Best Electric Lawn Mower Of 2022: Tried And Tested


It is an effective and eco-friendly way to perform gardening tasks without gas and fuel adjustment hassle. Though the cordless electric mower has less working capacity than gas-powered lawn mowers, it is much quieter and safer for the environment.

Like other gardening machinery, countless manufacturers also make electric mowers available in the market. Each of them offers a different set of features that can prove beneficial for different kinds of users.

Some brands focus on less cost while providing quality features. On the other hand, few focused on the ease of use and advancement of features. So, the huge variety of electric lawn mowers might make you conscious about choosing the best one.

We tested and analyzed hundreds of electric lawn mowers from the market and gathered reviews from reputable websites to provide you with a list of the best brands. Of course, we care about your ease of finding gadgets and tools that will make your dream garden possible.

You can keep reading the article to know about the factors we considered to make this list of the best electric lawn mowers for you. Furthermore, you will get details about those cordless electric lawn mowers brands. We will also answer your queries regarding the best electric lawn mowers in this guide. So, let’s give it a read!

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2022, Tested By An Expert

  1. Greenworks Walk– Overall Best Electric Lawn Mower 
  2. EGO POWER– Most Powerful Electric Lawn Mower 
  3. Worx Lawn Mower-Best Premium Electric Lawn Mower
  4. 5 Cub Cadet Electric – Popular Electric Lawn Mower

#1. Greenworks Walk-The Best Electric Lawn Mower Overall

A 24-Volt cordless electric lawn mower designed specifically for small suburban lawns is the Greenworks MO24B410. It has a 13-inch mower deck, which makes it easier to make neat turns and fit into tight spaces around trees and other landscaping elements.

It has a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery, which eliminates memory loss and reduces charging issues that are sometimes seen with less powerful battery systems. Even the original purchase includes a compatible smart charger, which is a special touch.

This prevents the battery from being accidentally overcharged, which could limit its lifespan and cause harm. It can mow up to a quarter of an acre when completely charged, which translates to an average run time of about 30 minutes.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Greenworks used advanced electrics. They even have a 2400 mAh USB power port, allowing you to utilize the lawnmower’s internal battery to charge your phone or best free phone tracker tracker apps.

Both a bagger and a mulching mower can be configured with the 13-inch cutting deck. The original purchase comes with all required attachments. Thanks to the available height settings, you can cut your grass to the perfect height for the current conditions.

A strong 3-year tool warranty is offered with the Greenworks MO24B410. This is a boast about their production, engineering, and material procedures.


Performance: The 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery in the 24-volt electric lawn mower performs superbly, powering the cutting blades. Even when fully loaded, the bagger is very comfortable to use and doesn’t lumber.

Effortless Use: Due to its light weight and agility, this lawnmower is simple to use even in confined spaces. You don’t have to be concerned about unintentionally overloading the lithium-ion battery because the charger has integrated smart technology. When you are cutting the grass, you can even store it on a sturdy garage shelf because it is so lightweight.

Maintenance: The Greenworks MO24B410 doesn’t require much maintenance like many other cordless electric lawn mowers. Spend an extra minute or two to sweep away any leftover material before putting the mulcher away because it can occasionally become clogged with thick, damp grass clippings.

Safety Options: All of the hand control safety features you would expect to find on a walk-behind push mower are included with the Greenworks MO24B410.

USB port and battery: The 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and the smart charger lessen the possibility of overcharging and memory loss issues. The USB port on the 2400 mAh power bank is a really good addition. You can use it to keep your MP3 player or smartphone charged while mowing.


  • No memory loss due to Lithium-ion battery
  • 24-Volt electric motor
  • Contains a battery and charger
  • 3-years of warranty
  • USB charging and port available
  • 13-inch cutting deck
  • Bagging or mulching mower


  • Drains the battery quickly
  • Possible clogging problem in mulching discharge

=> Click here to visit the official website of Greenworks

#2. EGO POWER+ 21 Mower– Most Powerful Electric Lawn Mower 

The 8.3 ft-lb of torque produced by the EGO POWER+ 21” Select Cut XP Self-Propelled Mower outperforms the power of gasoline. The Mulching Blade, High Lift Bagging Blade, and Extended Runtime Blade are the three lower, replaceable blades that come with the Select CutTM Multi-Blade Cutting System.

The mower already has a Mulching Blade installed, which is perfect for weekly mulching. Your yard will be free of clippings thanks to the High Lift Bagging Blades’ additional suction, which is perfect for bagging. The Longer Runtime Blade offers the best compromise between cut quality and runtime for all-around performance. You can choose between the three blades depending on the cut you want.

By applying pressure to activate the system, Touch DriveTM Technology puts total control of the self-propelled system in your hands. Utilize a dial conveniently located at your fingertips to adjust the variable speed quickly for safe and practical operation.

The machine uses the 56 Volt 10.0 Ah ARC LithiumTM battery to give 75 minutes of cutting ability on a single charge. The device also includes a high-efficiency brushless motor and many features that can benefit any gardener.However, you can also look for vacuum brands that help you to keep your house clean.


Drive Controls: EGO revives the classic Select Cut Touch Drive technology, which combines a huge push button on each side of the handle with a forward/back spinning speed dial.

Vertical Storage: It is no surprise that EGO still provides vertical storage with this mower, and the procedure is rather simple. Simply swing it around by pressing the green lever against the handle on the left.

LEDs: At this time, the majority of battery-powered lawnmowers have LED lights. For them, EGO adds an on/off switch. Although they are not the first to offer that choice, it is good to choose not to use them when you don’t have to.

Grass Catcher Bag: You will need a larger grass catcher bag for a lawn mower. This is huge and powerful, and you won’t be dissatisfied with this one. You will have plenty of room to store the cuttings with a 2-bushel capacity.

Height Modification: This lawn mower’s quality almost defies description, and you’ll see that it offers a choice of seven different cutting heights. It’s really that easy; just pick one of the seven options between 1.5” and 4” and go on.

Mulching: Although it is not a feature found in all cordless mowers, mulching is undoubtedly one of the key selling factors for anything this powerful. Every time you mow your grass, the ability to mulch means that your lawn will receive a critical nutritional boost, enhancing the quality of your lawn.


  • Outstanding cutting power
  • Amazing mulching
  • Effective bagging
  • Three blades available
  • Includes all essential tools in the kit
  • Adjustable Ergonomic handles
  • Variable speed drive
  • Multiple mowing functions are available
  • Longer battery life
  • Dual blades
  • Design with Vertical storage


  • High price
  • Lack of roller for the striped appearance of a lawn

=> Click here to visit the official website of Ego Power

#3. Worx Lawn Mower–Best Premium Electric Lawn Mower

Lawn Mowers and other garden tools under the Worx name are made by the Suzhou, China-based Positec Tool Corporation.

The Worx WG779 is a machine that you might want to look into further if you have a tiny lawn to maintain, are sick of your manual mower, and have been wishing for something motorized to make your life easier. It’s one of their smallest mowers, with a mowing width of just 14 inches, and since it’s battery-powered, you won’t have to deal with power wires or gas canisters.

This well-known tool company’s improved, more potent model is the Worx 40V Cordless Lawn Mower. With 40V of power and the option to specify higher amp hour batteries, you can now mow your lawn for at least 35 minutes without interruption (and up to 55 minutes with 4.0Ah batteries). After all, cutting through the wire while mowing your lawn is one of the toughest parts of lawn maintenance.

You will undoubtedly want to pay close attention if you have been searching for a new mower and have considered going cordless.   Cordless is ideally suited to every plot, whether it is round or narrow.


Regular Cutting: Two centimeters is the lowest cutting grade, which is typical for most mowers. Going cordless has allowed users to mow grass more frequently than before, making each task a little simpler than the last. Effective edge-to-edge trimming even removes the majority of the grass right up to the fence.

Eco and Turbo Modes: You can use the Worx 40V cordless in Turbo or Eco Modes. Eco mode helps the battery last longer. Turbo mode provides a little more power and is apparent over thicker grass. Even at maximum power, the mower is pretty silent; turbo makes it somewhat noisier.

Battery Power: According to estimates, the larger batteries’ Eco mode runtime of up to 55 minutes should be sufficient for lawns up to 350 m2. The machine won’t run as long if you use the 2.0Ah cells, but you will get the same power. However, according to Worx, a single charge should last you 30-35 minutes.

Easily Usable: For any modest lawn, it takes around 15 minutes to mow, from taking the mower out to putting it away, because the setup is simple and quick.


  • Well-built machine
  •  Easy to store
  • Delivers a clean cut
  • Long battery life
  • Effective for longer grass
  • Roller for stripes on the lawn


  • Clogging problem on wet grass
  • Not suitable for people who want a shorter cut
  • Difficult cutting height adjustment

=> Click here to visit the official website of Worx

#4. Cub Cadet Electric– Popular Electric Lawn Mower

The modern 30Ah, 1500Wh lithium-ion battery bank powers the Cub Cadet CC30E. It has a max forward speed of up to 4 miles an hour and a max reverse speed of up to 2 miles an hour because it powers the foot-pedal-driven drive system. It has a battery capacity of up to one acre or around one hour of runtime.

The Cub Cadet CC30E is rechargeable by connecting it to a typical 110 Volt electrical outlet, which is a testament to the quality of the machine’s engineering. As with many electric vehicles, you won’t need to worry about any expensive power connectors or charging stations.

The lithium-ion battery bank also provides more than enough speed for the 56 Volt MAX brushless electric motor to rip through even the thickest blades of grass. The brushless electric motor is also incredibly quiet, making it ideal for suburban and residential environments.

The Cub Cadet CC30E’s 30-inch-diameter cutting deck is just the correct size to eat through 30-inch swaths of expansive lawns quickly and effectively. However, it is still neat enough to allow for very clean cuts around trees and other landscaping elements. The cutting deck’s height can be changed in five different ways.


Effective and Silent Motor: The 30-inch-diameter cutting deck’s single blade is driven by a brushless electric motor that is remarkably quiet and produces very little heat. This helps prolong the electric motor’s overall life and is perfect for mowing lawns in suburban areas near neighbors.

Maintenance: The Cub Cadet CC30E is a battery-powered electric riding lawn mower that requires virtually no maintenance. Filter problems, oil changes, fuel issues, and spark plug issues are not your responsibility. Simply maintain a proper charge in it, change or sharpen the cutting blade as necessary, and lubricate any moving parts. Then simply adhere to the winter storage instructions in the owner’s manual.

Safety Options: The Cub Cadet CC30E has every driver’s station safety feature you would anticipate finding on a riding lawn mower. When pressure is removed from the seat, the blades disengaged. After that, restarting is simple with the push of a button.

Cost-Effectiveness: When compared to a riding lawn mower powered by gasoline of comparable size, the Cub Cadet CC30E is incredibly cost-effective. Oil changes, filter replacements, spark plug replacements, and gas purchases are no longer necessary. You will also value the brushless electric motor’s extended lifespan and comparatively cool operation.


  • Brushless electric motor
  • 1 hour battery time
  • Lithium-ion battery bank
  • Recharges takes 4 hours
  • Up to 4 MPH forward speed
  • Up to 2 MPH reverse speed
  • Five height options
  • 1.5 to 4-inches cutting height
  • Single blade with the option of side discharge
  • 3-year residential warranty


  • No compatible bagger in any iteration
  • Only suitable up to the medium-sized area

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cub Cadet

How We Made The List Of Best Electric Mowers? 

The best electric mowers are hard to find in various gas-powered models, self-propelled mowers, battery mowers, and other kinds of electric lawn mowers. There is an untiring effort of our team that gathered useful information about each brand of electric lawn mower and their reviews on reputable websites.

Our list of best electric lawn mowers not only included the brands reviewed by other websites but also tested them one by one after selecting the best available choices.

We utilized several factors to develop our list of the best electric lawn mowers. The factors include the price of the electric mower, the performance of the electric mower, the features of the electric mower, the charge time of the lawn mower, and most importantly, the customer reviews. Before moving towards the detail of each best electric lawn mower, let’s have a look at the factors we looked for in them.

What We Looked For? 

  • Performance of a Lawn Mower: We looked into the best mowers for maintaining a lawn, including those that could cut grass more precisely and improve turf health. Over many years of extensive testing and tests of fresh competitors against our established guidelines, we have personally evaluated this performance.
  • Interface and Capabilities: In years of testing, we’ve discovered that most midrange mowers function similarly; most can cut the grass just well. This prompted us to focus on user interface characteristics, such as how challenging it is to change the push-bar height or elevate and lower the mowing deck.
  • Price of Lawn Mower: We looked at the price in terms of future worth. In general, gas mowers are more affordable upfront but have ongoing expenses that cordless mowers do not. The battery makes up a sizable portion of the cost of cordless mowers. We looked for brands that offered quality mowers at a reasonable price and better batteries.
  • Charging and Duration: Among cordless options, we considered the two key elements, including charge time and run time, which decide if a battery will be satisfactory or frustrating. Due to the significance of these two components, we only considered lawn mowers with a minimum of a 40-volt battery.
  • Customer Feedback and Reputation: we looked for brands’ overall reputation and customer reviews. This prompted us to carefully examine the variances among a smaller set of roughly 50 well-established, reputable models from leading manufacturers, frequently protected by equivalent guarantees of between three and five years.

Buying Guide For Choosing Electric Or Battery Mowers

Lawn mowers include a number of features that make them better suited for particular lawns and users. When choosing the best electric lawn mower for grooming your yard, keep the following things in mind.

  • Kinds of Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers come in various designs, including push, riding, self-propelled, and robot models. The best option will depend on your yard, your financial situation, and the level of labor you are comfortable with.

Push lawn mowers are straightforward walk-behind types that must be manually propelled ahead. Compared to other electric kinds with more sophisticated capabilities, they are substantially less expensive. Push mowers are best for small to medium-sized yards with level terrain because they require more work.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers move the wheels forward as they cut the grass. These mowers sometimes prove to be expensive. Convenience is the trade-off, and because they need less work, they are preferred for medium- to large lawns and sloping terrain.

Riding Lawn Mowers are as powerful as they come, and their price reflects this. This mower category includes various models, such as lawn tractors, rear-engine mowers, and zero-turn mowers. Users can operate the mower while sitting or standing. They are designed to handle vast yards and easily maneuver hills and even steep slopes, thanks to their widest cutting width and terrain capabilities.

Autonomous Robot Lawn Mowers operate with the smallest amount of effort. These cutting-edge machines have several contemporary features, like collision sensors, programmable mowing, and app operation. Compared to other mowers, lawn robots are less potent. They’re not the best option for vast lawns because they also have a short run time and a smaller cutting width.

  • Motor Ability

Voltage for lawnmowers is expressed in volts (V), corresponding to how much power the motor can generate. More energy is sent from the battery or power source to the motor with a higher voltage.

The motor’s power is likewise determined by amps (amperage). Amperage, which typically ranges from 2 to 12 amps, is the frequency at which electrical current is provided to the lawn mower.

An electric lawn mower’s motor power is measured in watts (W), which equals volts times amps. As a result, a larger battery doesn’t automatically translate into a more potent mower. Compared to a 7-amp mower with a 50V battery, a 5-amp mower with a 60V battery (300W) has less power (350W).

  • Brushless Motor Versus Brushed Motor

Brushless motors are more energy-efficient and lose less energy as heat. Since there are no dull brushes to replace, they create less friction, which harms the motor, and are simpler to maintain. These elements result in brushed motors performing better when taken as a whole.

Brushed motors, in contrast, produce more heat while losing power. As a result, a mower powered by this kind of motor could overheat and stall. Brushed motors are the least expensive alternative but are more prone to friction and temperature problems and require more maintenance.

  • Corded Versus Cordless

These days, many electric lawnmowers are cordless and powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. You can still provide power to the Push mowers and self-propelled mowers with dependable corded solutions. Each form of energy has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

The most adaptable mowers are battery-powered models that you can use everywhere on your lawn to remove the grass. However, You must charge the battery before mowing can resume when it runs out, which typically happens within 30 to 60 minutes. Since you may replace the first battery when it runs out, buying a second battery can increase the running time of cordless mowers by two times.

A corded electric mower has the benefit of having limitless power available from an electrical outlet. Because corded mowers don’t require costly batteries, they are frequently more inexpensive and lighter. The user is constrained by the length of the extension cord, which is unquestionably a downside.

If you’re considering getting a corded mower, remember that you’ll need a heavy-duty extension cord. The ideal cords are 12- or 14-gauge, but it’s always vital to check the owner’s handbook.

  • Deck Dimensions & Swath Size

The size of its deck measures the cutting swath of a lawn mower. The more grass you can cut in one pass, or the broader the swath, the fewer passes you’ll need to make. However, a broader swath necessitates more power, which may result in a reduction in battery life.

Sweep widths for the best electric push mowers and self-propelled electric mowers range from 13 to 22 inches on average, while those for robot models are 5 to 10 inches and those for riding mowers are up to 54 inches. Even a 15-inch swath width will suffice if the lawn is tiny to complete the task without consuming too much time. A wider swath width will be advantageous for larger yards so that mowing doesn’t take forever.

  • Weight and Size

You should consider the mower’s size and weight before buying it, especially if there is no user and storage space restriction. Mowers with higher voltage tend to be heavier in general since larger batteries are heavier. Additionally, larger-decked mowers typically weigh more than smaller ones.

The biggest, heaviest versions are riding mowers. Heavy-duty models resemble a “subcompact” automobile, while little riding mowers resemble a go-kart. They range in weight from 400 pounds to more than 800 pounds.

Since self-propulsion requires greater battery power, self-propelled mowers typically weigh more than push ones. Small push mowers can weigh as low as 30 pounds, while large self-propelled mowers can weigh up to 100 pounds. Remember that self-propelled mowing still requires manual exertion, such as maneuvering the mower through confined spaces and moving it backward.

A robot mower is a good choice if you want a portable tool. Due to the absence of batteries, corded electric mowers are more lightweight than their cordless equivalents. In order To save space, You can place the majority of corded mowers on the wall of a garage or shed.

The lightest and smallest choice is a robot mower, which typically weighs between 15 and 30 pounds. The majority are hardly bigger than a robotic vacuum. They are highly portable and simple to store a result.

  • Wheels of Mower

With wider rear wheels with a diameter of 8 inches or greater, push and self-propelled mowers designed to handle rocky terrain and dense grass have been developed. On the other hand, small-wheeled, compact models are better at going into and around flower beds, trees, and other yard obstacles.

Tires are a feature of riding lawnmowers, and there are many kinds for different surfaces. Lug tires are the best option for damp, slick, or sloped yards due to their thickness. Smooth tires shield well-kept lawns from ruts and other harm. Turf tires create a compromise with adequate traction and less detrimental impacts on the yard.

  • Exceptional Features

Look for handy features and functions in the top electric lawn mowers and garden maintenance companies that provide greater versatility and safer operation:

Speed Control: While some electric lawn mowers have many speed settings, more basic models simply have one. A squeeze handle, dial, drive bar, or pace-keeping system can all be used to change the speed (usually reserved for high-end models).

Adjustable Cutting Height: Like gas versions, most electric mowers may be changed to accommodate a range of cutting heights, from 1 to 4 inches. Find out the ideal cutting height for the grass before selecting a mower. Most grass types should be cut between 2- and 334-inches height as a rough rule of thumb.

Rear or Side Discharge: Consider a mower with a side or rear discharge and an attachable bag if you wish to collect grass clippings to discard or add to a compost pile.

Mulching: Many lawn mowers have blades for mulching. Mulching mowers reduce the size of the grass, returning some nutrients to the lawn.

Security: The handles of most electric lawn mowers are equipped with a safety bar. In order to retain the motor running and reduce the likelihood of accidents, the bar must be kept locked. Many additionally have flaps and barriers that stop the mower from shooting trash in the user’s direction.

FAQS About Electric Lawn Mowers 

  1. Is purchasing an electric lawn mower worthwhile?

That depends on the particular needs of your yard, your financial situation, and whether or not buying an electric lawn mower has advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. I would advise you to start by thinking about your requirements before reading our essay assessing the benefits and drawbacks of an electric mower.

We have a good selection of possibilities here, but if the restrictions of an electric mower don’t work for your yard, you feel disappointed in your choice.

  1. How frequently should I mow my lawn?

There is no set guideline for this; it varies depending on the time of year, your environment, and how long you want your grass to be. Consider rainfall and how quickly your grass grows when figuring out the ideal schedule for your lawn, then work backward from there.

  1. Is it secure to use an electric mower to cut wet grass?

No, we do not advise using an electric mower to cut wet grass. Always read the individual user handbook for your product before using it, and if you have any problems, get in touch with the manufacturer.

  1. Do electric lawnmowers make good cuts?

Electric mowers typically perform admirably on normal lawns with somewhat dense grass, despite the fact that they generally lack the power of gas-powered mowers.

  1. What is the lifespan of an electric lawnmower?

Depending on quality, an electric lawn mower should last between five and ten years. About every five years, You should replace a lithium-ion battery with a cordless electric mower.

  1. How to maintain an electric lawnmower?

Before using an electric mower, remove any grass cuttings stuck under the mower deck and store them in a garage or covered shed. As required, sharpen or swap out the blades. Electric mowers require a lot less maintenance than gas mowers do.

  1. How frequently should I cut my lawn?

The standard time is that you should give the lawn a weekly cut; however, it mainly depends on the season and the type of lawn. While you only need to mow well-kept lawns once every two weeks. Moreover, slow-growing grass needs a random cut every two weeks. Robotic lawn mowers are usually set up to cut the grass twice or three times per week.

  1. Is it safe to use my electric mower to cut wet grass?

On damp grass, You should utilize an electric mower. You can damage your mower’s motor by the moisture from wet grass, and you will not be able to mow the grass properly as a result.

  1. Is leaving my electric lawn mower outside safe?

When not in use, you should keep the electric mowers indoors. You can place electric models outside if you place them in a lifted and/or covered position so that they stay dry and air can flow underneath the motor.

  1. How should I store my electric lawnmower over the winter?

You should place the Eclectic mowers in a dry, hygienic, and well-ventilated room during the cooler months to prevent moisture from getting to the motor. Additionally, you should also keep these models away from corrosive substances and extreme heat.

  1. How should I properly clean my electric lawn mower?

You should clean your electric mower’s structure or undercarriage with a moist cloth or plastic brush if excessive amounts of mud, dirt, or grass have caked there. Use a hose or pressure washer sparingly because these devices can’t handle a lot of water. As a safety measure, you should take the cutting blades out before cleaning the undercarriage.

  1. How can I recycle an old lawn mower properly?

You can dispose of the Electric mowers in the same manner as you dispose of household appliances for recycling because they come under the category of electrical waste rather than scrap metal. You can recycle your electric lawn mower at a business that recycles household electrical equipment if it is completely non-functional.

Conclusion:  Is It Worth Getting An Electric Lawn Mower?

So, these were all the mowers that run with electricity to save you time while performing gardening activities. We hope that this guide was beneficial for you in order to get all possible knowledge regarding electric mowers and the best five machines available from the top brands.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned brands from our list without any doubt if it matches your requirements. You can also use our buying guide to purchase a mower of your choice. That’s all from our guide to buying the best mower for your garden.


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