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Reduce Taxes:
Laura Curran’s reassessment is crushing families and seniors with higher property taxes.

School tax bills are arriving at home this October, and just like last year, property taxes will soar for an overwhelming majority of homeowners because of Curran’s reassessment.

While your property taxes are going up, Laura Curran’s taxes went down by thousands of dollars. For the majority of homeowners, Curran’s tax hikes continue for three more years unless you stop her this Election Day.

I believe it’s wrong for Laura Curran to increase County property taxes to the highest level ever in Nassau’s history while also generating millions in surplus funds. As County Executive, I will end Curran’s reassessment and cut taxes.

Government should never collect more than it needs to operate. My plan cuts property taxes by over $128 million – that’s $58 million more than Laura Curran is willing to give back – and I’ll pay for that tax cut by returning Nassau County’s entire budget surplus to residents.

I will continue to return budget surpluses each year while restricting new spending and reducing debt. It’s time to put government on a serious diet, and it’s time to really cut taxes.

Fix Reassessment:
Laura Curran placed a huge financial burden on the backs of families and seniors, with an overwhelming majority of homeowners facing soaring school taxes in 2021 as a result of her reassessment.

While the average family faces tax hikes, Laura Curran’s received a tax cut. Errors in Curran’s assessment roll also resulted in multi-millionaires having their property tax bill erased. Mansions received tax bills for zero dollars in property taxes.

While the reassessment was supposed to create equity, it did not. Neighboring homes built by the same developer pay different tax amounts regardless of being exactly the same. It’s clear that we need to scrap Curran’s reassessment plan entirely and start fresh.

As county executive, I will terminate Laura Curran’s reassessment. Her phased-in tax hikes for the next three years will be immediately terminated by my administration. Instead, I will hire qualified professionals to run the Assessment Department and create a new, fair system while also cutting property taxes by over $120 million.

Reduce Crime:
Shootings are up 39% this year in Nassau County and violent thugs are being released back onto our streets daily due to bail laws. It’s wrong!

As county executive, I will properly invest in police and technology to stop the shootings, which have taken place in communities such as Baldwin, New Hyde Park, Garden City Park, Elmont, Plainview, Roosevelt, Hempstead and elsewhere.

I will also be the loudest advocate for the repeal of bail laws that allow violent criminals to go free shortly after arrest.

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