Dialogue with Carl Bernstein and Michael Steele at Temple Emanuel

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Carl Bernstein and Michael Steele (Photos provided by Temple Emanuel)

The sixth season of Stephen C. Widom Cultural Arts at Emanuel begins on Sunday, Oct. 22, at 3:00 p.m., with a dialogue featuring Carl Bernstein and Michael Steele moderated by NY1 anchor Errol Louis.

Few journalists in America’s history have had the impact on their era and their craft as Carl Bernstein.

For 40 years, from “All the President’s Men” to “A Woman-In-Charge: The Life of Hillary Clinton,” Bernstein’s books, reporting, and commentary have revealed the inner-workings of government, politics, and the hidden stories of Washington and its leaders.

In the early 1970s, Bernstein and Bob Woodward broke the Watergate story in The Washington Post, leading to the resignation of President Richard Nixon and setting the standard for modern investigative reporting, for which they and The Post were awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Since then, Bernstein has continued to build on the theme he and Woodward first explored in the Nixon years–the use and abuse of power: political, media, financial, cultural and spiritual power.

Michael Steele is a political analyst for MSNBC. He has been a contributor on the Fox News Channel and a regular host for the Salem Radio Network’s nationally syndicated Morning in America Show.

Additionally, Steele has appeared on cable political talk shows such as HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and Comedy Central’s Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Most recently,

Steele served as chairman of the Republican National Committee (2009 – 2011).

Errol Louis is the Political Anchor of NY1 News, where he hosts Inside City Hall, a nightly prime-time show about New York City politics, on which he interviews top political and cultural leaders.

Louis also is a CNN Contributor, providing on-air commentary on key events from presidential primaries to Election Night. He writes frequently for CNN.com.

Following the dialogue, there will be a Q&A and refreshments.

Tickets are $20 or 2@$35. For further information about subscription discounts and to purchase tickets, call (516) 482-5701.

Temple Emanuel of Great Neck is located at 150 Hicks Lane, Great Neck.

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