Dr. Michael Mayrsohn, CEO and Co-Owner of Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy.

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Dr. Michael Mayrsohn, DPT OCS is the CEO and Co-Owner of Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy.

The love for Physical therapy is a trait that he received from his mother, Master Clinician and Co-Owner Sherrie Glasser.
Michael received his Doctorate from Stony Brook University and
Bachelors of Science from Syracuse University where he studied Business
and Healthcare Management.

As a clinician he is board certified in Orthopedic with advanced certifications in spine mobilizations, SIJ dysfunction and TMJ. Dr. Mayrsohn is also actively involved in the Hospital for Special Surgery rehabilitation network.
As a CEO, Dr. Mayrsohn aims to mentor every associate and therapist
on his patient-centered model. The company’s mission is to restore quality of
life and promote overall patient wellness.

He wants patients as well as staff to
understand that we are committed to helping patients live the healthy life they
deserve. He wants everyone to understand we offer a wide range of
specialities in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy &
Acupuncture, we are able to guide you down the best path of recovery, and
help you feel your best.

Many of the exceptional success stories found at Metro Physical Therapy are in large part due to the coordination of care provided by his therapy team and the management staff.
Dr. Mayrsohn is also extremely proud of his expansion of Metro Physical
& Aquatic Therapy.

Over the past 5 years the company has grown to include
additional key services such as speech therapy, acupuncture and in-home
availability for all therapy that we offer.

Dr. Mayrsohn has also made sure to
increase the amount of specialization we offer within the realm of Physical
therapy and Occupational therapy.
Dr. Mayrsohn and his Metro team have propelled Metro to a point where
it can employ over 300 Therapists across 4 states (New York, Florida,
Connecticut & Virginia) and he has grown Metro’s outpatient locations to a
total of 15 and still growing!
Dr. Mayrsohn also values the progression of the next generation of
therapists and recently he started a foundation at SBU, donating $225,000
over the next 5 years to the PT, OT, Speech programs. He also has
ensured that Metro has employee grant programs and continuing education
courses so that employees can feel welcome to further their education.

Despite the challenges created by the Global Pandemic Dr. Mayrsohn
says that he wants Metro to continue to achieve success and wants to always
be in a position to conquer change.

He sees the introduction of features such as virtual, in-home visits, and outdoor therapy (In warm weather) as great ways to stay covid safe and still deliver services to patients that need it the most.

He wants to continue offering these additional means of therapy regardless of if
we are in a pandemic or not as he knows that it allows Metro therapists to
expand their reach in terms of patients they can treat.

Dr. Mayrsohn truly believes that the best way that he can help as many patients as possible is by growing the business and providing locations for top tier treatment to various

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