6 Best Sites To Buy TikTok Views In 2024 (Real & Cheap)

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TikTok is one social media app that is flourishing at a remarkable speed every single day. While the short form video app has many ways to grow big on it, nothing is more important than views. You can buy TikTok views to boost viewership and attract an audience to your content.


But buying TikTok views from any source is not possible. If you are looking for sites to buy authentic TikTok views, we have got you covered.


Our expert team of social media professionals researched the internet to find the 6 best sites to buy TikTok views safely. These sites were chosen from among 40+ brands that claim to offer the same service.


These websites ensure a complete growth of your TikTok account with just a few clicks.


Lets learn about these websites in depth.

Our Top 6 Sites To Buy TikTok Views In 2023

Most Recommended Site To Buy TikTok Views


Best Site For Tiktok Views


Best Site To Buy Tiktok Views


Best For Free TikTok Views


Best For Fastest TikTok Views


Most Trusted Site To Buy TikTok Views


Overall Best Site To Buy TikTok Views, Editor's Choice

Social Zinger is run by a team of enthusiastic and skilled people who understand the modern need for social media presence. And with over two billion social media users worldwide, you need the best social media growth company to substantially increase your content’s reach.


Also, You won’t need to worry about fake followers and views by taking Social Zinger’s social media services. The company believes in building genuine engagement and valuable comments from actual people. Social Zinger does not use robots or auto-generated views to boost engagement and helps boost your likes, views, and followers through real social media users.


The best-selling feature of Social Zinger is that it claims to improve your likes, followers and views within an hour of hiring its services. So, you can expect massive engagement from genuine TikTok profiles within an hour of posting your TikTok video.




User-friendly interface: The Social Zinger website is easy on the eyes and displays all required information on the Home Page. You can find all the services provided by the company on its Services page. Here you can get all the information about TikTok views packages, with packages for other social media platforms such as buy high-quality TikTok Followers.


Another great feature of the Social Zinger interface is its FAQ section. Though the company has excellent customer support service, the FAQ section can also help you get your questions answered without contacting customer support.


Real TikTok Likes: Social Zinger provides real TikTok likes and TikTok views on your content. You can confidently hire its services without worrying about gaining fake likes and views.


Various TikTok Views Packages: Social Zinger offers multiple packages accommodating various requirements and budget ranges. Based on your budget and requirement, you can order a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 50,000 views on your TikTok story.

Safe & Secure Platform For Buying TikTok Videos Views

Bulkoid offers the best TikTok services to improve your social media presence significantly. The best-selling feature of this website is that it provides TikTok views from real TikTok profiles. This feature helps increase your fan following without risking the safety of your account.


In addition to offering TikTok views, Bulkoid also gives you the best deals for TikTok followers, views, and likes; YouTube shares, views, likes, and subscribers; Spotify album plays, USA plays, monthly listeners; SoundCloud likes, followers, plays, and comments; Instagram private viewer, followers, comments and shares, and Facebook post likes, page likes, and followers. In short, Bulkoid is a one-stop shop to enhance your social media growth.


Most Bulkoid customers have appreciated its customer care policy. In addition, the Bulkoid website and app offer 24/7 live chat services. So, you can budge the company’s customer service staff concerning all sorts of queries at any time. First, however, it is best to check out the website’s FAQ section. You may find the answer to your question there, as the company has already answered several commonly asked queries in that section.




Quick and Hassle-free Order Process: The ordering process at Bulkoid is fast and straightforward. First, select the TikTok video you wish to boost, and insert the video’s link on the Bulkoid’s order page. Then, mention how many TikTok views you want on this video, and proceed to check out.


Affordable Pricing: Bulkoid offers quality services in a reasonable price range. You can get $5,000 TikTok views for $8.00. The highest number of TikTok views the website provides is 50,000 views for $80.00.


Ease of Payment through Cryptocurrencies: Another highlighting feature of purchasing TikTok views from Bulkoid is that it uses safe, secure, and versatile payment methods. In addition to using credit cards to receive payments, Bulkoid offers its customers ease of using cryptocurrencies. The website also states that new payment methods are coming soon.

Excellent Customer Service For TikTok Views

ViralHQ has made going viral quick and easy. Look no further if you wish to connect with a professional team offering the best social media services. ViralHQ is what you need to go big on social media.


The most highlighting feature of ViralHQ is that the website displays the ordering section on the Home Page. So, the second you open the ViralHQ user interface, you can order your TikTok views.


There is a blank space to enter the URL of the TikTok content you wish to boost on the left. And on the right side, you see the number of real & active tiktok likes, views, shares or subscribers you intend to gain. After entering the required information, check out, and soon you will have legit TikTok views on your content. Also, there is no need to end your TikTok username, as the website only requires the URL of the TikTok video.


Detailed FAQ Section: ViralHQ is famous for offering customer care services. Displaying a detailed FAQ section that answers almost all the basic customers’ queries is an excellent feature of the company’s customer care policy. You can find the FAQ section on the main page of the official website. There are more than twenty frequently asked questions with detailed answers covering all the major customers’ concerns.

High-Quality TikTok Views: ViralHQ offers quality and quantity in a TikTok views package. The company offers high-quality TikTok views from actual, Tiktok profiles of active users.

Data Security and Safe Payment Methods: One of the major concerns of doing business with online companies is the security of personal and bank information. Understanding this common concern, ViralHQ ensures the maximum security of customers’ data through encryption technology. Also, the company allows you to pay with your preferred credit card or cryptocurrency.

Buy TikTok Views With Live Chat Support

Media Mister offers multiple promotional services to social media users. The main reason for the popularity of this social media growth company is that it offers views, likes, and subscribers from authentic social media accounts.


Also, Media Mitre has got you covered if you wish to boost your Facebook, Spotify, YouTube subscribers, LinkedIn, TikTok or Instagram content. In short, you can rely on the high-quality services of Media Mister to improve your overall social media presence.


Media Mister has served more than 100,000 social media users worldwide, and the number is increasing every day. Also, the platform has earned great customer reviews for offering exceptional services at competitive prices. And, now, Media Mister stands tall among its competitors.




Targeted Services: The social media experts at the Media Mister platform offer exceptional services across social media accounts. You can hire these paid services to buy TikTok views, likes, followers and subscribers.


Additionally, Media Mister provides services for less-known social media platforms that no other major website offers. These platforms include Twitch, Discord, Rumble, and Mixcloud.


Money Back Guarantee: One of the most highlighting features of Media Mister is its money-back guarantee. Media Mister will give you your money back if this platform fails to provide your required services. This feature exhibits the company’s confidence in its exemplary services.


Fast Turnaround Time: Media Mister has made buying TikTok followers and views quick and hassle-free. You can expect a high turnaround on your TikTok video within a few hours of placing the order.

Recommended Site For Buying TikTok Likes And Views

FastPromo is one of the leading social media growth companies that offer premium services for all major social media platforms. The best-selling feature of FatPromo is its fast delivery time. As the company says, “Social Media Promotions Done Fast and Right”, you can expect a quick turnaround on your boosted post, video, or story.


FastPromo also gives utmost attention to the safety and security of the customers’ data. For example, the company does not ask for your TikTok username or login information. Also, all the data remains disclosed, and the expert team offers its services off-site.




No Fake Accounts: FastPromo offers high-quality views from real TikTok users. The company does not use fake accounts to boost your TikTok views.


Flexible Payment Packages: FasPromo offers multiple TikTok view packages based on the number of views you require. The more TikTok likes you order, the higher the package price.


Ease of Making an Order: The ordering process at FastPromo is fast and hassle-free. First, you will need to enter the URL of the post you need to boost, then enter the required number of likes. And finally, finish your order by picking a credit card or cryptocurrency as your payment method.

Best Site For Boosting TikTok Views

Buy Real Media is your go-to platform to boost the viewership of your social media content. This social media growth company helps you buy TikTok followers and views using its targeted approach. In addition to purchasing TikTok views, you can hire Buy Real Media services for YouTube downloader, Facebook, Spotify, Linkedin, SoundCloud and several other platforms.




Exceptional Services from Marketing Specialists: The media marketing specialists at Buy Real Media are experienced in reading TikTok’s algorithm and using it to offer you top-quality services. These experts have unparalleled experience and can boost your content’s reach in no time.


Excellent Customer Support: Buy Real Media is famous for its customer service. The customer support staff is kind, professional and knowledgeable. You can contact customer services for any query at any time of the day.


Data Security: Buy Real Media uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology to secure customers’ information. And to offer a secure payment processing portal, the company uses PayTR infrastructure.

What To Look For In Best Sites To Buy TikTok Views In 2023?

Never goes a day when we don’t see a person becoming a social media star after posting a TikTok that goes viral. TikTok is one of the most widely popular social media platforms that increase your global reach. But that can only be possible if you have thousands of active TikTok users on your TikTok account with legitimate viewers.


Buying TikTok views is one of the easiest and surest ways to increase your popularity on this social media platform. And the companies we have listed here can help you gain genuine TikTok followers and video views. In addition, our team has checked out many social media services offering lucrative TikTok view packages.


At first glance, all these companies look legit. However, we scrutinized these companies on our strict criteria to pick authentic and affordable websites to buy TikTok views.


What We Looked For


  • Reliability and Authenticity of the Website: The first thing we checked about the websites we chose was their legitimacy. All the sites listed here are reliable and get you TikTok views from genuine profiles.
  • Security of Personal Data: The safety of personal information is one of the main concerns when getting in touch with anyone online. Therefore, we only chose websites that use hi-tech encryption technology to secure your data.  These websites convert your personal and bank account information into a digital language, which no one can crack using encryption technology. Also, all these websites use safe and secure payment methods.
  • FAQs Sections: Another significant feature of all our chosen websites is their user-friendly portal. You can check their official websites and gain information about their services, user experience, and legitimacy. All these sites have FAQ sections that give detailed information about the websites’ services and answer all the common questions.
  • Legitimate Customer Feedback: Many service providers present fake customer reviews to show their high ratings. Therefore, instead of relying on the customer reviews available on the website, we checked third-party websites to check for legitimate user feedback. And we only picked the websites that have gained positive reviews from legit consumers.
  • Fast Delivery Time: Delivery time is crucial in buying TikTok fans and views. Though you need to increase your numbers as soon as possible, at the same time, you can’t commit to a website that offers fake views.

Often, companies with fast turnaround times provide fake views on TikTok videos. Therefore, we chose companies that take a reasonable delivery time and offer high-quality followers and genuine TikTok views

How To Buy TikTok Views?

Indeed, a high number of TikTok views improves your page’s worth and helps you gain more popularity among the masses. With an overwhelming interest in TikTok by millions of people worldwide, many TikTok views services have jumped into the market. As a result, you may come across dozens of websites where you can purchase TikTok views. However, there is a genuine issue that it is challenging to distinguish legit websites from fake ones.


Here we have mentioned a couple of significant factors that will help you get in touch with an authentic website to buy TikTok views.


  • High-Quality TikTok Views

One of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a website to buy TikTok views is that it must offer real, active, and high-quality views. Unfortunately, several websites are offering TikTok views from fake profiles.


These fake views can cause more harm than good to your page’s status. With these fake followers and views, you may lose your authenticity and reliability among the actual followers you have gained through organic growth.


Additionally, low-quality TikTok views in your viewing data may put your account in a security risk category, increasing the chances of getting your profile blocked. Also, low-quality profiles may try to hack your data.


Therefore, always choose the company that offers real TikTok followers and active TikTok users.


  • Always Research the Authenticity of the Company


It is advisable to do thorough research about the legitimacy and authenticity of the company before making the final decision. Undoubtedly, many companies seem authentic at first glance when they are fake. Therefore, you must collect as much information about the company as possible.


Take a tour of their website and check out what services they are offering, how long they have been in the market, and whether they are offering quality services. One of the most highlighting features of any reputable company is that it prioritizes its customers. Therefore, a trustworthy company always remains available to engage with current and potential customers.


A simple test of checking this feature is to look for the website’s FAQ section or to contact customer services. These two features will tell you if the company is serious about resolving customers’ concerns and providing quality services.


  • Secure Payment Methods


The safety of your TikTok account must be your number priority. Therefore, engaging with a website that uses hi-tech security measures to protect your information is advisable.


For example, most trustworthy websites secure user data in the cloud and use encryption technology to protect personal information. Also, only say yes to the deal when satisfied with the payment method’s security.


  • Customer Reviews


Check out what the previous customers of the website are saying about its services. Reading the customers’ feedback to get first-hand information about the product or services is always a great idea. Only choose a website with a high percentage of good reviews over bad ones.

FAQs On Buy TikTok Views

Yes, purchasing TikTok views helps increase your content’s reach. However, the catch is that you have used the TikTok views package of a legit and authentic website.

Yes, buying TikTok views is safe. But again, you must choose a reliable and trustworthy website to get views. It is essential to do comprehensive research on the company before taking the final decision. However, if you are in a rush, choose any of the companies mentioned here. All these companies offer real TikTok views from authentic TikTok users.

Active TikTok users watch your content from their TikTok profiles and interact. These viewers help in effective social media marketing and prevent user profiles from being banned. Contrarily, fake profiles are typically automatically operated through software.

Final Thoughts: How To Boost TikTok Views?

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. One of the main reasons for TikTok’s massive growth is the freedom it offers everyone worldwide to showcase their talent and skills.


Amidst millions of users and tons of content, making your mark in the industry can be overwhelming. However, purchasing TikTok views can help boost your brand value. 


You can hire all these websites to buy TikTok views, and we guarantee you will instantly experience a boost in your social media presence.


We recommend you to check Social Zinger out. Their service proved to be the most consistent with fast delivery and quality engagement results.


While buying views can help, nurturing your content is also important. Make sure you stay up-to-date on trends and make content that has the potential of going viral.

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