5 Best Private Instagram Viewer For Account & Profile In October 2024


Instagram is a popular platform that lets people share video, image and all types of content on the platform to connect a wide audience. With over  2.35 billion monthly active users and still growing, this social media networking site has garnered strict privacy policies over the years.


From letting the other person be unable to see your content without a follow to restricting people from accessing stories and other private content, it has become difficult for people to access information on people.


For various reasons, seeing another user’s experience while keeping your identity disguised is an acceptable desire. But with free tools failing to provide you any function, we tested and explored 20+ websites to finalize our 5 best private instagram viewer sites.


These sites offer functions that can help you access any Instagram account without getting your account banned. Let’s learn about their great service and potential useful functionality in depth.

5 Best Private Instragram Viewers Apps To View Any IG Profile In 2023

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Glassagram provides full transparency by offering users an anonymous, comprehensive view of other Instagram accounts. This way, one can access all the information they need about that particular Instagram account. 


It also acts as an Instagram activity tracker to help individuals monitor their Instagram accounts. To achieve growth on platforms like Instagram, it is crucial to thoroughly research and gather relevant information that can aid in expanding one’s account and business. Glassgram helps make this possible with their service.


Also, the service can be installed on Android & IOS devices so that the user can access the information remotely. The basic plan of Glassagram offers a lifetime free private Instagram viewer app.


Glassagram takes care of account monitoring, so you don’t have to keep tabs on it constantly. Setting your preferred timer allows you to receive automated notifications and stay updated in real time.




  •  5-minute setup process
  •  It is now possible to view popular Instagram accounts anonymously.


Steps To Do: 


  • Install the app on your Android or IOS device
  • Choose your subscription plan according to your requirements and needs.
  • After purchasing, set up your account and link the desired Instagram profile.
  • Customize your budget and preferences
  • Keep a check on the kind of DMs the person receives
  • If you wish to check on other people using your private account, do not sweat over it. Glassagram allows everything.




The software is 100% safe and secure, and the data collected is never outsourced to any third party.

Recommended Instagram Profile Viewer With Great User-Friendly Interface


UMobix is a tracker especially used for monitoring Instagram activities. It helps parents who want to monitor the activities of their children’s private Instagram accounts. 


To begin with, you can get a free trial to see if it works for you before committing to this site that allows people to view private Instagram accounts. The second benefit is that you can keep tabs on over 30 popular social media platforms and apps from a single dashboard. 


It’s easy to keep up with UMobix since it’s compatible with any Android-powered smartphone, IOS device, or tablet running version 4 or higher.


There is a search bar on the brand’s website. If you enter the model and brand of your phone or tablet and click on the “Check” button, it can reveal if your device is compatible with their service or not. 




Instagram has gained immense popularity among today’s youth, making it essential for parents to have access to this platform to protect their children. This includes monitoring inappropriate language usage and explicit content and safeguarding against potential criminals and negative influences. 


These apps give parents complete control over their child’s Instagram accounts, allowing them to access real-time activity information. However, Android users are limited to viewing screenshots of their child’s activities within the app.


Traditional text messaging has declined in popularity as young people prefer messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. 


Fortunately, UMobix provides comprehensive coverage, enabling parents to view every photo, video, and message sent or received on these platforms. 


Not only this but at Umobix, there are even options available to purchase Instagram followers online for those interested.


View Private Instagram With Versatile Functionality

IG Magnify



If you are in search of the best private Instagram viewer, IG Magnify is the site to consider.  It offers numerous features and benefits, making it the ultimate private Instagram profile viewer. 


The most significant advantage of IG Magnify is that it allows non-Instagram users to explore and view private Instagram profiles of other users effortlessly.


A demo mode also sets IG Magnify apart, allowing users to experience its functionality before purchasing. You need to create your account using your email id, select the most suitable plan, and you are all set to gain full access to an Instagram account.


This service is best for people who want to research and learn more about Instagram content and research new ways to grow their own Instagram account effortlessly.




Suppose you want to view photographs and videos of specific individuals on Instagram but want to avoid following them or sending friend requests to their private accounts. In that case, services like IG Magnify are helpful. 


These services allow you to remain anonymous while accessing personal Instagram accounts. 


They offer a discreet solution for viewing content from these accounts without connecting your Instagram account or sending follow requests, ensuring anonymity and the account owners’ unawareness.

Easy & Quick Setup For Instagram Account Viewer


EyeZy is a new phone tracker service that uses its advanced AI technology to enhance its surveillance capabilities on multiple platforms and devices, ensuring accurate and comprehensive reports.


They can help you track everything your target profile does, from physical movements to text, calls, browsing activity, and activity on various apps, such as Instagram.


EyeZy is a wallet-friendly, affordable app. Customers such as employees, parents, and even people who want to keep tabs on their important people in life, can benefit from this technology. 


They have a broad compatibility range with Android and iOS devices. You can also select from various installation options, depending on your tracking needs and your level of technological expertise. This means that you can either jailbreak or not jailbreak the phone. Regardless of your technological expertise, they’ll make starting simple.




If you’re interested in monitoring someone’s Instagram activity, EyeZy is a viable option. It provides the ability to view private Instagram chats, including hidden messages, making it easy to keep track of their interactions. 


Additionally, EyeZy allows you to see the content they post on their feed conveniently. The service provides detailed timestamps for every message sent or received, enabling you to follow an Instagram account closely. 


While some Instagram activity tracking apps require payment, EyeZy offers reasonable pricing that compares favorably to similar apps. 

Top-Rated Instagram Profile Viewer With Continuous GPS Tracking



mSpy provides a comprehensive solution for spying on an Instagram account. This app offers a solution by alerting parents whenever their children receive messages from strangers. This service is also useful for parents looking to access Instagram account information. 


Parents can read their children’s text messages and view any included links. The app offers various features, such as manipulating text messages, phone calls, GPS coordinates, and more. 


mSpy’s primary focus lies in direct message monitoring and comprehensive tracking. Notably, this app is attractively priced, delivering exceptional value for its cost.


Its features are of high quality and user-friendly. Whenever customers face any issues, the app’s support team is available via live chat to assist.


If tracking all information regarding your targeted Instagram profile is important, you can expect mSpy’s services to exceed your expectations and give you the results you are looking for.




You can track all websites your child or target user has visited using this mSpy feature, including the bookmarks they’ve made. The app can notify you immediately if any specific keyword is typed into the phone.


The availability of a feature that allows parents to monitor their children’s online search and viewing activities would be highly valued by parents.


In addition, if the monitored individual uses any of the most popular web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, or a native Android browser, you can block specific websites.

Private Instagram Viewer: What We Looked For Before Picking These Apps?

Choosing a private Instagram viewer app can raise many customer questions, so we’ll try to answer them in this section. The following are some things to consider when selecting private Instagram viewing sites:

Choose The Safest Platform

When selecting a private Instagram viewer’s website, it is essential to consider whether it is safe. If you accidentally view a personal account using an unreliable account, you may face future difficulties.

As a result, selecting a safe and secure platform is imperative, and 256-bit SSL protection is ideal.


Considering the cost of the service provided by a website to access private accounts is essential when seeking such functionality. So, before making a final decision, you must compare the costs of various platforms and choose the one that best fits your budget.


You may run into problems if you purchase an unreliable Private Instagram Viewer Membership in the future. Always check the privacy settings of the platform before making a purchase. Numerous websites present their services openly and honestly.

Using these services from a reputable site is best to protect your privacy. This way, your Instagram account will only be able to see the data you permit it to see. Note that a trustworthy site will never ask for your account information.

Customer Service

When choosing the best company, it’s essential to consider their customer service availability. Having the means to communicate, such as email addresses and phone numbers, is crucial for addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have. 

Ensure the company’s customer service representatives respond promptly to your questions and are consistently available to assist you.

Additionally, a physical address can be reassuring, providing tangible evidence of the company’s commitment to providing honest and sincere service.


The company’s reputation should also be considered when choosing an Instagram private account viewer.

Conducting brief research, including reading online reviews and examining the company’s history of complaints, can help determine the level of its prominence and whether it is worth considering its services or products.

 To mitigate any risks, it’s essential to collaborate with the most reputable service provider in the industry, guaranteeing you benefit from top-notch services and a solid reputation.

Reading Online Reviews

Consider online reviews if you aren’t satisfied with your information from trusted family members or friends. Many companies are allowing customers to leave reviews on their websites. Understanding how they perform and what to expect when reading about them is more accessible.

Steps To View Private Instagram:

Send A Follow Request

Sending a follow request to someone with a private Instagram account is the quickest way to access their content. If they allow, you can see their profile, posts, and stories. Using this method, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to malware or scams.

Instagram’s terms of service or any other laws are not violated. It’s the only sensible option, in a nutshell. Before requesting to be followed, it would be beneficial to reassess the significance of consuming that person’s content.

Create A Fake Instagram Profile

If you’d like to follow a private Instagram account secretly for some reason, you can always create a fictitious Instagram account and send a request to follow. However, this is explicitly prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service. 

Engaging in catfishing may result in permanent app suspension, but it is possible to approach it with ethical considerations. Exercise caution and make responsible choices.

Search Username On Google Images

Finding images from private Instagram accounts through a Google Image search is not guaranteed, as it can only retrieve photos posted before the account became public. 

The person’s account will not appear in Google if it has always been private. But it’s worth a shot from time to time. Sending a follow request is the best and most efficient way to view personal Instagram profiles. 

The only alternatives are morally questionable and possibly illegal. Though you can use photo downloader apps to save and download Instagram photos you fancy.

Conduct A Search On Other Social Media Platforms.

When searching for your target on Instagram, it is worth exploring their presence on other social media platforms, as many Instagram users are also active elsewhere.

 In this way, you can check if their Instagram profile URL has been shared on other accounts, although those accounts might be restricted too. Nonetheless, it is worth trying this approach as you might come across some of their posts on different platforms.

Take A Peek Via A Friend’s Account

You may know someone who follows your target and will allow you to view your target’s profile through their account if you have mutual friends who follow your target.

You could also ask this person if they allow you to view your target’s profile using their account. If you have a close relationship with this person, you can also ask them to send you photos and screenshots of their social media accounts.

Use Third-Party Apps

Apps that offer “private profile viewer tools” for the Instagram platform are plentiful. 

Some of these apps aren’t what they seem to be and are designed to infect your devices with malware or ransomware; others may steal your money, if you’re lucky, or steal your identity.

Why Do You Need A Third Party Private Instagram Profile Viewer App?

In most cases, Instagram users log in to their accounts using the app’s built-in functions. 

However, a private account viewer app is preferred by some Instagram users. For the following reasons, a private Instagram viewer is a necessity.


Convenient Viewing


A private Instagram viewer app enhances the viewing experience of Instagram content, making it more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. This app allows users to enjoy a more flexible and attractive display of images and videos on their feeds, including Instagram stories. 

Ig stories are an exceptional tool for engaging with your followers, and various third-party apps enable you to buy IG story views to enhance the engagement.




A private Instagram account viewer app allows users to customize and set the viewing window to their preference. In addition, you can customize many settings not available in the default Instagram app.


Check Private Content


Any Instagram profile’s intimate images and videos can be viewed with a legitimate Instagram private account viewer app. Using the default Instagram app, no one can see any Instagram profile’s intimate images and videos because of restrictions. Hence, there are apps to help you save and download Instagram videos without any restrictions.

FAQs Regarding Private Instagram Viewer

Social media offers benefits but also downsides. It allows positive sharing and business opportunities. However, it can lead to harmful habits and privacy violations. Before using a private Instagram viewer, c   onsider alternatives like getting to know the person or requesting access.

Beware of private Instagram viewers requiring personal info for access. They connect to untrustworthy external sources, jeopardizing security. Avoid such tools to safeguard your privacy online.

Social media has benefits for marketing and generating revenue but drawbacks like unhealthy habits and privacy concerns. Using private Instagram viewers violates the terms of service. Instead, seek permission from acquaintances or send personal messages to access profiles.

Private Instagram viewer apps from untrusted sources can expose your device to malware and viruses. Avoid apps that require surveys or human verification to protect against phishing and hacking risks.

Searching for “Private Instagram Viewer” reveals top results to find private Instagram accounts and their followers’ usernames. Upon connecting, a “Request” button appears, and after approval, an invitation is sent to view the media. Consent can be immediate or require waiting.

No, viewing private accounts on social media platforms without following them is impossible. The privacy settings are in place to protect the user’s content and information.

Concluding On The Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps In 2023

Instagram allows you to share personal moments and good content on the platform. Viewing different profiles and peeking into their content for reasons is acceptable but should be done responsibly and ethically.


While these tools can help you, you should be mindful of why you use them. We recommend using Glassagram and IG Magnify to view private Instagram accounts. These websites provide the best options for accessing personal profiles hassle-free.


By following a few instructions properly, you can observe, learn and grow your Instagram account by viewing different profiles privately. Choose any of the websites from our list and start your journey of learning what Instagram can be for you.

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