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Since 2007, Stephanie Turner has been leading the education department at Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU Post.

Driven by the goal to make the arts accessible for all, she has designed programs in music, dance and theater for over 17,000 students each year including those in high-poverty communities, individuals on the autism spectrum, and Parkinson’s disease patients.

She is a graduate of Radford University and attended London’s Middlesex Polytechnic University and LIU Post for graduate studies. Stephanie is honored to have been selected for this distinction and is thrilled to be included among such amazing, powerful women.

• How do you define success? Success means watching others benefit through our programs.

We can see change happening in real-time when a child’s face lights up while watching a performance; when a child who may not succeed academically discovers their talent and power through music or dance; when a neuro-divergent individual or person with limited mobility is included in a welcoming public space to make or participate in the arts.

If these experiences mean that life has been improved for these individuals, even a little bit, that is the ultimate success to me.

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