place. If there is any delay in shipping your order after payment, it is due to several reasons, but using a coupon is not one.

  1. What do I do if Exhale Wellness doesn’t ship my order?

Exhale Wellness will send your order when they confirm your payment. According to its website, it typically takes five to seven business days for an order to ship, and you should note that Sundays and public holidays do not count as business days. Nevertheless, Exhale wants you to wait at least ten days before taking action on your shipping.

Moreover, the shipping company is usually at fault when orders don’t ship faster, as they may have forgotten to update your shipping record. Other times, the weather and holidays affect shipping.

The post office may also forget to scan your order at each stop to inform you of its progress. In such cases, your order suddenly appears on your doorstep even though you were not aware it was on its way.

  1. Can I track my order after it ships?

You can track every purchase you make on Exhale as soon as you pay. You will get a notification when your order ships and receive an email with your tracking number. Your tracking number can also tell you the company bringing your order. If your tracking number starts with 1Z, the shipping company UPS. for FedEx, your tracking number will be 12 digits, and if it is USPS, you will get a 16-digit tracking number.

  1. What States Are Exempt From Shipping These products?

Exhale ships everywhere in the U.S.; however, if your order contains THC or HHC and cannabis is illegal in your state, Exhale will not ship your product. You will find the details on the states they do not ship to each product before you add them to your cart.


Rewards Program Of Exhale Wellness: Top-Rated Brand For Buying Hemp Products At Best Affordable Rates: 

You deserve to buy your hemp products at lower prices, and that is why we research coupon codes for you to use. Exhale Wellness products can be pricey, and therefore, applying a coupon is one of the best ways to get a better deal.

Coupon codes are competitive, and a lot of people need them. So, when you find a code, try to apply it as soon as you can. All coupon codes will expire after some time; therefore, it is best to use them as soon as you get them. We listed only active coupons on this page, and we update them regularly. We are constantly trying to get new offers, deals, and coupon codes that you can use to purchase your orders.

In addition, you can only use Exhale Wellness coupons on its website, and you cannot apply these coupon codes on a third-party website. Exhale offers numerous deals for its new and returning customers if you cannot find any coupon code. Be sure to take advantage of those offers.

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