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The rise of online shopping in recent years has been driven by our preference to stay home. Many individuals now order from trusted brands online instead of visiting physical stores.


 To meet this demand, various platforms have emerged, providing services like “buy now, pay later.” This convenient option allows customers to make purchases and repay the amount in installments without incurring interest charges.


One of the key advantages is the ability to access funds quickly for discounted purchases. Moreover, the lender directly pays the amount, eliminating the risk of losing the desired goods if the order processing takes time. Now, let’s explore how to identify the best platforms that offer such services.

Best Picks To Buy Now Pay Later Guaranteed Approval

Based on the criteria above, we managed to find five companies. Before we jump into their review section, we took an extra step to mention the companies and their unique traits. That’ll give you an idea of which company is most suitable for you, and you can read its review to learn more about it.

Overall Best Platform For Buy Now Pay Later, Editor's Pick


24-hour payment guaranteed


Credit Score Required

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount

Highly Rated Loan Platform Offering to Buy Now Pay Later Option For Bad Credit


Easy lending process


Credit Score

$1,000 - $50,000

Loan Amount

Leading Platform for Borrowers Facing Payment Challenges


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Providing Optimal Value Despite Bad Credit Score


Instant Approval


Credit Score Required

$100 -$10,000

Loan Amount

Overall Best Platform For Buy Now Pay Later, Editor's Pick


Money Mutual started its business in 2010 and quickly became one of the best short-term loan-providing companies. Its success is simple: it offers quick loans at flexible terms, and you don’t have to fill out the application form multiple times. 


Please fill it out once, and the company will save your information. The next time you want a loan, adjust the loan amount and connect to different lenders.


MoneyMutual has more than 100 trusted lenders, so finding a suitable lender will be easy. You can get a loan of $200 to $5000, but for buy now, pay later; the lenders will only offer up to $800. 


Since they have to offer quick money for online purchases, gathering a vast sum gets complicated sometimes.


The best part is that you can filter the lenders based on your desired loan, reducing the time searching for suitable lenders. However, once connected to a lender, MoneyMutual won’t be responsible for anything except the lender’s bad behavior. 


You can report the lender on the platform; if the lender is not talking politely or forcing you to repay the loan, MoneyMutual will handle it.



  • Top-notch security
  • Small and mid-size loans are available
  • Quick bad credit loan
  • A highly reputed and experienced company


  • No upfront info on interest rates from lenders

Highly Rated Loan Platform Offering to Buy Now Pay Later Option For Bad Credit


Bad Credit Loans have been in business since 1999 and are one of the best platforms for people with bad credit. BadCreditLoans is the platform you should start with to build a good credit score. 


BadCreditLoans will offer you a quick loan for every reason; you need to let them know while filling out the form, and they’ll connect you to the most suitable lender.


BadCreditLoans charges 5.99% to 35.99% APR, depending on your loan and lender. However, you can search around and see which lender offers the lowest rates and choose them. 


Unlike other platforms, lenders are usually occupied with short-term loans, so you can expect them to provide low APR even on minor amounts. They have a small lender network and many active customers, so sometimes it takes work to find a lender on this platform.


It will take up to two minutes to complete the form, and the processing time is almost zero. BadCreditLoans portal will connect you to lenders within seconds, and you can decide which is best.



  • Easy to use
  • Good range of payments
  • Apply to multiple lenders with one application
  • Suitable for people with bad credit
  • Offering e-consent
  • Only basic requirements


  • Small loan amount compared to other lenders

#3. FundsJoy

Top-rated Loan Platform Introducing Buy Now, Pay Later Option For Bad Credit


FundsJoy is the ideal platform to get you a quick $400 loan for any purpose. While more significant loan amounts may take longer to process, $400 is typically sufficient for buy now, pay later scenarios for online purchases that don’t involve expensive items.


Filling out the form on FundsJoy is free, with no additional charges. The company generates revenue by connecting lenders with borrowers without imposing direct user fees. 


FundsJoy will save your information for future reference, allowing you to access it quickly when you return to their platform. 


Enter the loan amount during your next visit, and they will present you with a list of lenders. It’s essential to note that your data will only be stored temporarily, typically for an hour or two, and won’t be saved permanently.


The best part is that there is no limit to the amount you can borrow, even for the buy now, pay later option.


As long as you have a good credit score, lenders are generally willing to provide multiple loans. However, individuals with poor credit bureaus may face limitations and can only borrow up to $400 at a time. 


Nevertheless, if your purchase exceeds $400, you can take multiple loans simultaneously to cover the cost.



  • It eliminates the extra hassle of getting a conventional loan
  • Around-the-clock customer assistance
  • Safe and encrypted platform
  • The website contains helpful information


  • It might ask for personal and financial information

Leading Platform for Borrowers Facing Payment Challenges


PersonalLoans is the ideal choice for the college student looking for additional funds to repay their loan in manageable installments. The platform features lenders who offer more than just standard terms. 


PersonalLoans allow you to personalize your installment amounts and principal, enabling them to set an appropriate APR. 


PersonalLoans is also well-suited for individuals who prioritize timely installment payments. Additionally, the platform offers various loan options to cater to different needs. 


Typically, you can get up to $35,000, but in the buy now, pay later scheme, this platform provides up to $1500 with flexible and easy terms to return.  You’ll also get frequent suggestions to repay the loan quickly. A loan calculator on the website also helps you calculate the interest you’ll pay on the amount.



  • Personalized offers
  • High loan amount
  • Multiple lenders
  • Make it easy to consolidate debt
  • Offer competitive rates


  • Result in unnecessary debt if not paid on time

Providing Optimal Value Despite Bad Credit Score


CashUSA is the best platform for all permanent residents of the USA. Their lenders have the best offers for those who want to purchase stuff online and utilize their buy now, pay later scheme.


CashUSA aims to provide quick short loans to average Americans whenever needed. CashUSA is the busiest platform on our list, with over 100,000 active users daily. 


However, not all of them qualify for the loan and thus get rejected from the forum.


There are no complicated terms to get money from this platform, but you get an edge if you are from the USA. CashUSA also offers loans to foreigners but with slightly different conditions than usual.


You can get as low as $500 from CashUSA and spend the money on anything you like; there is no need to inform the lender or the platform.


You can even ask for anonymous online purchases where the lender will directly contact the merchant and pay for the money but won’t know what you bought. 


CashUSA has a similar online form; you fill it out within minutes and request up to $10000 based on what loan you want. You’ll quickly see the lenders list; compare them and choose the most suitable one.



  • Variety of offers
  • Variety of options
  • No Bad credit restrictions
  • Fast loan approval
  • A small loan amount for students


  • No multiple loans for bad credit

How We Made This List Of Buy Now Pay Later Guaranteed Approval?

PR is the main thing you should watch out for when getting a loan. Penalties and charges are one-time, and they are never huge. The interest rate can change your total amount, so we prioritized this.


Secondly, we checked for lenders that offer this scheme to anyone without checking their credit scores. So, we chose those portals that’ll qualify you for a loan even if you have bad credit. 


However, it is up to the lenders how they will treat you with bad credit. Despite our choice of companies with guaranteed approval, you may have to pay more interest than usual.


Another thing we checked is quick loan receiving. After all, no one wants to wait for hours if they’re going to purchase something from the internet. 


The final thing we checked is no additional fees from the lender. Here is how we manage to find these portals.

What We Look For?

Factors to Consider While Choosing to Buy Now Pay Later Schemes

Finding a good company for such schemes is relatively easy since the loan amount is small. There are times when lenders have hidden charges or complicated terms that become a hassle. 


Here are some factors you should consider while choosing a lender for the buy now, pay later scheme.

The first thing to credit check is the terms a company or a lender offers. The terms and conditions on the website differ from what the lender provides. 


The APR mentioned by the website is an average market rate; the lenders will charge you something different.


Some lenders have terms mentioned in the details, while some only provide them when you ask. Ensure to read them thoroughly, credit check any hidden charges, and increase interest if you are late in repayment. 


Most lenders will ask for a bank account or credit card to deduct the compensation; checking the terms is more crucial.

It is better to find lenders that offer flexible amounts so you can only take what you require. 


Getting a bigger loan is unnecessary since it will come with more interest and installments. Most lenders offer a bigger loan with favorable terms that make them compelling so the borrower can fall for them.


Credit Check each lender and see which offers better terms on the amount you want to borrow. Some lenders have loan slabs, and you have to choose one. 


Avoiding such lenders and choosing one that can provide you with the exact amount you want would be better.

You can use the buy now and pay later for multiple purposes. However, only some lenders will offer you the service you want. Lender type is quite essential if you wish to utilize this scheme. 


For example, if you purchase something online, choose a lender offering you a credit card or paying on your behalf.


It takes hours for the loan to reach your account, and you might lose it if something is on sale. You need to find a lender near you if you want cash. 


First, determine how you want to utilize the loan and then decide on the lender.

Finding a lender offering multiple loans is convenient since you won’t have to provide the documents again. You can take another loan to repay the previous one or for another purpose. However, use this option only when you need more money to repay the installments. 


Your next loan will be bigger than your previous one because of the interest, so paying off the loan from your pocket is better. 


On the other hand, this is a nifty option if you want to keep your credit score and payment history sound.

Even if you have enough money, it is preferable to pay in installments than to pay off the entire loan at once. That way, you’ll save interest and boost your credit score. 


However, some lenders charge high penalties to compensate for the interest they will lose, so it is better to consult with the lender before you decide to take a loan from them.

The lenders might not charge anything additional if they deposit money in your account, but they might charge more for offering different services. For example, a lender can purchase on your behalf, charge you an extra 1% or 2%, and add it to the total loan. 


They might only mention such charges once you ask them. Moreover, the platform and your payment method can also increase your loan amount for online purchases.

FAQs: About Best Places To Buy Now Pay Later For Bad Credit

Sometimes you have to buy now and pay later for something urgently but don’t have enough money. Buy now, pay later apps can provide a convenient solution for situations where you need to acquire a product immediately and repay the amount in manageable installments. 


The app or the company will pay the total purchase amount on your behalf, and you can return it in installments.


Mostly, these schemes won’t have any charges as the amount is relatively low. 


However, if you take more than $200, the company will charge interest on each installment, but the rate will be relatively low. For online purchases, this scheme is one of the best options.

The process is simple; you tell the lender to pay on your behalf and help you purchase whatever you want. After that, you can repay the amount in monthly payments with interest. 


Typically, the lender allows you to make the payments within two to three months, but if you want to avoid more interest, it is better to repay it within two months.


On the other hand, you can repay the entire amount any time you want. Talk to the lender to enter this into the terms and conditions so it becomes easy to refund the whole amount. 


If the lender has an app, tracking and refunding the payments becomes easier.

Most lenders won’t even check your credit scores before offering this scheme. Lenders are comfortable offering you the amount since such projects don’t involve massive amounts. 


However, if you meet lenders who credit check your credit payment history, they might increase the interest rate on installments.


On the other hand, a good credit score can help you get installments on low charges and interest rates. Your credit history reflects your repayment performance.


If it is good, lenders know you’ll repay the amount; thus, they don’t charge huge interest. Remember to pay on time so the lender won’t report your performance to major credit bureaus.

If you want the money in your bank for some payments, a lender will ask for your bank account. Secondly, some lenders ask for a bank account to cut the funds from your bank directly. 


The companies we mentioned above don’t ask for your bank account as they have no concern with loans and installments.


They will connect you to a lender, and then it is up to you and the lender to finalize the deal. The lender asks for your bank account to credit check if you have an active bank to make the payments. 


Although having a bank account for such schemes is unnecessary, you’ll need a credit or debit card to pay the installments.

There is no fixed amount; it all depends on the lender and your credit score. People with good credit scores will face less interest, while those with bad ones should pay higher interest. 


However, some companies also offer low-interest rates to people with bad credit. If you can’t find one, choose one from above, and they’ll help you connect with a lender charging lower interest rates. 


On average, you have to pay 10% -15 % interest, but this rate can go high or low with installments and a higher principal amount.


 Read the terms offered by the lender carefully so neither party has to face complications in the future.

The lenders don’t have a problem paying off your debt with your loan. After connecting with a lender, find one that offers the best terms. 


It is recommended to compare multiple lenders before you decide on one to get an idea of how much charges and rates to expect. 


You need to credit check if a lender is okay with offering more than the usual amount in the buy now, pay later scheme.


Some lenders might not offer more than $800, so if your debt exceeds $800, you might need to take more than one loan. 


On the other hand, you can talk to a lender for a credit line, so you can withdraw money in little sums whenever you need.

It depends on the amount, but typically, you have six weeks to repay the money if you want to avoid hefty interest rates. The more installments you make, the more interest you have to pay, which significantly changes the total amount.


You must ask the lender to charge low interest if you take more than $400 from them. You don’t want to pay $100 or more interest on such a small loan. 


While lenders might skip the credit check for such loans, late repayments will affect your credit score.

Yes, you can take a loan to repay another loan. When your credit card payments are coming near, and you don’t have enough money, get a loan and repay. 


That’ll save you from paying penalty charges and keep your credit score sound. You can deposit the loan in your bank and pay from there or tell the lender to pay your credit card bill directly.


Credit check with your credit card issuer to see if they are okay with someone else paying on your behalf. 


Sometimes an issuer can hold the funds until you clear it since the name of the person paying and the credit card holder are different. Keep paying on time, and the issuer might increase your credit limit.

The companies we mentioned don’t have any credit score requirements to get a loan from them. They specialized in offering guaranteed loans even to people with bad credit. 


However, since they are a middleman, it is up to you to credit check for the terms and conditions the lender offers. Read everything carefully before agreeing and choose the one with the most flexible terms. 


Interest rates are one of many problems when getting a loan; flexible repayment time is more important so you can pay quickly.

If the lender won’t offer grace days for repayment and your due date has passed, it will affect your credit score. 


However, you can talk to the lender beforehand to avoid reporting your performance to the credit bureaus.


That way, once you are done paying the installment, the lender will mark your performance as positive, increasing your credit score. The timeliness of your payments plays a significant role in determining your credit score, regardless of the loan amount. 


Late or on-time payments on a larger loan can have a more pronounced impact on your credit score, whereas a smaller loan may have a relatively minor effect.

Conclusion: Can you use buy now, pay later with bad credit?

While these five listed companies may offer buy now, pay later guaranteed approval schemes, it’s important to note that each has unique services and features. 


If you’re looking for a quick loan to improve your credit score, PersonalLoans is an excellent choice, even if you have bad credit. 


On the other hand, if you’re interested in accessing discounted products from reputable merchants, CashUSA is an excellent option, as its lenders can help you secure the best deals available.


No matter which platform you choose, read the terms and conditions properly before finalizing the loan.


 These platforms keep getting new lenders, so despite their rigid standards, the chances of scams are not zero. It is better to stay safe before you get stuck in a complicated situation you never wanted to.

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