Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review: Is It the Best Fake Urine Option?

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Discover why Sub Solution has dominated the fake urine market for over a decade. In this Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review, we’ll uncover the strengths and weaknesses of this top-notch product, providing you with essential instructions and insights into high-quality fake urine for passing drug tests successfully.


Learn about the issues with biocide preservatives and the critical factor that causes fake urine failures: maintaining the right temperature. Furthermore, we’ll compare Sub Solution to its counterparts, Quick Luck and Quick Fix, to help you make an informed choice.


Clear Choice synthetic urine proves to be a game-changer for drug test challenges. As we delve into this comprehensive review, we’ll analyze its effectiveness, simplicity, and potential drawbacks compared to its competitor, Quick Fix.

About Clear Choice Products

clear choice synthetic urine review - theislandnow

Clear Choice has been at the forefront of Detox Products since its establishment in 1993, setting the standard for privacy protection. Their extensive product lineup offers reliable solutions for individuals facing drug tests, ensuring discreet and stress-free experiences.


At the heart of Clear Choice’s offerings is the Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine Kit, a cutting-edge product meticulously designed to replicate real urine precisely. This comprehensive kit contains all the necessary components, providing users with a reliable and effective means to pass urine tests confidently.


Clear Choice offers the Quick Luck Premium Premixed Urine for those seeking a premium option. This high-quality synthetic urine is conveniently premixed, making it a hassle-free solution without compromising effectiveness.


Addressing concerns about sample adulteration, Clear Choice provides the Spike Urine Additive. By using this additive, users can fortify their urine sample, minimizing the risk of detection and safeguarding their privacy.


Clear Choice also offers the Rescue Cleanse in both 32oz and 17oz sizes. This fast-acting detox product is formulated to efficiently flush toxins from the body, providing a temporary clean window for drug testing situations.


Moreover, Clear Choice addresses saliva-based drug tests with their Oral Clear Saliva Gum. This product effectively neutralizes saliva drug test results, ensuring that individuals can maintain their privacy in a non-intrusive manner.


Throughout the years, Clear Choice has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and privacy protection. Their range of detox products caters to various testing methods, offering peace of mind to individuals facing drug tests. 


With Clear Choice, you can confidently navigate drug testing scenarios, knowing you have a reliable and discreet ally on your side.

High-Quality Fake Urine Has To Have These Characteristics

For individuals seeking high-quality fake urine for legal purposes such as calibration of laboratory equipment, product testing, or other legitimate uses, the following characteristics might be considered:

The fake urine should closely mimic the chemical composition of real human urine. This includes pH levels, specific gravity, and the presence of key compounds like urea, creatinine, and uric acid.

The color and visual appearance of the fake urine should be similar to real urine, usually ranging from pale yellow to amber, depending on hydration levels.

The fake urine should be delivered at a temperature similar to that of human urine, which is around 90-100°F (32-38°C). Temperature strips are often included with high-quality products to monitor this.

Some synthetic urine products may also contain uric acid or other substances to replicate the characteristic odor of real urine.

Real urine produces foam and bubbles due to the presence of certain substances. High-quality fake urine might also be formulated to exhibit similar foam and bubbles when shaken.

The product should have a reasonable shelf life and remain stable over time if stored properly.

The pH level of synthetic urine should fall within the typical range of human urine pH, which is usually around 4.5 to 8.

Fake Urines to Avoid

Some fake urine brands or products may be substandard and can lead to detection during drug tests. Here are a few common fake urine products to be cautious of:

  • Substandard or unbranded products: Fake urine from unknown or unreliable sources may not contain the necessary components found in real human urine, making them easy to detect during testing.

  • Expired products: Using fake urine past its expiration date can affect its composition and potentially lead to detection.

  • Adulterated products: Some fake urine brands may be intentionally adulterated with additives or chemicals, which can be detected during testing.

  • Low-quality synthetic urine: Some synthetic urine products may not have the correct balance of compounds present in real urine, raising red flags during analysis.

  • Banned Brands: Certain fake urine brands may be well-known to testing laboratories, and using them might result in immediate failure. These Brands include Magnum, U Pass, and there are many more. 

The Biocide Problem

Biocides are chemical substances or microorganisms that control or eliminate harmful organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses. They are commonly found in products like disinfectants, pesticides, preservatives, and antimicrobial agents.


Earlier, many brands used to fail the urine test. After studying, something found common in these brands was the Biocides. So it’s important to use the product after examining them properly. Clear Choice confirms that none of its products contains biocides.


In any case, if biocides are intentionally added to synthetic urine, they must be disclosed and used in accordance with regulations and ethical guidelines. Transparency in using such substances is essential for the reliability and integrity of any testing involving synthetic urine.

Sub Solution Instructions

Using Clear Choice Sub Solution is easy and straightforward. Forget about the hassle of preheating the sample or dealing with microwaves and heat pads to maintain the right temperature. With Sub Solution, it’s refreshingly uncomplicated:

Grab your vial of Sub Solution powder and mix it with water. Opt for filtered water to avoid any unwanted attention. Just fill the vial up to the mark and give it a gentle shake until everything dissolves. Easy-peasy, right?

Right before you head to the testing venue, tuck the vial into a secure spot in your underwear. To stay under the radar, dress in comfortable, loose-fitting attire like baggy jogging bottoms. Remember, it’s better to be discreet and stay worry-free.

The magic happens as you arrive at the venue. Get hold of the heat activator powder container and gently shake it to loosen it up. Now, carefully pour about one-third of it into the vial of synthetic urine.

Give it another gentle shake until it dissolves, and keep your eyes on the temperature strip. You’re aiming for a reading ranging from 94°F to 100°F as possible, without going over. If you don’t see a reading, add a bit more heat activator until you hit that sweet spot.

Heat Activator Powder is A Game Changer

Sub Solution is the ultimate solution for unsupervised drug testing, boasting a unique heat activator powder that sets it apart. Unlike messy heat pads and unpredictable microwaves, this revolutionary powder allows precise temperature control, ensuring a successful testing experience. 


While the formula’s complexity and sleek appearance contribute to a higher cost, they also make Sub Solution the top Choice among fake urine products. Its unmatched capability to employ heat activator powder and Quick Luck make it stand out in the market. 


With Sub Solution, you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature on the spot if it cools unexpectedly, granting peace of mind during crucial moments. 


Its quick and straightforward preparation process and easy access to filtered water at home make it a preferred choice for countless individuals seeking a reliable solution for passing drug tests. Embrace Sub Solution’s control and confidence for a worry-free testing journey.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix


Sub Solution

Quick Fix


The composition of Clear Choice Sub Solution is specifically designed to mimic real human urine, including the presence of urea, creatinine, uric acid, and other components typically found in urine.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine also contains a blend of chemicals meant to replicate the properties of human urine, including urea and creatinine.

Quality and Reliability 

Both products are reputed to be effective in helping people pass urine drug tests when used correctly. They are formulated to have the same chemical composition as real human urine, which is essential for avoiding detection during a drug test.

Both products are considered reliable solutions to pass urine drug tests, provided they are used correctly and within their specified temperature ranges.


Clear Choice offers various versions of its synthetic urine, each designed to meet specific temperature requirements for different types of drug tests.

Quick Fix also offers different versions of its synthetic urine, including some with heating pads or other methods to maintain the correct temperature during the test.


Clear Choice Sub Solution is priced at $90.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is priced at $40.

While both Clear Choice Sub Solution and Quick Fix Synthetic Urine are popular products used for passing urine drug tests, there are some reasons why you might consider using Sub Solution over Quick Fix:

  • Quality and Composition: Clear Choice Sub Solution is known for its high-quality composition, which closely mimics real human urine. It contains a comprehensive blend of chemicals, including urea, creatinine, and uric acid, making it virtually indistinguishable from natural urine.


    This may offer a higher level of reliability in passing the drug test compared to Quick Fix, which also contains the necessary components but might have slight variations in its formulation.

  • Temperature Control: Clear Choice Sub Solution is designed with advanced temperature control features, which are essential for ensuring the synthetic urine remains within the acceptable temperature range during the drug test.


    Temperature is a critical factor in passing a drug test, as labs check for the correct body temperature of the sample. Quick Fix also offers some versions with heating pads, but Sub Solution’s temperature control system is often considered more sophisticated.


  • Reputation and Reviews: Clear Choice Sub Solution has earned a positive reputation among users for its effectiveness in helping them pass drug tests. Its success rate and positive reviews from customers may give you more confidence in its capabilities compared to Quick Fix, which also has positive feedback but might not have the same level of acclaim.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck

Quick Luck and Clear Choice Sub Solution are both high-quality synthetic urine products designed to aid individuals facing drug testing. While they are both effective, Quick Luck holds a slight edge over Sub Solution due to its premixed nature. Quick Luck comes ready to use, eliminating the need to mix it with filtered water in advance. 


This makes it highly convenient for on-the-spot drug testing, particularly in situations with short notice or emergencies. Additionally, Quick Luck provides a pair of heat pads to ensure the urine sample remains at the optimal temperature during testing, offering extra reassurance. 


Though both products are deemed superior in the fake urine marketplace, Quick Luck’s premixed feature and added convenience make it a preferred choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient solution to pass drug screenings confidently.

Where To Buy Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

You can purchase Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine from Test Negative’s website for $90. Sub-Solution is known for its high-quality synthetic urine, designed to pass drug tests with accurate composition and temperature. 


Discreet packaging and easy-to-follow instructions offer a reliable solution for those seeking to avoid detection during drug screening processes. Be cautious of other sources and ensure you buy directly from Test Negative to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the product. 

Final Take: Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Reviews

Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine emerges as the ultimate solution for passing drug tests with confidence and accuracy. The Test Negative website’s authentic source guarantees the best price and genuine product. 


Avoid the risks of fake products found on Amazon or eBay. While Quick Luck is a solid choice, Sub Solution’s premium quality and favorable results make it the top contender. Its composition closely resembles real urine, and the heat activator powder ensures precise temperature regulation. 


Choose Sub Solution for crucial tests and embrace control and assurance in facing drug screenings. Trust Test Negative as your go-to supplier for genuine and effective synthetic urine.

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