How To Change Instagram Password & Why Is It Important?

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The Instagram app is currently one of the most popular social media apps. The app has always been ahead of the competition and has slowly and steadily risen to the top. As a demonstration of its evolution, the platform initially allowed you to share only photos and videos.

Hence, it is a must for you always to have access to your account and keep it fully secure. Keeping up to date on your passwords is a crucial part of protecting your account security. 

Moreover, you should never share your Instagram password with anybody. However, if you feel somebody is accessing your account, you should instantly change your Instagram password.

If you do not use the app regularly, it might be a little tricky for you to navigate it. So, we have listed the steps to reset your Instagram password. We also discuss several tips and hacks that you can use to enhance your account and make it more secure.

Sometimes we need to change our instagram password to keep our account safe and secure. In this blog, we will discuss essential steps to change your instagram password. 

How To Change My Instagram Password?

How To Change My Instagram Password

Instagram allows you to reset your password on the Instagram mobile app as well as on the official Instagram website as well. Both of these have a unique process to change your account password. However, before delving right into that area, it’s important to first identify if your account has been the victim of an attack.

Checking If Someone Else Is Using Your Account

People often do not bother changing their passwords unless they reveal the most recent one to someone else. This is because managing various passcodes could be highly confusing for the average internet user. That said, realistically speaking, you only need to switch passwords if you think your account may not be safe.

You can verify whether someone else is using your account using Instagram settings on your Instagram mobile app or through the desktop website.

Firstly, log in to your account using any mobile device and proceed to the app settings. Go to the account security option and tap on it. 

Next, you will find a list of various account security measures from which you can select the “login activity” option. 

Then, the app will display a list of various logins on your screen. Every list item will contain the device model, time, and location of your login. You can also select a login and view its location on the map. Moreover, you will also be able to see an “active” icon next to any device currently using your account.

If you see any unfamiliar devices on the list, you can log your account out from them. You can click on the three dots next to the list item and select “log out from this device.” This feature is very recent and may not be available on all devices. So, ensure you have the latest version of the app to use this feature.

Steps To Change Insta Password

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram uses a different password-changing process on all its platforms. While the core process remains the same, steps to access the reset option may vary. Let us take a look at how to reset your password using the Instagram mobile app and Instagram web.

How To Change Instagram Password On Phone?

Go to the app settings and select “Security.” Next, tap “Password” from the security menu. The app will then ask for your current password. Once you enter your current password, select a new one.

Instagram will alert you if you enter an old or a weak password in the “new password” section. It is advisable that you use a strong password with at least one number, special character, and capital letter. After you re-enter your new password, tap “save.”

How To Reset Password On Instagram Web?

Save an extra step in the mobile app, Instagram’s web and app password reset are identical.

To reset a password using the Instagram web, you can go to your profile page and proceed to “Settings.” In the settings menu, you will see a “Password” option. Once you select the option, you will receive a password reset screen. Enter your present and new passwords and click on the “Save” button.

Two-Factor Authentication

After you change your Instagram password, you can increase your account security with this feature. Two-factor authentication (2FA) allows you to link your account to your mobile number. 

Once you activate this feature, you can only log in with an OTP. After you enter your password on the login page, the app will send a 6-digit code to your registered phone number. You can log in after entering the code.

Instagram also offers you six safety codes if you cannot access your phone number. However, you can only use each code once. You should also keep in mind that you can not access your account if you lose these codes. If you do not have your phone number, codes, or email with you, you will also not be able to log in.

You can activate the 2FA setting from the Instagram app settings. After tapping the menu icon and entering the app settings, go to security. Here, you will find the “two-factor authentication” option. Tap on the toggle to enable this setting. The app will ask you to verify your email and phone number if you have not entered them. Lastly, you will receive your safety codes in the email. Please make sure to bookmark or screenshot them and save them carefully.

How To Change Your Instagram Password If You Forget It While Logged Out?

Have you been logged out for a while, and you need to get back in with your Instagram password? Forgot the numbers, letters, and symbols that make up your unique entry key?

You hardly need to worry, as Instagram allows you to change or reset your Instagram password whenever you need to log in as long as your account hasn’t poorly been compromised yet. Simply use Instagram’s “Forgot Password” feature on the login page. From there, you’ll have to enter the required. However, the app requires you to enter vital information for the “forgot password” option to work.

If you tap “forgot password” using the Instagram app or web, the platform will give you a list of your registered emails and phone numbers. Then, you can select one and tap on the “send login link” option. The app will send a link to your phone number or email directing you to your account. You can change your Instagram password using the “forgot password” button. Lastly, you can conduct a “Facebook reset” by choosing “reset with Facebook” on the login screen.

How To Reset Instagram Password Without Old Password?

If you have trouble remembering passwords, you can use some hacks to avoid using the “forgot password” option every time. One of the most straightforward choices is saving your login info on your device before logging out of your account. As such, when you open the app, you will see a login option with your username next to it.

From that point, you must select your account to access your profile. However, as we implied earlier, you should only do this if you are familiar with the device and use it regularly. Do not save your login details on someone else’s phone.

Another simple login method you can use is linking your Instagram with your Google and Facebook accounts. However, for this method to work, you must have the Facebook mobile app on your phone. Before logging out from your account, link your Facebook account to your Instagram. Next, make sure that you are logged in to your Facebook app. So, when you open the Instagram login screen, you will see a “log in with Facebook” option. Select that option and choose your account to log in to Instagram.

Instagram also has a feature that helps you manage multiple accounts. If you have two Instagram accounts, you can link them to each other. If you have logged into the Instagram mobile app using both accounts, you can find this option in the settings section of the app.

There, you can manage your accounts or even link new accounts that belong to you or you rightfully have access to. That way, when you log out of the app, you do not need to remember both passwords to log back in. You can just use your primary username and password when you log in. From there, the app will automatically log in to your second account.

More Tips On How To Change Instagram Password

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story?

Instagram stories are one of the app’s top features. They allow you to capture and share fleeting moments with your target audience. Unlike regular posts and videos uploaded to your Instagram profile, Instagram stories only last 24 hours or until you delete them. However, Instagram recently added a new “story highlight” option. If you want an account to be on your profile for more extended periods, you can create story highlights.

You can also access old Instagram stories that have already disappeared. The app stores all your old stories in the “story archive” section. You can also modify the list of users who view your story. You can do this with the “close friends” or “hide story” options.

Instagram stories have a wide variety of options and features. One of the more popular features is adding music to your Instagram stories.

To do this, swipe up from the center of the screen to access the menu tray with GIFs and stickers after you select a picture or video to add to your story. This menu also contains a “music” option. Next, select the option and pick a track to play for your Instagram story.

You can modify the duration and the exact part of the song you want to play. You can also select how you want the song to appear in your story. For example, you can show the song cover on the deck or even display the lyrics as it plays. Lastly, you can choose a song before shooting a video. Just select the music option after you open the camera and start recording.

How To Add Links To Your Instagram Bio And Stories?

Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting and advertising products or services, especially if your brand is visually inclined. Users can also run their business through Instagram and take orders using the app.

Instagram has created a “business account” option for this purpose. You can either start a business on the platform or expand your existing business. From designers to clothing stores, users offer several products and services. If you’re an entrepreneur offering a service or two, add your business link to your bio and relevant stories.

Keep in mind that Instagram will verify the links before letting you post them. Links leading to any pirate website or inappropriate content will not show on the app.

To add a link to your bio, you must first go to your profile page. Then, you can either select the menu icon or directly open the “edit your profile” section. This option allows you to edit your profile picture, username, name, and bio. You will see a blank space at the bottom of the menu asking for a link. So, you can add any links you want by putting them in the blank space.

You can also add a link to your story using the sticker and GIF menu tray. Once you select a photo or video to upload, you can select the “link” sticker from the menu. This feature would then allow you to embed any link to your story. People can access this link by swiping up on your story to view the link.

Lastly, you can embed links in your posts. To do this, select the post and open its menu by clicking on the three dots. Then, open the edit section to enter the link.

How To Create Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are currently the new trend. There is a reel for everything, whether it is dance challenges, impressive work-from-home spaces, nice gaming setups, or tasty recipes. After the Instagram app launched reels, various content makers took the opportunity to use Instagram for monetization. It is almost impossible to stop once you start scrolling through these reels.

There are two ways to create reels on your Instagram account. You can either record a new reel on Instagram or upload photos and videos from your gallery. Initially, you could only create 15-30 second long reels. However, Instagram recently made it possible to develop minute-long reels.

You can select the “+” sign that appears on top of your home page and select the “new reel” option. Then, select the photos and videos you want in the reel from your gallery. You can also reorder the media after selecting it. 

Moreover, you can also add any music or audio to your reel from the app’s collection. If you select any popular or trending songs as your reel’s background music, the Instagram app will sync your photos to the song’s beats. However, you can still alter the photo and video time frames as you, please.

Reels also allow the user a lot of creative freedom. If you add text to the reel, you can edit it in various manners. You can set the text to appear only in selective parts of the reel. Further, you can pin the text to any item in the reel. When you pin text to an item, the text follows the subject’s motion throughout the reel. Lastly, you can record photos and videos from the Instagram camera and edit them as you make the reel.

How To Hide Likes And Comments On Instagram?

Instagram is popular for socializing, and social media influencers also use this app for revenue generation. As one’s follower count increases, the platform offers them money for views and likes. Moreover, these influencers can earn money through advertising and marketing as well.

Monetizing Instagram is such a big deal now that big production houses often hire social media influencers and give them resources and means to create innovative content. However, people also use this app to measure one’s fame and social status.

Despite its popularity, unfortunately, Instagram can also be a very toxic platform like other social media apps. Many users believe that the likes and comments on a post define the person’s personality. However, if you do not believe in this ideology and wish to avoid “clout” and toxicity, Instagram has the perfect feature for you. Instagram now lets you hide your like count and the number of comments.

To activate this feature, go to the app settings. Next, select the “account privacy” option. In this section, you must select “posts” from the list of options. The next menu will display a “hide likes and views” toggle on the top. After you turn it on, your followers will be unable to view the number of likes and views on your posts.

You can also hide the like count of a specific post on your profile. Firstly, go to your profile and the post on which you want to use this feature. Next, tap the three dots on the post’s top right corner. Then, a pop-up menu will appear on the screen. You can select the “hide like count” option from the menu.

You can also turn off the comments on the post using the same menu. However, if you want to turn off commenting on all your posts, you can do it from the app settings.

How To Block Or Restrict Somebody On Instagram?

Instagram is a free platform open to all users. However, since anyone can use it, you may come across some unpleasant users. You can filter your feed and avoid following these people.

In fact, if you have a private account, you can decline to follow requests and gain more control over your Instagram community while controlling what the public can see about you.

That said, not everyone can afford to keep their accounts private, especially if you’re looking to effectively grow your Instagram audience. In that case, blocking an unpleasant user is very simple. Firstly, tap the user’s account icon and go to their profile. Secondly, select the three dots on the top-right corner of your screen and select the “block” option.

Once you block a user, you are entirely cut off from them and they are from you as well. When you search for their username, you’ll find a blank account. Just as they can’t see your posts, you won’t see theirs.

You can restrict the account if you do not wish to block a user but avoid interacting with them. The restrict option is below the block option. After you restrict a user, the app will not show you their comments and activity on your posts.

However, you can view their activity by selecting the “see comment” option. The best part is that the restricted user will not know that you hid their comments.

If you accidentally blocked the wrong person or you’re back on good terms with someone you’d initially blocked, you can reverse the process. To unlock them, simply go to the app settings and select the “blocked users” option. Because blocked accounts are automatically unfollowed, you’ll both have to refollow each other to interact with your content.

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Some Of The Latest Instagram Features

Instagram has introduced several custom features since it rose to fame during the pandemic. While the app updates are quite irregular and do not occur for all users, these features offer great benefits. Here are some of the most innovative Instagram features:

Conclusion: Change Password Instagram

Instagram is a vital tool in this age of social media. Every child, teenager, and adult has an account on Instagram. So, it is vital to secure your account using various measures. You can turn on two-factor authentication or 2FA and verify your email and phone number.

Moreover, you must also keep a check on your account’s login activity. If you notice any suspicious logins in the activity menu, you should instantly change your password. You can change your password using the mobile app or the official Instagram website.

You might also like to keep tabs on people with a private Instagram viewer.

Similarly, if you forget your password, you can reset it using the app or website. You can also use alternatives like Facebook logins and saved info if you can not reset your password instantly.

This article also discusses several other Instagram features that you may not be familiar with. After learning more about these features, you can explore the app and join in on the latest trends.

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