Cheap Credit Repair Services: 2021 List Of Budget-Friendly Companies to Fix Your Fico Score

Nikhil Goswami

Do you want to repair your credit score but are on a shoestring budget? We realize how disconcerting this situation can be, leading to an endless cycle of shortage of funds. Hence, we have compiled a guide of the best cheap credit repair companies for you to pick from!

The credit repair companies present below tick both the boxes – their services are affordable, and their efficacy is impeccable. Therefore, you can go for the best credit repair agency that you deem fit from the following list.

How We Made The List Of Cheap Credit Repair Companies Of 2021

We surveyed a wide array of factors before narrowing down on this selection of the best cheap credit repair companies in the industry at present. The first aspect you should keep in mind while selecting the most suitable company is the scope of facilities.

Assortment Of Features

Different credit repair companies offer different services. However, there are certain features that all of them should provide, irrespective of the cost of utility. For example, a free trial is a highly favored feature by all customers.

Unambiguous Proceedings

Transparent processing is the next requisite that all companies should follow. You should have total authority over your credit score’s remediation. The complete absence of any illegal alterations on your credit score is also invariable.

Authorized Method Of Operation

Your credit score may be really bad and beyond salvation. However, this does not allow credit repair companies to tamper with the existing score. This act is a punishable offense and can land you in a lot of trouble. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) prohibits malpractice strictly.

Systematic Updates

Regular progress updates are another crucial factor that you should take into consideration. Credit repair companies work with your personal data and financial records. Hence, they must keep you updated with all of the new proceedings concerning your credit score.

Most credit frauds occur as a result of inactivity from the company’s side. Therefore, staying vigilant is key to protecting your sensitive information.

Customer Feedback

What is more telling of the authenticity of service than the reviews of the actual users? Credit repair companies with great reviews and ratings based on customer feedback are highly dependable.

All the features above are equally important. Therefore, we filtered the companies based on the consolidation of all these properties.

What We Looked For

  • High ratings by the BBB and other forums such as Google Surveys
  • Level of experience in this field and longevity of the company
  • The simplicity of the registration process
  • Transparency in the overall processing of your credit score repair by the company
  • Completely legal documentation of your credit details with zero tampering
  • Free consultation/trial for initial analysis of your financial records
  • Cordial relations with the credit bureau and the degree of influence held by the company with the board
  • Quick turnaround time and working efficiency is short, urgent timelines
  • Presence of informative blogs and other educational resources concerning credit score maintenance
  • Different package structures and pricing regulations to suit a diverse range of consumers
  • Specific discount features for couples, military veterans, and disabled communities
  • Affordable Experian monitoring facility and provisions for inquiry targeting
  • Contribution of certified industry experts and financial advisors in the credit repair process
  • Unlimited case disputes and case reviews
  • Schemes with an overall money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service facilities and accessibility to the company through transparent websites and applications

These criteria might seem intimidating to integrate and pick the best cheap credit repair company from among the numerous options in this niche. This is why we have taken care of the groundwork and selected the best companies that fulfill most of these requirements.

List of Top 4 Cheap Credit Repair Companies of August 2021

Four-credit repair companies have made it to the list. All of them are renowned for their unique perks. Therefore, we have tried to be as inclusive as possible.

1. Credit Saint – For Simple Credit Repair Solutions

2. The Credit People – For Lucrative Guarantees

3. Credit – For Expert Counsel

4. Sky Blue Credit – For Maximum Transparency

The inexpensive service charges of the company should not serve as an excuse to compromise on the quality of the expertise provided. It is crucial to analyze the different features, pros, and cons of all leading credit repair companies in detail before finalizing.

#1. Credit Saint – For Simple Credit Repair Solutions


Credit Saint is renowned for the simplicity of its approach towards credit repair solutions. This company was established in 2004. The company’s headquarters is in New Jersey, USA. Since they have experience of 15+ years, this company is reliable and seasoned in this domain.

Apart from this, another noteworthy aspect of this company is its BBB rating. It has an A+ ranking, a feat that very few credit repair companies have managed to accomplish. Therefore, we can trust this company to exhibit the desired results and improve the errors on your credit history.

You can book a free consultation with Credit Saint’s advisory panel, and they will begin evaluating all the items on your report. If there is room to improve your credit score, they will discuss the best credit plan for you from their various schemes.

Once you chart out a clear plan with the advisors, you will have to verify your details and provide identity proof. After this step is over, the company will assign you a personal account page online. Then, they will contact credit bureaus to dispute inaccuracies in your report.

After a 45-day cycle, they will release your credit report with the newly added changes. A minimum of 2 cycles will be essential for you to witness a concrete outcome. You can perform these processes yourself. However, working with experts does give you an edge.

The experts at Credit Saint are acutely aware of the consumer protection laws and ensure you reap maximum gains from them. Therefore, you can opt for the services of Credit Saint if you want an uncomplicated, no frills-included credit score improvement process.


Multi-Tiered System

Credit Saint hosts multiple schemes that cater to different degrees of credit improvement. The three different credit repair packages are:

  • Credit Polish
  • Credit Remodel
  • Clean Slate

Since we are looking at cheap options to repair your credit score, the Credit Polish scheme will be highly suitable for the budget. You can apply for five disputes per cycle. However, the features of Experian monitoring and inquiry targeting are absent.

The Credit Remodel scheme is mid-range and covers ten disputes per cycle. If you have enough capacity in your budget for this scheme and require more than five disputes, this scheme is just the one for you!

The Clean Slate scheme is at the premium end of the credit services offered by Credit Saint. You can claim unlimited disputes with this scheme. You can also send goodwill letters to creditors and perform in-depth analyses on the history of your credit scores.

Money-Back Guarantee

Credit Saint assures you of a 90-day money-back guarantee if it cannot get rid of the negative remarks on your credit report. This is split into two 45-day cycles to ensure that you are in the loop constantly. Therefore, the scope for fraud is also extremely minimal.

Customer Support

The customer support offered by Credit Saint is dependable and easily accessible. You can contact their expert advisors at any time to clear your doubts regarding your credit report. They will also help you widen your knowledge regarding credit monitoring.


  • The entire process is highly simplified; beginner-friendly
  • Experian credit monitoring facility available in two plans
  • Score tracker available
  • A+ BBB rating
  • 90-day money refund guarantee


  • Initial set-up fees are high
  • No mobile application

=> Click here to visit the official website of Credit Saint

#2. The Credit People – For Lucrative Guarantees


The Credit People is the best bet for you if you are very particular about the guarantees offered by the company. Unlike most of its other counterparts in the market, the first-time set-up fee of this company is affordable to most sections of society.

This company was founded in 2001. Its headquarters is at Cottonwood Heights, Utah, USA. The long-standing experience of the company is one of the major features that vouch for the company’s credibility.

The Credit People is known for its outstanding money-back guarantee feature. It will refund your money in 60 days. You do not have to state any specific reason for this feature. You will receive the full sum at your will.

At first, you receive a trial period of one week that is entirely free of cost. During this period, credit experts will conduct thorough research on your credit profile and devise a guaranteed strategy to improve your credit score by 30% at least.

After you register with The Credit People, they will obtain your credit report and upload all your details in a personalized online portal. Then, they will challenge all the three major credit bureaus and remove the negative items from your report.

The complete absence of hidden fees and added charges is a key aspect to look out for! The initial set-up fees and the remaining price you pay for the credit repair service are the entire sums you will be paying throughout your association with them.


Single-Tier System

The Credit People follows a single-tier pricing structure for all your credit repair systems. Hence, you will not face any confusion in picking the best scheme for your requirements. This structure is affordable, thereby earning a place on this guide of cheap credit repair agencies.

Credit Monitoring Facility

Real-time updates about your credit score’s improvement are an important feature. It is essential to stay in the loop constantly, as the process involves several crucial pieces of data and personal information about you.

Debt Validation

Debt validation is generally not included in the overall process of credit repair. However, if the credit experts feel that your debt has been recorded incorrectly, they can challenge the bureau to provide validation and prove the integrity.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Credit People offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can claim the full refund at any time and cancel the program according to your convenience. This customizability is a highly-celebrated feature among customers.

No Hidden Fees

The Credit Saint does not extract any hidden fees from your end apart from the initial set-up fees and the monthly fee for their scheme. Most credit repair companies falter in this domain as they often charge you additional amounts at regular intervals.

Customer Support

If you prefer individual attention on your credit profile, you can opt for this company’s service without a second thought. Personalization is another added advantage here. You can reach out to the firm by phone or e-mail.


  • Uncomplicated service method
  • Different additional features
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Attractive refund policy
  • Educational blogs and resources are aplenty


  • Markets pre-payment aggressively
  • No mobile application

=> Click here to visit the official website of The Credit People

#3. Credit – For Expert Counsel


One of the main reasons for poor credit is the overlooking of inaccuracies in credit reports. You can conveniently steer clear of this problem by recruiting the best experts in this industry and enlisting Credit Repair’s services.

Credit works with you to eliminate all the potentially wrong entries on your credit report. They ensure that all the information on the report is verified and accurate by running multiple checks through your profile to improve your credit score.

The simplicity of the overall process aids you in getting the best results concerning your credit score. The formula of Check-Challenge-Change might seem pretty ordinary at first glance. However, it works wonders on your credit report!

Credit works in a similar way to other credit repair companies. Initially, they go over your profile and make a note of all the disputable claims. Then, they devise the best possible plan of action to rectify these issues.

Challenging the three major credit bureaus is the next step. They will keep all of your consumer rights in mind and tap them according to the situation to help you gain maximum benefits and improve your credit score.

The presence of educational resources and other information-packed articles on your personal dashboard is another huge perk to look out for! All these knowledge sources will help you handle your credit better and maintain it in the optimal range in the future.

The overall client testimonials, ratings, and reviews from customers are also in favor of the glory of Credit Most customers have appreciated the efficiency and the overall experience of Credit in this domain.


Single-Tier System

Credit follows a single-tier scheme to solve the issues of all its customers. Most credit repair companies have a three-level hierarchy in their pricing system. However, this company works with a single pricing structure to give you the best returns.

Credit can help you make amends in the following domains effectively:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Hard inquiries
  • Collections
  • Late payments
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments
  • Charge-offs

Free Consultation

Credit provides an initial free consultation for you to get a better idea of your credit report’s standing. After this trial period is over, you can continue with the company’s services if their proficiency reflects in your score’s improvement.

Money-Back Guarantee

The refund policy of Credit is highly beneficial to its customers, thereby earning rave reviews. Since you subscribe to their services on a monthly basis, you can cancel their services for any reason you deem fit at any point. It is a convenient, hassle-free process!

Payments Based On Assurance

The absence of pre-payments and hidden charges is a huge attraction of this company. They do not charge you for the particular month if there are no improvements in your credit score. You only pay for what you get, ensuring that your money does not go to waste!

Customer Feedback

The overall customer feedback for Credit is great, with customers vouching for the company’s in-depth expertise. The all-in-one credit repair and monitoring service simplifies the pursuit of a comprehensive solution for all of your credit needs.


  • Involvement of experienced advisors in the entire credit score repairing process
  • Lucrative guarantee and lack of hidden charges
  • Great reputation among users
  • Educates consumers about credit and it’s working for future usage
  • Available on both website and mobile application


  • Not accredited with BBB
  • No guarantee of the time taken to view results

=> Click here to visit the official website of

#4. Sky Blue Credit Repair: For Maximum Transparency

One of the major drawbacks with most credit repair companies is the lack of transparency in their proceedings. The status of your credit repair stays ambiguous, and you will not have access to the improvement at all times.

Sky Blue Credit shines in this department for its openness. They are in this industry since 1989, thereby guaranteeing you evident changes in your credit score. Also, they are completely compliant with all of the rules and regulations of the CROA, which is an added benefit.

Their pricing structure is simple, with no room for hidden costs. Their set-up fee and monthly fee are equal, a feature that most other credit repair companies cannot claim. This affordability helps Sky Blue Credit to earn a respected name among other contenders.

The A+ BBB rating is another solid accomplishment by this company. They do not work on commission either, so you will not be bombarded with tiring sales gimmicks. The entire process is pressure-free on the user, making it extremely peaceful and worth the money.

Similar to other credit repair companies, Sky Blue Credit first offers a free consultation. Suppose they witness problematic areas that they can help with and improve your credit score. They will let you know of it and begin preparing the method of approach to tackle the situation.

They send disputes to the major credit bureaus and ask for revisions on your credit report. You don’t have to make payments of any kind until there is an improvement in the score. Therefore, the entire process is designed to keep the welfare of the customer in mind!


All-Encompassing Service Structure

Sky Blue Credit also follows a single-tier system with the initial set-up fees and the monthly pricing being equal. However, this is not all! Sky Blue Credit offers an extensive range of additional services within the same package, without extra charges. The other services are:

  • Dispute handling
  • Credit monitoring
  • Handling cease and desist letters
  • Debt validation
  • Sending out goodwill letters
  • Consultation for debt settlement

Free Consultation

Initially, Sky Blue Credit offers you a free consultation to discuss the mode of action you can undertake. You will not be charged with any price if they are unable to help you in a productive manner.

Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee offered by Sky Blue Credit is one-of-its-kind. A solid 90-day money-back refund policy is a major highlight of this company. You can revoke your payment whenever you like, irrespective of the reason behind it.

Customer Service

The customer service offered by this organization is impeccable. They will answer all of your queries regarding the status of your credit score through the customized online portal in your name. You can contact them via phone and e-mail for further clarification.


  • Free initial trial consultation available
  • The cost structure is affordable and reliable
  • Several additional features and services are available for greater needs
  • 90-day refund is made possible
  • Membership is easy to pause or cancel and entirely customer-friendly


  • Legal staff are unavailable
  • Monthly disputes are limited

=> Click here to visit the official website of Sky Blue Credit

How to Choose a Credit Repair Service if You’re a  Beginner: 

Selecting the best cheap credit repair company for your credit score repairing process involves many actionable steps and critical analysis. If you are a beginner and are recruiting these companies for the first time, here are some pointers to keep in mind!

There are different aspects that you should take into consideration before opting for the best company. We may land in a pickle if we do not conduct substantial research beforehand. Hence, we have listed some of the most vital aspects that you should look for.

Good Ratings And Accreditation

Your credit repair company should have a good reputation and rapport with the credit bureau. This aspect is non-negotiable since the credit company will handle all the collaborations concerning your credit score with the credit bureau.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings reflect the trustworthiness of all the reputed credit repair companies. Hence, you can rely on this system and ensure that your credit repair company has a decent overall rating in this regard.

Several companies do not pass this filter. They are fraudulent and guilty of several scams. Hence, you will require in-depth insight concerning the accuracy of the claims made by the companies.

Legal Proceedings

Certain shady credit repair companies often suggest unfair methods. These include removing entries causing a negative impact on your credit report, altering the existing credit score, and so on. Although this might generally seem like an easy way out, these are entirely illegal methods.

Following these methods is a punishable offense and will worsen your existing predicament. Therefore, you should monitor all the actions performed on your credit report and keep all nefarious activities at bay.

Transparency Of The Overall Process

An authentic credit repair company keeps all of its services transparent and stays as unambiguous as possible. It is a highly recommended feature for all companies. Certain companies fail to offer their customers timely updates and make it tough to keep track.

The website of the credit repair company should provide all the details regarding their methods of action, the company’s reviews and ratings, and other indicators of reliability. You can thoroughly go through the website of the particular company to get a clearer idea.

Experience Duration And Standing In The Credit Repair Industry

We recommend you opt for a credit repair company with substantial experience in the credit repairing niche. A company with multiple years of experience would have worked on several cases of bad credit score repairs.

Such a company can be trusted with your credit report and guarantee tangible results. It is also mandatory for you to ascertain the overall standing of the chosen credit repair company and see how it fares among its counterparts.

Stability Of The Company And Track Record

There is a scarcity of reliable associations to determine the credibility of credit repair companies in the industry at present. Therefore, the actual stability of all credit companies remains a question mark.

The company’s track record will provide you with a fairly certain idea about the success rate and the achievements in their previous credit repair works. Since we are looking for inexpensive credit repair services, this feature should be given due attention.

Another institution that protects consumers from general financial fraud is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can check their complaint database to ensure that your credit repair company does not have any black marks against it.

Turnaround Duration

A typical credit repair company works in monthly cycles to approach the credit bureau with your reports and claim for changes in inaccuracies. Each cycle lasts for about 45 days on average. Therefore, your credit repair company should keep you posted in this duration.

Some corrupt credit repair companies take much longer to return your credit repair reports, which is not preferred ideally. Hence, it is advisable to keep track of your company’s turnaround time regularly.

Free Trial And Consultation

Most credit repair companies offer to get on a free 15-minute call with you to go over your credit reports thoroughly. They will inform you whether they will be able to alter your credit score before further discussion.

A legitimate credit repair company will inform you in advance if they cannot make any significant changes to your credit score and opt out of the contract. This step will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle and time wastage.

The credit expert working with you will also give you valuable insight into which program in their structure will suit your credit report the best. This consultation is entirely free of cost with most companies, so it should not be much of a worry.

Set-Up Charges

Once you decide to proceed with the services of a particular credit repair company, you will have to pay initial set-up charges to finalize the deal between both parties. One frequent complaint with most users is that the set-up charges of most companies are high.

Another crucial fact to note here is that the Credit Repair Organizations Act prohibits credit repair companies from charging you before the actual service. However, many companies disregard this rule.

The main requirement that we focus on in this guide is cheap options. Therefore, you can compare the set-up charges of different credit companies beforehand.

Monthly Charges

All credit repair companies charge a per-month fee to rectify your bad credit scores. The range of this monthly fee varies extensively, from around $20 – $200 on average. The prices may also go beyond this range.

We are primarily concentrating on the low-mid range credit repair companies. The different schemes which each company provides you with will give you an overview regarding their monthly charges.

However, it is important to note that the price does not always reflect the quality of the service.

Number Of Disputes

Credit repair programs are divided into different structures with varying prices. Hence, it is a good idea to check the number of negative item disputes the company provides in each structure.

Almost all credit repair companies provide up to 5 disputes in their basic structure. The premium package generally gives scope for unlimited disputes and inquiries.

Educational Resources And Blogs

Maintaining your credit score efficiently will require a lot of hands-on experience and detailed guidance, especially when you are stuck with a poor credit score. Educational blogs and informative guides can come to your rescue!

Several credit repair companies feature educational blogs and other financial resources on their website to aid you with your decision-making process effectively. When you are a beginner, these resources will prove to be of immense use to you.

In fact, you will be able to rectify your credit report on your own in the future when you gain awareness concerning the maintenance and repair of your credit scores. The information present on these websites ultimately makes you independent!

Easily Navigable Website 

The user-friendliness of the website of these credit repair companies is quite an underrated aspect. It is important to ensure that we do not overlook this factor at any cost. Since the entire process is carried out online, the website is often a key tool you will access.

The design and the interface of the website should simplify your registration and tracking process. Cluttered websites that crash repeatedly will ruin the user-end operation big-time. Hence, it is best to ensure that the website seems reliable and convenient to access.

Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes, the credit repair company may not be able to repair your credit score after undertaking all possible steps. Under these circumstances, the fees that you paid them earlier should be refunded by the company.

However, not all companies provide this feature in a similar format. There could be discrepancies in the refund amount.

Most companies will refund the entire amount irrespective of the reason you state. But some companies will refund the entire amount only if they cannot modify your credit score. Other companies have a time-bound money return policy.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews and validation are key deciding factors, be it any product or service. Similarly, as a beginner, one of the most trustworthy sources you can rely on while searching for the best cheap credit repair companies is consumer reviews.

You can look for customer reviews on third-party platforms if you are not sure of the reviews posted on the company’s website.

FAQs About Cheap Credit Repair Companies

Q1. Can I fix my credit on my own?

Yes, you can indeed fix your credit on your own. If you have prior knowledge about improving poor credit scores, removing inaccuracies from your credit report, and so on, DIY is a viable option.

It requires a lot of insight, patience, and, most importantly, time. The primary reason most customers opt for credit repair companies is their in-depth expertise in this particular domain.

The shortage of time and attention is another major reason customers prefer to delegate the grunt work to experienced professionals.

Q2. What is a credit repair company?

A credit repair company is an organization that will analyze your credit report and works on it to improve your existing credit score. They collaborate with 2-3 credit bureaus and challenge inaccurate reports on your credit report.

There is no sure-shot guarantee that a credit repair company will always be able to bring about changes in your credit score. However, its expertise and valuable connections will definitely aid you.

Q3. Is a credit repair company really worth the price?

A credit repair company has multiple proposals and pricing structures ranging from dirt-cheap prices to heavy-cost schemes. They are worth the price, especially if you do not have the time and expertise to invest in your credit report.

Their awareness and experience in tapping the federal consumer protection laws to your advantage is a special tactic you might not be aware of. Enlisting the services of a credit repair company will also ensure that you have a long-term solution at hand.

Q4. What are the items that credit repair companies can challenge on your report?

Credit repair companies remove the following negative items from your credit report:

  • Debt settlements
  • Charge-offs
  • Hard inquiries
  • Out-of-date additions
  • Foreclosure
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Late payments
  • Identity theft
  • Collections

Q5. How do credit repair companies fix my credit?

Credit repair companies thoroughly study your credit report and identify the negative items you can dispute. Then, they contact credit bureaus and send dispute letters to them, stating the same. This includes all discrepancies, errors, and inaccuracies.

The creditor should look into the claims within 30 days as per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s regulations. If there are no verifiable backing details for a particular claim, the creditor should remove the item from your report.

The removal of a negative item will improve your credit score. The credit repair company can also send goodwill letters to the bureau if you have always been regular with your payments and slipped up only once or twice.

Q6. How to identify a credit repair scam?

Credit repair company scams are quite common. Hence, it is vital to stay aware of all the danger signs to look out for when a company’s activities seem suspicious. The Federal Trade Commission lists the following common indicators of fraud:

  • A credit repair company does not want you to contact the credit bureau on your own
  • Encourages you to dispute correctly reported items on your credit report
  • Does not include your legal rights in the overall explanation of the company policies
  • Demands big sums of money from you before displaying results
  • Keeps the entire transaction process very discrete

In case you notice any one or more of the above signs, it is advisable to dissociate yourself from the particular company and look for better, legal alternatives elsewhere. You can also verify the status of the company with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Better Business Bureau.

Q7. What is the duration taken to repair my credit score?

The credit bureau should resolve a dispute within 30 days. Hence, the repair takes place in monthly cycles. If you have only a few items to dispute, the entire process will end 90 days on average.

Wrapping It Up: 

This guide of the best cheap credit repair companies in the credit repair and monitoring industry will help you make the best decision concerning your credit score.

You can be assured of the overall success of the process, as detailed research has gone into the compilation. There is no scope for scams, as multiple testimonials and feedback claim for these organizations’ integrity.

Selecting the right credit repair company according to your needs has never been easier! All of these companies have their own benefits, which will suit the users’ needs with varied requirements. We would recommend you to try the services offered by Credit Saint.

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