CBD Tincture VS Oil: Which One Should You Choose?

Nikhil Goswami
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If you wish to buy CBD products for relaxing and keeping your mind calm, this guide will help you choose the right one. This article focuses on oil and tinctures. However, there are other CBD products on the market. Oil and tinctures are much easier to consume, so today, we will compare the two.

People often use the two terms oil and tinctures interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. Therefore, we compiled this guide to make it easier for you to distinguish the two. This can be seen in Gallup’s poll of 2019 that shows that 64% of the American population are aware of and familiar with CBD products

You can try several CBD Brands & more about cbd brands and their quality 

Here, you will find all the information you need, from the pros and cons of each one to their safe usage. You will also find out where you can buy them. In addition, we have listed all the alternatives should you require them. Furthermore, you will find out the difference between CBD tincture and oil. So, let us get into it.

What Is CBD?

Before going any further into the differences, we need you to understand what CBD is and how it gets manufactured. CBD or cannabidiol comes from a hemp plant, whose extracts contain cannabis plant compounds. If you do not already know, CBD is another alternative used instead of THC, which is known to cause a ‘high’ effect. Both help you focus on your daily activities by washing away worries. 

However, CBD offers this advantage over THC and has no side effects. There are three types available; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and cbd isolate, and the last one is the safest and purest. You can research about full spectrum vs broad spectrum cbd oil to know more.

Therapeutic effects are what CBD is for, as it helps with health issues like anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia. There are many different forms you can take CBD.

CBD products come in the form of gummies, oils, vape pens, joints, and much more. So, you are free to choose from a long list of what suits your needs. In addition, several different fruity flavors are available if you do not like the hemp smell. Now that we have a clear idea, let us start with the differences and compare CBD tincture with the oil. You can try cbd flower and other cbd products as well.

What Is A CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are one of the most frequently used forms of consuming CBD today. CBD tinctures include a proportion of alcohol, which helps preserve and prevent it from expiring too soon.

Adding alcohol into the CBD mixture helps prevent it from oxidizing and reacting with the surroundings. However, since it is alcohol and no other liquid, we need a lot of filtration, which takes quite an effort and time. This manufacturing technique leaves the resultant mixture very blunt and not easy to consume without flavorings. Therefore, the sweeteners and fruity extracts are pretty helpful at this stage.

Since this requires a lot of effort and is usually costly, companies often disguise the tinctures as oils. However, they charge you the price of a CBD tincture as it looks like one. Let us view the pros and cons associated with CBD tinctures.


  • Easy to use
  • Offset depression and anxiety
  • Easy to add to any drink
  • Best for storing
  • It offers an excellent mental relief


  • Not easily available
  • Expensive

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD also comes in the form of oils. It is almost the same as a tincture, but there are a few differences which we are about to find out. CBD oils like tinctures use a liquid to hold the CBD mixture; in this case, we use a carrier oil. Unlike others, most brands use coconut oil because it offers several health benefits.

After we get the full-spectrum CBD extracted from a hemp source, it goes with an oil. To enhance the taste, we take the help of flavors. Some companies label the oils as CBD tincture oil products where there is a difference. In addition, most brands prefer using oils due to ease of manufacturing.

The most effective part of using CBD oil is the usage. You can add the oil drops to your meals. Since you can pour a few drops and it gets mixed with the food quickly, you will not feel the taste or smell of the CBD oil. You can also research about full spectrum vs broad spectrum cbd oil to know more.

Although we can also get pure CBD oil from the hemp plant, this would be expensive. Moreover, not many companies use it this way and would instead go for essential oils like coconut and olive oil since it takes effort to extract hemp seed oil. Let us take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Easy to mix with meals
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Variety of potency options
  • Free from additives


  • It may have a strong oily smell

Is One Better Than the Other?

We have seen the advantages and weaknesses of both tinctures and oils, but which is better? Although there is not a very big difference, we know one uses alcohol while the other carries oil. Thus, one difference is in the base ingredients used for them. Plus, alcohol needs a lot of time and filtration, making it expensive. Therefore, the manufacturing process of tinctures takes much effort.

Hence, we can say that the two significant differences are what distinguishes the tincture from oil CBD products. In addition, several other factors vary, like ingestion methods, taste, potencies, price, etc. Although they are all related to the significant two mentioned differences above, we will shed light on how they make them different.

CBD oil has a pungent smell due to the significant portion of carrier oils, while the tincture is simply alcohol. They both contain sweeteners and added flavors to make it easier for users to consume, but the oil has a strong flavor since the odor does not disappear.

Moreover, due to the alcohol process, CBD tincture has a higher price than oil products. Further, the shelf life of the tinctures is much longer than oil; this is also because alcohol addition in CBD mixtures prevents them from oxidizing. Therefore, we do not recommend choosing the oil form if you want to store CBD products.

How Do You Take CBD Oils & Tinctures?

As we know that CBD oil and tinctures come from the cannabis plant indirectly, they contain the hemp smell. Therefore, pouring drops of oil or a mixture into your mouth, even with flavorings, is not easy. So what is the best strategy you could use to consume and make the most of it? Let us look into it. You can try and mix cbd your drinks or just buy cbd drinks online

The simplest method is to pour the drops directly into your drinks or beverages. Since both oils and tinctures come in a liquid form, you do not have to worry about mixing them with the glass, unlike food. This way, it sums up to be the best ingestion method so far. You can also buy CBD gummies online

However, a tincture has an advantage here since it contains alcohol, and you can pour it on your tongue like a few drops of medicine you take. The CBD tincture does not taste foul and gets absorbed with the mucus in your mouth much quicker. Nevertheless, this is not the case with CBD oils, but they are less bitter and best for those who avoid alcohol.

Finding The Right Quality CBD Tincture Or Oil

Since CBD products are standard nowadays, you can easily find them online. However, the real thing is choosing between those many choices. Opting for the one with the best quality of CBD is related to your health and well-being. Thus, there should be no compromises in this regard. 

For your help, we have reflected on those factors that can help you eliminate and narrow down to the right quality CBD products. Although there are others too, oil and tinctures would usually give you a clue with the help of these few characteristics if you look closely.

Firstly, you must ensure the brand has only CBD added and no other THC-related products. Since they aim at helping you ease your mind, most cheap quality brands do not care about the ingredients; all they want are the results. In addition, look out for the potencies and choose the mild ones since you should not start with a higher dose of greediness. It is a matter of your health.

Moreover, we recommend checking whether the brand offers a COA certification on its website or not. It will help you verify if their products get tested by third-party laboratories and are safe for consumption.

Another thing to check is the manufacture date, especially if you consider buying CBD oil. Do not go for anything that is a year old. Most companies try selling their stocks due to their expiration getting closer to sale. However, these will not be as effective as the freshly manufactured goods are. Therefore, avoid falling for this trap.

Other Methods Of Consuming CBD

So far, we have seen two products made from CBD, tinctures, and oils. However, do not forget we have many more options, and if you feel like changing your mind or wish to divert, read below.

CBD comes in the form of little capsules. However, since people hardly consume pills when taking medicines, it is not widely used. It is an excellent way to train your mind to take a daily capsule whenever you feel like you are too stressed and need some rest. You can use them daily like a routine medication and mark them on your to-do list.

Like several other vitamins, CBD comes in the form of gummies, too, especially for people having a hard time swallowing. These chewy candies have fruity flavors, and you feel like you are munching on jellies. However, be careful not to eat them in one go since a high CBD dose might harm you.

In addition, CBD joints are also available. These joints come rolled like a cigarette, perfect for those who are used to smoking and deciding to quit. You can shift to these roll-ups since they ease your mind like tobacco and prevent lung diseases. Thus, you get more benefits in a single package.

Moreover, we also have CBD vape pens, which are quite a demand due to their easy-to-handle and carry characteristics. You can have them in various flavors and use them like any other vape pen. 

Plus, do not worry about the hemp smell since CBD vape pens come in several fruity flavors like juicy raspberry, tangy orange, and cherry blossom. So, choose the one you prefer the most.

Side Effects & Safety

Safety is the number one property when looking for health-related supplements. We know that both oil and tinctures contain hemp-derived CBD products; thus, we must ensure that these come from a safe CBD extract source. Although the CBD industry has not registered any harmful effects until now, some people report feeling nauseous and fatigue symptoms.

A CBD oil tincture is safe to use if you buy it from a company that regularly manufactures CBD products and owns a COA certification that can be verifiable. However, other factors come into play, and you must know those before you add CBD to your diet.

We recommend you bring it to your doctor’s knowledge before stepping in. Consider CBD products as a medicine that helps the brain function. Thus, you can not simply search on Google and make up your mind that you need CBD because it is in demand.

If your doctor recommends you and you are going through severe pain or lack of sleep, it could also be a treatment for anxiety or stress, then go for it. Otherwise, look for better options that suit your health. In addition, people often overlook the side effects of CBD. Often it is not the product but the person who risks it.

The most common health issue regarding CBD consumption is the lack of control. Although it is not addictive like drugs, people like that they feel their mind relaxed and start increasing the dosage unintentionally, which harms the brain instead. 

For instance, you pour too much CBD oil in one go. Where you used to take 2-3 drops, a sudden addition of a full tablespoon or more will damage the brain. Your body is not ready for it and will try to absorb it. This way, you feel fatigued and have diarrhea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CBD Oil & CBD Tinctures:

Q. What is the difference between a CBD tincture and oil?

People sometimes call CBD oil CBD tinctures, and the same is true and vice versa. However, there are different products regarding CBD and their physical appearance. Although they both come in liquid bottles packed with a bit of pourer to limit spilling over too much liquid, there are differences.

A CBD tincture has alcohol as a base element, while the oil uses a carrier oil which may be olive oil or a coconut oil we all use daily. Since the tincture has alcohol instead of some other liquid carrier like water or oil, it is thus relatively expensive due to the making. It involves filtration for alcohol and needs a lot of exertion, which adds to its cost later.

On the other hand, a CBD oil bottle has nothing but the regular oil that the brand usually mentions on the bottle. Like the tincture, CBD oil has sweeteners and flavorings added to it to improve the taste consistency and prevent the strong smell of oils. Regardless of these variations, both come in similar potencies and flavorings. Moreover, CBD oil offers more benefits as it has a carrier oil that is good for your body.

However, tincture is unsafe for those who do not drink alcohol. So, if you are starting with CBD as a beginner, we suggest going for CBD oil. Do not worry about the strong odor. Oils are perfect as they can go with any meal, like cooking oil, and you will not realize it is CBD you added. However, be careful not to overdose.

Q. Does CBD oil and tincture have the same benefits?

No, like we mentioned in the question above. CBD oil and tincture are not for the same purposes; therefore, you must not mistake them for having the same benefits. One has an entirely different way of production while the other has a different one. Consequently, it would be wrong to confuse them for having the same benefits.

A CBD tincture offers an advantage to those who would like a safer way to consume brain and mental health supplements instead of inducing themselves with THC and alcoholic drinks that get you drunk and high. 

On the other hand, the oil works for those looking for an overall benefit for the mind and body. Moreover, the tincture offers an additional advantage for those looking to buy a pack once a year. Since it is easier to store for extended periods, you can keep it in a dry and cool space for over a year.

Q. What are the hindrances of using a CBD tincture?

According to the CBD industry, CBD is a safe hemp extract from the cannabis plant and has no side effects. The tincture is also a form of CBD and has alcohol as the base ingredient. No severe disadvantages are associated with it, but in how you consume it.

However, adding too much to your diet may harm your health. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a few categories of people should not consume CBD tinctures. Since they discovered it causes eye problems, people with glaucoma must avoid it as it causes pressure on the insides of an eye.

In addition, a CBD tincture is unsafe for pregnant or nursing women since CBD in remedies does not pass through the placenta. Therefore, if you are someone expecting a baby or wish to expect it in the future, we suggest going for other alternatives to CBD.

Q. Which one is effective, CBD tincture or the oil?

Since both CBD oils and tinctures come in liquid forms, there is not much of a difference in the efficiency they have. They both have identical potencies and come from the same CBD extracts of the hemp plant. However, some might choose one over the other due to flavors. Besides that, there are no significant differences between CBD and its effectiveness.

Moreover, knowing that the effectiveness does not increase with the dosage is crucial. Some people mistake it for proportionality between the two and put their health at risk. A CBD oil or tincture will only affect as much as it should, and you can not change that. Increasing the dosage will only put your health at the stake of your greediness. 

Therefore, try not to go for it. If you feel like you would do it unknowingly and not keep track of it, try to get a guardian or someone who owns a check on you. Regarding the effects of CBD oils and tinctures, they offer the same impact on health, but you may experience additional positive body effects on the use of CBD oils.

Q. Can you store CBD oil for long-term usage?

Yes, you can store CBD oils for long-term usage, but it all depends on how long you plan to. The answer is a big no if it is more than a year or years. However, if you plan on storing for a few weeks or months, there will be no issues, but you should keep a few things in mind.

To keep the oil fresh, you should not take it out from the whole bottle you get delivered, and the companies design those in a way to preserve them for more extended periods. Moreover, always keep the fluids at room temperature to avoid them from reacting. The ideal temperature to aim for is around 15 to 20 degrees centigrade.

Whenever using the oil, do not mix a spoon inside and get it in contact with the overall fluid. Instead, pour the drops from the bottle to avoid contaminating it. In addition, like any other medicine, always store it in a dark place and keep the bottle airtight.

Q. Will using a CBD tincture make you feel high?

CBD products come from a cannabis plant and, unlike THC, do not cause the ‘high’ effect. There is a difference between feeling calm, relaxed, and high. The feeling of calmness is having your brain free of stressful thoughts and worries. Whereas the emotion we call’ high’ relates to the state of euphoria.

This state refers to the ones who do drugs or have a cocaine effect. CBD products do not cause these effects, which distinguishes them from other THC supplements. You might be wondering, due to the addition of alcohol, it is not that severe. 

The third-party laboratories test every tincture manufactured in the name of CBD, especially the brands that offer a COA certification. Therefore, we recommend you choose the brand with the COA label on their official website to avoid any risks.

There are several questions like: how long does cbd stay in the system? & How many gummies should I eat? which shall be addressed in the articles provided. 

Conclusion: CBD Tincture VS Oil

So, by now, you have a clear view of both the CBD products, and the guide helped you with the dilemma of CBD oil vs. tincture that you got stuck in previously. We conclude that we use both interchangeably, and many people sell CBD oils in the name of tinctures since they take more time and effort. However, both oil and tinctures have their advantages which the other lacks.

A CBD tincture contains alcohol that helps maintain the shelf life, and you can store it for more extended periods. On the other hand, CBD oil contains carrier oils that have a strong odor but are suitable for those who avoid alcohol and quickly mix with meals as oil replacements.

However, the one you should choose depends on what you are searching for. If it is for storing and needs a longer shelf life, go for tinctures; otherwise, we suggest selecting oils since they are less costly.

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