Best Weed Subscription Boxes In 2022


Weed subscription boxes are an increasingly popular alternative to getting basic supplies from your local head shop. Receiving some of the best weed subscription boxes fills you with anticipation and joy. You can almost equate it to the feeling of rolling your blunt and anticipating the first hit.

A well-packaged cannabis subscription box delivered to your doorstep is convenient and guarantees privacy. With new exciting paraphernalia to use, you may find yourself never visiting your local head shop again. Moreso, you can avoid the confusion and indecisiveness that comes with picking out new items.

However, not all subscription boxes are made equal. So if you want to get into them, you should find one that offers you great value for your money. For this reason, our dedicated team has curated this list to show you the best cannabis subscription boxes worth your while.

Our Top Picks For The Best Weed Subscription Boxes To Try 

Each of these boxes has unique features that earned it its spot in this list, and they are highlighted below:

  1. Cannabox – Overall Best Weed Subscription Box, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Crate Joy – Premium Quality Weed Subscription Boxes 
  3. Hemper – Most Top Rated Weed Subscription Boxes Brands

#1. Cannabox – Overall Best Weed Subscription Box, Editor’s Pick

Cannabox is an all-around winner when it comes to subscription boxes. It brings you the most exquisite collection of best-quality smoking accessories. They are an online smoke shop that consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals. As such, they can curate their boxes to stand out as arguably the best weed subscription boxes easily.

The box ships to all states since it does not come with cannabis. It contains unmatched variety, and you can get between 6-8 items with each box. With their selection process, it is almost certain that you will find a new favorite item with each one you receive.

You can expect to receive items such as bongs, rolling papers, snacks, rolling trays, dab rigs, pipes, and bongs. All these things are always of superior quality, and there is no chance of them damaging on their way to you. Additionally, their packaging and shipping are discrete, so your privacy is assured.


Billing Cycles: They have three cycles you can choose from. The longer it is, the more your discount on the subscription box. They have a one-month cycle whereby you are charged per month. They also have three-month and six-month options. If you are skeptical about subscribing, there is also the option of a one-time purchase where you will not be charged subsequently. However, it costs more for a month than the other options.

In-house Designs: Cannabox brings you nothing but premium products in terms of design and quality. With their subscriptions, you get the latest improvements in cannabis paraphernalia technology. Apart from owning products from other brands, you will have access to in-house accessories. These accessories are made by their smoke shop experts, and you can buy them from their website.

Verified Customer Reviews: You can find a host of legitimate customer reviews of their products on their website and other websites. Customers applaud the quality of their items, the variety available, and their easy relationship with customers. For example, they are very responsive to complaints and questions and active on social media.

New Monthly Theme: Cannabox is arguably one of the most exciting subscriptions because you get a new set of items every month. Experts and special individuals carefully choose these items to keep you happy all year round.


  • Exciting new products
  • High-quality items
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Easy to cancel
  • Highly reputable brand
  • No-commitment option


  • Shipping might be late since they only ship between specific days in the month.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cannabox

#2. Crate Joy – Premium Quality Weed Subscription Boxes  

Crate Joy is an e-commerce website that allows suppliers to sell their subscription boxes on their platform. Purchasing a subscription box through them will allow you to gain access to scores of suppliers with different curated boxes. You can also read customer reviews to decide which box you are going for and which one you’d rather stay away from.

If there are issues with your subscription, you can contact the site’s customer support to handle the issue. However, your safest bet would be to go for a reliable supplier on their site in the first place. They also offer promos like free shipping to serve as a shopping incentive.

Lastly, Crate Joy has a very helpful website containing blog posts. The blog posts talk about all things smoking subscriptions. You can see gift ideas on which supplier to go for if you are buying the box as a gift for someone.


Categorization: Everything on their website is categorized properly and easy to find. There are categories for men’s and women’s packages, among other things. A couple of boxes are designed for ‘girly girls’ depending on what you are into. Therefore, one can easily see that there is always something for them when they come to this store.

Social Media: One of the easiest ways to reach a brand in this age is through social media. Social media also enables that brand to build a relationship with its customers. Crate Joy takes convenience even further by allowing you to contact them through these channels. They are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Gifting Feature: Their site has a unique feature when you want to order any box. You can decide to buy the box as a gift for someone and put in their relevant details. So if you have a loved one who loves all things cannabis, find a trustworthy supplier on the site and buy one of their packages for that person. It makes a very interesting and worthwhile gift.

Variety: The best thing about this website is the variety available there. You can choose any package, from customized to generic ones that come every month. You will also find suppliers that provide monthly box themes, while others may provide the same thing in the box every day. Furthermore, some sellers may offer free shipping while others do not. Nothing is fixed because most of the terms depend on the supplier. It is completely up to you to choose what you want.


  • Huge variety
  • Great products
  • Ease of subscribing and canceling
  • Great as a gifting platform
  • Boxes with up to 14 different items


  • Since the site is a marketplace for different sellers, it may not be completely risk-free to order from them.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Crate Joy

#3. Hemper –  Most Top Rated Weed Subscription Boxes Brands

Hemper is known for its stunning collection of products in its subscription boxes. It was created by three entrepreneurs who understood the market’s need for subscription-based cannabis accessories. They have raised the bar regarding the quality of their items and services.

You can choose from several boxes on their website; each box has a wonderful selection of assorted objects. Your monthly essentials are always in there and remain constant every month; you get a free surprise and a new glass bowl. Also, your box contains items from collaborations between them and top-tier brands.

These items are usually limited edition items, enhancing the value of your box. Apart from the regular subscription boxes and the many themes you can choose from, you can go for a cleaning box to take care of the rest of your cannabis tools.

Your items are at least 10 plus thoughtfully curated items; depending on which size you buy, you may get as many as 20 items. Finally, they offer this robust package with several great services like order tracking, wholesale, affiliate support, and FAQs for covid-related questions.


Great Customer Rating: Hemper is one brand that has so many verified customers that it is easy to trust the brand. They have over 15,000 reviews on their website, with an average of nearly five stars. Also, major ranking sites review them positively, and virtually everyone who uses them would recommend them.

This may be partly due to the very robust nature of the website and the subscription packages they offer. The website has robust navigation with helpful pages such as the blog, support, and comprehensive shopping pages. Also, they have about five different subscription boxes one can choose from. Finally, their customer service is very easy to reach and helpful.

Themed Boxes: Hemper boxes do not change in content every month. However, there are about 24 different theme boxes available on their website for you to choose from. Therefore, there is still enough variety if you want to switch things up and order a different thing the following month.

Subscription Frequency: They have the usual monthly billing subscription plan. But you can also opt for a prepaid plan where you subscribe for 3, 6, or months. Additionally, you can choose to customize your delivery frequency completely. The process is as individual as possible, and you can cancel anytime.

Other Individual Products And Services: As an online smoke shop, they have many other smoking tools on their website. All of their items are of high quality and consist of the latest items on the smoking scene. Furthermore, their services for delivery and refunds are well stated on the Hemper website.

Whether for subscription boxes or individual items, the website is very helpful. One can easily find links to explain the entire process or contact the team if you need more help.


  • Order tracking
  • Covid protocols observed
  • Many box themes to choose from
  • Monthly surprise item
  • Customizable subscription frequency
  • Limited edition items included in the box


  • No free shipping option

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hemper

How We Made This List Of The Best Weed Subscription Boxes? 

Our selection was anything but random, as our primary concern was to bring you a trustworthy list. Our team of in-house experts compiled scores of subscription boxes and the brands behind them. We scrutinized everything from the content of the boxes to the creativity behind their packaging, thoughtfulness, the value of the content, the price of the marijuana subscription box, and so on.

Ultimately, we arrived at a definitive top three list of subscriptions you should try. Below are some of the specific things we looked out for to create this list in detail:

What We Looked For? 

These key factors enabled us to narrow down our list from scores to the best three by our standards:

  • Quality Of The Content: It is common knowledge that weed subscription boxes come with smoking accessories. However, the most important thing about these accessories is their quality. Some boxes contain cheap accessories. While the box might look attractive at first glance, one would easily get disillusioned after using these products. Hence, we knocked off boxes with substandard tools through testing and research.
  • Variety: The primary aim of getting a smoking subscription box is to get a monthly box of new smoking essentials. This would get boring if your box contained a few rolling papers and a bong. Subscription boxes ideally contain six, seven, and above items, all different, unique, and exciting. We were quick to drop those that struggled to meet this criterion to avoid bringing you stale brands.
  • Price: The unspoken rule is that your monthly subscription box must always deliver on content and quality. In other words, the items and worth of the box are given to you at a lower price when you subscribe. Therefore, we chose the best of two worlds for you – the cheapest prices and the highest quality.
  • Customer Service: Buying your necessities from an online storefront may make you anxious as there is no direct contact with the seller. Therefore, we went for brands with good customer care, as reflected in their reviews and policies, to put your mind at ease.
  • Privacy: Since your monthly weed box is usually delivered to your home, we chose ones that respect your privacy needs. Our shortlisted brands come in aesthetic but discreet packaging.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cannabis Subscription Box

  • Your Preference

A lot of subscription boxes emphasize customizing the content to suit the customer. However, some others just have packages that are unchanging. All the customer has to do is choose the box they want. The ones that personalize the box may ask the customer to fill out a form stating their preferences to curate their box.

You’ll need to decide which of these catches your fancy. Similarly, a brand could decide to surprise you every month with themed boxes or to switch up the things they send each time to keep things interesting.

On the other hand, you get security and a regular supply of your faves from some other boxes that never change their content once you get on a subscription. You will need to decide if you are in it to find new products or if you just want your favorite products restocked without stress.

  • Website Safety

When it comes to making any purchases online, the safety of your personal information is very important. That is why you must first research the brand you want to buy from. Then, you should check their website and be convinced that your personal details are safe there.

You can confirm relative site safety by making sure its URL starts with ‘HTTPS,’ not ‘HTTP.’ The former means that the site has a valid SSL certificate. You should also check for other security measures they claim to have taken on the site to verify the safety of entering your personal details.

  • Ease Of Cancellation

A subscription box should be something you can easily cancel if you no longer need or want it. Therefore, you should carefully research how easy the process of canceling your subscription box is. Most trustworthy providers state their process clearly, and with as simple as the click of a button, you may be able to cancel the subscription.

This is especially important since some sites will request your credit card details. You need to be sure that you will not get arbitrarily charged when you are no longer interested in the subscription. This is where researching the brand comes into play.

  • Cost

You should have a budget when looking for a subscription box. However, it would help if you remembered that cheap boxes usually have underwhelming items.

If you want a subscription box you’d enjoy, you should be willing to pay a little more than average. Most of these boxes still offer way more than you pay, even though they are premium. It can be helpful to compare packages and prices. That way, you can tell which prices are reasonable.

FAQs Regarding Weed Subscription Boxes 

Where do weed subscription boxes ship to?

It depends on the content of the subscription boxes. Most boxes only contain accessories for cannabis products. However, some contain actual CBD flowers, edibles, and other THC products. The boxes that contain only paraphernalia can usually ship to any state and even internationally.

Although the sale of paraphernalia is limited by federal law, most sellers can get around this by claiming the accessories are for some other use. In most cases, this paraphernalia is marketed for legal tobacco smoking.

However, there are many states where recreationally taking weed is illegal; therefore, subscription boxes that contain weed will not ship to these places. To know where your subscription box provider ships, check their website or contact customer care.

Are weed subscription boxes legal?

Technically weed subscription boxes are legal as long as there is no marijuana in them. However, they would still be legal regardless in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Only residents of such states would be legally permitted to buy such subscription boxes.

Why purchase a weed subscription box?

You might be wondering whether a subscription box is worth it. Many premium boxes come with incredible accessories you would not find at your local head shop. Plus, since these boxes come in a package, they are usually way cheaper than you would get these items individually.

If you go for a great brand, you can be sure of a constant supply of your favorites every month. In summary, with subscription boxes, you get to save money and enjoy good quality and convenience.

How do I know my subscription provider is legit?

Before choosing a provider, it is good to research them on the internet. A simple Google search could help you verify their standing with their current or past customers. Other indications are how easily accessing them is, i.e., their customer service channels and the abundance or lack of information about them on the internet.

If you are still not sure of the legitimacy of a brand, you can purchase a one-off product from them and see how the process goes. Then, when you feel confident, you can subscribe for monthly boxes.

Can I resell subscription boxes?

Some subscription box providers have wholesale services or bulk selling options. You should contact your seller to confirm whether you can resell their products, if you will have to repackage them, and so on.

Some people also decide to sell individual items in the boxes. As long as you are not packaging it in a way as to suggest it is from the original seller, it should be fine to do this. However, confirming first is always the best thing to do.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Monthly Goody Box Of Cannabis Accessories

No matter the cannabis product you are into, your weed subscription box covers you. While none of these boxes contain actual weed, they certainly can help take your weed game to another level. By subscribing, you save so much on the retail price of these items from premium brands.

The question now should not be whether you should get these boxes or where to get them from but when! The sooner you get on these subscriptions, the sooner you start enjoying the best deals on all the tools you’ll receive. You can have all your monthly cannabis products delivered to you while you stay stocked up without ever having to shop for them physically.

And if past boxes have disappointed you before, join the lucky box club by choosing one of our recommended brands. You’ll get better value for your money.

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