Funny Weed Memes Ideas For Stoners (2022)

Weed Memes

Stoners are unique! After smoking weed, some of them love chilling out at home or doing absolutely nothing, while others may listen to their fav track a hundred times and enjoy the trance. Some are loners, while others are tremendously extroverts. But there are a few common links – love for the devil’s lettuce, 4/20 celebration, and memes! In fact, the source of 4/20, the emblem of marijuana, has turned into a sort of meme itself. However, people are hardly aware of its true origin.

A part of the canna community says that in the 1970s, a few Californian teenagers from San Rafael High School used to meet up at 4:20 pm to celebrate their love for Mary Jane. Others claim that 4/20 is a police code for weed; however, pot got its name, and the marijuana enthusiasts have gained two more things to celebrate – the buzzy de facto 4/20 holiday and uncountable memes! 

This post walks you through the best weed memes that will keep your tee-hee rolling – it doesn’t matter if you enjoy fuming stuff or just keep yourself updated with the latest customs of the weed world.

Elon Musk Smokes Weed

Elon Musk is way more colorful than you’ve imagined! This funny meme shows how he can ‘lit’ Twitter board meetings. The picture was taken when Elon famously dragged joints on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Is he seriously going to launch his car into space – maybe yes – but only when you’re high?

High in Public

Every day bong smokers can get it well. After all, you can’t be mean when you’re stoned! But can you act too generous? What if they figure out the reason behind your kindness? The state of confusion and consciousness is relatable, isn’t it? Hail Marijuana!

*Hits Blunt*# 1

Valid question! What do the crackerjacks say? Ah, it’s sure that the answer will differ before and after stoning. However, there’s no bad in cherishing the funny weed memes from *Hits Blunt*! Unique and rib-tickling – they’ve set the meme world on fire.

When the Edible Finally Hits

Who says that only smoke can give you the hit? As they say- “This edible ain’t shit ‘…a hard THC gummy, 30-45 minutes, and you are all set to fly! No offense, but the charm of this witty meme has increased the count of weed admirers. As you see, it induces curiosity.

That’s My BFF

Who you were longing for a whole long week! If you genuinely love pot, you know how it feels when you are away from your green. The memer has beautifully reflected the bond that every marijuana aficionado shares with their stuff.

When They Are Rolling Another Blunt But You Can Barely Move

When your body says no, but your heart says yes, you feel exactly like this, don’t you? After all, no joint lover can say “no” to the hash! So blaze it as long as you can, and when you can’t, simply grab a pillow and enjoy a euphoric sleep. 

Weed Is Like a Butterfly!

It’s one of the most famous 420 memes floating across the internet now. Weed smokers can easily relate to this. When the craving for a bong hits, your heart starts flying like a butterfly, and when you finally get a drag, the world seems colorful. Weed is fun, and D.C authorities have got the point. 

How Would They Know? 

Don’t ask for a high AF if you look high. Even if you do, they won’t let you feel. This is the charisma of pot – the high is real, and everyone except you may figure out the reason behind those red eyes. But who cares for what others think when you love the euphoria? This meme has been pretty popular recently. 

More Money, More Weed 

Wrong they are who say money can’t buy happiness because money can buy weed, and weed can source bliss. How about boosting your income so you can have more stuff or joy? An unbiased opinion – only marijuana freaks can understand! 

Yeah, someday, but no time soon.

That’s what you call love for weed! This funny weed meme reflects the thought of almost every joint lover. The euphoria is so pleasing that anyone would love to enjoy it for eras. So what’s bad in grabbing hash in your 100s? Live big, dream big! 

When You Smoke For The First Time And Realize Love Is The Only Answer

After you get to know that North Korea has imposed a strict ban on laughing and then come across the photograph of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un with a cheerful smile, what else can be more paradoxical? It’s definitely weed! The memers observation surely deserves a round of applause. 

You Smell Like Weed

The origin of this meme is the historic exchange between rapper Machine Gun Kelly and actor Megan Fox. Fox disclosed this exchange in an interview with GQ in October 2021. Later, memers grabbed it, and it was parodied this way across Insta, Twitter, and Facebook.  

I Guess That Means I’m Popeye Every Day, Then

You got the key! Weed is the secret to popeye’s energy – at least, this meme claims so. Every high AF knows how this magical green induces unbelievable powers. Haven’t you tried yet? Come on, a little will do no harm, and you have the right to translate what this weed meme actually means. PS: Not for little boys under 18!

Quiet Down Already!

When your high shouts loud, but you don’t want others to know! The meme has been pretty viral, and probably, the canna community fueled the hype. When you smoke weed, you know how tricky it is to hide your love for stuff!

Declaring Dankruptcy Is Never Easy, so Be Prepared When Your Stash Is Halfway to Empty

Weed lovers can withstand bankruptcy but may put on a tolerance break when out of weed. The meme is so relatable that every weed enthusiast has probably put it on their Whatsapp status or Facebook story at least once. What do you think, bankruptcy or dankruptcy – Which is more painful? 

Those Midnight Munchies…

Only a stoner knows how tasty your food can feel when you are high. If you have just started smoking weed, here’s a tip for experts. Always keep your refrigerator stocked as your appetite will be 2x soon. Already a foodie? You will enjoy it more for sure! 

Weed Makes You Scared!

This meme concept is closely related to the catchphrase that every smoker comes across at least once when they are high. This meme explains the paranoid effect that stuff may create. The meme found its way to Facebook for the first time in 2014; however, its popularity reached its peak in 2020.

WYD, After Smoking This

It’s a series of jokes that depicts robust marijuana and questions, “what are you doing smoking this.” The meme represents the funny activities of smokers, which points to the level of intoxication they get after smoking. 

Pass the Boof

If you are new to marijuana smoking, the phrase may sound unusual. However, seasoned joint freaks understand the signal, and it’s the hearty request for a roll of joint. The meme template features a joint inserted and the eyes of Brendan Fraser. 

Thank God for My Reefer

It’s a viral video featuring a man crying philosophically after getting some blunt. Later, this meme was used in numerous parodies and remixes. The original video was posted on Facebook in 2016 with the caption, “Man starts crying because his weed was so good.” So hold on – does it relate to you?

Stoner Dog

You can surely stick to this if you are looking for funny weed memes. It depicts a dog with a smiling face. The background is blurred with marijuana leaves. The dog’s face is surrounded by smoke. The meme clearly talks about the bliss you experience after inhaling a few puffs. Oh, Good Lord, what a high! 

Tripping Balls

What could express the rustic influence of marijuana more than this meme? The phrase “tripping balls” probably dates back to 1985, and it refers to the bouncy balls which used to work as talismans to help people cope with reality when they used to be under the effects of hallucinogens. 

My 3 Weed Smoking Girlfriends

It’s a popular Tumblr post featuring three women sharing a joint. Their love for cannabis is clearly visible in their attire. The meme later became an entire thread and went viral as “Internet Tough Guy.” Something interesting was written in those girls’ clothing – “My three girlfriends. And yes, they smoke weed.” 

Shaggy, This Isn’t Weed

This hilarious meme features the character Scooby-Doo and Fred Jones. You can easily relate to this meme when your marijuana joint hits you harder than your expectations. If it’s not weed, then what is it? Have you been able to figure it out? 


This weed cat is a new grass starter for next-generation pokemon. The playful-looking cat symbolizes marijuana, and its leaf pattern and reddish eyes point to the high that you get after consuming your stuff. What a wildish representation! 

Don’t Buy Weed From Gas Stations, Bro.

The meme features the screenshot of a video with an uneven-eyed man claiming he has smoked the faulty gas station weed. Now, you say weed is definitely a fuel but will you go to a gas station to collect it? So, who is at fault, that man or your beloved stuff? PS: The eyes’ unevenness is nothing but the game of a filter. 


This meme features a clock and the beloved marijuana punch code – 420. This meme could be the best pick if you want a perfect meme that conveys your association with cannabis culture. 

“Hey! You Are My Best Friend!” – Saying This to Someone You Just Met. 

This may sound stupid, but it is almost always true. We often tend to make friends with strangers or acquaintances when drunk, high, or stoned. We may get stuck with them, not pay the bills and do the dishes. No matter what, when you consume weed, be responsible for yourself. Don’t overdo it and pull the entire night out. Good quality marijuana, we swear, gives you new friends! And most often, this friendship lasts longer than we think. This is where addiction begins, but also new friendships. The meme has put to good use the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles. 

Does Everyone Really Know? 

Being a first-timer when smoking is often challenging for some. We think of it as a crime committed and that no one should know. Acting normally often becomes difficult, and instead of hiding, we tend to show people that we’re guilty of it. However, you must enjoy a puff here and there, for it is important to live life, too. It is just a phobia that wears off with time and more usage. Instead of acting like you’re normal, just be yourself because it is a lot harder for people to catch you while you are not pretending. 

Hugging, Yet Taking Drugs? 

Why not? This meme is one of the most lovable weed memes. Of course, this meme is so relatable to real life! Everyone who has smoked weed has felt this way at some point. Furthermore, the meme expresses abundant love and care for each other – you and weed. Hilarious, isn’t it? We definitely love weed as much as we love ourselves, only if you are a regular smoker. 

Bakers, This One’s for You. 

This meme is silly yet relatable to regular weed smokers. Also, those who eat bakery items must understand. The bakers who smoke cannabis must definitely not have an issue understanding this! 

Rollercoasting Weed Wheel 

Irrespective of how much you smoke weed, this one never gets old. This hilarious meme has been pulled by most of us. So whether you smoke cannabis flower or hemp, you are sure to enjoy this piece. It is a handy meme to make someone smile or giggle. 

Yet Another Elon Musk Meme. 

A person often has a masking personality to protect themselves. However, Elon Musk may have just revealed his four such personalities! The above meme is an accurate example of the harmful effects of smoking weed. It helps you make bad decisions and takes away your business sense. Despite the warnings, if you keep going, you may end up at a loss.

The Predator 

Not everyone likes company while they smoke weed. When you are ready to smoke with your friend, an additional company may sound like a disaster. A knock on the door may seem annoying and so predatory. The above meme is a good example taken from Breaking Bad. 

Caught You! But I Want to Join You, Too. 

This is the best weed meme that we have posted. Even though you are not a weed smoker, this meme will surely entertain you. The guy in the picture is at his job. He has a history of being a hardcore lover of smoking weed. The mere existence of weed gives him the kicks. So he joined in when he caught someone else smoking at his workplace instead of stopping them. While they were smoking, he was waiting for the right time to catch hold of them and join in. This is the difference between a guy who definitely knows how to enjoy life and ordinary people who just live. 

Do You See Cereal in Every Bowl? 

These are such funny weed memes. However, eating too many bongs in the morning may indeed help you lose memory. So if your friend has come over to share a typically edible weed, be prepared to get gloomy. The mere existence of cereal may become invisible when you are high. Moreover, you may not be able to paint your world straight but definitely have a gala time together. Besides, watching your favorite movie on a holiday, sitting on the couch, and eating all the edibles is a dream come true for so many! In addition, smoking weed and playing loud music, all add to the fun.

If He Can Do It, So Can We! 

A very famous meme including the National swimmer Michael Phelps will make you fall in love with him. He is an outstanding performer who has received international recognition. Therefore, if he can sit tight and smoke weed, we are definitely allowed to make the best weed memes!

Want to Share Some Cookies? 

This child received popularity for his hilarious jokes, and that’s how the meme world began. In the weed meme, he expects the lady to offer him a cookie filled with marijuana. Weird, isn’t it? However, it’s just for laughs. Don’t take it too seriously. The child is probably just joking!

This Guy Is Definitely Smoking Something. 

Smoking an OG weed? You are surely going to talk to yourself! Good quality marijuana, we swear, makes you forget your friends! If you smoke weed regularly, you definitely know the effects of excellent smoke don’t wear off so easily. They surely leave memories and imprints you never forget. 

Did I Hear That Right – To Infinity and Beyond? 

Inspired by movies, the above meme is a witty reference to Buzz Lightyear taken from Toy Story. Isn’t this meme totally relatable? The shot of cannabis, even after a single day of hard work, surely soothes everyone. First, roll a joint, then light it. Finally, hold it and smoke. Cheers to infinity and the bong!

And That’s How Your Graduation Journey Should Be… 

The meme depicts a beautiful journey we all cherish as a clever comparison of moving from freshman to senior year. This meme portrays Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus. We have all grown up seeing this character change from a naive and innocent child to a monkey brat. Isn’t that like graduating to a bong from a short joint?

Is That How It’s Done?

This is a classic mix of Snoop Dog and Baby Yoda. Just look at them. Both are taking it straight to their head. Even though it is not how you’re supposed to do it, this meme is so encouraging. Imagine a newborn teaching his parents the right way to take a smoke. This meme will surely tickle your funny bone.

Do You Do This, Too? Talks Blunt 

You aren’t the only one who gets philosophical after a few puffs. Most people who are addicted to smoking weed often hit blunts. Even though they are high, they see the world differently. Moreover, the confidence levels shoot up. Commonly, feelings of nostalgia, joy, wit, and esoteric surface. Finally, you also notice that things people normally refrain from saying are often expressed after a single puff of smoke. Watch and learn!

The Next Stoner Problem! 

Does smoking weed cause a smelly room? Of course, rooms smell funny after you smoke weed in there! Well, that’s another common stoner problem you may have come across. You may have undoubtedly come across the above meme. Your spray bottles must be empty if you still live at home and smoke weed!

Aha! We Know You Have Smoked! 

Who knew the Queen would do this, too? The Royals may conceal their opinions, but boy o boy, their actions do speak louder than their words. Moreover, look at that dress, doesn’t it look stunning? Your highness must be careful now. Her giggles may be mistaken, for you know what! 

Haven’t We All Experienced This? 

High, yet texting a friend? It may so happen that you may just mentally do things than for real. The weed definitely doesn’t make you dumb but forgetful. Have you ever done that? Surely, you have. How relatable! Being high AF makes you do things you’d wish you hadn’t done otherwise. 

This Is What Happens When the Weed Knocks You Out…When You Are Freestyling! 

Trying to boast your skills online? Don’t let the weed knock you out! Even a single puff of marijuana can topple you. If you are a social media enthusiast who likes posting freestyling videos of yourself, read this carefully. You might want to avoid smoking weed just before filming.

What if the Kush Is Too Strong? Are You Ready to Spin? 

Of course, this meme is so relatable to real life! Everyone who has smoked weed has felt this way at some point. The ecstasy is undeniably ecstatic! But unfortunately, the world feels not only clashing and rolling and tumbling but also hysterical, stoned, and lazy. Further, long-term effects may include paranoia, anxiety, and confusion. 

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Weed Meme Ever? 

If you smoke weed, we hope the weed memes we listed were the highlight of your day. We have listed a weed-related meme for every occasion, say Christmas, holidays, or any other day. For yes, of course, nothing beats a weed meme to light up your day. So share these with your folks, and have a fun-filled time! 

If you started smoking weed at a young age, you might have experienced one such meme incidence. If yes, do share your experience. We’d be happy to hear from you! Follow us for more such funny memes.

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