Can Vape Carts Go Bad?And If So, Why Do They Expire?


As they say, nothing good lasts forever, and marijuana is no exception. Every flower enthusiast knows time begins to run out when they take that good weed bud back to the house from the drug store. 

Even keeping it dark and airtight can only slow the passage of time. Your bud is rapidly losing its flavor and strength with each day. The issue of duration and strength, though, is not just relevant to marijuana users. 

Many users of vape or oil cartridges have pulled a dubious-looking cartridge from the back of a drawer and questioned whether to attach it to the battery and give it a go.

Do vaporizer cartridges ever expire as a result? What could go wrong if you still smoke it when they do?If you’ve ever wondered if you should smoke out of an old cartridge or force it into retirement, we’re here to help you decide.

Understanding Vape Carts

Let’s first discuss what is inside the vape cartridge before discussing whether or not vape cartridges go bad. 

About one gram of cannabis concentrate, an oil-based strain of the cannabis plant, is present inside the glass or plastic cylinder. Along with other terpenes and cannabinoids isolated from the herb, this oil has a high concentration of THC.

A steel plate at the bottom of the cylinder vaporizes the oil breathed via the lips. A charger on one side of the vape pen heats the surface. You don’t have to be concerned about some problems that one runs into with marijuana over a period since the oil includes THC concentrate instead of plant debris.

Terpenoids won’t dissipate, trichomes won’t flake off the foliage, and they won’t lose strength as it dries up. This does not imply that vape refills are indestructible, though. Over age, vape cartridges might degrade.

How Does THC In Vape Cartridges Change Over Time?

Complicated networks of phospholipid bilayers and molecules with weaker connections make up oil. While CBD vape oil may stay potent for longer than a gram of marijuana, it will eventually decay like any other oil or concentrate. Those chemical connections will dissolve, particularly given how frequently the battery’s plate heats the oil.

Identical to how THC molecules constantly degrade into CBN, regardless of their shape. How fast this THC decomposes in your vape cartridge depends on a few things, but heat is the most important.

The degradation of both the oil and the THC will occur more quickly due to long exposure to greater temperatures. Moreover, it may seem contradictory for something whose function is to be heated. 

This heat may originate from a hot day, a steamy automobile interior, or even body heat trapped inside a pocket. Direct Light exposure, particularly direct sunlight, is another important element that causes a vape cartridge to degrade. 

The light will break those flimsy hydrogen atoms, whether marijuana is a bud, a consumable, or an extract, converting the psychotropic THC to the less-psychoactive (but still useful) CBN.

How To Tell If A Vape Cartridge Has Gone Bad?

On average, smoking an old THC cartridge, like smoking an old joint, may not pose any severe health risks to you.Although, we still won’t advise you to go with it due to several reasons.

You might cough more, feel drowsy or headachey, and your vape cartridge won’t be as powerful, effective, or flavorful if it has gone wrong. Bearing all of this in mind, there are a few indicators to look for to ensure a vape cartridge is fresh before you try smoking it if it is of unknown age.

The thickness and purity of the cartridge should be compared to when you originally purchased it. The oil should remain a consistent hue of amber to light yellow. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to see into it as well.

Your vape pen has gone wrong and must be thrown away if the liquid is discolored or has become brown. 

The press won’t be worthwhile if the oil within has been sluggish or hardened in any other manner. Get rid of any hazy liquid or crystals developing from the sides.Even though the oil doesn’t appear to have altered, the instant you remove it, you’ll know if it has passed its expiration date. Because the oil is degrading, the vapor will taste harsh or sour, or you’ll sneeze a lot more. 

The potency will also have significantly decreased. In conclusion, if the oil cartridge has become black, back off.

Keeping A Vape Cart Fresh

If you recently purchased a new cartridge, specifically if you spent a lot of money on a high-quality one, you should preserve it in good condition until the very last drop. There are a few easy techniques to lengthen the shelf life of your vape cartridge.

The amount of care you take to store your vape cartridge will determine how long it retains its potency, just as with flowers. 

The great news is that since it’s a concentration, your cartridge will keep its quality close to the same for much longer than the flower. 

Your vape cartridge could last up to one year without significantly changing strength if you take the appropriate precautions and use high-quality materials.

When not in use, remove the vape cartridge’s screws from the batteries to prevent it from becoming faulty. There will be some power loss and very slight warming as soon as the metal plate is in touch with the battery, which over time, will harm the oil and cannabinoids. 

Along with maintaining your cartridge upright while it’s unbolted, this aids in preventing leakage and damage. If you frequently take your cartridges in your pocket, putting them in a tiny waterproof case is advisable because the human body also operates at temperatures over 70 degrees.

Maintain your cartridges away from bright light, particularly the sun. When THC molecules are broken down by excessive light, the oil cartridge might become black or brown and lose strength and flavor.

Additional heat from the sun will, as already said, hasten the deterioration of your vape cartridge. Although a container is ideal for keeping your cartridges, any cold, dry cabinet or proper storage space will suffice. 

A ledge would be the most undesirable place to put them. Your oil cartridge will quickly go bad as a result of this.

Getting The Freshest Vape Experience

Another option is to get a cannabis oil needle for refilling cartridges if you frequently carry your carts in your vehicle or wallet and would like to preserve them. 

These can be purchased at several dispensaries and let you keep the actual oil until you require it in a cold, dry location. You may always have a new supply of hash oil syringe that is strong by just filling your cartridge with the quantity you need for the upcoming few days.

In conclusion, vape kits do degrade over time. Nevertheless, if you store your cartridges cold and in the darkness, they should retain their efficacy for anywhere between six and a year. They’ll start to lose a few of their effectiveness after that.

The oil should remain in good condition to vape without sacrificing flavors if maintained properly. So place them in cool and dark places.

Types of Vape Cartridges

The industry is filled with several varieties of vape carts. Each one has a special type of cannabis extract. You, therefore, get different flavors and active ingredients.

Here are some of the best vape cart types:


Sometimes described as a “consumable dab pen” or a “cannabis oil vape.” As the name implies, you buy a cartridge that has your preferred flavor present in it. 

You discard the old tank and acquire a new one when the oil runs out. This cart is intended for cannabis oils with strong THC or CBD content.


Once the cannabis extracts are finished, you replenish the cart. You may fill the 510-thread unfilled cart tank that goes with it with your chosen product. You may personalize your cannabis experience with the help of this affordable cart.


These adaptable delta-8 disposable vape pens are broader, primed, and prepacked for vaping. Similar to the emotions dash pen, it generally has a single cycle and is not suggested for refilling. When the isolate is finished, throw it away for disposal.

What Are The Benefits Of Vape Carts?


Search no further than a vape cartridge pen if you’re looking for simplicity. All gadgets are transportable, but the vape pen is the most so. Usually, it can be put straight in your pocket. Furthermore, the gadget is small enough that no one will notice you carrying it.

To use a vape cartridge pen, connect it to your charger, and you can begin creating those voluminous clouds. Some gadgets have a cool push-button setup. Some pens don’t need knobs and start responding when you begin breathing in.

Consistent Quality

You could experience varying levels of quality with each tongue hit while using certain vape mods. If you use a pre-filled vape pen, you should never be concerned about it. Nearly all cartridges are either prefilled with a certain quantity of nicotine or not.

You can discover a taste and intensity that meets all of your requirements based on your preferences. 

E-liquids for modern vapes come in a wide variety of tastes. Each time you load a fresh cartridge, you may continue to enjoy the same taste after finding a flavor you like.


The last ten years have seen a rise in the popularity of vaping goods. You can discover a huge selection of vape cartridges both online and offline.

Most reliable sellers will provide thorough product descriptions, including information on flavors, chemicals, and nicotine concentration. When buying cannabis vape cartridges on the internet, please seek actual consumer reviews.

What Are Some Of The Downsides Of Vape Carts?

While malfunctioning vape cartridges are rare, they do occasionally occur. Sometimes when the device’s electrical properties problems cause the cartridge to malfunction. 

After repeated usage, if something obstructs the circuits, the device may also not function. Luckily, this is a natural event, and most users of vape pens don’t have any issues.

Recent converts to vaping will experience a little learning curve before becoming comfortable with their new equipment. The potency of nicotine is one thing many people have trouble getting used to.

Moreover, You must take proper care of your equipment if you want it to last long. Even though some vapes use replaceable cartridges, most pens and mods need frequent cleaning and upkeep.

Additionally, you must take care to protect your equipment from harsh weather and water.Most gadgets can be robust and not break after a few falls. You should be able to use your vape for whatever length you want if you follow some caution.

Furthermore, With mods, you may customize your taste and the gadget itself. You can select your tastes using a pen or pod mod, but you can’t change the battery capacity or other elements. 

As a response, the lower concept may impact aspects such as throat hit or vapor production. It is preferable to have an expired cartridge in the trash as opposed to having one stuck under your tongue.


Conclusion: Can Vape Carts Go Bad? 

The instruction handbook can range in size from a simple brochure to a 20-page volume with sloppy English writing. In any case, dive in and read it from cover to cover since there is frequently something regarding your vape pen that you didn’t know but is crucial to its usage and upkeep. 

You may also use three other substances: concentrates, portable dried herbs vaporizers, vape liquids, and oils. Generally speaking, unless you have special equipment, you can’t utilize a pen for every element. 

You could believe that hemp oil and e-liquid are equivalent, but you’d be wrong. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your vape pen should only be used to heat the substances it allows.

Double-check that your pen is completely recharged when you press the start button. Since most vape pens have built-in cells, you must power them using a charger until they have been completely charged. 

Use the included charging cord; certain pens are picky about alternative charging cords and will flash out if recharged improperly.


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