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Background: I was born in Ethiopia and fled religious persecution for being Jewish.

I arrived in Israel at the age of 11 as part of the American and Israeli Operation Solomon airlift. I lived in Israel, attended high school.

After graduation, I served in the Israeli Defense Forces in the Paratrooper Unit. I am a graduate of Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities with degrees in diplomacy, politics and security.

I emigrated to the United States with my husband, Dr. Adalbert Pilip. Today, we live in Great Neck, raising our seven children.

I have served the community in numerous capacities: as a member of the Great Neck Architectural Review Board, vice president of my synagogue, coach in youth soccer, outreach coordinator for Jewish and Ethiopian causes as a national speaker. I currently manage my husband’s cardiology practice.

The three most important issues for the district:

1. Revitalizing and revisioning our downtowns. Too many storefronts are vacant and local businesses are suffering as a result of the impact of COVID, high property taxes, utility costs and the evolution of online shopping.

I have a plan to address this countywide issue. Downtown areas in Great Neck, New Hyde Park, Herricks and commercial corridors are in drastic need of assistance. My plan entails the collaboration of county, village and commercial entities.

As part of the revisioning, I propose working with Hofstra, Northwell and our local chambers, Destination Great Neck and civic groups in a revisioning and commercial corridor plan with our villages.

As part of this plan, I propose a new streamlined process for permitting, inspections and plan review. Further, I am proposing an aggressive grant program for utility costs, retention of employees, advertising, and the development of shopping initiatives that will transform our downtowns into destination points.

2. Fighting hate, racism, prejudice and antisemitism. I believe I can be a bridge to the great diversity we have in the 10th LD between different groups and concerns. Promoting understanding, education of cultures, religions and systemic hate has to be addressed from our young people on up.

I would like to set up a committee of Mental Health, Police, Parents, Community Leaders, Members of Clergy and more to start a series of community talks to discuss these issues. The lawn signs we have in North Hempstead that read “Hate Has No Home” are beautiful.

I want to bring action to back up those words. The plan I propose entails working with stakeholders from all groups to find common denominators where we can all work together in a positive way.

3. Soaring property taxes. The issue of reassessment, property taxes and big government are making Long Island unaffordable. There is no question that reassessment had to happen. The issues are these: 1. The rollout was riddled with errors and the steps that were needed to correct the errors weren’t done efficiently. 2. Some properties now pay nothing. This is a scandal and is unacceptable. 3. The phase-in was critically needed for working families and seniors who can’t afford the increases.

I believe a county legislator has to be a check and balance on the executive. That means that the assessment office has to be staffed properly and must be able to answer questions and help residents.

Forums on challenging taxes are great. The fact is that homeowners are in the dark about their taxes and the County has to respond to it. Reassessment has to be fair and equitable. Right now, our assessment roll is a mess. It has to be straightened out.

The first step is not to finger point. What we must do is bring in an expert to give us a path to equity. Right now, the people have no faith in reassessment. That has to change.


I want to sincerely thank Blank Slate Media for giving all candidates a forum to express their views on the issues of the day. I am not a politician.

I am a civic-minded individual who was prompted to run for office after my son and many of his friends endured an antisemitic attack.

I feel very strongly that good people need to step up and run for office. Politics should not be a profession where people stay in office forever.

Rather, our elected officials should be made up of people who care, listen, respond and represent people. Public service is a privilege. I would like the opportunity to serve the 10th LD.

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