Best Divorce Lawyer – What Does A Divorce Lawyer Do?

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Life can sometimes surprise people and put them in unexpected situations under challenging circumstances. Your family is the most significant circle of people who share love, empathy, special moments, and all other problems with you. In many cases, the family circle can be ruined, and some issues may occur to every person.

In front of the most common solution for marital problems, the divorce, millions of people seek the best divorce lawyer to protect their rights and solve the entire process without any further issues. Stay focused and explore the following pages. That way, you will find the top-rated marital attorneys that will always protect your human rights in the best possible way.

Top-Rated Law Companies Providing The Best Divorce Lawyers

Andalman & Flynn

Available for 30 years, Andalman & Flynn is a company that provides the most professional lawyers for family matters in Washington DC. Andalman & Flynn is an iconic name in the US region, involving specific family matters, such as child custody and child support, and offering services to every person in need.

This company cares for many family matters, such as divorce, protection against domestic violence, division of marital property, and alimony. This firm is top-rated among others in the US area for helping all clients settle their prenuptial and postnuptial agreement problems. Trusted by millions of people, Andalman & Flynn deserves your complete focus and attention when discussing family matters and issues.

AO Law Group

Located in Connecticut, the reputable AO Law Group was primarily developed to support clients through their most sensitive family matter journey, accompanied by the law regulations and protecting the rights of every individual. This law group is specialized in helping individuals with contested and uncontested divorce cases.

AO Law Group gained the overall trust of millions of people as it provides an assessment for all clients through their divorce and helps to achieve a favorable agreement between sides. This law organization also specializes in child abuse, mediation, adoption, and co-parenting coaching.

Bours & Lucero LLC

With the top-rated Bours & Lucero LLC, you can always gain the desired experience and results. With decades of experience, this reputable law organization assists clients in facing their complex family law, bankruptcy, and criminal cases. The excellent Bours & Lucero LLC crafts a legal strategy to protect your interests and rights.

It is essential to be aware that Bours & Liver LLC involves cases like visitation disputes, domestic violence, sex and drug offenses, and drunk driving. At the same time, you can always find the most reliable and professional divorce lawyer in this law company.

Capital Family Law Group – Washington

Capital Family Law Group appears to be the right place where you should go whenever a legal problem arises and affects the entire family’s well-being. The professional and client-centric attorneys from this law group have assisted thousands of people in Washington, helping them to understand their legal options.

You can always feel free to request a consultation and see what your possibilities are according to the law. The reliable and reputable Capital Family Law Group has a team of attorneys that deal with divorce, child custody, civil protection orders, child support, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreement.

Hostetter Strent LLC

Hostetter Strent, LLC appears to be a law company with many years of experience and practice in family relations matters. This dedicated law group provides personalized services to people with divorce processes and helps them to settle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and child custody. This professional group of attorneys also deals with alimony and property distribution,

With a strong work ethic and professionalism in every step they make, the experienced team of attorneys of Hostetter Strent LLC aims to maintain the excellent reputation and trust of thousands of clients by providing the best services to all clients coping with traumatic family issues or other family problems.

Joel W.Anders

Whenever you decide to get divorced properly and securely, without any further issues, the reliable Joel W.Amders organization of attorneys is the perfect alternative. This company offers law services to Washington DC people who are also concerned about alimony, child support and custody, and division of marital property.

This reputable company has assisted individuals for 40 years and gained the trust of thousands of people in this part of the United States. Joel W.Anders is a reliable company with tremendous experience in the US area, always focused on you and your family members.

Joseph Greenwald & Laake

If you have some legal issues and want to work with only the best US lawyers, the excellent Joseph Greenwald & Laake is an organization you should always consider. It is a law company with top rating and trustworthiness among millions of people in this area of the USA.

Joseph Greenwald & Laake lawyers have vast experience in many areas, such as personal injury, real estate, workers’ compensation, civil litigation, civil rights, criminal defense, etc.

This reliable law company involves medical malpractice, family law, and workers’ compensation practices. This reputable law organization offers professional lawyers who effortlessly fight for your rights in many areas of life.

Law Office of LaSheena M.Williams

If you’re interested in finding a reliable and secure law company that concerns all family matters for every individual, the top-rated Law Office of LaSheena M.Williams is the best recommendation. With A+ professionalism and reputation, this excellent team of professional and experienced lawyers aims to protect your rights and provide the best support through many cases regarding your family life.

You should choose the Law Office of LaSheena M.Williams if you want to be involved in the best support for your divorce, child visitation and custody, domestic violence support, alimony, paternity, military divorce, and marital property division.

Law Office of Ronald A.Colbert

The Law Office of Ronald A.Colbert is one of the best companies where the most professional lawyers are available to advise people in Washington DC and other areas in the United States. This organization involves many practice areas, such as landlord and tenant concerns, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, divorce, adoption, and child custody.

The expertise and integrity of this law company have helped the entire organization to earn a high reputation among millions of US citizens. The reputable Law Office of Ronald A.Colbert is always committed to providing top-notch legal support for its clientele.

Law Offices of Jesse A.Gadson

Washington DC has a diverse circle of professional law companies with vast experience handling people’s concerns about many private and family purposes. Some of the most trustworthy companies are the reliable Law Offices of Jesse A.Gadson.

You should always request a consultation with one of their attorneys if you plan to have a divorce or you’re interested in child custody and support, father’s rights, family law, and property distribution. With a high reputation and professionalism, the Law Offices of Jesse A.Gadson are the best option for an efficient way of coping with legal issues.

Law Offices of Tina Sharma

Whenever you need family law assistance and the best law support, the best option is to choose the Law Offices of Tina Sharma. Always client-centered, the lawyers from these offices will fully concentrate on your case and give you the best law support while they seek the best possible outcome in court.

The Law Offices of Tina Sharma provide a group of professional lawyers that offer various services, such as family law support, divorce, child support and custody, alimony, immigration, and prenuptial agreements.

Lopez Law Firm

If you’re a citizen of Washington DC, you should know that the Lopez Law Firm is one of the best companies that offer support for all clients regarding their private matters. The Lopez Law Firm offers affordable, effective, and compassionate legal representation with a high rating and reputation among millions.

The Lopez Law Firm has a team of professional attorneys specialized in many areas, such as child custody, visitation rights, parent relocation, restraining orders, post-divorce modifications, civil protection orders, etc. It is also the best place to find the best divorce lawyer and a professional attorney to defend your rights regarding all private matters.

M.C Thomas & Associates

Committed to your success and defense, the M.C Thomas & Associates law organization is one of Washington DC’s most reliable law agencies. It is a company with a professional team of attorneys with high education and practice in justice.

You should always consider the excellent M.C Thomas & Associates when you have some issues and traumatic periods in your life related to divorce, marital settlement, alimony, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, contempt proceedings, and case analysis. The M.C Thomas & Associates organization is your best option with excellent feedback from satisfied clients.

Markham Law Firm

Providing services all around Maryland and Washington DC, the Markham Law Firm is one of the most popular companies that offer professional attorneys for all personal matters of the US clientele. Formed in 2015, the Markham Law Firm provides complete legal support for all people with interests in alimony, child custody and support, family member adoption, and parental rights termination.

The Markham Law Firm provides legal guidance in Washington DC and Maryland, assisting individuals in processing their divorce, and always helping them settle various problems regarding many family matters. Generally, clients have positive feedback for their professional team of attorneys, while you should make your best choice in choosing them when you need professional and effortless law support.

Mitchell Law DC

Whenever you have a personal issue coping with family matters, the reputable Mitchell Law DC appears to be the perfect match. Mitchell Law DC serves all clients concerned about family law-related problems and wants to resolve them in the best possible way.

The professional attorneys from Mitchell Law DC are specialized in family law matters. They will offer the best support through the entire process of divorce, child custody, marital assets, alimony, legal separations, and probate and estate planning. The most significant feature of this law company is that Mitchell Law DC accepts all the differences in this world. You can be entirely sure about that as this law organization protects the rights of the LGBT community.

P.A. Davis Law Office

P.A. Davis Law Office appears to be a US-based law company, offering its best services and law support to millions of clients. By choosing this law organization, you can rest assured that you will be valued as a person, your personal issues will be resolved, and you will have the best experience with family law matters.

The reliable P.A. David Law Office offers a great choice of professional attorneys who will provide support and law advice in many significant areas, such as divorce, child custody, alimony, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. You are always free to contact this law organization and get a professional consultation regarding your private matters.

Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis

Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis appears to be a different law company from others in the Washington DC area. This organization provides unique family and divorce practices, permanently resolving your past and preserving your future. By choosing this company, you can rest assured that you will find the most reliable and professional divorce lawyer.

The award-winning Roop Xanttopoulos Babounakis company is specialized in marital issues and problems with child custody. It also provides an individualized approach to dividing assets, debts, and spousal support. This excellent law company is always the best recommendation with so many positive critics and testimonials.

Steven Krieger Law

Steven Krieger Law appears to be the best option for every person that seeks honest advice and practical legal solutions for every individual. Highly reviewed among millions of clients, the excellent Steven Krieger Law is the best recommendation when you want to find complete professional support for your family matters.

This reliable law agency offers a professional team of attorneys specializing in several areas, such as family law, contracts, business litigation, estate planning, small businesses, and criminal and traffic. More than 2800 clients are served with the best professional services of this law company, and many more wait to resolve their cases with the trustworthy Steven King Law organization.

Strickler, Platnick & Hatfield

Calling itself “The Modern Family Firm”, Strickler, Platnick, & Hatfield appears to be a law organization that helps clients solve their most challenging family issues by providing complete support and advice to all clients from Washington DC and nearby areas. The positive feature of this company is that Strickler, Platnick & Hatfield offer in-person and video advice consultation and support.

By choosing this law company, you can rest assured that you have selected an organization with strategic planning and sophisticated advocacy. The professional team of this organization advocates for people in complex family matters, including child custody and divorce. It is also good to know that the advocates of this team are trained in collaborative law, mediation, and other alternatives.

The Klass Law Firm

The Klass Law Firm appears to be a law practice that serves clients all around Washington DC. This law organization provides legal representation for various family law cases, such as contested and uncontested divorce cases, child custody and support, adoption and parenting plan, and domestic violence.

Before choosing the reliable Klass Law Firm, you should also know that this organization has existed for 21 years, offering the most professional services to every potential client in Washington DC. The reputable Klass Law Firm can also handle cases like car accidents, dog bites, and other personal injuries.

The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch

The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch is one of those companies with a personal approach to family law. That is why thousands of Washington DC citizens trusted this top-rated law organization. The reliable Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch offers a helping hand in challenging and difficult family periods.

As the primary focus of the Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch is on family law, you can expect that this organization involves practices in collaborative settlement, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, advice and negotiation, and mediation. The principal attorney of this company is the founding member of the Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals.

The Law Office of Sebastian Krop

The Law Office of Sebastian Krop is one of the top-rated law companies where you can be in touch with the most professional attorneys for family law cases. The Law Office of Sebastian Krop appears to be a company that charges reasonable billing rates for all clients compared to other law organizations in Washington DC.

Before selecting this organization, you should always know that its principal attorney, Sebastian Krop, specializes in many family law areas, such as divorce and separation, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony, division of property, and adoption. This organization also involves practice in immigration, civil rights, and wills and estates.

The Nawash Law Office

The Nawash Law Office appears to be one of the most reputable law organizations in Washington DC, providing professional services and support to every client. It is one of the most reliable places where you can find the best divorce lawyer and an attorney who will support you through challenging times in your life.

The trustworthy professionals from the Nawash Law Office have practices in many significant areas, such as criminal law, immigration law, family law, landlords and tenants, car accidents, and contract and business law. Moreover, their experience of over 20 years can also indicate professionalism in every service they offer.

Thyden Gross & Callahan

With an excellent reputation and professional services, the reliable Thyden & Callahan law organization is also one of the best companies that provide the best attorneys for family law. It is a law company established in 1972, providing its best services related to family law all around Washington DC.

Despite their professionalism and expertise in family law services, the reliable Thyden & Callahan company also involves areas like domestic violence, child custody, adultery, and protective orders. The professional attorneys from this organization offer the best service and support to clients through negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, and court trial.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Q: What is the biggest reason for a divorce?

The decision for a divorce can fall into mind to nearly every individual when couples have misunderstandings, lack of communication, empathy, and love, and a cheat. Millions of people globally decide on divorce to protect their inner peace and live better lives with their kids or even with a new partner.

Q: How much does a divorce cost in Washington DC?

The fees for divorce differ from state to state, depending on the law regulations and complexity of a particular case. In Washington DC, you can expect divorce cases to start with fees of around $80, depending on your case and the complexity of the matter. You should also know that you can find the best attorneys that charge reasonable fees among the top-rated law companies listed above.

Q: Who must pay for the divorce attorney?

If you plan to have a divorce with your partner, you should always be aware that the divorce costs will be charged to you. In all countries, the applicant pays the rates for divorce cases. However, consulting with a divorce advocate can always discover the accurate procedure.

Q: Can I have a divorce without any further issues related to child custody?

Yes, you can. By choosing one of the top-rated law companies, you can either gain the best and most secure divorce process and solve the issues related to child custody. The professionals working in the law companies are specialized in this important area and will try to provide some professional advice about further managing your children.

Conclusion : Top Divorce Lawyer

By choosing the best divorce lawyer, you can escape the toxic marriage and environment that ruins your and your children’s inner peace. Select the most suitable option for you and use the services of the most professional attorneys across Washington, DC. Your entire family deserves that!

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