Cannabis is a Potential COVID-19 Cure

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Cannabis is a Potential COVID-19 Cure

Recent studies show that CBD products can help in fighting COVID-19 symptoms. There is still a lot of research to be done with regard to the COVID-19 virus. However, one thing is certain; there is no cure for the virus at the moment.

You do not need to wait for the COVID-19 virus to get you, but if it does there are CBD deals that you can take advantage of as you try to suppress the symptoms. It will play a big role in helping you deal with COVID-19 complications.

Researchers are already looking for new means to treat the virus, and cannabis is among the top candidates.

Research basis

People involved in the research are focusing on CBD products and terpenes. The study is based on the assumption that the two products have some health benefits that can help people who have severe symptoms.

Lung inflammation is one of the major problems affecting people who have COVID-19. CBD products have the ability to prevent lung inflammation by reducing ACE2 or Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 as well as helping in cytokine production, which fights lung inflammation. The studies also show that CBD products can also be used as an antivirus which can help those who are not already infected.

Research case study

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc all over the United States. However, there are researchers whose preliminary findings show that cannabis can treat COVID-19. The research is being done in various places across the country. Here are some studies that are looking at cannabis as a potential treatment option for COVID-19.

The University of Nebraska and Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Researchers from the University of Nebraska and their colleagues from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have already suggested that since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to fight lung inflammation among COVID-19 patients.

They have stated that although they do not have enough proof to support their research, a peer-reviewed article which talks about the brain, immunity, and behavior shows that CBD has qualities that can help COVID-19 patients. They only need to be certain about how cannabis can help and only requires a little more research.

How COVID-19 affects the body

In COVID-19 severe cases, the human immune system overreacts and releases excess cytokines leading to a situation referred to as “cytokine storm.”

In a normal situation, cytokines help the human body by creating inflammations which help in fighting infections.  However, when a cytokine storm happens, fever, nausea, and fatigue occur. In some cases, the complications may be too much that it results in death due to organ failure.

Cannabis response

CBD is known for its properties to inhibit cytokine. Therefore, since inflammation is one of the primary causes of death in COVID-19 patients, if it is inhibited, the victim will have a chance of surviving the COVID-19 virus.

Other studies

Dr. Hodge

Dr. Hodge, a graduate from Morehouse College, also asserts that he has spent several years studying cannabis and believes some of its properties can help cure or at least suppress COVID-19 symptoms. 

According to him, his studies on Dexamethasone, a steroid that prevents inflammation, show that cannabis ability to slow inflammation is 20 times stronger compared to other drugs such as Advil. He has also been able to prove that the plant is 2 times stronger than Dexamethasone. Therefore, according to his research, he advocates for looking for a cure in cannabis.

Mile High Cure

Mile High Cure is a cannabis business that is owned by a black family. They have been in the industry for the last 20 years. As such, the company has invested a lot of resources after the pandemic hit. The black minority has been affected a lot, and that is why Mile High Cure decided to check on possible cures using cannabis.

Their findings are the same as the previous researches mentioned in this article. A researcher at the company stated that CBD has immunosuppressant properties that help in alleviating chronic inflammation. 

Scripps Research Institute

The institute reported that cytokine storm was the most likely culprit of virus-related deaths, including COVID-19. The institute also recommends further research into cannabis products to see if the plant can help in slowing down or even stopping the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final thoughts

The available research shows that CBD anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the chances of a cytokine storm developing in a COVID-19 patient. The studies also show that CBD properties can help in reducing or even eliminating the COVID-19 symptoms. While the research is still at its infancy, there is hope that cannabis will play a significant role in fighting COVID-19.

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