Delta 8 THC In Virginia: Legality And Top Brands To Buy From In 2022

Nikhil Goswami

Virginia was among the first states to legalize recreational marijuana by passing HB.1839. This legislation legalized hemp farming and the sale, possession, or use of products such as delta-8 THC. But in 2020, it amended the definition of hemp and marijuana in the state’s Drug Control Act to separate the two under state law. In addition,  the amendment removed all cannabis-derived THC from its Schedule I controlled substances list. However, the unregulated nature of the hemp industry has brought some challenges. As reported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the challenges that pose a danger to users have pushed the Virginia state governor to try and amend Senate Bill 591 and return it to the General Assembly for a vote. The amendment intended to change the definition of industrial hemp to any part of the plant cannabis sativa, including seeds thereof and any product containing more than 0.3% THC.

However, the state Senate rejected the bill, leaving delta-8 THC legal in Virginia. Nevertheless, on 30th June 2022, Attorney General Jason Miyares and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services called for a crackdown on certain edibles containing delta-8 THC. According to the department, any drink or food made of synthetically derived industrial hemp extract violates the Virginia Food and Drink law. Therefore, the sale of such products should stop immediately. The ban has left many retailers and users confused because of what constitutes a synthetically derived cannabis product. This is because it came despite the state lawmakers failing to pass the bill to ban the selling of intoxicating CBD isomers. In addition, the announcement illegalized edibles such as delta-8 cookies, gummies, and beverages in Virginia. This means delta-8 is partially legal in Virginia and will remain so until the state laws change.

The rise of unscrupulous manufacturers who alter the cannabinoids have led to the preemptive ban of delta-8 in some states. This is because the synthesized form falls under Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, which is illegal at the federal level. And because delta-8 is still federally legal, we have compiled this guide to review the best brands from which you can buy safe and tested delta-8 products. We have also included the factors to consider when buying cannabinoids in Virginia. Let’s get to it without further ado.

Our Top Picks For The Best Brands to Buy Delta-8 THC From In Virginia:

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 THC In Virginia, Editor’s Pick 
  2. BudPop: Most Potent & Strongest Delta 8 Edibles Available 
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Prime & High Quality THC Products On The Market 
  4. Diamond CBD: Most Popular Delta 8 THC Brand 
  5. 3Chi: Supreme & Premium Grade THC Products

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 THC In Virginia, Editor’s Pick 


Exhale Wellness is arguably the leading brand in the cannabis industry. This company is based in Los Angeles but delivers in every state where delta-8 THC is legal because it adheres to the Farm Bill. Exhale Wellness partners with Colorado farmers who produce hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC, as the law requires. You can order delta-8 THC products such as gummies, and you won’t break any law.

This company uses the CO2 extraction method to extract the cannabinoid used to make its products. This extraction method is solvent-free, which makes it free from chemical residues. Additionally, this brand ensures that its products are safe by testing them in third-party laboratories. It then publishes the COA so you can review it and check if the products have traces of impurities. Its delta-8 THC gummies are popular because they are organic and vegan-friendly. Exhale Wellness ensures that its ingredients are organic and have no synthetic flavor hence good quality.

Exhale Wellness deserves this spot owing to its reputation for prompt order processing and fast delivery. It also has a team of customer services who are available round the clock to help you if you face a problem when placing an order. And should you dislike your delta-8 THC product, Exhale Wellness has a 30-day money-back guarantee that covers the order. You can either replace the product or get a refund.


Secure: Exhale Wellness takes into consideration cyber security threats. It has encryption on its website that safeguards your private information when you buy its products. In addition, it has a privacy policy that ensures details like contact information don’t end up in the wrong hands.  

Compliant: This company is compliant with federal and state law. Besides using locally grown cannabis, it also processes its products, such as gummies, in a clean environment, making them safe for human consumption. Furthermore, this brand ensures that its packaging indicates a disclaimer so that the users aren’t misled.

Educational: Besides selling delta-8 THC gummies and other products, Exhale Wellness has a dedicated blog section where it posts relevant content. This content aims to enlighten newbies and seasoned delta-8 THC users alike. The information in the blog section can guide you to avert the risk of overtaking THC products.

Favorable Policies: Another reason you should buy your delta-8 from Exhale Wellness is favorable policies. It has a free shipping offer within the US for a certain amount of orders. And you will get 20% as a first customer. In addition, you are free to return a product within 30 days for either replacement or refund.

Available Online: The products from this company are available online, and you can order at the convenience of your couch. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you place your order. The retailer will process your order as soon as they find it.

User-friendly Website: This brand also has an easy-to-use website where you will find its products. The user-friendly nature of the website will make your shopping easy. In addition, you can easily access whatever information you need because of its design.


  • Transparent
  • Organic ingredients
  • Prompt delivery
  • Quality products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Too strong for beginners

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Most Potent & Strongest Delta 8 Edibles Available


BudPop is another reputable brand from which you can order your delta-8 THC products. Although it’s a new entrant in the industry, BudPop has created a name around its brand with high-quality CBD and D-8 products. This brand can attribute its success to the team of experts behind it and enthusiasts giving their all to ensure the products are 100% natural. This brand sources its hemp from Nevada farmers and artisans who comply with federal and state laws. These farmers naturally grow the hemp plants and ensure they contain less than 0.3% THC. This makes the products from BudPop legal for purchase and uses in Virginia. BudPop also uses the safe CO2 extraction process, which gives pure extracts.

BudPop tests its delta-8 and CBD products in third-party labs to ascertain their purity. And it publishes the report like other reputable brands, so you can go through it if necessary. Note that this company uses fresh flavors in its products, making them enjoyable. However, the flavors are also natural and safe. Ordering the delta-8 products from this brand will also be best. Their easy-to-navigate website, fast shipping, and customer-friendly staff are some reasons you should do so. In addition, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee should you make an error in your order. You will have an option of ordering a replacement or refund should such a case happen.


Inclusive: BudPop understands society’s diversity and ensures its products suit everyone. Their CBD and delta-8 are vegan friendly, gluten-free, and natural. You won’t experience an allergic reaction if you take these products. The production team also ensures that the flavor they use in the products is safe for everyone.

Fast and Secure Payment: This company offers various payment methods which are fast and secure. This feature makes shopping for the products seamless and convenient. Their industry-standard encryption ensures that your information is safe during and after a  transaction. This company doesn’t store your payment information; hence no risk of losing your money to cybercriminals.

Privacy Policy: This company has a privacy policy that safeguards your information from access by third parties. This is important because some unscrupulous online traders share them for marketing purposes. BudPop explains what it does with your information when you sign up.

Potent Delta-8 Products: BuPop is your ultimate shop for delta-8 products if you want endless euphoria. Products such as delta-8 THC gummy bears are potent and tasteful, making them enjoyable treats. Furthermore, it has a wide range of products from which you can choose your taste.

Offers and Discounts: This brand also has amazing offers and discounts, making them attractive to shop. For instance, it has company offers that you can find on its official website and other online platforms. These offers include a regular customer reward system, freebies, and discounts. BudPop is the only brand on this list with a reward system where you can earn points when you shop.

Exemplary Customer Service: BudPop is making its way to the top of the cannabis industry due to its exemplary customer service. This brand has a dedicated customer support team that works round the clock to ensure that customers are satisfied.


  • Compliant
  • Safe products
  • Potent products
  • On-time delivery
  • User-friendly website


  • Not beginner friendly

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD – Prime & High Quality THC Products On The Market 


Hollyweed CBD is another notable brand where you can get good quality and legal delta-8 THC products. This company has consistently produced quality products since its inception by sourcing its hemp from Colorado. The company chooses the premium quality from which it extracts the cannabinoids. The founders rely on their extensive experience in food production and determination to succeed, making it to this list of best brands to buy hemp products from.

This brand also uses the solvent-free CO2 extraction method, which leaves the end product pure. However, Hollyweed CBD doesn’t take a chance, so it sends the batches for tests in third-party labs. It uses the test to determine the quality of the products and if they meet the less than 0.3% THC level stipulated by the federal government. For transparency, this company posts the lab test findings in COA to enable scrutiny by interested parties. In terms of policy, Hollyweed CBD is at par with its competitors. This company has a 30-days return policy on purchased products, after which you qualify for a refund or replacement. Whichever the case, this brand will have someone to assist you until the end. Note that this brand offers you can take advantage of as you shop on the platform.


Natural Ingredients: Hollyweed CBD considers the importance of natural ingredients in producing cannabinoids. This brand’s ingredients are non-GMO and are cultivated organically for the best quality. The farmers who work with Hollyweed CBD are well trained to produce hemp free from chemicals in inorganic fertilizer.

Dosage Chart: Starting on delta-8 THC can be dangerous, especially if you have a low threshold. Hollyweed CBD provides a dosage chart that you can refer to for guidance. Remember that taking too much of these cannabinoids can have side effects. And although not dangerous, you can avoid the discomfort by using the dosage chart provided by this amazing brand.

Easy to Navigate Website: Shopping on a new platform can be challenging, especially if your products are new. Hollyweed CBD solves this problem by making its website easy to use. In addition, the relevant areas like the dosage chart and other articles are accessible for educational purposes.

Transparency: This brand is open and publishes lab reports and issues disclaimers before you use their products. Unlike other brands that make outrageous promises, Hollyweed CBD states that its products don’t treat the medical conditions commonly believed to be curable using hemp. Instead, it states that there are possibilities.

Beginner Friendly: Beginners need less potent D-8 products to start as they build endurance and increase their dose. Unfortunately, most of the brands don’t take that into consideration. However, this brand does. If you are beginning, it will be best if you come for your products from a friendly brand like Hollyweed CBD.

No Additives: Hollyweed CBD is one of the brands to go to if you search for delta-8 products free from flavors and other additives. This option will be best if the flavor makes you feel disgusted or uneasy. Their products, such as gummies, have natural taste and flavor.


  • Discounts
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe products
  • Third-party lab test
  • 30-day return policy


  • Less variety to choose from

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#4. Diamond CBD – Most Popular Delta 8 THC Brand 


Diamond CBD is one of the brands in the cannabis market that you can rely on for quality products such as gummies. Established in 2015, Diamond CBD has been in the industry for quite some time and is a reputable brand. This brand has around ten notable products on the  CBD market. It also boasts of an award-winning tincture in its catalog. This brand works together with its experienced team of scientists and doctors. It carefully chooses its hemp plants to get the best quality CBD. Furthermore, the lead scientist monitors every step of production to ensure quality. This brand also uses CO2 extraction to produce the extracts. By doing so, the manufacturers reduce the possibility of unwanted chemicals in the final product.

Diamond CBD is a company that has utilized the CBD’s popularity and built a wide collection of products. Shopping here will be best too because you have the freedom to choose the product you want. On the downside, Diamond CBD doesn’t publish its lab reports, but the scientists and doctors incharge ensure that the product reaches the recommended standard.


Careful Cultivation and Harvesting: This brand understands what it takes to get the best quality CBD. It carefully cultivates its cannabis in Scandinavia, Colorado, and Kentucky. While at it, the cultivation team ensures that the plants meet the legal threshold of less than 0.3% THC. The team also carefully chooses the plants to harvest for extraction. These practices give Diamond CBD one of the best products in the market.

Natural Flavors: Diamond CBD acknowledges that some customers like their hemp-derived products flavored. It makes some of the best gummies, such as Chill Plus Delta Force Squares and Yum Yum Gummies. The products are 100% legal, and you can order them wherever you are, provided it’s legal.

Innovative: This brand is the only one on this list that has innovatively tweaked its products for more potency. Diamond CBD has hemp products that are infused with CBD. It will be best to try it if you struggle with taking other plain hemp products.

Wide Variety: As an industry pioneer, Diamond CBD offers products you can try until you find what works for you best. The wide selection is essential because you can downgrade if you find one product too strong for you. Furthermore, its scientists are still researching more strains, which means better products are in the pipeline.

Free Shipping: Diamond CBD has a way of rewarding its loyal customers by giving free shipping for orders exceeding $100. It also has other amazing offers and discounts that you can find on the company’s website and social media pages from time to time.


  • Supervised extraction
  • Safe products
  • Third-party lab test
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Good customer service


  • Lack transparency

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi – Supreme & Premium Grade THC Products


Finally, we have 3Chi, a brand that has also found its place in this list owing to its good quality hemp products. This brand has all the hemp items you can need; all are delta-9 free. The company boasts of the leading technology in cannabinoid production and testing. 3chi uses premium quality cannabis that meets the federal standards to make its products. This company also employs the safe CO2 extraction method and tests in independent labs to ascertain purity. 3Chi demonstrates transparency by publishing lab reports so you can review them to know the findings. This means that the products produced by this brand are fit for consumption.

Being champions of safety and responsible usage, 3Chi educates its customers through the different blog posts on its website. It also has an email subscription program where you can receive the latest news regarding its products. On terms and policy, 3Chi has a 30-days money-back guarantee for returns. This company also processes its orders and ships them on time. It’s safe to say that 3Chi is among the best brands you should get your cannabis-derived product.


Quality Ingredients: This brand uses premium ingredients to make the cannabinoid it uses. 3Chi doesn’t add any flavors to the products, such as vape, but the natural terpenes profile makes them popular among users. This brand sticks to approved ingredients such as fruit pectin, sodium citrate, glucose syrup, and sugar for edibles like gummy bears. These ingredients are harmless and only hold the extracts.

Highly Potent: The products from 3Chi are highly potent, with many customers feeling the effects immediately after consumption. It will help if you choose 3Chi products if you have a high tolerance and want the feel-good effect fast. However, newbies should avoid this because of possible side effects.

Bulk Option: if you are a retailer, 3Chi has a bulk offer; you will buy at a lower cost and sell with a margin to break even. The company can send these bulk products to your location. You will reach them through the contact information on the website and pay for the products you need.

Excellent Customer Service: This brand understands the importance of handling customers well. It has a team of customer service that operates round the clock. These assistants are always ready to help if you have difficulty placing an order or a general question about a particular product.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Huge selection
  • Transparent
  • Highly potent
  • Fast shipping


  • Strong taste

=> Click here to visit the official website of 3CHI

How We Made This List Of The Best Delta 8 THC In Virginia? 

We extensively researched and interviewed industry players to weed out the brands that didn’t qualify. We considered several factors to qualify the brands in this list:

What We Looked For?

  • Quality: We had to ascertain that these brands produce quality products per Federal Law. This law requires that the hemp plant from which the manufacturers extract the cannabinoid is less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. We went through these brands’ official websites to find the information. In addition, we also bought some of the products to check if the brands mentioned the quantity of delta-9 THC. It’s safe to say that the brands in this list adhere to federal law and are legal in Virginia.
  • Ingredients: Since Virginia is illegalizing marijuana due to the synthesized ingredients that some manufacturers use, we had to ensure that the brands which made it to this list aren’t part of this dangerous production practice. The hemp-derived products such as gummies sold by these brands are made from delta-8 extracted using safe extraction methods, which make such extract free from impurities like a mixture of isomers, residual chemicals, or synthetic compounds. In addition, the products are approved as per the Virginia Food and Drink law.
  • Lab Testing: We had to ensure that the brands conducted third-party lab tests on their delta-8 THC products to ascertain purity. And, we can confirm that all the brands in this list conduct the independent tests and take a step further to publish the certificates of analysis. This means that the products produced by the brands in this list are fit for human consumption.
  • Brand Reputation: We also had to consider the brand’s reputation for it to make it to this list. Our team interviewed experienced industry professionals who have integrated with these brands to know if they are reputable. In addition, the team also inquired from previous customers to find out about these brands’ reputations. And we can attest to it that the brands on this list are reputable, and you can buy from them without the worries of sub-standard products or any complications from using their delta-8 products.
  • Customer Reviews: Lastly, we had to check customer reviews to determine if the products are working and how satisfied the customers are. The products that made it to this list have positive reviews from most of their customers, which show that they are satisfied with the products and services. Simply put, you can buy from these brands.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Factors To Consider When Buying Delta 8 Products In Virginia

Here are the factors you should consider when shopping for delta-8 products in Virginia:

  • Compliance

You should consider if the product complies with Virginia’s state law. The delta-8 products should be an extract of locally grown hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC. In addition, it shouldn’t contain any ingredient that isn’t permitted in CBD products that were legalized. Note that buying illegal delta-8 THC products can get you into trouble. It will be best to know the growing procedure. This is because causing products grown with inorganic chemicals can affect your health. Ensure that the grower follows the right procedures and cultivates the plants without using inorganic chemicals. The brand in this article partners with trained farmers to produce safe hemp plants. Therefore, it will help if you consider the factor and buy from a seller with a known source of hemp.

  • Extraction Method

The extraction method determines the purity of your delta-8 product; therefore, it will be best if you consider this factor. Ensure that your product is a cannabinoid extracted through safe methods such as CO2 extraction. Most reliable brands will include this information on their website, and don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t find it. Doing so will give you safe CBD products.

  • Transparency

Buying from a transparent company gives you confidence in its products. Therefore, it will help if you consider this factor when buying delta-8 in Virginia. Check if the company publishes its certificates of analysis from the lab reports. Reviewing them will be best if you find them. And if not, you can either move to a transparent seller or inquire if they are available.

  • Shelf Life

The hemp products have a shelf life, and their potency reduces after expiry. Many buyers don’t bother to ask about the date of manufacture and expiry. It will be best if you ask because exposure to sunlight affects some of the hemp products. Knowing when it was made can help you determine how fast you are supposed to use it before it expires.

  • Price

Like any other product, you must consider the price of the delta-8 THC treat to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Comparison is the best way to do that. You will identify the hemp-derived product you want to buy and then search for it online. After that, you will check the price in different stores to get the brand selling it at a fair price. Doing so will enable you to save and afford more products.

  • Brand’s Reputation

It’s also essential to buy from reputable brands like the ones reviewed in this article. Such brands adhere to federal and state laws to produce quality products and serve you well. In addition, reputable brands have a privacy policy that the sensitive information you share won’t fall into the wrong hands. Ensure that you consider the reviews of previous customers. You can find this information on the official website of these brands. And if not, you can ask in relevant forums to get an insight into the product and company. The customer’s reviews will help you to determine if the delta-8 THC product works, how the company handles its customers, and if they have a return policy.

FAQs About Buying and Using Delta-8 THC Products In Virginia

The legal state of industrial hemp extract is confusing in Virginia. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

  1. What hemp-derived products are legal in Virginia?

All products made from delta-8 THC are extracted from cannabis that is Farm Bill compliant. Such hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. A higher THC level is considered marijuana, which the federal government regulates. Therefore, It will help if you check the THC level when buying. The safest approach is buying from the brands in this article because they adhere to this regulation.

Several stores sell these products around Virginia. However, It’s difficult to tell the quality because the FDA doesn’t regulate this industry. Therefore, It would be best if you buy from the brands we have reviewed in this guide. Those brands go to great lengths to ensure their products are safe for human consumption. In addition, they comply with the law; hence no risk of breaking any law when you buy products such as delta-8 THC gummies from them.

  1. What is the difference between delta-9 THC and delta-8 THC?

Legality is what differentiates these cannabinoids. Delta-9 THC is federally illegal and banned in most states, whereas delta-8 THC is fully legal on the federal level and legal in most states. Otherwise, both produce psychoactive effects hence the use for recreation and medication.

  1. Can you get addicted to hemp-derived THC?

Yes, you can. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can get addicted to delta-8 THC derived from hemp. For that reason, you can’t use it to replace another addiction like smoking cigarettes because it will lead to cross addiction. It will help you to seek medical care if you end up addicted to this substance.

  1. What are the advantages of buying delta-8 online in Virginia?

Buying your delta-8 products online comes with several advantages. For starters, there are several online shops where you can compare the quality and price of the products. This kind of shopping also comes with safety since the online stores have a return policy in case of mistakes. Furthermore, the process is discrete, making it the best option if you want to keep your purchase a secret.

  1. Do you need a medical card to buy delta-8 in Virginia?

No, you don’t need a medical card to buy a delta-8 product, provided it’s extracted from hemp that is compliant with state law. However, you will need it if you suffer from a medical condition requiring medicinal marijuana. The medical card will enable you to consult a medical practitioner for advice on taking the cannabinoid.

  1. What happens if you break the state regulations on the distribution and use of marijuana in Virginia?

The lawmakers created the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority, which controls the industry by overseeing the sale, possession, distribution, and delivery of retail marijuana in Virginia. It was created to promote the safety and health of the people in the Commonwealth.

The regulations limit the amount of this substance you can possess and how you can use it. Violating the regulations that control consumption will cost you a civil penalty not exceeding $25 if it’s your first time, and the amount increases if you are a repeat offender. Violating the possession and distribution regulations attract a higher penalty. For instance, distributing more than five pounds but less than 100 kilograms of marijuana attracts more than five years but less than 30 years because it’s a felony.

  1. Is it possible to travel to Virginia with cannabis products?

Yes, you can do so as of the time of writing this article. However, the delta-8 product must be legal federally, and Virginia state law allows this sort of transportation. But it will be best to ask someone updated on the laws before you travel with the substance. This is because the rules are ever-changing, and you might break the laws if you aren’t careful.

  1. Can you grow hemp in your backyard in Virginia?

Yes, you can grow the plant, but you will need a license from Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The permit legalizes possessing hemp seeds, leaves, plants, and flowers. Note that you must register as a dealer, industrial grower, or processor. Alternatively, you can register as an agent of an industrial grower.

  1. Can you publicly use hemp products in Virginia?

No, you can’t. It’s illegal to offer cannabis in public. Doing so will attract a penalty. This rule aims at reducing the inconvenience of users affecting those who don’t use the products. Therefore, it will be best if you do it in private.

  1. What is Virginia’s legal age for buying and using hemp products?

Twenty-one years is the legal age for buying and using hemp products in Virginia, and no one shall sell to an individual under that age. It also warns against buying the products such as delta-8 gummies to underage individuals. However, this case doesn’t apply if the hemp product is for medicinal purposes. The law permits a doctor to distribute prescription delta-8 products to a minor, provided it is necessary.

Conclusion: Where Can I Get Delta 8 In Virginia? 

The use of delta-8 products such as gummies has been on the rise in Virginia and nationwide. However, the popularity has attracted unscrupulous producers who infuse their products with dangerous chemicals to increase their potency. Such practices have led to increased risks, which have led to fatality, as reported by the FDA. So far, the governor of Virginia has tried to amend the state law to control the production and use of delta-8 THC but was met with resistance. Nevertheless, Attorney General Jason Miyares and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have announced a crackdown on such products. This announcement has brought confusion to Virginia.

While there is no upcoming legislation that will potentially change the legality of delta-8 in Virginia, there are signs of an intensified crackdown on harmful products. Elected leaders in Virginia are determined to eradicate products containing elevated levels of delta-8  before federal regulation takes over. The relevant bodies are also sensitizing the producers of hemp products about compliance with the Virginia Food and Law to improve the quality.

We compiled this guide to detail the legality of delta-8 THC in Virginia and reputable brands you can buy from. It will be best if you use the information you have learned and order your hemp-derived THC from the brands we have reviewed. Doing so will give you a safe, legal product on the state level and federally. We have also answered some

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