Can You Smoke Weed Stems?


Nowadays, it is common to find people smoking weed in different forms. If you don’t want to smoke weed, no problem, you can enjoy other forms like gummies, topicals, capsules, etc. Since there are so many choices available to people, it is only common that some may take the variation overboard.

Instead of enjoying the cannabis flower and its potent benefits, some people prefer to smoke weed stems from the cannabis plant. While weed stems may have high potency, there are several repercussions. This article will discuss the adverse effects of smoking weed stems.

For context, we will briefly describe weed stems and where you can get them before discussing the adverse effects.

What Are Weed Stems?

Weed stems are somewhat controversial, especially for average cannabis users. If you wonder if you can smoke these stems, you are not alone. It’s not only newbies that wonder if you can smoke these stems. Even old cannabis users wonder if the plant material is worth the hype.

Thus, to answer this question, you must first understand what these stems are and where they come from. Weed stems are sticky-lick, small pieces you find in cannabis flowers bought from your dispensary. Depending on the quality of your hemp product, you may find these stems littered within your haul. Hence, you begin to wonder if you can eat weed stems that accompany these auls.

You will typically find these stems in your shake obtained from a dispensary. Unlike the dense buds of our regular cannabis plant, weed stems have little or no THC in them.

Hence, you will not enjoy the psychoactive effects of smoking weed. You have already enjoyed all the good stuff if the stems are all you’ve got left. Getting a new cannabis product is better if you need that psychoactive effect.

Is It Right To Smoke Weed Stems?

Although you can smoke weed stems, it is not good practice. Unlike edibles and other cannabis products, these stems do not have benefits. Weed stems do not have benefits like the other parts of the plant because they do not contain high quantities of THC in them.

You must note that smoking weed stems will not get you high. If you insist on smoking these stems, you may indeed experience some of their negative effects. These stems introduce unwanted plant materials that are harsh and unpleasant to your lungs. If you see some stems in your grinder, don’t sweat over them. However, it is not a good idea to take it upon yourself to grind these stems and add them to your cannabis flower, thinking they will heighten your weed experience.

Can you smoke weed stems? Yes. But should you? No. Inhaling smoke stems can cause more harm to your lungs. But it’s not only smoke stems. Generally, smoke inhalation is not good for your body.

It does not matter whether you inhale smoke from the seeds, flowers, buds, burning wood chips, or tobacco. Carcinogens and toxins released from burning these materials can cause more harm to your body than good. Smoking stems can cause a sore throat, a raging headache, coughing, cancer, and other risks not good enough for little or no reward.

According to reputable sites, smoking these stems can cause uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal pain and nausea.

Where Do Weed Stems Come From?

Weed stems are part of cannabis plants. However, unlike the CBD flowers, these stems do not have enough THC because they are the nearest to mother earth. Although it is not yet clear that this part of the cannabis plant does not have enough THC, it does have other uses.

Like other plant stems, you will find cannabis stems at the root of the plant. The stems interact with the earth to bring nutrients and water to the flowers, the most saturated part of the plant. It is quite common to find cannabis stems in your products. However, should you smoke these stems?

Can You Smoke Weed Seeds?

Smoking seeds is also not ideal. It does not matter how many seeds you smoke; it will not get you high. These seeds don’t have enough THC to produce the desired effects. Burning these seeds will create a crackle, snap, and pop. Consequently, the acrid smoke from these seeds will cause damage to your airways and irritate your throat like any other smoke.

Are Leftover Weed Stems A Waste?

The question on your mind could be if these stems are a waste. Note necessarily. You don’t necessarily have to throw out your weed stems. You can consume weed stems in other forms. Interestingly, depending on the available quantity, you may use these stems and seeds for other things.

If you have only a few seeds available, you could decide to cultivate them in your garden to grow your stash and save money.

However, note that you must only grow cannabis plants in areas where it is permitted. Check the laws in your state or region before you grow these seeds to avoid issues with the authorities. These are a few ways to use your weed stem and seeds instead of throwing them away.

For Stem Tea

Remember we only said smoking stems was the problem? If you do not want to waste your stems, you can use them to make weed tea. If you don’t know how to make one, learn more about how to make weed tea. Cannabis tea is a better option than smoking cannabis stems.

Before brewing your stems, ensure to bake them on a baking sheet in the oven for about 45 minutes at 107 degrees Celsius. Once done, you can allow the stems to cool before grinding them. After grinding, pour your ground stems into a tea diffuser and allow them to be in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.

However, you can steep the ground stems in a pot of boiling water if you don’t have a diffuser. Next, add a coffee filter over your mug and pour it into a bowl or cup to strain your brew.

Cannabis Topicals

Another exciting way to use your stems asides from the tea bag and butter recipe are to use them for topicals. There is no harm in using your stems when brewing your topicals. You can add these stems to your leaves and flowers to make your tincture anytime.

However, note that there is also no need to go all out for the stems if you do not have them ready. Another good use of these stems is to add them to oil-based weed-infused concoctions like coconut oil. However, ensure to make cannabis flowers the highlight of your concoctions since they carry the effects of cannabis you desire.

It does not hurt to allow your stems to steep alongside the ground flower in edible or topical preparations. Since the stems have the same process used during preparation, it won’t cost you. You can obtain several recipes online depending on the topical or edible you want to make. Whichever recipe you choose, always remember to add only a few drops of the stems to preserve the potency of your flowers.

Make Some Stem Butter

You can use your cannabis stems to make stem butter, another good product. Like the procedure for making cannabis-infused tea, you must boil your cannabis stems in an oven for 45 minutes at 107 degrees Celsius. Next, let the cannabis stems cool before you grind them to make cannabis-infused butter. Add some butter to your pan and allow it to melt over low heat.

For more information, read more about how to make weed cannabutter. Once the butter melts completely, you can add your ground stems to the pan and allow it to simmer for about 30 minutes. Ensure to stir often so that your cannabis butter comes out well. The best way to strain your cannabis butter is to use cheesecloth. Use a rubber band to secure your cheesecloth over a glass jar. Next, slowly add butter over the cloth, then let the butter cool.

Do Weed Stems Increase Cannabis Concentrate Yield?

Although stems do not have any high value, they tend to increase the yield of trichomes or bubble hash. While you may want to reduce waste, adding these marijuana stems to your kief or hash is not a good idea, except for registered trademarks that produce them in high quantities.

Although stems do not magically turn mediocre hash yields into outstanding ones, trichomes are sticky and may attach to stems during processing. Including some stems help to get most trichomes off the plant. However, the number of residuals (trichomes) that may stick on the stems may not encourage you. You must not entirely place your hopes on these stems.

Is It Possible To Use Cannabis Stem Commercially?

Cannabis stems can be used commercially for various reasons. Asides from trying to get the last amount of THC from these stems, brands use the fibrous material from the stem to make marijuana paper, rope, wood chips, plant-based concert, and paper scraps.

Textile companies also used hemp at one point or the other as a reliable substitute for cotton. Modern fashion has re-ignited its passion for hemp-derived textiles due to their sustainability. These fashion designers believe that textiles made from hemp stems last longer and have comparably excellent qualities. Another industry that uses cannabis stems is agriculture.

This sector uses leftover cannabis plant matter to line dispensary storefronts. The plant matter is believed to have better longevity and aesthetic beauty. Agreeably so, the rise in marijuana legalization over the years has sparked interests beyond the field of medicine. While others look to the plant for its adult-use benefits, others consider the benefits as an agricultural commodity crop and produce it en masse. Interestingly, agricultural sustainability with this plant means you can easily find fiber-based goods that replace the stems.

Instead of smoking the stems or throwing them away, you can now find hemp paper, fabric, rope, and several other textiles that promote the many other benefits and qualities of cannabis.

Is Smoking Weed Stems Better Than Using Cannabis Flower?

Smoking weed stems and cannabis flowers is not advisable. Both parts of the cannabis plant exude smoke that could cause cancer and other health conditions. However, while smoking weed flowers may at least offer you some moment of joy with the entourage effect, smoking cannabis stems does not have any value.

Hence, you will only harm your body while enjoying the smoke without benefits. Unlike the stems, cannabis flowers do have high quantities of THC. The flower is the part with the highest THC concentration. Hence, it is common to find people smoking it.

However, the stems only have small quantities of THC, if any. If you must smoke any part, you should preferably go for the flowers, although both options have obvious disadvantages.

Conclusion: Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

Smoking weed seeds and stems won’t have many benefits for your body. Instead, these stems and seeds may cause more damage to your body. Continuous smoking of these parts will lead to damage to your lungs. Over time, you may become liable to pick up cancer.

Other adverse benefits include raging headaches and coughing. While these hemp parts have disadvantages, they are not a total waste. You can use your stems to add to your cbd butter, cbd gummies and cbd topicals. Ensure that the quantity of the stem does not overshadow the flowers if you intend to keep the potency of your product.

Additionally, you can use these stems commercially to make hemp-derived ropes, paper chips, and other materials. If you live in a place where cannabis is not illegal, you can grow your stash by planting the seeds. Remember that hemp is usually addictive for some people. Hence, you must always follow the manufacturer’s instructions whenever you want to enjoy these products.

Also, consult your healthcare giver if you notice any persistent adverse effects after using cannabis-infused products. It is best to avoid using cannabis if you have any underlying health conditions or if you are currently under medication.  Know more about best CBD oil here.

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