4 Best Whey Protein Powders Of 2022 (Dietician Approved & Tested)

Nikhil Goswami

Need a whey protein supplementation that can help your muscles rebuild faster and stronger but aren’t sure which one to go for? We got your back!

We have comprehensive reviews of the best whey protein products to help you with your next purchase. Before we begin, let’s find out how muscle building works and where whey protein comes into play.

Either way, whey protein is one of the most effective muscle building supplements out there. Your body needs protein to maintain strength and survive. However, it’s hard for the body to get enough of the same from food alone.

Therefore, we have a list of the best brands that sell effective whey protein supplements on the internet. Since each brand is the best at something specific, we hope you will find the one made for you.

Out Top Picks Of Best Whey Protein Powders 

Everyone wants to build muscle, but so many don’t know how or can’t afford the really good whey. So, why not try out one of our favorite brands!

#1. ProMix Nutrition – Overall Best Whey Isolate Protein Powder, Editor’s Choice

ProMix Nutrition is a privately owned company. Albert Matheny founded ProMix in 2011, intending to develop nutrition supplements to help athletes and boost the effects of their training. Despite the success of ProMix Nutrition, the founder and his team have never compromised their commitment to quality.

Albert Matheny is the owner of NYC’s SoHo Strength Lab, and according to him, he still formulates every product and sources every single ingredient himself. Not only that, he is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and elite athlete trainer. Therefore, when your goal is to develop an athletic physique, you can trust Albert’s formulas.

The company is in Gainesville, Florida, and thus ProMix Nutrition abides by the USA manufacturing standards for developing high-quality supplements. What’s great is the brand has been in the spotlight in several magazines, including Men’s Health, SoHo Strength Lab, GQ, SELF, Women’s Health, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and Buzz Feed.


Ingredients Quality: ProMix Nutrition directly sources high-quality ingredients from reputable farmers in North America. Therefore, the company delivers the exact results they advertise. Moreover, you will find all their products free from artificial compounds, gums, gluten, soy, hormones, GMOs, fillers, and antibiotics. Apart from that, ProMix Nutrition products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities. Moreover, every batch of product is lab tested.

Athletic Testing: Athlete input is of great importance to the success and innovation of ProMix Nutrition products. All of their products are tested by registered ProMix athletes under the most intense conditions. Since the company ensures its product’s quality from lab to athletic testing, you are bound to witness visible results. Moreover, ProMix Nutrition has an NSF Certified label on them which speaks of their quality.

Product Assortment: With an eye-catching website layout, ProMix Nutrition has efficiently divided all of its products into different categories. Whether you want to buy protein, supplements, snacks, collagen, or pre-workout products, ProMix Nutrition has it all. Their protein supplements contain whey isolate, whey protein, vegan protein, casein protein, recovery blends, and more. You can also easily navigate through their website’s supplements section with multiple sub-categories. Liver, bone marrow, glutamine, creatine, hydration and endurance, BCAA, and pre-workout, are some of the sections you can choose your supplement from.

90-Day Guarantee: ProMix Nutrition stands with the quality of the whey protein supplements it makes. For this reason, the brand offers its customers a 90-day guarantee. If you do not find the whey protein supplementation helpful, you can contact their team and ask for a full refund.


  • Clean, natural, and science-backed ingredients
  • Uses local ingredients
  • Grass-fed whey powder
  • GMP certified facilities
  • NSF Certification
  • Athletic and lab tested
  • Wide product assortment
  • 90-day refund policy
  • 97% plastic-free packaging


  • Limited flavor variety

=> Click here to visit the official website of ProMix Nutrition

#2. Legion Athletics – Most Popular Whey Protein With High-Quality Results

Legion Athletics is an American sports nutrition brand that makes supplements for professional and amateur athletes. The company offers a variety of nutritional supplements. Whether you are interested in pre-workout or post-workout supplements, you can find any form of whey protein at Legion Athletics.

Additionally, Legion Athletics also sells protein powders, bars, sleep aids, and superfood boosters. Moreover, their meal plans are very helpful for reaching fitness goals like muscle improvement and weight loss.

Legion Athletics is famous for its transparent approach to making sports nutrition products. Therefore, the team clearly labels and mentions all ingredients in the dietary supplements it sells. Furthermore, the company takes an interest in educating its customers. That’s why it explains the purpose of using certain ingredients in a product to help you understand the science behind it.

Mike Mathews established Legion Athletic in 2013. Being a health and athletics expert, he is a certified personal trainer and bestselling author of Bigger Leaner Stronger, Thinner Leaner Stronger, and Muscle for Life. Due to the founder’s and his team’s expertise and hard work, the company has seen nothing but success. To date, the company has sold over 2 million products to more than 300,000 customers through its official website.


Products Backed by Scientific Studies: The founder of Legion Athletics established the company after years of research and scientific findings. According to him, every ingredient that the company uses is backed by science. Moreover, each ingredient is bound to offer considerable nutritional value. All of their protein products contain whey from 100% natural, truly grass-fed cows in Ireland.

Supplements and Products: Legion Athletics has an extensive line of products and services. All of them are targeted at people looking for nutritional solutions for health and fitness performance. From protein powders, fat-burning supplements, coaching, and nutrition advice, to performance and recovery products, Legion Athletics has it all. Besides these, there are several other supplements you can buy in their health and wellness section. Some of these include greens supplements, joint support, multivitamin, fish oil, gut support, immune support, and sleep aid products.

Risk-free Purchase: According to the website’s banner, no return is necessary to utilize the 365-day money-back guarantee the company offers. So, if you do not like any of their products, all you need to do is to contact the sales team. Without asking any questions, the team will refund your amount in no time. This speaks highly of the company’s confidence in its product.

Brand’s Popularity: Since its establishment, we have seen Legion Athletes featured in multiple trustworthy online sources. Due to their commitment to superior quality, their products have featured in Inc.5000, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Elle, Men’s Fitness, Esquire, and ABC.


  • Well-researched ingredients and products
  • Offer nutritional supplements and workout supports
  • Free shipping to US residents
  • Free returns for all customers
  • Physicians evaluate products and blog posts
  • Free nutritional calculator on the site
  •  Purchase bundles of items at sale price
  • Quiz on the website to find your ideal product


  • Does not ship to Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland, and Norway
  • Products may contain gluten

=> Click here to visit the official website of Legion Athletics

#3. Bulk Supplements.com – Highly Recommended Protein Powder Brand For Muscle Gain 

BulkSupplements.com is an online website specializing in offering clean and pure bulk supplements to fitness enthusiasts. In 2011, the company was founded and headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.

The brand supplies more than 500 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to hundreds of thousands of customers and manufacturers worldwide. Through their online store, you can purchase all of their products in any quantity.

In addition, the company is NSF Certified and manufactures supplements in FDA-registered cGMP manufacturing and distribution facilities. BulkSupplements.com has a team of 70-full time employees. All of them are experts in preserving the quality of ingredients in their products and taking care of their customers’ needs.

The brand takes the wellness of the community into special consideration. Therefore, the team is devoted to maintaining all health codes and government regulations. Moreover, each supplement that the company manufactures is tested in their in-house laboratory before selling to consumers and distributors and does not use any artificial flavors. For further lab testing, BulkSupplements.com engages with reputable and vetted US-based independent laboratories to ensure their supplements are safe for consumption.


Quality Ingredients: As per the company’s claim, their supplements do not contain filler ingredients. As for making whey protein products, they use clean sources. Due to the high-quality ingredients, most of their products contain antimicrobial properties. The company incorporates only a few ingredients to design its products. That is why you will find only active ingredients in a supplement that caters to the specific purpose.

Product Catalog: The company has a broad selection of products. It offers herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, and sports and fitness supplements. Moreover, you can sort their products by using health goals, powders, capsules and, softgels, filters. As for the protein products, BulkSupplements.com offer vegan as well as non-vegan options. Here you can find hemp seed protein, rice protein, soy protein isolates, grass-fed whey protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, and many more.

Quality Control: The company ensures to follow government regulations in keeping their ingredients selection and supplement manufacturing a green process. Therefore, their products are tested in in-house laboratories as well as in independent labs.

Refund Policy: As per their refund policy, all the customers are eligible to return unopened items within 30 days from the invoice date. Once approved, the company will refund the full price after deducting shipping charges. However, you can also claim a refund on opened items, but you will receive a partial refund for them.


  • Perfect brand for vegans and non-vegans
  • 100% pure ingredients
  • Vitamins, minerals, and protein supplements are available
  • 30-day refund policy
  • cGMP certified manufacturing and distribution facilities
  • Supplements are NSF Certified
  • A broad line of protein products
  • Supplements tested in in-house labs


  • You need large orders (1kg+) to avail lower price

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bulk Supplements.com

#4. Optimum Nutrition – Best Affordable Protein Powder Brand

Optimum Nutrition is a company based in the US. The brand is a part of Glanbia, which is an international cheese and nutritional ingredients group.

The company was founded in 1986 with a vision to offer a comprehensive line of protein supplements to active individuals. Moreover, the company has been devoted to manufacturing high-standard protein supplements for decades.

At present, Optimum Nutrition is one of the well-established supplement brands in the country. You can now purchase their highly effective products both in physical and online stores around Australia. Furthermore, the company puts great efforts into widening its product line to accommodate as many fitness fanatics.

Optimum Nutrition offers one of the greatest ranges of supplements on the market. Whether you want an option for muscle growth, muscle recovery, or fat loss, Optimum Nutrition has got your back. In addition, the brand sells supplements suited for specific diets and body goals. What’s more, you can purchase plant-based as well as vegan supplements from their official website.


High-Quality Raw Materials: Optimum Nutrition sources only high-quality raw ingredients from farmers employing sustainable growing techniques. The brand utilizes sophisticated manufacturing and filtering technologies to pack protein powders that live up to its claims. All of their products are great for muscle support, growth, and recovery due to the finest ingredients in the blend.

Quality Testing and Retesting: The company is committed to manufacturing nutritional supplements in a state of the art facilities. Optimum Nutrition ensures with its manufacturing standards that its protein products offer optimum levels of nutrients to consumers and athletes. Therefore, the brand performs rigorous quality testing on each batch of products they produce. The team does not stop there. Instead, they heavily invest in retesting their supplements to ensure superior quality.

Protein Snacks and Powders: The brand primarily offers protein supplements in snacks and powders form. On their sleek website, you can shop by product as well according to your goals. The company offers various products for weight gain, energy boost, active lifestyle, advanced fitness, and protein needs. Their Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is one of the most popular protein supplements that has received rave reviews from customers. They have various options for sugar-free, plant-based, quick-digesting, and post-workout protein products. As for snacks, you can buy protein wafers, protein almonds, protein crisps, and cake bites. On that note, Optimum Nutrition is one of the few companies that offer protein supplements in more than 20 flavors.

Returns Policy: Optimum Nutrition does not provide returns for Australian addresses on its official website. So, if you are from Australia, it is better to contact the customer support team for order queries. Otherwise, Optimum Nutrition is broadly available at multiple stores, including pharmacies and supplement stores. Furthermore, the consumers and distributors are eligible for returns only if they follow the conditions mentioned on their Returns Policy. Generally, their refund policy is valid for 30 days of purchase. For all reimbursements, the company asks their customers to allow them at least two billing cycles.


  • High-quality raw ingredients
  • Supplements manufactured in GMP facilities
  • Protein shakes and protein snacks
  • Available in more than 20 flavors
  • Affordable supplements
  • Avail buy more save more discount
  • Get 15% off your first order
  • Standard, as well as next-day shipping, is possible
  • Free delivery for orders above $75


  • Contains artificial sweeteners, lecithin, and soy

=> Click here to visit the official website of Optimum Nutrition

How We Made This List Of The Best Whey Protein Powder?

Finding the perfect whey protein powder isn’t exactly easy. You’ve got a lot of options to sift through before you can make the right choice. Moreover, all those different brands and supplements tout giving you the best biceps and abs.

To save you the trouble of having to try them all out, we did the hard yards. We spent hours reading all the arms of this game until we came up with a list of trustworthy and transparent brands.

We compared everything from the brand to protein content and price, including ratings and user reviews. From there, we scored each brand on key criteria like taste, effectiveness, value, and more. Our guide only shares formulas from the very best in the business. Therefore, we can confidently recommend these four best whey protein brands on the market.

What We Looked For?

Before taking you to our comprehensive reviews, let us disclose the points we considered. Below are some of the benchmarks that helped us in assorting the manufacturers according to their business practices and product quality.

  • Protein Source: The protein source holds a primary place in deciding the benefits you can get from a particular supplement. Health and fitness enthusiasts choose the right supplements depending on their preferences. For this reason, we selected those brands that offer supplements made from both animal and plant-based protein. This was our way of ensuring that our vegetarian readers are not left behind.
  • Flavor: After checking the protein source of the brands and their whey protein products, we came down to probing the flavor profile. The most common options in the market are chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored. However, some brands are also making whey protein supplements in a whole range of delicious flavors. Therefore, we tried to pick brands with a wider flavor range so you can enjoy flavorful and nutritious smoothies.
  • Clean Ingredients: Just like any other nutritional supplement, our goal was to pick the brands that use the highest-quality ingredients. Hence, we filtered out the brands whose whey protein products had excessive chemicals and artificial sweeteners.
  • Product Quality and Testing: All the brands on our list have strict manufacturing criteria for the whey protein supplements they offer. Not only that, none of the brands on our list sell products that are not tested against professional standards.
  • Certifications: Apart from professional testing, we ensured that the brands we recommend have certifications from trustworthy organizations.
  • Brand Trust: Brand transparency was one of the primary factors we looked at. We only picked the company making whey supplements if we saw its positive reputation online. Hence, you will see that each brand on our list holds a prestigious background with years of hard work in earning its customers’ satisfaction.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying Whey Protein Supplement?

There are many factors you should look for when buying a whey protein supplement. The right whey formula can help you quickly add lean muscle mass and increase your energy levels. In addition, it will improve your recovery time and even grant you boosts in confidence, all of which can benefit your overall fitness goals.

However, with hundreds of different supplements out there, the list of factors can seem never-ending. Also, without understanding exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a supplement, it’s easy to make a costly mistake.

That’s why we’ve outlined the main aspects below that every consumer should take into account when making their purchase.

Types of Whey Protein

Before you pick up the whey protein supplement, the types of whey protein are something you must be aware of. Generally, whey protein has three different forms. These are whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. Each of these types is different from another. Therefore, the benefits of using different whey proteins are also varied.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is a concentrated protein, as its name implies. This type of whey protein is super-packed with nutrients. Moreover, most non-isolate proteins come under the category of whey protein concentrates.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is similar to whey protein concentrate. However, its carbohydrate, fat, and fat-soluble vitamin content is far less than that of WPC. Due to this, whey protein isolate powder has a higher percentage of protein.

Generally, whey protein isolates are digested in less time, and therefore, many find it agreeable. Although it is often pricey, registered dieticians and trainers suggest consuming WPI.

The third type is whey protein hydrolysate (WPH). This whey hydrolysate formula comes in a pre-digested form. Since WPH helps in the breakdown of amino acids, it helps in quicker absorption of the protein building blocks for faster muscle protein synthesis.

Matching a Powder to Your Needs

Depending upon your requirements, you can opt for a type of whey protein supplement that we have mentioned earlier. For instance, if your goal is to increase muscle growth, you should choose a powder that your body will digest and absorb quickly. Therefore, whey protein concentrates and whey isolates are the best picks.

To lose some stubborn pounds, you should choose shakes that are free from added sugars or dextrins/maltodextrins. In addition, whey protein supplements that do not contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) will assist your weight loss goals.

If you are a vegan, staying away from milk-based protein shakes will be in your best health. Instead, you can opt for 100% plant-based protein supplements such as soy, hemp, pea, etc.

For diabetic fitness enthusiasts, choosing whey protein powders without added sugars will be best. Moreover, you should ensure that the shake you pick is low in carbohydrate content. Preferably, it should be 5 to 15 grams per serving.

You might want to limit protein due to kidney disease to avoid stress on the organ. Therefore, sticking with protein powders with a lower range of protein content is what you should be doing. You should buy a supplement that contains 10 to 15 grams of protein per serving.

Apart from that, if your concern is to build muscles while avoiding gastrointestinal problems, then choose a lactose-free powder. Furthermore, if you have a gluten allergy, keeping the gluten-containing whey powders at bay would be beneficial for you.

Calculate the Protein Content

Another factor is to calculate your desirable protein content and then find the supplement that aligns with your needs. So, if consuming more protein is your only concern, then you should not be paying more for supplements containing a bunch of fillers.

What you can do is divide the number of protein grams per serving by the single serving size of the supplement in grams. Perhaps, you want a powder supplement that contains 80% of protein by weight at least.

Moreover, you will have to allow agents like emulsifiers and sweeteners to maintain the shelf life and palatability of supplements. However, if the supplement powder only contains two-third part of proteins, then you should rethink whether or not to invest in such a product.

Beware of Sweeteners

Since you want a high-quality protein supplement and not a powder that is rich in sugars, you should avoid cane sugar, maltodextrin, and corn syrup solids. On that note, you should not let the justification on the product label trick you with a “natural sugars” tag. It is because sugar is sugar and does not hold nutritional properties.

Moreover, picking a whey protein supplement that has minimal or no sugar content at all will keep your body from gaining weight. Apart from that, you should be aware of your intolerance to artificial sweeteners. For instance, aspartame can trigger headaches in some people. Therefore, choose your whey supplement wisely.

FAQs Related To Whey Protein Powder 

Who should use whey protein powder?

Whey protein is an excellent supplement for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness. Whey protein is a natural source of amino acids, which are essential to the body’s function and growth.

In addition to being delicious in smoothies and shakes, you can add whey protein powder to oatmeal, energy balls, Greek yogurt parfaits, and more. It’s also a great snack option on its own!

Does whey protein powder help in weight loss?

As you’ve probably heard, protein is the macronutrient that’s most filling. Also, it can help you feel full and satisfied, so you don’t have to eat as much.

So what does this mean for your weight loss efforts? Well, protein could be a key player in helping you consume fewer calories overall. In fact, studies have shown that eating more protein may help reduce weight in overweight or obese people.

Is it okay to use whey protein powder daily?

Yes, you can consume whey protein powder daily. However, you do not have to use the supplement regularly. It also depends on your choice. Some people like to consume it every day in a smoothie or protein shake. If not, you can consume it as a pre-or post-workout snack more than twice a week.

It’s difficult to increase your daily protein intake from food alone. By the time most people get around to their protein, there’s not enough room left in their stomach or diet for all the other foods they need.

When you make a shake or smoothie with whey protein, you consume a concentrated amount of protein. This way, you virtually eliminate the problem of not having enough room left in your diet for other important meals.

You can add whey protein to so many foods that it tastes great in a wide variety of dishes. This means that it doesn’t take over your diet and can be enjoyed every day as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Is whey protein powder safe for consumption?

You should always check with your healthcare professional before you significantly increase your protein intake. It is because people with certain ailments like low blood pressure or calcium deficiencies are susceptible to facing adverse effects of whey protein.

Looking for an NSF Certified for Sport or Informed Choice label will help you in determining the product’s testing and safety. However, it does depict that untested proteins are of subpar quality. You can ensure the safety of a third-party lab-tested whey protein by checking the ingredient label.

Which one contains more protein, whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate?

As a general rule of thumb, protein isolates contain a higher percentage of protein as compared to protein concentrates. It is because protein isolates are processed more to lower carbohydrates and fats content in the powder. Therefore, you can get about 90% of more protein content in isolated powders, contrary to the protein concentrates.

Conclusion – Which Brand of Whey Protein Is Best?

Going to the gym is technically more than a positive move – it’s vital. However, sometimes you have to re-motivate yourself with additional motivation props because you haven’t made time for fitness for a while.

On top of that, if you are not fueled right before and after your workouts, you won’t be able to put in quality minutes at the gym. Also, that is why everyone who is really into working out drinks protein shakes every day.

In this article, we have given you a handy list of the four best brands that excel in making whey protein products. All four brands offer something unique with a wide product assortment. The manufacturers make sure you have numerous options in hand to choose the whey protein product for an easy intake. Not only do these brands offer products of superior quality, but also third-party laboratories test their supplements. Hence, whichever brand you select from these top four companies, we hope you find the one that works best for you.

Moreover, to find the best whey protein products, there are many things to consider, which we have mentioned in our buyer’s guide. So, carefully make your purchase, avoiding all counterfeit and unhealthy supplements. You should ensure that the supplement you buy gives your muscles all the power they need from the inside out. Also, it is better to choose a product that will not add to your weight.

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