Common Causes of Accidents in Schools

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Accidents are very likely to occur at school because children are always running and playing around. They usually will not have developed a sense of things that may be potentially dangerous to them; this will lead them to get into all sorts of accidents most of the time. Some children, though, are more protective of themselves than the others. They may not want to participate in games that other children are playing because they recognize they may cause them harm. However, this doesn’t guarantee that they will stay out of trouble because other children may pick on them for choosing to stay safe. 

The following are the most common causes of accidents in school.


School playgrounds are supplied with equipment that is designed for children. They are made very carefully and are very age-appropriate to prevent any injuries. However, if a teacher isn’t there to supervise, children may not use this equipment for its designed purpose. Many accidents occur from the improper use of playground equipment, resulting in major injuries. For example, some children may climb up slides or slide down with their heads facing downward. They may not even wait for other children to get off the slide safely before sliding down. 

Sports and Physical Education

Although sports and physical education are mandatory aspects of school education, they are not danger-free. It can be very common to be informed that your child is injured at school while practicing a sport. If your child is playing a sport that incorporates heavy balls, such as volleyball, football, or basketball, they may receive a severe blow resulting in an injury. Other possible injuries are a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle, dislocated joints, or even break a limb if they fall too hard. 

Trips, Falls, and Slips

Your child can slip or fall at school if the floor is wet for any reason. They can also slip down the stairs, which can result in a more severe accident. If the fall was very hard, your child may break a limb or suffer from a back or neck injury. Sometimes, falls can even result in concussion or other brain injuries if the blow is received directly to the head. 

School Buses

If there is no proper supervision, school bus accidents can be very frequent; if children are horsing around on the bus, they can fall or trip. Some buses also lack seat belts, resulting in injuries if the driver suddenly hits the brakes. And there are also too many instances where the children refuse to put on their seatbelts or take them off later on. During hot weather, some children faint or suffer from heat strokes if the bus is not well ventilated and doesn’t have air conditioning. Although school bus injuries are off-school campuses, they are still the school’s responsibility. 


Bullying can often result in very serious injuries. If teachers aren’t around to supervise, things can get out of hand, and the bully can lose total control of himself. Since not all children have a sense of real danger, the bully may not know when to stop; this can result in major injuries. Bullying can also be verbal, resulting in extreme emotional harm. Verbal and emotional abuse can have long-term effects and can psychologically damage the victim. Regardless of whether the bullying incident was physical or verbal, the victim would be severely harmed. 

School Zone Accidents

If children are walking to or back from school, getting off the bus, or even riding their bikes, accidents are likely to occur in school zones because of rush hour traffic congestion. If there is no proper traffic regulation near the school, accidents can occur due to reckless drivers or students who lack pedestrian behavior knowledge. It is also possible that children may fall off their bikes, or the bike may malfunction. Passing cars are not always necessarily alert to these accidental mishaps, especially if they’re traveling at speed. School routes are not always safe; moreover, children are not always very familiar with these routes.

The possibility that your child may undergo a school-related accident or an accident at school is highly probable. School accidents are very common, and they can occur for various reasons. They are not always very severe, but you must educate your child on ways to protect themselves from potential dangers. Children must develop a sense of self-cautiousness to stay out of trouble, and they don’t get injured. However, if your child does get injured at school, there are steps that you can take to ensure compensation through consulting a law firm. 

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