Does HHC Make You High?

Nikhil Goswami

People often wonder what is HHCo and what it does? However, it is a new cannabionoid in the market and individuals are constantly looking for products that can help them relax their minds, relieve pain and inflammation or reduce anxiety naturally. This has led to some trust in organic compounds like HHC since they don’t have any side effects. 

These naturally occurring compounds help relax the mind and offer other benefits when used in the products. 

Among the components used to improve one’s life is the cannabinoid. Hemp-derived cannabinoids are one of nature’s best gifts. Even more, they are becoming popular, thanks to enlightenment and some legislation. However, to enjoy the many benefits of these products, you need to get a trusted manufacturer who uses the best-quality hemp-derived cannabinoids in their products.

The cannabinoids consist of CBD, CBN, THC, etc. Presently the market has received HHC from the family. This is a high potency, slowly exciting cannabinoid. HHC is chemically referred to as 11-Nor-9β-hydroxy-hexahydro cannabinol. This is a combination of a semi-synthetic cannabinoid plus a hydrogenated THC.

Roger Adams, an American chemist, made the first HHC in 1944. He added hydrogen molecules to delta-9 THC, changing it to tetrahydrocannabinol (HHC). This entire process is understood as hydrogenation. Adams made HHC from THC sourced from cannabis. Today, there are several policies and legislation surrounding the use and possession of cannabis. Due to this, to make HHC, low-THC hemp and cannabis plants are used.

Hexahydrocannabinol works just like any other cannabinoid and doesn’t have any counter effects. This compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system excellently.

Furthermore, the compound is legal for use in the U.S. with the start of the Farm Bill 2018. However, its THC level shouldn’t rise to over 0.3% for it to remain legal. The HHC compound comes in various products. These include gummies, oil, capsules, etc. You will get the best choice depending on your preference.

Can HHC Get You High?

A product containing HHC can make a consumer high, just like THC. However, HHC’s effects are not the same as that of THC. Compared to delta-9 THC, HHC is normally less intense and a bit mellower.

Individuals who need a more stimulating high like for creative inspiration should prefer consuming THC products. Also, HHC is suitable for relaxation, enjoying a smooth experience, and reflection, whether alone or with friends. It has similar effects as delta-8 THC, unlike those of delta-9 THC. HHC is best for people that experience unpleasant side effects after taking delta-9 THC, like paranoia and anxiety. However, cannabinoids’ effects vary from one user to the other.

Although HHC effects are mild, some users experience other side effects, including dizziness, dry mouth, paranoia, anxiety, and increased heart rate. However, these side effects normally occur when a person takes a high dose compared to their tolerance level. The rate of HHC effects depends on the HHC form.

For example, HHC gummies are the best form of consuming this compound, although they have a slow onset time. Another way of taking HHC is when it’s in oil form because it will interact with one’s body and helps in relieving all ailments. Above all, hydrogenated THC is suitable for treating different diseases and improves one’s well-being.

You should know that HHC “high” may last longer than expected. That is, consuming HHC during morning hours may take you off your duty till evening.

The Growth In Popularity Of Hexahydro Cannabinol

Cannabis products have gradually grown to be more popular since the 1960s. Moreover, after the Farm Bill (2018) was passed, the cannabis industry exploded. CBD was the only product on the market; however, several other cannabinoids have emerged. Many cannabis users need something distinct, and HHC is just that.

HHC’s psychoactive properties are the same as THC, though the high isn’t as intense. However, you must start with a smaller amount to see how your body will react before increasing your intake. 

How To Make An HHC Compound?

HHC compound is semi-synthetic and from laboratories. Molecules from cannabis with low THC levels are isolated to offer a certain cannabinoid with the ability to compete with the family tree. This semi-synthetic hydrogenated form compound comes into existence when some hydrogen amount is added to cannabis compounds to alter its chemical structure through hydrogenation.

Hydrogenation modifies delta-9 THC structure by substituting a double bond with two hydrogen atoms. This changes its molecular weight and makes it more stable. Therefore, HHC compounds will have a longer shelf life since it’s less prone to damage caused by heat and UV light.

A metal catalyst to induce a reaction is added to the compound, and this catalyst heightens the general reaction without interfering with the product’s composition. The general chemical reaction creates an HHC compound that wouldn’t occur naturally. Normally, the catalysts used in HHC production include palladium, platinum, and nickel, which are eliminated immediately after the reaction.

Factors Influencing The Effects Of HHC

Several factors influence HHC or another cannabinoid effect.

  • Product’s Strength

Every product including HHC gummies  and vapes has a distinct strength measured in milligrams. This brings a big difference in the effects you will have. For instance, taking a few gummies, which consist of 25 mg each, and consuming a tincture that offers 1000 mg in a dose.

Always buy HHC compounds from authentic vendors. Some manufacturers will add different contaminants to their products and give them to their consumers. After consuming this kind of product, you will have more counter-effects. Therefore, it’s best to do some research before making a purchase. You can research online and get a genuine vendor. In addition, you can also read some customer reviews and check the ingredients used and the lab results.

  • Personal Tolerance

Normally, tolerance depends on age, gender, weight, and general body chemistry.

  • Consumption Method

Effects of a cannabis product depend on if you are smoking a flower, consuming an edible, or using disposable vapes. Moreover, bioavailability also determines how strong and fast the effects will be.

  • Terpenes

Other HHC products have terpenes, which alter the taste and improve the high effect.

  • Dosage

HHC compounds have mild high effects, but consuming higher doses can lead to extreme side effects. Consult your doctor to guide you to the perfect dosage. They can monitor your weight and body reactions.

Is HHC Compound Psychoactive?

The HHC element has psychoactive features, similar to other THC products. However, since HHC isn’t exactly a THC molecule, the effects are different in strength and nature.

Like other THC, HHC works with the endocannabinoid system’s CB2 and CB1 receptors. Interactions with CB-1 receptors offer a psychoactivity effect, although the effects are less potent than what you can get from delta-9 THC. HHC compound psychoactive effect is in between traditional THC and mild delta-8.

HHC high is almost the same as delta-8 and different from THC  due to the number of carbons available on the alkyl side chain. All three cannabinoids come with five-carbon side chains, which means they bind to cannabinoid receptors efficiently.

Mild-to-moderate amounts of HHC probably cause noticeable visual distortions, euphoria, physical sensations, and cognitive impairment. However, this psychoactive substance is about 70% – 80% of the power of THC, and high doses can lead to intense and uncomfortable euphoric highs.

Is HHC Safe?

Research about the safety plus usage of HHC elements is still underway since its new to the market. People are comparing it with delta-8, though the HHC-making process differs from other processes for making a THC hemp-derived cannabinoid. However, since it interacts the same way as THC, it makes HHC safe when consumed in moderation and responsibly.

Remember hemp industry is widely unregulated; therefore, one needs to do thorough research when shopping for HHC and hemp products. The major risk with these products is purchasing poor quality and contaminated products.

Before buying from a brand, ensure it uses the best-quality hemp, and safe manufacturing procedures should be safe. A hemp manufacturer will test its products at a third-party lab and be open with test reports. This will help the consumer know if the product is free of mold, pesticides, plus other contaminants. You can verify the product’s potency at its label.

Will HHC Elements Test Positive In Drug Tests?

It seems your body may not break down the HHC compound. Unlike delta-10, delta-9, and delta-8 THC forms, the HHC element doesn’t digest into 11-hydroxy-THC, the breakdown substance several drug panels look for.

However, there is no proof that the body processes HHC in your urine, blood, or hair. Therefore, when your employer plans to assess drug use, you should stop taking the products two weeks before the drug test. This way, you will not be risking losing your job.

Other drug tests can detect THC-COOH, the main metabolite of THC formed by our bodies after consuming THC. Does this mean that HHC elements are detectable by drug testing? Other people claim that HHC products carry leftovers or residuals of THC after chemical hydrogenation.

However, if the residual THC amount is sufficient for the urine to show that its presence is above 50 nanograms per ml of THC-COOH after digestion, you risk your drug test turning positive. Therefore, if you have a coming drug test, you need to stay away from HHC products and THC products to be on the safe side.

Having The Best Experience With HHC

HHC compound is still a discovery for several cannabis users. Anyone who needs to try it and have an excellent experience must have the following in mind.

  • Begin with a small dosage and increase until you get your tolerance level. This should also apply to experienced cannabinoid users since it’s good to be careful when having anything new.
  • Don’t check on price alone. If budget is your main consideration when buying HHC products, you need to know that excellent products aren’t always at a low cost. In most cases, very low cost shows that a product is of poor quality, which can even be unsafe for consumption.
  • Get a reliable HHC source. Purchasing a product online is the safest way to select a supplier from your area. Moreover, check for a Certificate of Analysis to ensure the product is safe and pure.

How Safe Is HHC?

Similar to any other latest hemp-derived cannabinoids, there are few details about their long-term and instant effects concerning HHC. Also, there are no universal dosages for HHC and other cannabinoids. Since hemp-derived products aren’t answerable to cannabis laws in authorized adult-use states, manufacturers and retailers fail to test their products.

This may result in issues with the safety, potency, and purity of the cannabinoids derived from a hemp plant, including HHC. However, some retailers and manufacturers test their HHC and other cannabinoid receptors using third-party labs.

Benefits of HHC

The advantages of consuming HHC products are widely unknown. The major benefits of taking the HHC product are that it helps relieve pain and has anti-cancer properties. With all cannabinoids introduced in the market recently, HHC is the only element with very close relationships with delta-9 THC. This is in terms of therapeutic effects and chemical structure.

Due to this, several reported effects include pain relief, anxiety relief, relaxation, and high after HHC consumption. Other benefits experienced include appetite stimulation, decreased depression levels, reduced inflammation, and improved sleep quality.

In addition, the HHC compound also helps in curing cancer. Among all other natural and synthetic cannabinoids, it helps shrink tumors, making it a potential therapeutic cannabinoid.

HHC Side Effects

Every time you buy a product, it’s important to know the possible side effects. As said earlier, HHC has similar benefits to THC, and the same goes for side effects. These include red eyes, higher heart rate, coordination issues, slower reaction times, dry mouth, anxiety, and memory loss.

Thus, when one feels any of these effects, you should seek a doctor’s advice to guide you in the right direction. Furthermore, you should start small and increase the dosage with time. The moment your body converses with HHC, you will likely not have any of these effects. 

HHC products during pregnancy can lower the unborn baby’s birth weight and increase other pregnancy risks.

Moreover, it may be difficult to stop after habitual use, particularly among teens. Consumption of HHC products can also lead to dizziness. It’s best not to operate machinery when using the product.

Like other cannabinoids, using more than the prescribed dose of this compound can lead to dry mouth. Stick to smaller doses to avoid this and stay hydrated.

Is HHC legal? 

HHC is not produced from THC but hemp-derived. HHC edibles, gummies, and vapes are legal at the federal level and are authorized in some states. Another argument that supports  HHC legality is that this hydrogenated form of THC is available in seeds and pollen of hemp plants. Therefore, it’s non-synthetic, making it impeccably federally legal.

Currently, products containing HHC are treading the regions of legality and illegality. Until definite legislation is pronounced, producers and retailers will keep assuming that HHC is legal.

How Strong is HHC?

The common consensus on how strong an HHC element is is yet to be known. The reason being during the manufacturing process of cannabinoids, the product is normally a blend of two distinct kinds of HHC molecules. They include the 9S HHC and the 9R HHC. 9R HHC interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, while 9S HHC doesn’t bind well owing to the difference between their molecular structures.

9R HHC molecules that fit in receptors yield a similar effect to delta-9 THC, though at a higher dosage. Therefore, with the right HHC dosage, you can identify THC-like properties. In other words, HHC can have a similar effect as THC on your body and the mind, but HHC has a reduced potency compared to delta-9 THC.

HHC users claim that the compound offers a pleasant to average cerebral high. There are also claims that HHC helps in relieving pain. Other users say they feel sharp, strong, and energetic after taking these semi-synthetic hydrogenated compound products for recreational use.

Where Can One Get HHC?

There are several online stores and vape stores that sell HHC products. These products are available in various forms, including gummies, edibles, and oil. If HHC products remain lawfully viable, particularly if it gets to be less expensive for the brands to make high-potency HHC, the products will be more available with a promising future.

How To Make Use of HHC Vape?

To use an HHC vape, you should take off the mouthpiece and the cap to inhale the device. The HHC oil will begin to heat and offer a strong and long-lasting high. Always start with a little amount, and increase the dosage gradually as required. HHC vape is a type of cannabis nebulizer full of HHC oil. HHC vape is simple to operate and delivers a strong and long-lasting high. You just need a small amount to get the desired effects.

How Long Will The HHC Peak Last?

Effects of HHC can last between two and six hours. Moreover, the actual time relies on numerous variables like individual tolerance, administering method, and the amount consumed.

HHC vs. CBN: What is the Difference?

CBN and HHC are polar opposite cannabinoids, although they all result from THC decomposition and degradation. HHC is a THC, though with double bonds substituted by hydrogen atoms. CBN has two extra double bonds to its molecular structure.

In addition, beta HHC is good for binding with CB1 receptors creating a strong euphoric high. On the other hand, CBN has a weak binding affinity to CB1 receptors. This causes very minimal intoxication and is hence safer.

Is HHC Synthetic or Natural?

HHC is both semi-synthetic and natural cannabinoid, although this depends on its source and how it’s manufactured. HHC occurs naturally in the cannabis plant in little quantities. Tiny amounts of delta-10 THC, delta-8 THC, and HHC are produced when THC oxidizes to CBN.

This takes place over a long period. CBN refers to a cannabinoid available in aged cannabis. Moreover, since the HHC trace concentrations in cannabis are very little, producers cannot comfortably make HHC products from it. This forces them to hydrogenate THC to make it.

In the THC to HHC hydrogenation process, manufacturers take THC and saturate it chemically using hydrogen atoms. After that, it’s exposed to nickel or zinc catalyst and changed to HHC. Adding hydrogen makes HHC more stable, unlike THC when exposed to U.V. resistance and higher heat. The hydrogenation process involves a chemical that helps alter THC’s natural structure and molecular weight; hence HHCs are considered semi-synthetic cannabinoids.

HHC vs. THC: What is the Difference?

THC and HHC share almost the same molecular structure. The main differences are that HHC contains two extra hydrogenated form carbons while THC doesn’t have any carbon bond or ester atom. These molecular changes make HHC a more stable compound, unlike THC, and its stronger resistance to heat plus U.V. Thus, HHC products have a longer shelf life.

Is It Legal to Buy HHC Online?

Natural HHC available in hemp has a THC level of below 0.3%; hence it’s federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The Agriculture Improvement Act authorized the use of hemp and hemp-derived products across the U.S. However, HHC isn’t listed under the U.S. Controlled Substance Act. Thus, HHC converted from THC through the hydrogenation process is regarded as a synthetically derived product in the Federal Analog Act.

Moreover, if HHC received after conversion is synthetic on the federal level, presently or in the future, the possession, sale, production, and distribution of HHC products can be illegal. You need to be cautious when buying HHC oils, vapes, or other products because most HHC products are HHC derived from THC.

Where Do One Store HHC Products?

You should store products containing HHC compounds in a cool and dry environment. This helps maintain its quality for a longer time. HHC products are more likely to lose some potency if they are in contact with direct sunlight.

Moreover, light damages flowers through thermo oxidative breakdown when stored in harmful environments. Keep them in an airtight jar instead. In addition, you can use resealable bags to keep your HHC products. Gummies with HHC are best stored in the refrigerator to prevent melting.

Varieties of HHC Products

There are some HHC legal products available on the market. Having different forms is great for satisfying different people’s requirements. These includes

  • HHC Edibles

In the edible category, you will get cookies and gummies. These cookies and gummies are delicious and baked to meet all your requirements. HHC edibles are among the hottest products available on the market. Apart from being delicious, these HHC edibles are also potent. The HHC edibles are available in a wide variety of makings. These include tasty gummies to charming chocolates.

  • HHC Vape

HHC vape refers to a concentrated HHC put inside a cartridge for inhalation. There are disposable HHC vape pens or HHC vape oil minus recreational cannabis. The enjoyment that comes with vaping is difficult to beat. Moreover, placing the HHC compound into the mixture offers an incredible experience and satisfies all your requirements.

How Long Do HHC Gummies Need To Kick In?

We all react differently to HHC gummies. While individuals feel the effects very fast, for others, it takes longer. Generally, expect the HHC gummies effect to kick in from 20 minutes to about an hour.

Conclusion: Can You Use HHC To Make Yourself High? 

Several consumers who appreciate its psychoactive and calming effects are already enjoying HHC products. Several kinds of hhc products are hhc vapes & hhc gummies that may interest you if you are a true weed fan.  

\To get the most out of HHC products is to ensure that you get your product from a trustworthy supplier. Moreover, check the lab test report to separate high potency HHC and follow the correct dosage as recommended.

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