Choose The Spookiest Bongs For This Halloween [2022]

Nikhil Goswami

As the weather starts to change, it’s time to get ready for an eerie yet exciting time of the year. Are you prepared to witness what the wizards and sorceresses have in store for you? It’s time to move on from the same old trick-or-treating, pumpkin spice lattes, and almost scary decor in your front yard. This spine-chilling holiday deserves a proper celebration and you can do so with our collection of bongs that are inspired especially for Halloween. The exclusive collection of unique bongs with outstanding specifications make great gifts for this festive season. 

Jack – The – Ripper Bong

Isn’t the name enough to send chills down your spine? Check out this beauty that can drop everyone’s jaws when you showcase it at your Halloween party. The impressive pumpkin bong is 7 inches tall and looks stunning as a centerpiece not to mention that it will add fireworks to your costume. The compact yet functional design of the pumpkin bong features a showerhead perc and a splashproof neck and mouthpiece. Enjoy massive rips that will transport you to the other side with the large chamber. The combination of orange and green on the borosilicate glass, gives it a mesmerizing appeal. You can’t miss out on the limited edition Jack-the-Ripper bong from our October 2019 collection. 

UFO Silicone Bong 

Oozeis presents an UFO designed Silicone Bong that is a 4-in-1 wondrous water pipe for this bong is not your ordinary smoking companion. It is also a dab rig, a vape cart converter, and a nectar straw. You can choose from an exciting range of color options, the premium quality silicone body holds the boro glass piece snug to ensure this thing rips regardless of the setup you use.  Check out the ‘Armor’ bowl of the UFO Silicone Bong that is compatible with both 14mm and 18mm joints. You will also get a titanium tip for a dab straw, a quartz 90° banger for dabs, along with a silicone collar that will function as a vape cart water pipe converter. The UFO Silicone Bong can be a great smoking companion to anyone. You can pair your high flying setup with a whole range of other smoking accessories to add more spook and spark to your Halloween party. Dope Boo has an outstanding range of light up bongs, don’t miss them out.

Snoop Dogg Pounds JFK Dual Use Water Pipe 

The Snoop Dogg Pounds JFK Dual Use Water Pipe is designed for the connoisseur, for this is truly a piece of art. Get ready to elevate your smoking sessions with this one-of-a-kind bong. Available in three exciting colors, this massive 11.25-inch water pipe features an inline drain percolator. You are guaranteed to cherish big clouds and smooth draws with this ultimate bong. A 14mm male herb bowl is also available with the Snoop Dogg water pipe.  Amazing deals can be availed on bongs if you rush to Dope Boo this festive season. 

Globgoblin Monster Bong 

Are you ready to come across a devilish monster that will ensure you have a hell of a rip? Then, you’re ready to meet the Globe Goblin Monster Bong from Hemper. It features a tall 8.5inches bong with a round green colored body. The googly-eyed round shaped green monster bong features a double fission diffuser. It has a clear base which gives it a floating appearance. The smooth and enormous hits that are produced by this bong is enough to wake the monster. Check out our outstanding collection of Halloween Bongs for more eerie yet magnificent bongs. 

HiClops Monster Bong 

If you need a bong that will be your forever companion regardless of the holiday season, the HiClops Monster Bong from Hemper is the choice you should make. It is a limited-edition Halloween Bong that is enough to unleash the madness. It features a dome percolator and is 7.5 inches tall with a diameter base 3.5 inches. How can you not be amazed by the bent neck ‘eye’ mouthpiece or the mouth decal and green eye decal? It comes with a 14mm male flower bowl. 

Wish Ball Bong 

The Wish Ball Bong by Hemper packs a powerful punch with its extraordinary design. It features a 3″ wide diameter and 7″ tall design. The magnificent shape of the bong has a glimmering orange color. It’s sturdy yet compact design is great to carry anywhere you like or simply add more elegance to your house. Don’t miss out on this unique bong from Dope Boo’s extraordinary collection. 

Love Bud Bong 

Make room for this exceptional bong from My Bud Vase that features sophistication with its unique design. A bong designed especially for women with materials sourced from all over the world. Don’t mistake it for an ordinary water pipe. If you want to add a dash of elegance to your everyday smoking experience you will be amazed by the ingenuity, workmanship, and femininity. Don’t you wish to gift your special friend a unique bong?  The Love Bud features a petite design and is 5.5 inches tall. Be it the heart-shaped mouthpiece or customized cannabis leaf poker, this bong is bound to stand out from the rest. It comes with a fixed downstem, a 9-millimeter 4-inch-wide bubble bowl, and a cannabis leaf flower poker. Not only will the Love Bud add the utmost elegance to any space but also prove to be a hell of a gift. 

This spooky season deserves a Halloween worthy bong. You need to add the eeriness that Halloween craves with the perfect Halloween Bongs. Check out Dope Boo for outstanding deals on bongs this Halloween. You will come across an exciting collection of bongs that are inspired from Halloween. Dope Boo also features a range of lava lamp bongs, be sure to check them out. The festive season is upon us and Dope Boo is packed with bongs, vapes, bubblers, rigs, and everything you can wish for. 

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